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The Illusionist by JamesandLily4ever

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 27
Chapters: 27
Words: 84670
Characters: Harry, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Regulus, Bellatrix, R. Lestrange, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort
Genre(s): General, Romance, Young Adult
Era: Hogwarts
Pairings: Snape/OC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/OC
Status: Work In Progress
First Published: 2006.08.25
Last Published Chapter: 2009.07.27
Last Updated: 2009.07.27
Favorite Story Of: 16 users
Advisory: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

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The Illusionist; Illusionista

Colette Poen, an American teacher from a school called Elden's has a power that is so rare, Voldemort wants it. Along the way, she wonders what she is -- if the Dark Lord is correct: Is she really an Illusionista? And this year the Golden Trio have a new subject that involves musical instruments. Will they be of any help in the war?

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Prologue: Caught

Thunder stuck over head, dedicating the sound for the lightning that flashed before and for the lightning that flashes after it. Yet, there is a black hooded individual sitting on a bench in a park bellow.

732 3
2 Heartless

Magnolia Dennings frowned to herself as they disappeared, leaving her standing alone in the desolate room. She just put one of her cousins – her last cousin in danger to save her own neck.

3582 2
3 Freed?

The door was open and she immediately followed Snape. She stopped when he paused to go forward. He bowed. The darkness was encircling them both, the only light that was directed towards them was from that of the open door.
The door closed and a cold like ice voice broke the silence that was there, “So you are the one?”

2939 1
4 Meeting new people...

There were so many others that were sitting there and she (you too) had the opportunity to know some of them.

2709 1
5 Teaching and learning

“Stop, Fredric, that’s not supposed to go in there before the powder!” Colette cried to a dark brown haired boy who dropped the weed into his potion in surprise. Colette teaches. “We’re going to Magical Arts next. I’ve been reading from the book. It sounds very exciting-“ Hermione was interrupted by Ron. “That is if you are excellent at Charms, Hermione. I have a bad feeling about that teacher…” Ron began to fumble with his fingers again. Magical Arts here they come!

2918 1
6 Dinner on the first day

There was a deep secret hidden in this school that had been pointed towards her, or hinting her towards the library. Her mind was missing something that it craved unknowingly…

2044 1
7 411, Gryffindor students!

Will Colette ever find out what an 'Illusionist' is? Harry and Ron... "Not friends anymore"? Well, here's an update on the Gryffindor students!

2198 3
8 Lonely for once

Hermione had run down to the Dungeons where Potions was to be held with Professor Poen. Standing up and reading a Potions book was Nicole. She was pacing and reading at the same time. Then there was the sound of heavy boots coming their way and Hermione took notice that the person wearing them was the young Potions Mistress.

3048 1
9 Missing Red-Head

A red head was walking down to Hagrid's, thinking that hopefully he'd comfort him. Sadly, his problem was not going to get much better. His best friend hated him more than ever. Well, that's what Ronald Weasley thought.

2476 1
10 The beginnings

Colette works, but she knows that she will soon find out about "Illusionists". Why hasn't she heard about Magnolia? Professor Rodnick has been found by Professor Slughorn. Besides, Severus is having his problems under The Dark Lord's nose.

2917 1
11 The endings

A character death is involved. Fear this chapter! Anyways, Snape is working from the inside. Will Harry and Ron get over their differences and finally reconcile? What was the ending of Mr. Victore Yields?

2531 1
12 Priorities

Nor Justin or Suzette had ever had a more pleasant day. They weren’t Dad’s favorites. Only she was the favorite. She was the only one that had power over her cousin and younger brother – the oldest of the three of them. Nicole was the only one that could take charge – the only one to make the calm after the storm.

She was the only one destined to be a healer.

2635 1
13 Real or Surreal?

For centuries our kind has been looking for answers. From the odd looking Elder tree and it’s magic to the binding of a wand or Animagi towards a Wizard. However, not many studies have been over this other mystery of powers in our midst: an Illusionist, or as the Italian, French, and Spanish call them: Illusionistas. We, the Department of Mysteries, have dedicated ourselves to our studies and this is one of them.

3456 1
14 An Impasse

An Impasse is only a brief momentum of nothingness. It is a breakthrough for a new chapter or a new happening.

