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Anti-love Rules by priamistry

Rating: MatureStory Reviews: 3
Chapters: 25
Words: 32075
Characters: Hugo, Lily (II), OC, OtherCanon
Genre(s): Drama, Humor, Romance
Era: Next Generation
Pairings: Other Pairing, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, James/OC, Lily/OC
Status: Completed
First Published: 2015.05.22
Last Published Chapter: 2017.11.16
Last Updated: 2017.11.16
Favorite Story Of: 2 users
Advisory: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

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 ‘’Trust me sweetie, when you are meant to fall in love, nothing will be able to prevent it,’’ Dad said knowingly.

‘’No Dad, I won’t because I don’t want to fall for anyone.’’

I, Layla Carpenter, have my own set of anti-love rules to stay away from love. Every time I had a crush, I managed to push it away following these rules. I am sure they will work this time too, even though I have a crush on Hugo Weasley and we are going to share a dorm for a whole year!

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Prologue

 ‘’Miss. Carpenter, you are a witch,’’ said Professor Long bottom.

1045 0
2 Head Girl and Head Boy

‘’I got it. I am the Head girl of Hogwarts,’’ I said with a huge smile.

1687 1
3 Drama in the Drama Classroom

‘’Hey look, that’s our muggle primary school,’’ Weasley pointed to a building. I saw it too.

‘’Let’s go inside. Its summer vacation, so there won’t be anyone inside,’’ he added.

1112 0
4 Wotter Birthday Parties

 ‘’It’s not hard to guess. The last time you ever gave me anything other than chocolates as gift was on my 13th birthday when you gave me that CD that I wanted. It has always been chocolates after that. I guess chocolates are the best things you can give to a person with whom you are not on proper speaking terms for the past three or more years,’’ he said with a smile and left.

1155 0
5 Prefects and Patrolling

 ‘’What is this? Aren’t we supposed to have our patrol duties with the other Prefect of the same house and year?’’ asked the Slytherin Seventh year Prefect, Veronica Thompson while looking at the schedule.

‘’Well I made the schedule in such a way so that everyone will be paired with every other Prefect of the opposite sex irrespective of house or year,’’ I replied.

984 0
6 Potions Partners

 CHAPTER SUMMARY: ‘’Professor, there isn’t anyone left to be my partner,’’ I said.

As if on cue someone came running into the class and said, ‘’sorry for being late, Professor. I got held in Care of Magical Creatures.’’

‘’Ah, Mr. Weasley. It’s nice that you came even though you are late. Miss. Carpenter here was without a partner,’’ said Professor Slughorn.

1048 0
7 A Friendly Hangout

 He looked at me and knew that I was still not convinced, so he added, ‘’I promise there will be no alcohol or anything dangerous, just a friendly hangout.’’

Everyone was looking at me pleadingly.

‘’Fine. Let’s do it,’’ I said.

1396 0
8 Random Partners and a Hot Date

 ‘’Can I ask you something?’’ he asked. I nodded so he continued, ‘’do you have a date for this Hogsmeade weekend?’’

‘’Unfortunately, no,’’ I replied.

‘’Well, that’s good for me. So, will you go with me to Hogsmeade this weekend?’’ he asked.

‘’Yes,’’ I finally said.

1403 1
9 The Date

 When I reached the Great Hall, Hector Watt was already waiting for me.

‘’Hey. You look gorgeous,’’ he said.

‘’You don’t look bad yourself,’’ I said.

‘’Let’s go then,’’ he said while giving me his hand. I took it and together we went to Hogsmeade.

1440 0
10 Planning for Revenge

 ‘’You are right. Watt is going to pay. But I don’t want you to get involved. I will do it my way. I am going out for a while. Cover for me if anyone asks for me,’’ I said. He opened his mouth to protest but then he looked in my eyes and he knew that I had already made up my mind and there was no way to talk me out of it.

‘’Fine. Just be careful,’’ he finally said.

886 0
11 Revenge in a Muggle Style

 ‘’So, what did you do last night with the cloak and the map? And how was your date?’’ asked Lily.

‘’Just wait for a while. You will get the answer to both of your questions,’’ I said with a smirk.

As if on cue, Hector Watt entered the Great Hall shouting my name.

1482 0
12 Brewing Love

 ‘’I asked if you wanted to smell the Potion so that you know what you are supposed to smell in a correctly brewed Amortentia,’’ he said. I nodded and bent my head towards the cauldron to smell the Potion.

