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Yaxley. by Sleepingbagonthesofa
Chapter 7 : A Bloody Line.
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Cassie ignored the voice over her shoulder. She hurried along the corridor, attempting to push a Defence textbook back into her back. She wound her way through packs of students, desperate to get back to the common room.
She had homework, quidditch and if there was time she wanted to see Pyra before dinner.

Black had followed her out of the classroom, along three corridors and chased her onto a stair. “Will you talk to me for one second?”
He caught up with her at last, grabbing into the banister as the stone beneath them jolted to the left, moving towards the tower.

There were a pair of Ravenclaw fourth years looking over, both ogling Sirius with hopeful looks smeared over their faces. Cassie resisted the urge to roll her eyes. So much for Ravenclaws being smart, he wasn’t that special.

She closed her eyes, counting to three before she could turn around.

“What is it Sirius?”

He almost looked surprised she had spoke. Or maybe it was the half pleasant smile she had forced onto her face.
“Thestrals?” He looked at her in complete disbelief.

“Yes? ” Cassie felt her hand itching for her wand. She wanted him to leave her alone. Why for one day could he not leave her in peace.

He wore the same look from the night before, when he saw her standing, listening on the stairs.
She didn't understand it. She didn't understand him.

“You can see thestrals?” He was like a child, the same boy she had known years before. She taught him how to ride a broom, pushed him out of windows, hid him from murderous parents and screamed when he played stupid pranks on her.

Cassie nodded.

The air left his lungs, the tension in his shoulders dropped away and he just stared. A helpless little boy once more.
“You were there, weren't you? You saw everything...” He looked a little sick.

She nodded.
The staircase ground to a stop. Cassie stepped off outside the Fat Lady. The fourth years were still watching intently. No doubt trying to work out what was going on. Cassie looked back, giving the girls a disgusted look, her best impression of her mother.
Sirius had followed her, catching her elbow before she could give the password.

“You aren't going to say anything else?”

“Why would I?” She gave him another pleasant smile. She had no idea what he was asking now. He could be so incredibly frustrating.

He leaned away from her, brushing his hair back in a way that would work on half the school. Words wouldn't form in his mouth. He just stood there looking away in a manner that seemed to say ‘Why is this difficult to get?’ Sirius Black was speechless.
Eventually he choked out a “I’m just trying to understand you.”

“Forgive me for being skeptical. Mandrake.”

The Fat Lady yawned a little too loudly. Whenever there was something to listen in on she was awake. Nothing stayed secret in Hogwarts. Especially when the paintings on the walls loved to trade gossip.
She opened her eyes and nodded.
“On you go.”

Cassie climbed into the common room, throwing her bag down on the usual desk in the corner.

“What happened Yaxley? I’m serious, you can tell me.”

“Oh really? I thought you wanted nothing to do with me? That I was- how did you say it? I’m pathetic, as bad as Bella or Cissy, I think you said. As if I've spoken to Bella in years!”

She wanted to shout, to scream at him until all the anger was all gone, but no. They were in full view of half their house. She wasn't throwing away years of silence. “Not forgetting that I will turn into a killer if I amn’t already. That I don't care that they were killing people or that I just didn’t realise they were?
I think, Sirius, that I am aware of what they do to people. It makes me sick. Oh, and to answer the earlier question. Yes, I was there. I had a front row seat to the whole thing. Now will you please, for the last time, leave me alone.”

Her eyes were burning, she was hissing so low that she was sure only Sirius would hear her.
It had been odd to watch as the annoyance then the colour had drained from his face.
He was a shell. A beautiful shell that Cassie was convinced, at that moment, she could have knocked over with one touch.

“I forgot I said that.” He whispered, having the decency to look ashamed. “I don’t think you’re like Bella.”
“No? Nice of you to say. We can’t exactly keep going around like this. We are on the same side.”

“Cassie!” Lily had waltzed into the common room. “Everything alright?”

“Everything’s great.”

She sat at her desk and pulled out a seat for Lily. “Come on.”

Sirius wheeled around and stormed out of the portrait hole. Leaving Cassie to watch him go.

“What’s wrong with him? Apart from the usual?” Lily took the seat. 

