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Mother-To-Be: The Baby Manual by AnnaG1303
Chapter 3 : Ten Weeks
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Don't you just love the amazing chapter image of Johanna, Maya and Alex by Newt Scamander at The Dark Arts? 



I pace in front of Healer’s office nervously. None of the girls joined me today since James promised he’d be here. Only he’s not here and my nerves are getting the best of me.

“Elizabeth?” Healer Jones calls me with a smile. “You ready?”

“I-“ I look around as if expecting to see James pop out of nowhere. Finally, deciding he bailed on me, I sigh. “Yes.”

“Daddy’s not here?” Healer Jones asks me as I lie down and lift my shirt up.

“N-“ Just when I’m about to answer, there’s a loud pop in the room and Healer Jones and I both scream. There’s James, who’s standing in the middle of the room clearly having just apparated here.

“James!” I scream my heart pounding like fast. “What the hell?! You can’t apparate in the middle of an examination room!”

“Sorry.” He says sounding as if he was running. “Practice took too long and- well, I couldn’t exactly walk up in here without anyone noticing.”

“What?” I snap. “Why not?”

“James Potter is your baby’s daddy?” Healer Jones looks at me with a beaming smile and James looks at me with his eyebrows raised as if saying ‘That’s why.’

“Yes.” I say as I lie back down and shoot daggers at James.

“Oh, okay.” Healer Jones says smiling at James. “Well, so-“

“Um, before we start,” James interrupts her and I stare at him in disbelief again. “My manager wants you to sign this.” He says pulling out a piece of parchment. “It’s a Confidentiality Contract.” He explains and I open my mouth in shock.

“It’s a what?!” I repeat angrily.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t risk you telling paparazzi about Ellie being pregnant with my child.” James shrugs and I feel like I’m about to throw my boot at him. Healer Jones remains quiet.

“She’s my healer!” I snap at him. “She can’t tell anyone, that’s part of her job!”

“Still.” James smiles at Healer Jones and I can see her melting. “Will you please sign it? Just to get my manager off my back?”

“Sure.” Healer Jones says smiling brightly at James. She takes the quill from her desk and signs the contract. “Umm, since you’re here already,” she starts shyly. “Would you mind giving me an autograph? I am a huge fan.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” I roll my eyes but they ignore me.

James smiles charmingly at her and grabs a small piece of parchment she offered him. He signs his name all over it. “Here you go!” James beams at her and she almost faints.

“Thank you so much!” she squeals. “If there’s anything I can do for you, just say it and I’ll-“

“I know that this probably sounds dumb,” I start sarcastically. “But maybe you could do your freaking job and give me a check-up?!” I end up yelling. 

“Oh, right.” Healer Jones says looking somewhat embarrassed. She sits on a chair next to me while James stands behind her crossing his arms. “So, how have you been?”

“Um, fine, I guess.” I shrug when she puts the gel on my stomach.

“And your nausea?” she asks me and James looks at me.

“You’ve been nauseous?” he asks.

“Yes.” I say bitterly still angry with him.

“You have nothing to worry about.” Healer Jones convinces him. “That is perfectly normal in pregnancy. Her body is getting used to another human being growing inside of her.”

“Yeah.” I say when she puts her wand above my belly. “And it’s better. From the vitamins you gave me.”

“Vitamins?” James asks again.

“Sometimes the body needs some refreshment in pregnancy.” Healer Jones continues. “Especially when it’s weakened by all the vomiting.”

“And what about folic acid?” James asks and both Healer Jones and I look at him in surprise. “What?” James asks. “I did some reading of my own.”

“I’ve been taking it since the last time I was here.” I assure him still surprised that he actually knew this.

“Okay, then.” Healer Jones returns back to the screen. “And here it is. Your baby.” She says with a smile and both James and I look at the screen.

“It’s not a little blub anymore.” I say and Healer Jones smiles.

“No, it’s slightly bigger.” She explains. “You’re ten weeks pregnant now and your baby has almost all the organs now.”

“Is everything okay?” I ask starring at the screen.

“Oh, yes.” Healer nods. “You’re in perfect health and the baby’s developing nicely.”

I smile happily and look at James who’s  just staring at the monitor. “James, are you okay?” I ask and he blinks a couple of times. I can tell his eyes are a bit teary.

“Um, what?” he asks wiping his eyes discreetly. “Yeah, I’m -“ he says. “I’m fine.” He manages to say and looks at me. “This is our baby.” He says finally and I smile at him.

“Yes, it is.” I smile.

