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The Moonlight War by Spirit Of Fire

Rating: MatureStory Reviews: 13
Chapters: 51
Words: 285099
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Andromeda, Tonks, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Draco, Luna, OC
Genre(s): General, Action/Adventure, AU
Era: Hogwarts
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione
Status: Work In Progress
First Published: 2014.07.15
Last Published Chapter: 2018.02.21
Last Updated: 2018.02.21
Favorite Story Of: 5 users
Advisory: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

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While Luna simply smiled and nodded, Harry couldn't seem to wipe the expression of shock and disbelief from his face. Finally, he spoke.

"And...if this plan goes wrong, and we all end up dead?"

Michael rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, there's worse things you can be in life than a cautionary tale."

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Chapter 1: Midnight Exercise

This reputation had begun early in his career with STRIKE and he had enjoyed it at the beginning; the prestige had helped revive him from a deep depression. Yet as time passed, no amount of praise or promotions could obscure the truth from Michael. He was no great Wizard, a better fighter than a leader, and past those imperfections, questions more personal than professional plagued him.

5527 1
2 Chapter 2: The Believer

"Goodbye, Luna," Elysina said softly, kissing her daughter on the forehead again. "And remember, you are a gift. Never, ever, ever, forget that."

2051 2
3 Chapter 3: Drinks and Debates

Jeff said nothing; Michael had only trusted himself and Sarah with his secret. Kevin was a good friend, but if word got around STRIKE of what Michael had done…being demoted would be getting off easy.

2100 1
4 Chapter 4: Escape!

Mr. Weasley stood up and brushed himself off. "Really, throwing knives at my back, how rude!" he said. "Don't they know I work with Muggles?"

1696 0
5 Chapter 5: Bellatrix and the Burrow

"Yeah…but none of them are the most evil Witch to wave a wand," Michael said irritably. He sighed, shook his head, and rubbed the back of his neck. "Right…well anyway…professionalism…."

4081 0
6 Chaptet 6: The Other Trio

It took a lot to make him this angry, and when he finally did reach that point, people stopped wondering how he ever held his own against Voldemort.

1846 0
7 Chapter 7: The Slytherin Seven

Michael paused. He knew if he said the name, there was no going back. He was starting something he couldn’t stop, and he was turning his back on the organization that employed him. They would find out at some point, it was what STRIKE did. They also killed people for a living. But at that moment, Michael only cared about finding out one thing.

 “Luna. Luna Lovegood. You know her?”

4497 0
8 Chapter 8: Auditions

“Fun stuff…it’s been a while,” he said, slowly regaining his breath. “No hard feelings?” he asked her.

“None,” Bellatrix replied, and then she grinned at the new man. She was as impressed as her Master appeared.

2590 0
9 Chapter 9: A Black Reunion

“Harry.”  Sirius’ voice was stronger than Harry remembered. Harry looked him up and down – by and large he looked almost exactly like he had the last time Harry had seen him. Yet now he seemed happier, stronger. The only time Harry had seen him like this was during the short time between the suggestion Harry come live with him and its demise when Wormtail escaped.

1823 0
10 Chapter 10: The Veil and the Girl

Hermione seemed to have figured something out. “Michael?”


“Why did you ask us about Luna Lovegood at Ron’s house when we first met?”

4934 0
11 Chapter 11: An Angry Demonstration of Magical Skill

Michael changed into his nightclothes, lay down on his bed with his hands behind his head, and shut his eyes. It was painful, being here. In many ways this was one of the best jobs he had ever had with STRIKE: He had a safe home, good food, mostly friendly company, and a passive primary mission. Michael's stomach churned unhappily. This wasn’t going to work.

6073 0
12 Chapter 12: Smile in Your Sleep

“You seem like someone who likes privacy,” Luna said simply. “I thought you might not want to talk to me if there were other people around.”

“I’d still talk to you,” Michael said in a rush. This time, he did have the necessarily fluids to turn his face red. Putting aside that comment, Michael turned to the crux of the matter. He had no idea what she was about to ask, but he had a feeling he already knew where they would end up, regardless.

7233 1
13 Chapter 13: The Wolf Pack

“Michael,” Dumbledore said very seriously, once again fixing that look on him.

“Yes, sir?” Michael asked, wondering what else he could have to say to him.

“Be good to Luna Lovegood. She has not had an easy life.”

9366 1
14 Chapter 14: The Hunt Begins

Don't say crazy, don't say crazy, don't say crazy.

“Luna, this sounds crazy,” Michael blurted, unable to stop himself. It really did. He defended Luna from so much criticism – whether she needed it or not – but this was true madness. This was insane. This was the start of something neither of them would ever be able to come back from.

8427 1
15 Chapter 15: Fire and Water

The man laughed loudly, slightly hysterically. “Good people? Good people? Well yes, I have killed – and do enjoy killing – good people. Most of them are weak. But Michael's not one of them. You think he’s a saint? Wait till he turns on you. Wait till he sacrifices you to Voldemort. Wait till he makes fun of your new, expensive shoes…but especially wait till he sacrifices you to Voldemort. That's the worst part.”