“I have no idea.”

“So... The patronus!”

“It couldn’t have been a cat, could it. That was amazing! Nobody could do it before you.” Cassie smiled to herself. She wanted to try again away from the eyes of the class. It was hers, she wanted to see it. The shock had caught her off guard earlier.

“Never mind that. I didn’t know they had any thestrals here. James said they’re sort of like the Grim, no? You see one and you’re meant to be dead the next day. I mean clearly that’s a load of rubbish.”

Cassie shook her head. “They're not like that.”

“What then? Where did you first see them?”

“First year. We were down at the loch with Emme and there was something dark flying about in the sky. Neither of you could see it so I asked Hagrid and he told me. He was pretty freaked out.”

“No wonder.”

“But he told me and then took me to find some.”

“Here?” Lily's face was a picture.

“The forest.” Cassie nodded. “Dumbledore wanted to talk to me about it too. Just to check I was alright, given I could seeing them.”

“That’s good.”


Lily sat, obviously desperate to ask the question. She fiddled with her hair. Drummed her nails on the deak. Though she hid it well, Lily could be the least patient of them all.
“Cassie, how can you see them?” She finally blurted out.

“I watched somebody die.” She brushed down her robes, not meeting Lily’s eyes.

It was raining outside. Grey clouds opening and dumping a torrent over the castle.
It was over half way through October, the summer was long gone by now. So much for quidditch practice.

“Who?” Lily whispered.

“He worked for the ministry I think.” Cassie shook her head. She didn’t know who exactly. He had been an intruder into her home. An unwanted presence in her house. A filthy ministry assassin, a dog. That's what her father had called him.

He thought the house was empty, he had broken through the protections and used every spell known to wizard kind to get past the front door. They were guarded against muggles, not wizards. Instead of an empty house he had found two girls shouting at each other on the stairs in the hall. The older crying over a broken toy, the younger pointing their mother’s wand and threatening to curse the doll’s head off.

“What happened?”

Cassie shrugged. It was a long time ago.

“I don’t really know.”

She had the title of her essay printed across the page, nothing more. She sat staring out the window, her hands still in her lap.

It was Cassie who had screamed, seeing the flicker of a poor invisibility cloak. Seeing a shape walk across the plush hall carpet. She screamed and screamed again, the crystal chandelier over her head beginign to shake and chime. 
There was a crack, a blur as her father appeared in the hall, wand drawn and ready to jump where Cassie was pointing.
“There!” She had cried. Clutching the wand in her hand like it stood between her and certain death.

Her father flicked his wand, the cloak flying off instantly.
The man was shaking. He seemed old at the time. Scared and terrifying.

“Expelliarmus! Who are you? What are you doing here?” Her father pointed his wand at the man. Flicking his wrist and watching the man as he screamed in pain.

Looking back Cassie realised he was young, new to the Auror Department and sent alone into the home of a Death Eater.

Her father's wand flicked again and ropes shot from the end. Wrapping themselves so tightly around the man's body he screamed. “Come here girls.”

Her father held out an arm to them, Cassie and Leila clinging to his side.

“Stay close.” He pulled back his sleeve, the dark mark pulsing on his arm.
He pressed his wand into the black a ripple spreading form the point across the skull and snake.
There was a wash of freezing air. The hallway growing so cold Cassie shivered.
She didn't hear the Dark Lord appear. He was simply there.

“I assume this is important Cador.” His high, thin voice mused.

“My Lord.” Her father bowed low, Cassie bowing her head, looking up at the Dark Lord through strangely hair. “You wanted a ministry one. Tell Dovinolo not to bother, here we have a volunteer. He broke in, would have attached the girls I do not doubt. ”

“Well done, Yaxley.”

The Dark Lord’s eyes passes over Leila and onto Cassie. Red orbs with black slits for pupils examined her. Reaching through her,  into the very corners of her mind.
She flinched back, blinking and shifting to stand behind her father.
The Dark Lord smiled. “Promising… Now.”
He turned towards the man on the floor.

“My family are not good people, Lily.”

“That’s fine. I don’t care about that. Neither does anyone else. It doesn’t change who you are.”
Lily gave her a hand.