“Would you like a copy of the ultra sound?” the Healer asks us. “I can give you multiple copies if you want to give it to the grandparents maybe?” she asks and I feel my stomach twisting. “Uncles and aunts perhaps?”

James and I exchange looks and he shrugs. “I guess we do have to tell them eventually. And maybe they’d like to see the baby.”

“Yes, maybe.” I say looking down. There’s a moment of awkward silence and Healer Jones coughs uncomfortably.

“Well, I’ll make a few copies.” She finally says as she flicks her wand and about dozen copies fly out of the monitor. “So you can take it to your families.”

After I get dressed in silence, James and I step out into the waiting room, James carrying the photos. “Here, you should have some to take to your parents.” He says handing me half.

“Oh, no.” I shake my head. “I won’t need them.”

“You don’t think your parents would want to see them?” he asks furrowing his eyebrows.

“No, I don’t think I’ll be telling them.” I explain. “Not until Christmas anyways.”

“Well, I, I was hoping we’d tell my parents sooner rather than later.” James says and I look at him in confusion.

“We?” I repeat.

“Well, yes.” James says. “I mean, I think the mother of my child should meet my family. I was hoping to meet yours too.”

“I already met your family.” I snap. “Remember?”

He looks at me for a second and then it dawns on him. “Louis.” He states and I nod.

“Plus, why would you want to meet my family?” I ask my bottled anger coming to the surface. “So you can make them sign the Confidentiality Contract?” I ask and he rolls his eyes.

“I have to protect myself.” He protests. “We ended up on the front page of Witch Weekly after one kiss.” He points out and I painfully remember the cover of that magazine two months ago. “Imagine what will happen when the reporters find out about the baby.”

“Well, they will.” I say and point to myself. “This baby will grow and it will start to show. Plus, we’re already here together!” I point out. “How long until someone notices that you’re entering St. Mungo’s with a pregnant girl once a month?”

He looks at me guiltily and sighs. “About that…” he starts and I shake my head.

“You have got to be kidding me!” I protest when I realise what he has planned.

“I can’t be seen with you.” He shrugs. “I can’t be seen entering the hospital. That’s why I apparated. I can’t let all of this reach the paper!”

“Well, I’ll tell you what!” I ask as I put on my jacket. “You don’t even have to show up for my check-ups anymore! You can take those bloody pictures but I can promise you that’s the last thing you’ll see from MY baby!”

“Ellie, you can’t do that!” he calls after me but I march towards the exit ignoring him. “Ellie!”



“Don’t you think you overreacted?” Johanna asks as we all meet for a cup of tea after work.

“He made our Healer sign a Confidentiality Contract!” I repeat again as I snack on a biscuit angrily. “Who does that?! That’s not normal!”

“It’s just a new territory for him.” Maya shrugs as she takes a sip of her tea and I glare at her.

“It’s new territory for me as well!” I snap at her. “Will he have to carry this baby for nine months and look like a wale while doing it?” I rant. Alex is about to say something but I raise my finger and stop her. “And who’s going to have to squeeze this baby from her lady hole?!” I snap. “Me! Not him! How nice it must be that he can just apparate and disapparate at will! You can’t apparate when pregnant! To hell with him and his career and his whole damn family! I’ll do this alone!”

The girls just stare at me as I take a sip of my tea angrily. I look at Maya’s biscuit and eye it. “Are you going to eat it?” I ask and she raises her hands as if scared. I grab it and nibble on it angrily.

“Well, now that you got that out of your system,” Alex starts. “Don’t you think that maybe you shouldn’t forbid him from being in the baby’s life?” she asks rationally and I just glare at her angrily.

“I mean,” Alex continues. “He didn’t run when you told him.” She says and Johanna and Maya nod their heads. “He did show up for a check-up and he wants to meet your family and everything.”

“He cares about the baby.” Johanna nods. “He cares about you.”

“He’s a freak, that’s what he is!” I say although a bit less angry than before. “Why would he want to meet my family?! For fuck’s sake, if I had a choice, I wouldn’t want to meet my family!”

The girls burst out laughing while I sip on my tea. “Well, you’ll have to tell your mum eventually.” Johanna points out.

“Why?” I ask blankly. “She’s going to disown me and the baby anyways.”

“She won’t.” Alex tries to protest but doesn’t sound very convincing. “And you ought to get your ass to the north quickly.”

“I’ll tell them for Christmas.” I say with a sigh.

“But you’ll be showing by then.” Maya points out and I stare at her dully.

