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Teenage Fever by squirrel005
Chapter 2 : Still Got It
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Platform 9 and ¾ has got to be one of the most exciting places, I thought, stepping out of the car at King’s Cross station. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly that made it so thrilling for me. The buzz maybe, or the reality of a fresh new year awaiting us as soon as we step on board the scarlet steaming train. I sighed, kicking a golden autumn leaf by my foot, it had to be my favorite time of the year.

“Mum, is it possible for you to walk slower?” I whined, over my shoulder. “A flobberworm would be faster than you lot right now,” I sped up the path, only looking back at where my parents and little brother were strolling along the wide pavement when I reached the large arched entrance.

“Alia, you’re the same every year,” Dad said evenly as he approached me, he let a smile form on his mouth and tapped me on the cheek, “besides, we’ve got twenty minutes until the train departs.”

He pushed the trolley piled with my belongings – trunk, various bags, my owl (twiggy – after the famous supermodel) – past me and lead us inside.

“Yeah, you gnome. No one would think you’re a sixth year, you act about six yourself.” my mousy little brother, Aidan, teased in his high pitched, pre-puberty voice.

“You are six, idiot.” I retaliated.

“Ten, and at least I’m not ugly.” There it was. His last cheap shot of the summer. Aidan cleared off sharpish before I had a chance to get my hands on him. Clever, otherwise I would’ve put him in a headlock until he cried out for mercy (this totally doesn’t happen all the time – okay maybe it does…sometimes.)

Finally, after walking at what felt like snail pace, we landed ourselves on platform 9 and ¾ for the official start of my 6th year – which would be celebrated tonight, I’m sure of it.

“Rishi, put Alia’s stuff on the train before she forgets anything like last time,” my mum was saying to my dad and I rolled my eyes for what felt like the 100th time that day. I may have forgotten to load my trunk onto the train last year and it had to be specially delivered to me by ExpressElves seeing as it was way too heavy for Twiggy. Obviously, I never hear the end of it now but is so wasn’t my fault; how was I to know that a huge cat fight was going to break out down by carriage G between Heather Nickles and Jada Little? I can’t be blamed for wanting to have a front seat for that Oscar winning drama plot twist, I mean they were best friends. Not so much anymore.

My dad was laughing as he lugged my stuff over to an empty carriage and Aidan followed holding Twiggy in her cage.

“Mum -” I started, taking her hand but she interrupted with her usual monologue that only the most dramatic of dramatic mothers can pull off.

“-And Alia, I know that if you don’t write at least every few days then you’ll have forgotten about your family, but we never forget about you-"

“Okay Mum, I never forget you, you know that but okay –"

“And don’t go getting these detentions and whatnot, in my day the only party we went to was the Yule Ball and there wasn’t even proper alcohol. Remember your father and I don’t provide you with money to spend on alcohol – just go to honeydukes like I used to do –“

Thank god, my dad and Dylan had come just in time to stop the conversation before she started harping on about boys and sex.

“Parvati, look there’s Leanna,” said Dad pointing somewhere vaguely over my shoulder. I whipped around knowing that Cali should be right behind her Mum and then that means that 6th year will have begun. Cali and I always get on the train together, just another tradition.

“Hey babes!” Cali said excitedly hugging me quickly, clearly not the least bit hungover from last night, and then went on to greet my Dad and Aidan, the latter with a quick slap to the head.

Dad took the opportunity of Mum being preoccupied speaking to Leanna in a hushed voice to give me more money than they initially agreed upon at the house. Dad’s a muggle so he struggles a little bit but he always goes to Gringotts when mums browsing in Flourish and Blotts and exchanges more pounds to galleons for me because ‘he gets worried.’

“Thanks dad, you’re the best,” I kiss him on the cheek before turning to Cali quickly, “look who’s arrived.”

Her gaze followed mine to the right of where we were standing to where the Potter – Weasley clan had just crashed onto the platform. I quickly realised that we were not the only ones watching their arrival.