She grinned at her, taking her hand and squeezing it. “I don’t deserve you.”

“No, you really don’t. Where’s Emme?”

Cassie shrugged. “She had History of Magic.”

Lily made a face and started to write.

She didn’t know what Lily said, if anything, but nobody else asked her. Maybe they were to afraid to. Sophie didn’t even talk to her after that, but that was nothing new.
She was aware of more people looking at her than usual, walking through the corridors over the next few days some even stopped to ask about the Patronuses. Sixth years and other seventh years stopping not only Cassie, but James and Lily too.

She met James at the Gryffindor table after dinner, dressed in quidditch robes, the two of them collected their brooms and walked down to the pitch for some extra practice.
It was nice to get away, even for an hour. To say that the last two days had been trying would be an understatement.

“Right. I have to ask you something.” James sauntered down the path beside her, his broom thrown over a shoulder and a small frown on his face.


“Evans… you think if I asked her out she’d say yes?”

Cassie laughed, actually laughed. Snorting and fighting to regain composure.
“Yes. I do actually.” She felt a smile across her face, and Potter’s lit up. "Maybe it's been long enough."


“Yes. Ask her right though. Not just a throwaway remark. We’ve all seen you do that more than once.”

“Yeah. Well it would have to be special wouldn’t it? But it’s me. I’m easily the best guy for Evans.”

“Eugh you sound like Sirius! I’m easily the best looking in a hundred miles.” She put on that low, velvety tone. The one he used when he had his arm around a new girl. Word was Sophie had finally got a date with him. That very night apparently, Emme had told her that morning.

“He doesn’t sound like that. Does he?”

“Yes! I’m pretty sure that’s a direct quote.”

James laughed to himself. “Always after the girls... I’m still a bit surprised he never tried it on with you.”

Cassie gave him a look.

“What? The Death Eater thing? Siri never met a problem he couldn’t see past for the right girl.” He ducked as Cassie’s broom handle swung at him.

"He wouldn't dare."

“Okay!” James laughed. “I’m sorry. But...with Evans, you actually think she would go for a drink?”

“Maybe. Just Maybe.”

They reached the pitch, circled the goals as a warmup lap and then split into Keeper and Chaser. One at a times taking turns to make more and more ambitious shots.

“Great.” James flew out to meet her after she scored pulling out of a hundred foot drop. “Brilliant actually! So now will we…”

Someone was running onto the pitch below them, a blob on the grass from this height.
Cassie dropped her broom, coming close enough to see dark robes and a gryffindor scarf waving up at them through the fine rain. It was Peter, red faced and panting for breath.

“What is it Wormtail?” James called as he landed, hair flattened to his face and glasses knocked slightly to one side, covered in tiny water droplets.

“Lily-” He took a huge gulp of air. “Rosier’s gone after Vance. Then he started on Evans and then they’re all fighting now.”

Cassie gaped at him, her mind racing to catch up with his stumbling out of breath speech.  “What?”

“In the charms corridor. I didn’t see what else- I came to find you!”

Cassie was back on her broom. She kicked off and soared over the stands. SHe shot up the lawns, landing with a clatter at the door and running across the entrance hall tearing up the stairs. The castle was deserted, save for another pair of feet behind her, longer legs catching up and overtaking her.
She ran neck and neck with Potter. Both of them reaching the charms classroom in the same breath.

Lily was on her own, facing four- five Slytherins. Rosier, Mulciber, the Carrow twins and, Cassie felt more than a little sick, Regulus.

Where was Emme? Cassie couldn’t see her.

Lily was right in the middle. Holding off them all by herself.

“Mulciber!” Cassie shrieked. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

He wheeled around, holding his wand straight at her.
“Stay out of this Yaxley.”

“You broke the rules.” Cassie hissed.

“Fuck the rules. They won’t protect her when the Dark Lord is in control.” He spat at her feet, the challenge written all over his face. He was dating her, goading her into doing something, saying something she would regret.

“Then fuck the Dark Lord.”

Something like that. Cassie brought her wand up, a hex forming silently on her lips.

He had to jump back, raise his own in defence. “That was a very big mistake.”

A stream of hexes, curses, mismatched spells that did nothing at all shot from his wand, Cassie ducking or batting them all away easily.