3273 0
15 The Cause

“Hermione, what now?” Harry asked loudly.

She answered closely so that he could hear clearly, “We pack what we need and leave.”

“You mean that this is the Cause?” Ron asked as he kept up with them.

Hermione nodded as Harry opened the Common Room door.

2242 0
16 The Department of Mysteries

Eventually her mind returned to her task and she set a fluent path through the queues of people. Her destination was on the mind and, of course, her destination was simply obvious to herself: the Department of Mysteries.

2520 1
17 Rush and Time

“Blimey,” a Ministry Unspeakable muttered as he found an array of folders and strewn papers all over the Archive Room floor. “Martin, come look!”
Another Unspeakable rushed to his fellow Unspeakable’s side. He gaped at the mess that was on the floor.
“We’re definitely done for,” Martin grumbled. “Umbridge paid a great amount of gold to get her archive folder set… and so did the others.”

3228 1
18 Obsidian Eyes

Oh Linberry Spikes! It’s those eyes!

His eyes were obsidian – of the darkest black ever imaginable. It made Colette want to squirm, but she didn’t. She only shivered.

3469 1
19 Troubles for Nobles

Your friend,
Eugene Rodnick

Please tell Sophie… that I love her, and if I ever die… please take care of her.

[a bit of background history concerning Eugene and his friend, Stuart]

3043 0
20 Blue Gray Pools

It seemed as if a thousand years earlier… Severus had crossed the strides of a passing woman that was visiting the New York Magical Association. She, while pursing her lips, had put a long strand of brown hair behind her ear as she looked over a thousand of papers...

3283 0
21 A Patch for the hole

“Why do we have to do this again?” Ron asked, whining again for the umpteenth time.

Harry had to agree with that. Grasping rocks really wasn’t on his mind with the relationship with the Horcruxes, but according to Hermione’s book – which had an odd symbol reoccurring many times in it – they had to go to the address that was scribbled into the beginning. And the address really wasn’t so easy to find.

Concerning the fact that you had to go rock climbing… no, it really wasn’t expected.

4356 1
22 Sirius' Love Story

“Oi, excuse me, but who exactly’s Nicolette?” Ron bothered, peering into the portraiture.

Harry and Hermione sat closer to the table top where the portrait sat.

“Nicolette… my one true love…” Sirius trailed off, his handsome face wrinkling with sadness. “We were so much in love… and yet, despite our families being so the same and so alike, they never let us unite.”

3926 1
23 The Portraitures

“So, you honestly don’t know who R.A.B. is?” Ron pondered dejectedly.

Sirius shook his head. “No, other than the fact that those are the first letters to ‘rabbit’, but who knows… say, now that you’ve all tried to ransack me over that infamous character… er… could you help me find my Nicolette?”

3872 0
24 Invited

“Are you willing to answer the darkest and most secret of all questions regarding your past?” The patience in his thinning voice was stern.

“No,” Severus answered.

The Dark Lord smirked, “Well, it does not seem as if ‘no’ is an answer today. ‘Yes’ is most likely your door out of anything today since you were invited. Now tell me… are you working against me?”

The truth was only a tip away and it was shifting out of his shields...

3697 1
25 The Traitor

Have you no shame, Severus? Have you no shame, Dark Lord?

Yes he felt ashamed of his relapse, but he ached from his honor and from how he had let part of his guard down.

Have you no honor?

3179 1
26 Horcruxes and ceremonious harmonies

Sophia Troller was a short five foot four person, and her soft features often gave people the impression that she was too fragile to be on her own. But her sheer force of character made her stand out, despite her strawberry blond hair and soft brown eyes, which were now wallowing in sadness and grief.

Her brother, Stuart, had been found dead in his home many weeks before.

5248 1
27 Counteraction

Carefully, Paulina drew in the rune form of Eugene’s name and after that, she took her wand out and twirled it around the surface of the rocks. After a murmur of something intelligible, Paulina raised her wand in the center. For a moment nothing happened until a flimsy white light came from the runes around the stones. It took a few seconds for Sophie to see that the runes themselves had disappeared from the table top, and they were the white light that loomed in circles above the stones and then boomed down to the center of the stone-dotted circle...

5149 1

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