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Reading Between the Lines by skitzo
Chapter 1 : Reading Between the Lines
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I OWN NOTHING.... or do I? nah I don't, f*ck

The midsummer sun was as bright as ever, shining down on the secret street of Diagon Alley in the heart of London. To a first time visitor the place would look as it was the street of chaos, with broomsticks flying all over, people screaming and things exploding. But if you had a trained eye you could see that the chaos was well organized and the explosions harmless, or most of them at least.

And if you’ve been to Diagon Alley many times before you would know where to go to first, Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes. The shop was the center of attention and a place every person with a sense of humor visited every chance they got. A young woman in her mid twenties to thirties walked out of the shop and out in the sunshine, many heads turned when she walked by, they knew who she was, Ginny Potter, the uncrowned queen of the wizarding world.

Ginny felt the eyes on her but disregarded them, they had been a part of her life since her quidditch days and marring Harry Potter didn’t exactly help. As she was walking down the street, window shopping, she saw her husband’s smiling face on Witch Weakly. The enormous flashing headline read;

Harry Potter; "I have a new girl in my life!”

Is Harry cheating on me? And he tells Witch Weakly? Before me? That son of a bitch! How can he screw me like this? After all we’ve been through and seen, did he even think of our kids?

Ginny grabs the magazine and, without the salesman seeing her, she hides it under her jacket, thanking her quidditch reflexes for it.

She turn around and sprint into a dark alley and with a ‘pop’ the alley changes into her familiar kitchen. The man’s sitting by at a table reading the Daily Prophet. She’s staring holes in his back, but don’t say a word.

“Hi, Gin! Didn’t think you would be home so soon. Did you miss me that much?” he got up from the chair and turned around so that they were face to face. Ginny dropped her so that he wouldn’t be able to see her eyes. She had been married to him for five years, and never had she avoided eye contact with the man she thought she knew better than anyone, Harry Potter. “Do we have any pumpkin juice left? And the boys are…” he stopped mid sentence when he saw the broken look on Ginny’s face. “Gin? What’s wrong?”

“Is that all you can say? What’s wrong? You have a girl on the side and you ask me what’s wrong!” Ginny was shaking of anger and betrayal. “How dare you?! What have I done to deserve this? Am I working too much? No that can’t be it, you work more than me! Ooh, I see it’s that new girl at work, Janie, Joanne, whatever. That fucking slut! Did you even tell her you have a family? You shouldn’t have to ya know!” Ginny was close to tears, and she wasn’t the one to cry, Harry stood in shock. Ginny took his silence as a key to continue. “A skanky whore is what she is, isn’t it a bit low to cheat on me with a prostitute? Or is that what I am to you a filthy little whore?

“Babe, Gin, what the fuck are you rambling ‘bout? You’re not a whore, and where did you get me sleeping with a prostitute from? Have I done something?” Ginny meet his eyes for the first time since she came home, his emerald eyes did not show guilt or any emotion she’d expected, they shoved confusion and sadness.

“I’m talking about this,” she opened her jacket and pulled out the magazine. Her eyes were once again directed downwards looking at the wooden floor. “How can you go out and say something like that? After all we’ve been through? I’ve given birth to three kids for you! Have I become too fat? Is that it? I’m not a hot piece of young ass anymore?” at the end her voice were no more than a whisper.

“Gin, have you even read what I said, or just the cover?” he put his hand under her chin, she flinched but didn’t move her head away from his light touch, carefully he lifted her head so they were looking in each other’s eyes. “Don’t you know that you and the kids are my whole world, I would never throw that away. Not even for a piece of hot young ass.” he let out a small chuckle.

Slowly she opened the magazine and browsed to Harry’s interview.“’A month ago something amazing happened, a girl came into my life, she changed it completely and had me wrapped around her finger since the first time I saw her’, Harry? Is this supposed to make me feel better? ‘Cause if it is, it’s not working.”

“Read on or let me ask you a question.”

“Can’t you read it? I want it to be a confession,” once again her eyes were filled with tears, so close to falling down her cheek.

“I’m not cheating on you! Just think of this question while I read. What life changing girl came into your life in May? ‘And when I held her for the first time, I think time stood still, her tiny frame made me feel huge, she weighed just over 7 lbs. Trust me, I love my boys, but Lily is my little girl and I pitty the guy she’ll bring home,’” that’s where Ginny’s tears broke free, Harry slowly put dropped the magazine and closed his arms around her still small frame and let her sob into his shirt.

While Ginny cried on Harry’s shirt he whispered comforting words in her ear, supporting her whole bodyweight.

Their embrace lasted minutes or hours, until they heard a small cry from the living room. The couple were brought back to reality by the one and only Lily Luna Potter.

“Lily,” Ginny whispered the name and let out a small sigh of relief. “Harry, why don’t I hear things breaking, or boys screaming?” her voiced had gone from relived to worried in a second.

“Don’t worry Gin ‘Mione and Ron came by and took them for the day, I believe they went to the zoo.” Another sigh of relief came from Ginny’s lips as she made her way into the living room to comfort her little girl.

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Reading Between the Lines: Reading Between the Lines


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