“Look,” Cali digged her elbow into my side, “the way Potter’s holding that rucksack.” I immediately knew she was referring to the mysterious package we witnessed them smuggling last night.

“Okay Alia,” Mum suddenly pulled me into the biggest hug, “time to go again, I love you and stay safe, write loads and love you again.”

“Love you mum,” I said, “and you dad…and totally don’t love you Aidan.” I grinned at him and jumped on the train straight after Cali before he could hit me. We quickly found our carriage that dad loaded our trunks onto and sat down, waving out of the window…not feeling like 6th years at all but first years in this moment. It always feels like first year.

I suddenly remembered my 3 lessons I had written yesterday, the last one being appreciation so I took my time taking in the hustle and bustle of the platform. From the loud parents shouting last minute advice to their frightened first year children to the too-cool-for-school 5th years who were practically tearing themselves away from their family, it was all absolutely magical. I laid eyes on my parents again and waved vigorously so they knew that I would indeed miss them loads…


The Hogwarts Express had barely even left the station when the door to our carriage was flying open which startled both Cali and I, Cali who was painting her nails was severely more annoyed than I was.

“YESSSS bitches look who’s here, or sixth year bitches I should say.”

I smiled. Olivia.

“Liv!” I jumped up and hugged her tightly, “you have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

“I mean, I missed you too until you made me drop my entire nail polish on the floor,” said Cali from the corner sourly, before smirking which slowly turned into a grin. She could never be annoyed at Liv, no one could.

Liv giggled as she stepped back into the corridor turning away from us, her dark sleek hair travelling down her back in a perfect shine. “Yes yes yes and we will discuss that later,” I could hear her saying impatiently and then suddenly she was back in the carriage dragging Tyrell Williams in her wake.

“Aw, Ty our hufflepuffly friend,” sang Cali. This had begun back in fourth year when Tyrell and Olivia had started dating. Tyrell Williams - a tall, broad and muscly male - being given cute pet names, at the time, was the funniest juxtaposition and we just never stopped.

“Our huffly teddy bear, hello Ty,” I joined in, laughing as he dropped onto the seats, an arm over his face.

“Will this ever stop?!”

“Noo,” Cali and I sang in sang in unison.

“For god’s sake, all of you,” Liv laughed and slid in next to Ty as he sat up properly, grinning.

“We have the prefect meeting in about fifteen minutes, so will you two save us some food off the trolley and - ” Ty was saying to Cali and I.

“Ty, there’s food at the meeting you know that.”

“As if that’ll be enough,” he rolled his eyes at Liv, his girlfriend of two years and absolute love. I mean, they’re just one of those couples that you just know will always be together. There’s no catch 22, or meddling ex or confusion or miscommunication. Its just perfect and always will be. Lucky for some.

“Is that coming from one of your trunks?” Asked Cali suddenly, pointing to the floor and I noticed the white whisps of smoke.
“What the hell?”

The white/grey whisps were rising up to the ceiling and merging together, hanging in thin air.

“It’s a peace offering,” said a deep, amused voice at the door.

We hadn’t even noticed it had opened but I guess not everyone opens doors the way Liv does.

“We just wanted to start the year without any of this nonsense,” said Freddie Weasley wedging himself in between Cali and I.

“And, we don’t like tension,” James added, leaning against the door frame, raising an eyebrow, “so accept the offering so we can get on with party planning.” He was smirking as if that settled the matter.

“What do you mean, because you sent wisps of weird smoke into our carriage that all is forgotten?” I piped up, suddenly significantly annoyed at his mannerisms.

“Oh come on Ally Pally, whats a little tiff between friends?” Whined Kian Lemming, the third amigo to the most annoying trio to ever exist on Planet Earth.

“Well you did say I was overbearingly rude,” inserted Cali sharply to Kian who looked to the ground pouting. For the so-called most ‘popular’ and ‘charming’ boys in the school they sure were sensitive.