James had run at Rosier, blocking a spell he was about to hurl at Lily, shooting one of his own in return.

She couldn’t be here. She wasn’t allowed to be here. Eddie-
Eddie. He would kill her.

“Stupify!” Red light burst from her wand and almost hitting him but- too fast.

“You little bitch! Confringo!”

“Portago!” Cassie yelled, watching as the curse dissolved on impact. He was using spells that did damage. Serious damage. He shot another curse at her, missing as she ducked.

Lily and James were back to back, James dueling with a smile on his face while Lily struggled, distracted. She met Cassie’s eyes for a moment then-

“Uanescere.” Cassie had to throw herself out of the curse’s path. Portrait it hit blew apart, solving into tiny pieces and floating to the ground in tatters.

Cassie pulled herself to her feet, jumping at Mulciber before he could act.
She flicked her wand, his suddenly being dragged from his hand. “Petrificus Totalus!”
She watched him drop to the ground then ran for Lily.

There had to be a teacher or anyone on their way. She raced towards Lily, fighting back to back with James in the centre. A Carrow had run, leaving three.

Cassie couldn't stop to catch her breath, or pause to follow the spells each were sending out. Her heart beat fast in her chest, almost making her want to laugh.
She shot a hex, hitting Rosier squarely in the back, his legs giving out from under him.

There was a rigning in her ears, a spell flaskign so close to her face that it singed her hair then-

The world seemed to stop. James suddenly arching off the ground and screaming. Blood boiling, spine shattering screams.

She choked, recognising the spell, the look of complete pain on Potters face.

“Curio!” Regulus shouted again, leveling his wand straight at James.
A look of sickening satisfaction was all over Black's face. Lighting up the fine features while James jerked and spasmed in mid air.

The others had stopped to watch. The same ghostly sickness on their faces as Cassie had on hers.

She raised her wand.
“Expulso.” She cast the spell, not knowing exactly what she was doing. Just that it has to stop.

Regulus was thrown back, landing in a dark pile. James thudding to the ground at the same time.
Carrow and Rosier backed away, one turning to run while Rosier grabbed Mulciber by the back of his robes and pulled him up. Regulus was on his feet too. He gave Cassie a look before they ran off, a warning.

She went to James, Lily kneeling beside him already.

“No, Cassie! You need to find Emme.”


“Over there,” Lily waved her hand down the corridor. “I didn’t see what happened!”

Cassie ran past them. Emme was unconscious, bleeding from a rip in her robes going straight across her ribs.
She pulled out her wand. She had to get her to help. Someone must have gone for help by now.

Healing spells went working. The blood was still oozing onto the floor. She tried again.
Nothing she was doing would help. No spell would stop the blood or slow it atall.

“Miss Yaxley. Move back now.” A kind voice said at her shoulder.

Cassie shook her head, clinging to Emme. Trying again and again.

“It’s not working!”

"Cass. They can help." 
Strong hands took her shoulders and pulled her back, allowing Madam Pomfrey and Bones to sweep into her place.

Remus hugged her shoulders, dragging her back to Dumbledore.

Lily knelt on the floor beside James, McGonagall standing with them. They were helping him slowly to his feet.
Bones had Emme on a stretcher, already standing over her muttering a string of words Cassie didn’t know.

This was beyond her. This was something Cassie hadn’t been ready for. A bloody line in the sand.

Dumbledore watched the scene silently, his eyes meeting Cassie's for a brief second before he spoke.

“Will you tell me who did this?” His voice was kind.

Cassie opened her mouth to speak then stopped herself. She shook her head, not because of forgotten loyalty or family ties. The words just wouldn’t, mustn't, come. She didn’t know why but she knew she mustn't speak.

He gave her a grim look and nodded in understanding.

“Take Mr Potter to the hospital wing. Minerva, whenever you feel that they are ready…” He left the sentence there. “We have a long night ahead.”



Hello! I hope you're all enjoying so far! 

The responce has been amazing so I wanted to say another huge thank you! Especially to my reviewers. You are the best motivation to sit down and type.

If you have time, please leave a review in the grey box! 

All my love 

S x

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