10332 0
16 Chapter 16: Cold (But I'm Still Here)

Her attention had never left the children, even while she socialized with the other adults. For a moment, she allowed her eyes to close, blocking out everything else in the world. Of course he would want to go to England, face the most dangerous fights and enemies. The little boy was like her. That was why Luna liked him so much. It surprised her slightly no one else saw it.

5588 0
17 Chapter 17: The Legend of the Yongheng Tree

“I’m not a doormat,” Luna said easily, smiling at Sarah. “I don’t accommodate him because I’m afraid he’ll leave otherwise. I do it because I love him too. And…because I think he deserves a little silly fun. He’ll have to grow up eventually, we all will…but I’m happy to let him be a boy for a bit longer.”

“He just turned eighteen Luna,” Sarah chuckled. “Doesn’t that make him a man?”

“No,” Luna replied. “His actions do.”

5261 1
18 Chapter 18: Michael's Stories

“A family?” Michael asked, unable to hide his shock.

“A life,” Luna answered. “I want a life. Not to be protected, or hidden, or lied to. I want to live. I want to live with you.”

8735 0
19 Chapter 19: Mending the Broken

After hesitating as long as he could bear, Michael opened his eyes and looked at Luna. She seemed to sense this and raised her face to his. Her breath was quick and shallow, but when she opened her eyes and looked into Michael’s, he saw, for the first time in seven years, all of Luna Lovegood looking back at him.

7006 0
20 Chapter 20: Lost and Found

The protection of innocence was gone. Now they had only each other.

6042 0
21 Chapter 21:Life Starts Now

 It was curious: Michael had fought countless duels in his life, against Lord Voldemort, against Owen Stetnas, against Severus Snape. And yet it was this battle, a battle in which no one was even in any danger, that made Michael more nervous than any other ever had.

8995 0
22 Chapter 22: Home for the Holidays

“Actually…” She seemed to be debating something, grappling with a difficult decision. “There was one more thing I wanted to do, before we left.”

8380 0
23 Chapter 23: Five Quite Bitter Beings

“I know what you’ve done,” Owen said quietly but clearly. He continued his unbroken eye contact and knew Voldemort had begun to search his thoughts. “I want to know how.”

2355 0
24 Chapter 24: Burning Bridges

“Isn't this cozy?” Owen asked, looking around at the area. “Nice place for a date? I mean, I wouldn’t take a girl here, since anyone looking to attack us could just torch the bridge and we’d be done for…don't worry,” he added with a laugh as Michael tensed noticeably, “if I wanted to send you both to a watery grave, I’d have already done it.”

6999 0
25 Chapter 25: The Unbreakable Vow

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” He paused for a very serious moment as Michael and Luna stared into each other’s eyes. “Love never ends. I now declare you husband and wife.

3553 0
26 Chapter 26: Can You Imagine?

“No, I mean…couldn’t you tell that you were meant for…more?”  

“More?” Luna repeated, calming down and sipping her drink. 

5188 0
27 Chapter 27: The Calm Before the Storm

“I don't think so,” Luna said, hiccupping a little. She appealed to Ron and Harry, who crossed their arms, smirking and swaying in their support of her.

“Come on!” Michael cried. “A hamburger is so  a sandwich!”

5740 0
28 Chapter 28: Paradise Lost

“What are you talking about?” Ron asked, his voice still thick with mucus. “We save Luna, and then we finish the Slytherin Seven. We follow the plan.”

6163 0
29 Chapter 29: The Darkest

“I have one more question for you,” Narcissa said, moving closer to Luna, who couldn’t help but flinch, sure she was about to be cursed for killing the woman’s sister. “You and your…group are friendly with an Auror named Nymphadora Tonks, are you not?”

6545 1
30 Chapter 30: The Dawn

He was dead. Harry was sure of it. As he struggled to force his way back to awareness, he had never felt so certain of his own demise. In fact, he had never felt sure of his own death until now. His glasses were gone, surely destroyed, and his vision was incredibly blurred, twofold by his lack of glasses and the curse he had taken.

5595 1
31 Chapter 31: Becoming Routine

"Tonight, we’re going to decide our fate," Luna said. " I have a funny feeling, that after tonight, nothing will ever be the same.” 

9488 0
32 Chapter 32: Tales of Another Broken Home

As Michael relaxed a tiny bit, he could feel his mind catching up with Luna’s, meeting it, melding with it, so that Michael could – through this small, tertiary connection – have the slightest understanding of how grateful Luna was feeling towards her mother and her love for her, as well as for the protection she had provided her only daughter.

7863 0
33 Chapter 33: A Mother's Gift

“Elysina knew this,” Xeno nodded. “She knew if she were to have the wand she wanted, she would have to use a material no one had ever used before. But why stop at a new material, she asked. Why not a new medium?”