“At least I won’t have to explain.” I say sarcastically and all of us burst out laughing again. It was sort of funny to think of my mother when she sees my baby bump.

“And what about James’ family?” Johanna asks. “You’re really not going to come and tell them yourself?”

“I shouldn’t be the one to tell them.”  I shrug. “They’re not my family. James can handle it.”

“Can he really?” Alex asks tilting her head.

“Yeah and do you really want for Louis and his family to find out from someone else?” Maya asks and I sigh heavily.

“I have to go.” I say as I get up and leave money for my tea on the table.

“Where are you going?” Johanna asks and I turn around with a sigh.

“I guess I’m going to apologize.” I shrug and add as I stare angrily at them. “I hate you sometimes, you know that?”

“We love you too.” Maya calls after me with a smile.



I don’t even know where James lives. I remembered that just after I left the coffee shop. We did have sex at his place two months ago, but I was so drunk I don’t even remember how we got there and when I left in the morning I practically apparated directly from the hallway.

With no better idea where to look after him, I go to the Chudley Cannons Stadium. It’s outside of London, so it takes me full two hours to get there by bus. But it will be worth it if I can find James.

I enter the coffee shop right next to the Stadium hoping I’ll run into him there. I know he had practice in the morning, but maybe he returned here right after the ultra sound.

I open the door and find the café empty apart from the waitress and an older guy in a suit that’s sipping coffee and reading today’s Daily Prophet at the bar. I sigh disappointedly but deciding that I’m not up for another two hour drive back to London, I decide to have a cup of coffee. Plus, I really had to pee as well.

I order a de-caff and when I come back from the toilet, I settle down at the bar. “Hey, um-“ I ask the waitress. “Have you seen James Potter in here today, perhaps?”

“Are you from the press?” she asks me suspiciously. “Because this is a no-press zone.”

“No. Oh, God no.” I smile. “I’m James’ friend, Elizabeth Nelson. So, was he here? It’s really important.”

“James wasn’t here today.” The man sitting a few seats away from me says looking up at me from his newspaper. “He was here for the practice. Then he hurried to take care of some personal business. As I’m sure you know.” He adds looking at me.

“I’m sorry-“ I start confused.

“I’m Herbert Knight.” The man introduces himself. “James’ manager. He told me about you. Ellie, isn’t it?”

“Oh, I’m-“ I start when he offers his hand. “It’s nice to meet you.” I say as I shake his hand. “Actually, it’s not.” I say and he raises his eyebrows at me. “You gave James you-know-what to give to my you-know-who.” I say speaking in codes so the waitress wouldn’t hear something she’s not supposed to.

Herbert laughs at me. “I am representing James. That is my job.” He explains. “Sorry if it offended you. And, um, congratulations.” He adds looking at my belly.

I know I’m supposed to be pissed but I’m actually quiet fond of this guy. I can’t help but smile. “Thanks.” I say. “Um, I can’t believe James told his manager before he even told his family. No offense.”

“Oh, none taken.” He laughs. “Well, we spend a lot of time together. I’m helping him build his life. That doesn’t necessarily just mean his career.” He looks at me and I smile.

“Right.” I nod. “Well, Mr Knight,” I start.

“Call me Herb.” He insists.

“Okay, Herb.” I smile. “Do you perhaps know where James is?” I ask. “I owe him a big apology and I don’t even know his address.”

“Well, I guess I owe you one, ha?” he says and I nod with a smile. He takes his napkin and writes down James’ address handing it to me.

“Thank you, Herb.” I smile at him and throw money at the bar. “My treat.” I say to Herb as I grab my jacket and hurry out the door leaving my coffee untouched.

I practically run into the bus and spend two hours on the drive back cursing the fact that I can’t apparate right now. Who even knows is James will be at home. That means that I’ve been running around London for an entire afternoon for nothing.

And why am I even running around for James? It’s not like we’re together. He’s just – well, the father of my child.

I shift uncomfortably in my seat. By the end of the ride, I’m pretty sure I won’t even go and see him. I mean, yes, I do owe him an apology. But, he owns one to me as well. Right?

In the end, when the bus stops at the station closest to James’ apartment, I practically jump out. I stand in front of a building that’s clearly only visible for wizards since there is a freaking house elf at the front gate.

“Good evening, Miss.” He greets me. “Who are you looking for?”

“Actually, um-“ I starts squeezing my jacket around me tighter. “I’m looking for James Potter.”

“No reporter is welcome in here.” The house elf snaps at me.

“But I’m not a reporter.” I protest. “I’m a friend.”