It smelt like new books and Mum’s pancakes. But I smelt something else too and that smell was stronger than the rest of them. It was the smell of Hugo Weasley’s hair.

1647 0
13 Drunken friend and Talks about Love

 ‘’Do you really don’t want to fall in love or be loved by any guy?’’ Weasley asked me.

‘’Yes,’’ I replied.

‘’Why?’’ Weasley asked.

‘’I already have a loving family and great friends. I have enough love. I don’t need a guy to make me feel loved,’’ I said. Weasley laughed.

1361 1
14 Friends in Love

 ‘’I can’t believe I have two clueless friends and an equally clueless guy who can’t understand that I fancy him even when I am dropping hints every now and then. I swear, if Lorcan doesn’t ask me out by tomorrow, I am just gonna grab him and kiss him, ’’said Dom with frustration.

‘’Let’s get back to the topic we were discussing. Why don’t you give Jack a chance,’’ I suggested to Grace.

921 0
15 Expert advices

 ‘’I need help and it’s only you three who can help me,’’ I stated.

‘’We will definitely help you if we can,’’ said Cora. Eli and Anna nodded in agreement.

‘’Well, I think I might be falling in love with a guy but I don’t want to. So, I need your advice on how to prevent that,’’ I said.

1121 0
16 Mistletoe Mishap and Motherly Advice

 He lowered his head and put his lips on mine. It was just a peck but it felt like heaven. There were butterflies in my stomach, except they weren’t like butterflies; they were more like elephants doing somersaults.

After the kiss was over, he looked at me and said,’’Merry Christmas, Layla.’’

‘’Same to you,’’ I said and left as fast as I could.

1223 0
17 New Developments in New Year

 I waited for a few minutes and then I finally saw him entering the party. But he was not alone,he was with a girl and that girl was none other than my friend Selena!

1417 0
18 Rekindling Old Friendship

 ‘’Why do you hate Hugo?’’Selena asked.

‘’I don’t hate him. Why are you asking me such a question anyways?’’I asked.

‘’He told me that you hate him. He thinks that he must have done something wrong but he doesn’t know what. You used to be friends. So, what happened?’’Selena questioned. I fell for him, that’s what happened, I said in my mind.

1420 0
19 Start of a New Friendship

 I closed my eyes in fear of hitting the ground. But, that didn’t happen, something or someone caught me. I opened my eyes and saw a guy holding me by his one hand and his broomstick by his other hand.

We landed on the ground and then he turned to me,’’hey, are you alright?’’

1235 0
20 Time with the Perfect Guy

 ‘’Guys, we are just friends,’’I said with frustration.

‘’Layla, we are not asking you to marry him. All we are saying is that he is good for you,’’said Lily with a smile.

1277 0
21 The Other Side of the Story

 ‘’So, you never asked me how I got together with Selena. Don’t you want to know our love story?''he asked me.

''Well, Selena already told me about it,''I replied.

''But, you always like to hear a love story from the point of view of both the girl and the guy,''Hugo stated.

941 0
22 Same-looking Puzzle Pieces

 ‘’I always attract the bad boys. So, as I said before, I am not going to Hogsmeade,’’I said with a sigh.

‘’There is someone who is not a bad boy and who you can go to Hogsmeade with,’’Lily said.

‘’Who?’’I asked.

‘’Does hot Hufflepuff Quiddich Captain ring any bells?’’Lily asked with a smirk

1283 0
23 A Deadly Quaffle

 I looked up in horror to see Alex falling from his broom. Apparently he tried to score and Hugo kicked the Quaffle too hard in order to save the goal and it hit Alex’s arm and he lost his control over the broom. I closed my eyes not wanting to see the outcome.

1308 0
24 Back to Last Names

 ‘’Why are you doing this, Hugo?’’I heard Selena saying to Hugo.

‘’I don’t think this is working anymore,’’Hugo said to Selena.

‘’Maybe, not exactly like we had hoped. But give it a little more time, I am sure it will work out just fine,’’Selena replied.

‘’I can’t do this anymore. I think it’s time for us to break up,’’Hugo said.

1335 0
25 A Pair of Idiots in Love

 ''Can I talk to you for a moment?''Hugo Weasley asked me.

''Can't it wait? Right now, I need a shower, ‘‘I said coldly.

''No, it can't. It’s already late enough,''Weasley said.

''Fine. What is it?''I asked.

1948 0

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