9134 0
34 Chapter 34: Lives Once Lived

"Who's this?" Michael asked, frowning. He was pointing up at something neither of them had noticed on the highest level of the bookshelf. Pushed into a corner was a small framed photograph. It looked to be of Elysina and a man Michael did not know. Luna tilted her head as she looked up at it.

9989 0
35 Chapter 35: Hardly a Fair Fight

“The Chimeras are good, but the Dragons didn’t just win the lottery to get in the championship!”

“Didn’t they, though?” Harry asked  fairly, looking apologetically at Michael, who rolled his eyes. 

3971 0
36 Chapter 36: Career Prospects

“Well, we could always just turn to outright evil then,” Sarah suggested lightly. “There's a lot of money to be made in spreading chaos and despair.”

5550 0
37 Chapter 37: True Colors

“You're talking about an alliance?” Michael said quickly. “Between STRIKE, the Aurors, and the Order?”

6791 0
38 Chapter 38: Dark Against Dark

“This is who you are now?” she asked very quietly, a mixture of judgment and disgust weighing down her voice. “This is what the Dark Lord uses you for? Hunting down new mothers and their baby girls?”

6526 0
39 Chapter 39: The End of Princes and Kings

“Harry,” Luna said very softly. She stepped forward, next to Harry and crouched down next to him, pulling his head into her shoulder, “he’s gone on to his next great adventure. He did it to protect you. Harry…he really loved you.”

3376 0
40 Chapter 40: Fear Itself

“I have no words to tell you how much you mean to me,” he muttered to the top of her head.


“That’s all right,” Luna said happily. “You have the rest of our lives to find them.” 



6090 1
41 Chapter 41:Tests

 Had it really been three years?

4411 1
42 Chapter 42: The Blind Leading the Blind

“Professor Lupin has been given a new mission for the Order, and will need to devote much more time to that,” McGonagall replied. “He has agreed to continue to teach a few classes, but…we will need a replacement.”

3092 0
43 Chapter 43: Rebecca's Offer

Michael rubbed the back of his neck, feeling slightly embarrassed now. He often spited STRIKE for so ruthlessly turning against him, yet here he was forsaking the chance to finish this great evil because he didn’t like them. To be fair, though, they had nearly killed his wife.

3620 0
44 Chapter 44: Heroes

 “I'm not asking you to bring them in by force,” Staffon said loudly. “I'm asking you to find them and give them a message. I want you…to tell them I accept what they have done and I have no desire to chase them any further. I want them to come home.”

3796 0
45 Chapter 45: A Dream Come True

“The studded tail,” Luna whispered, still gazing at the animal, which was now lumbering over to them. “Four legged, bronze, thick skin, five feet high, cru – crumpled horn. It’s a....”

3113 0
46 Chapter 46: The Undying Ones

As the fog cleared, the person within became more and more obviously female. A familiar female…Michael nudged Luna beside him. She nodded very seriously and then took a few steps forward. At last the woman stepped completely out of the cloud, wand in hand and raised combatively. Michael reacted immediately and violently. The others, except for Luna, did the same. Michael threw a powerful curse at the woman, rushing forward to place himself between their attacker and Luna. He snarled as the woman dispersed the spell without much apparent effort.

5526 0
47 Chapter 47: Andromeda

 The mingled fury and sorrow on Andromeda’s face was a little heartbreaking to see.

“So I tracked them down where I could, picking them off alone or in small groups,” she went on, her voice losing its heavy emotion and becoming more and more toneless as she spoke. “Sometimes I just killed them when I found them. Sometimes I hurt them, then I killed them. None of them got away once I had found them, though.”

9986 1
48 Chapter 48: Conference Call

“Staffon wouldn’t have done that,” Andromeda said firmly. “You know that as well as I do Michael. I have my issues with the man as well, but I believe him when he says he did what he did in an attempt to protect Luna.”

“Luna doesn’t need his protection,” Michael growled. “If anyone’s protecting her, it’s me!”

“I did just have a rather large role in killing two Vampires while you stalemated with Draco Malfoy,” Luna mused. Harry turned back around from Hedwig in anticipation.

6261 0
49 Chapter 49: Sweet Sorrow

 “What do you want to know?” Desmond asked politely, knowing what Michael really meant.

“Everything,” Michael replied. “But I know how STRIKE operates, so that's out of the question. So we’ll start with a few easy ones. First off, what are people expecting when we get there? Are we still traitorous rogues or have we gotten past that?”

5203 0
50 Chapter 50: Where the Storm Drives Me

All the pent up rage at STRIKE and its agents was suddenly unleashed in that moment of fear and anger. Hiro always brought out the worst in him, though as he remembered Andromeda’s words, he calmed himself a little. If Elysina had resisted attacking Hiro all those years, he could too.

3588 0
51 Chapter 51: The Protected

 “That is the difference between us, Michael,” Staffon said, a bit sadly. “Among us protectors, there are some who are not lucky enough to have someone to protect, so instead we fight for something.”

3004 0

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