“Sammy knows all of Mr Potter’s friend.” The house elf says shaking his head. “He’s not letting anyone in that he doesn’t know. No, ma’am, Sammy won’t.”

“This is rubbish!” I protest and head towards the door. The house elf snaps his fingers and I run into a barricade. “Ow!” I scream and look at him.

“You can’t come in!” he says and his green eyes stare at me stubbornly.

“Fine!” I snap as I clean off my jacket. “I’ll leave!”

“Good night, Miss.” The elf says after me and I almost feel the urge to show him my middle finger, but I manage to restrain myself.

Tired of buses, in desperate need to pee and hungry out of my mind, I decide to take a cab instead of a bus. I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t find James today. Perhaps I’ll look for him on the weekend. If that bloody house elf won’t let me in, I’ll camp outside the bloody building.

But as I make my way up the stairs in my building, I’m surprised to find him sitting on the floor leaning against the door of my apartment, a box of pizza right next to him. He’s starring at the opposite door absentmindedly and hasn’t even noticed me when I showed up.

“James?” I ask and he finally looks up at me.

“Ellie, thank Merlin!” he says as he jumps to his feet. “I was waiting here for you all afternoon. I didn’t know if you were alright or if something has happened to you. I can’t do it like this. Not knowing where you are, if you’re alright and- “ he sighs and runs a hand through his hair nervously making it even messier. “Listen, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I did all that and-“

“Stop!” I cut him off. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” he asks me confused.

“I am.” I nod. “I overreacted. It’s the hormones. I mean-“

“Maybe we should finish this inside.” James says when there’s a sneeze on the other side of Mrs Jenkin’s door.

“Yes, yes, we should.” I say as I unlock the door. “You have been sitting here all day?” I ask as we enter the flat.

“Yes and the only person keeping me company was your old bat eavesdropping neighbour.” He says and lifts the pizza box. “I also brought pizza but it’s pretty cold now.”

“That’s nice of you.” I say suddenly really flattered. “That’s-“ I sigh feeling really emotional. “That’s really nice.”

“Are you-“ James asks looking at me with his eyebrows furrowed. “Are you crying?”

“No.” I protest although I am. Tears just keep on coming and I can’t seem to stop them. “I just- I was so mean to you. I didn’t mean it, you know. I would never forbid you to see your child. It’s as much as yours as it is mine. And I felt really bad, I have searched for you the entire day, I went to the stadium and Herb gave me your address but then there was this bloody house elf and-“

“Wait, wait, wait.” James stops me. “Herb? As in my manager?”  he asks and I nod still sobbing. “What were you- You’re pregnant! You- Oh, come on, there, there!” he finally says and hugs me. He gently rubs my back and I still sob draining his shirt with my tears.

“I can’t believe you waited for me here for an entire day.” I say through sobs.

“And I can’t believe you spend your day apparating from one place to another.” He says smiling.

“Oh, you can’t apparate when you’re pregnant.” I say looking up at him. “I took the bus.”

“A bus?” he looks at me. “It’s a two hour ride to the stadium!”

“Two and fifteen minutes.” I correct him. “But it was fine.”

“Promise me you won’t do that.” He says. “Look, let’s make a promise to each other. Whether we like it or not, we are in this together and we will have to make some adjustments. How about I give you the key of my flat? And we’ll make sure to let each other know about our plans so we’d avoid you going around driving in busses all day while with my child.”

“Will that bloody elf let me through if I show up with the key?” I ask and James laughs.

“You met Sammy.” He states and I look at him gloomily as I grab a piece of cold pizza.

“I did.” I roll my eyes and he laughs.

“Yes, he’ll let you in.” James promises and grabs a slice himself.

“So, if you give me the keys of your flat, I guess I have to give you a spare key as well.” I say and he nods.

“Seems fair.”

“And don’t worry.” I say. “I won’t be barging in when you have company.”  I promise and he laughs.

“That’s not really what I think about right now.” He shrugs and I laugh.

“Right.” I say. “As I recall James Potter never spent a day without a girlfriend.”

“Well, you recall wrong.” He says leaning against the counter. “”It was more like James Potter was always chased by a number of girls.”

“And not much has changed.” I shrug with a smile. “And listen,” I add. “I will go with you to tell your family. You are here for me and, well, I’m here for you as well. We’re in this together.”

A/N: Another chapter is up! I'm so thankful to all of you who are reading and reviewing this story. It means a lot! Just keep doing so, tell me what you think and I really get inspired then. Love you all to bits xo

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