“Pish Posh,” Freddie waved her statement away, flapping his hand in her face, “I don’t care that you called me stupid Cali, or that you said that I had commitment issues Squirrel.”

“Not to mention you do still call me squirrel,” I replied, making a point.

“Out of loooove,” said Freddy, engulfing Cali and I, one arm round the both of us, “come on girls, what do you say?”

I rolled my eyes and accidentally made eye contact with James who was studying me curiously, patiently waiting for our answers.

“Depends,” I said, looking at Cali raising my eyebrows.

“…On what the theme for the welcome back party is. If its shit then I might wonder why I’m friends with you lot in the first place,” she said smirking and just like that we knew, just like always, everything was back to normal.

“You guys are seriously mentally challenged,” Said Liv, shaking her head as she stands up pulling Ty by the hand, “we have our prefect meeting, see you rejects later.”

“Ah, that’s better, the king and queen have relinquished their thrones” says Kian, spreading out on the seats as James sits down next to him.

“Hey Potter,” a voice said, we all looked up to be greeted by none of than Melissa Gray. The devil’s daughter, in other words, anyone’s worst nightmare and Potter’s ex-girlfriend.

Unfortunately, selling her soul to the devil definitely came with perks, namely, looking like she just jumped out of vogue magazine.

“Mel,” James raised his eyebrows as if to say, ‘why are you here?’ I’m asking the same question, I mean, her presence unsettles me.

“Nice summer?” she smirks, but doesn’t wait for his reply. “I’m actually seeing someone, thought you should know. We met at daddy’s beach club overseas in the Hamptons.” Oh do one, you filthy little rich girl. Hamptons. Daddy. Someone pass me a bucket, I’m really going to be sick.

Her eyes flit over to me, studying me closely before James snaps her focus back to him.

“Hope he’s as heartless as you, otherwise he doesn’t stand a chance,” James stands up and takes a step towards her, forcing her outside the carriage, “now, how can I put this...oh yeah., Fuck off.”

The door slams shut.

“The she-devil is back,” whistled Freddie passing James the ‘rucksack’ which he takes extremely cautiously and places it between his feet, taking extra care.

“Wow Potter, you’re treating that rucksack better than you’ve ever treated Gray,” I said, leaning forward, one hand propping my chin up.

“Don’t know what you mean,” James mumbled quickly, meeting my gaze but letting go of the rucksack all the same. He and Freddy exchanged a quick look as if to say ‘steer the conversation away from this.’

I don’t mind though, we were definitely going to find out what was in there…one way or another.


“Come sit at our table,” said Freddie, looking at Liv, Cali and I as we waited outside of the Grand Hall for the doors to open.

“Every year we tell you the same thing,” I started with a sigh.

“We aren’t allowed,” Cali said, finishing off my sentence. “And even if we were, it wouldn’t be right. We can’t not sit with our house at the Sorting Feast. What kind of example would we be setting?”

Freddie pouted but was quickly distracted by a group of fifth year girls giggling loudly behind him.

“Yes girls?” He smirks at their reaction to his attention.

“We heard that Potter’s single…because you got with Melissa Gray. Is that true?” One of the braver girls with a brunette plait piped up, to the immediate shock of all her friends.

“And which Potter would that be?” An amused voice stretches across the entrance hall, the gang of giggling fifth years parts to reveal a one, Albus Potter.

“Oh, Albus. Not you of course!” One of the girls says, touching his left arm slightly, turning pink.

He winks at her before proceeding to greet Freddie, ignoring the girl with the brunette plait.

James and Kian stumble back towards the ever-growing crowd mumbling something about having stuff to sort out quickly.
Whatever that means. At that moment, the doors opened causing an immediate rush towards the hall in order to get best seats for prime views of the sorting hat.

“Okay girls…meet us at the statue of Barbie at 10pm and let the night begin.” said James, winking.

“And remember…” Freddie started.

“Keep it a secret.” Kian finished.

Kian high-fived James before they walked towards the Gryffindor table and we walked past them to sit with our fellow Ravenclaws.

Liv was already sat down chatting away with the other Ravenclaw prefect whilst stealing glances at Ty sitting with his rowdy friends at Hufflepuff.

Usually, we would all sit together, or at least some of us would. There’s no real segregation anymore, unless it’s a feast day or Game Day (quidditch was a matter of life and death, if I was caught sitting at another table on a Ravenclaw match day then Liv and Cali would slice me in my sleep.)

“Liv, 10pm.” I said as soon as we sat down in the middle of the long table, “hey Milo.” I smiled at the boy sitting beside Liv, the prefect.

He winked, “Alia,”

“If you guys don’t stop having eye sex across the table I swear I’ll vom,” said Cali, furrowing her nose looking at us each in turn.

“We are- not – having - eye – sex,” I spluttered as Milo, Liv and Cali laughed at my blushed cheeks and inability to get my words out correctly.

“Anyway,” Liv interjected, “10pm?”

“The welcome back party of course,” said Cali, excitedly. This is what the first night back at Hogwarts was all about. It properly sets the mood for the entire year, and gives us something to talk about I guess – because what else are we going to do in September apart from wonder what really happened in the broom cupboard after Grace and Zack left the party early. The only nagging thought that’s bringing my mood down is the possibility of, well let’s not be unrealistic now, the inevitability of pumping into Lance Greanmann.

And there it is again, my stomach drops every time I think about him, think about seeing him, speaking to him.

“Earth to Alia,” Liv is dangling her fork in front of my face. “The sorting is about to start.”

“Yeah,” I looked over at the head table, then back at Liv who was staring at me strangely.

“Alia, honey. I heard some third years going on about Lance, something about…” she started but that’s when I saw him, sitting at the Slytherin table. He was smirking slightly at a joke his friend Scorpius Malfoy just told him, before looking away, scanning the hall. His eyes locked on mine. I felt like my skin had turned into ice, my stomach was in my throat, water sprang to my eyes. He’s there and I’m here. Separate.

“I’ll tell you later,” Liv finishes gently, as the sorting starts. I hardly hear her as I mindlessly follow the sorting process, my eyes glazing over.

“I’m only going if Alia goes,” Milo, grinned as I suddenly snapped into the conversation going on between Cali and Milo about the party tonight. “Are you okay?” he frowned at me.

“Ye – yeah, of course.” I managed, before focusing on the sorting.

Cali dug me in my ribs “what’s up,” and I mouthed “Lance.”

“Well, Alia is definitely coming,” Cali said to the rest of the group in a suggestive manner. This has been Cali’s master plan for the whole of summer because she read an article in Witch Weekly and came to my house rambling about something along the lines of ’snog as many boys as possible in order to get over your ex’. So far, I can tell you that it’s the worst plan known to mankind but there’s no point trying to tell Cali that, she’s set on it and to be honest I’m not going to complain.

“Then so will I,” Milo muttered, his eyes lingering on me for a few seconds before turning to where Priory, Malcom was being sorted into “GRYFFINDOR!”


“Did Sas even explain why she was coming back to school a day late?” I ask, unpacking the last of my clothes into my small but handy wardrobe. Upon entering our new sixth year dorms, we realised that, for once, McGonagall actually listened to the student feedback surveys and gave us individual wardrobes.

“This is Saskia we’re talking about…like does she ever tell us anything?” Cali replied. She was sitting at the dressing table – already covered with makeup – straightening over her naturally pin straight hair. Someone roll my eyes for me.

“She had a family funeral, I think. Or maybe it was the hamster who died,” Liv chimes in, “anyhow, she’s mourning today and back to school tomorrow.”

“We’ll have to go to Gryffindor tower and make sure we have a proper catch up..” I say, smiling. Saskia Bright was one of the school’s most knowledgeable students. Not in the sense that she was the best academic student, but that she just knew everything about everyone and it was an absolute blessing when she and I were made Potions partners at the beginning of third year.

There’s something about my friendship with Saskia, we just clicked instantly and we totally understand each other. Kind of like how I am with Cali but in a more mischievous way, we always have fun together, like my very own partner in crime.

After Saskia and I became friends, everything else just sort of fell into place; we hung out in the Gryffindor tower which lead to a series of mix-ups with James, Freddie and Kian resulting in an accidental friendship forming, we grew status within the school, were talked about way more than is necessary, became apart of one too many scandals and climbed the social ladder to the top. It definitely seemed perfect from the outside.

“Right. Are we ready to go?” Cali’s eyes were gleaming as she stood up and faced us. The prospect of a proper party was enough to make any of us giddy but Cali was positively buzzing with excitement.

Liv rolled her eyes, “come on then. Best to not be late.” And she’s right. Keeping Freddie later than negotiated from a party is not a pretty sight. Liv turned towards the door just as it crashed open. Marzia Boyle. Our fourth dormmate. Bitch. Seasoned Professional.

“Sneaking out are we girls?” sneered Marzia.

“Well we’re not,” Cali narrowed her eyes, it was time to attack, “if you were including yourself in that.”

“Do you mean I’m not invited to hang out with teen sluts and wannabe’s with dead end lives, whatever will I do with myself?” she shoots, rolling her eyes before making her way over to her corner of the room.

I swivel to face her, “well where have you been? I’m sure its after curfew and you’ve just come back to the dorm…” I arch my eyebrow then spit “hypocrite.”

“Surprised I have friends?” she smirks.

“No, that would mean that we actually spent time thinking about you.” Cali stood firmly behind me, backing me up. I don’t know what it was about our relationship with Marzia. We were never the best of friends, or even completely friends for that matter. Liv, Cali and I got on like a house on fire and she sort of lingered, which was absolutely fine for the first couple of years but then as we grew, it was difficult to keep pretending. As the three of us expanded our friends circle, went to social gatherings and up-ed our fashion sense, she retracted. It was suddenly as if she was a different person, combined with her hateful comments and spiteful attitude, we couldn’t even maintain the civility that we had once before.

“Let’s go,” Liv says sharply, pulling us both towards the door. I know Liv hates it when it gets like this in the dorm, and to be honest, I don’t appreciate the tension much either but there’s something about her tone that always has me biting back.


After meeting the boys, they quickly informed us that the party wasn’t at its usual location in the room of requirement, with a password, it was “in a classroom, with a password.” James drawled.

Emphasis on the password because God forbid someone not explicitly invited actually attends. The word exclusive would cease to mean anything at all, then what would we be? *rolls eyes internally* but secretly it’s a human instinct – desire even – to want to be involved in something so exclusive that not everybody is privy to, not everybody can experience.

We make our way to the fifth floor, twisting and turning until we find ourselves at a small area underneath a narrow staircase, dark and still, partially hidden from the world.

“And we’re sooo not going to get caught.”

“I don’t like your sarcasm, Bates.” James made his way forward, dipping his head down and tapping his wand on the wall muttering a few words.

“Go in,” he said, stepping aside revealing a wide opening that even 6”2 Freddie could squeeze through.

Everyone made their way one by one through the round opening in the wall without question bar Kian grumbling about feeling like a hobbit.

“And this is meant to be a classroom?” I ask James quizzically, the last of Liv’s legs making it through the hole.

He winks, “it was.”

A/N - Just to clarify, I am totally not J K Rowling (obviously, so everything you recognise is hers.) Also do not own Vogue Magazine, "hobbit" J.R.R Tolkein and twiggy - british supermodel. Do not mean any offense with the devil references, complete joke and analogy.

Please review!!!


Squirrel xxx

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