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The Snitch Life by StuckonPrivetDrive
Chapter 33 : Can You Hear Me
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Chapter 33
“Can You Hear Me”

Coffee the beverage of mornings, the beverage of first time meetings, and the beverage of old time meetings, the drink of long nights, and the libation of bad times. Could coffee really be depended on so much, should it be? Of course all this thought about coffee was ridiculous or at least Draco thought it was ridiculous. He was thinking about it as he bought a cup of hospital coffee at eight in the morning.

He became a regular fixture; it seemed as if everyone knew him. The woman in the cafeteria would see him coming and get his order ready without hesitation. He was appreciative of this he liked not having to think too much or answer questions. With his brain being void of reason he could concentrate on ridiculous things like why coffee.

He opened the door to the private room and resumed his place in the reclining chair. He had turned it to face the bed, the bed where Ginny had been laying for the last week and a half not moving. He wanted to make sure he was watching her that he was there with her in case anything happened.  They had managed the internal bleeding. Her left arm was bandaged, her neck in a brace, ribs cracked and both her legs broken. Thanks to magic all of that would probably be healed before…

Draco was going out of his mind and he couldn’t believe it. Ginny Weasley his wife, his love was lying in Africa comatose. He wanted to cry, he wanted to scream, and he wanted to hit something, so instead he sat quietly.

“Good morning,” the door opened.

“Morning,” Draco glanced over his shoulder at Ginny’s parents.

“Anything,” Arthur asked as he and Molly sat in the chairs on the opposite side of the bed.
“No, her vitals are still strong but… nothing,” Draco answered. He hadn’t left the hospital since she was brought in. He put her parents up at a hotel and they come by every day. Although later today Arthur had to return home for work but Molly was going to stay.

"Draco, are you sure you don’t want to go to the hotel and get some rest,” Molly asked out of concern. He looked awful. “I’ll contact you the moment there’s any news.”

“No I’m alright really”
Arthur and Molly traded looks, they couldn’t believe this. There little girl lying in bed helpless and her ex death eater husband was really stepping up. Although they had accepted him into the family they still thought it best to keep an eye on him but they were starting to think differently.

Draco heard the door creak open but he didn’t bother to turn around.

He recognized the voice and he leaned over the arm of the recliner to see to the door, “hi.”

“Hi,” Blaise said fully entering the room. “How is she?”

“Um… she’s stable but ah…. Unconscious,” he answered.

Blaise nodded, “how are you holding up?”

Draco just shrugged, “I’m going out of my mind.”

“That’s to be expected.”

“How are you holding up?” Blaise looked at him, he kept his face straight but he wondered why he was asking. He wondered if he knew. “It’s ok, I know about you and Ginny.”

Blaise nodded and went and sat down in one of the empty wooden chairs on the opposite side of the bed. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be”

“Well,” he sighed heavily, “I suppose I’m going out of my mind as well. I heard and I told myself not to come but I… I just had to see for myself,” he turned his gaze to Ginny. The seemingly lifeless Ginny, just a few months ago she was the very lively and colorful Ginny he found himself falling for.

“Well the healers are hopeful, although I keep thinking it’s been a week and a half and all I’ve seen her do is twitch.”

“But that means she’s there somewhere which is great.”

“I suppose, it’s just I want her to come out of this, I want her…” Draco trailed off. Perhaps that was it, he wanted her. He wanted her to be there to argue with, to reduce his art collection to décor, to cook with; to take care of him and Herman, after all the three of them were a family.

Although he didn’t go to the hotel Ginny’s parents had told him that Herman has been whimpering a lot. It’s as if he senses there’s a problem with his mummy.

He wanted to kiss her; he wanted to stop being a coward and tell her how he feels.

“I understand, it’s not enough”

“I don’t know what to do?”

“Are you here alone?”

“No, her father left a couple hours ago and her Mother went to get lunch.”

Blaise nodded, "I suppose what you can do is what you're doing, be here."

"It just doesn't seem to be enough."

"Unless you can go into her mind and pull her out, it has to be enough."

"I wonder what something like that would entail."

"More power than you have and quite a bit of dark magic that is extremely dangerous and could leave Ginny worse than she is now."

Draco slumped back in his chair, "I know... I could always hire someone."

"Malfoy you can't control this."

"I can't control anything. I don't know what the hell I've been thinking these last two years. I have compromised everything I believe in."

"Well Ginny Weasley seems to have that effect."

"She does but it wasn't her. This whole thing was my idea, she was just convenient... But honestly I don't know what I would do without her."

"I ruined your happy home."
"Our home isn't happy. We are not together like that."

"But you want to be."

"Yes but she doesn't feel the same."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Of course I am... But I just fell under the spell. Up until the beginning of the year Potter wouldn’t let it go that they are finished although it’s been like three years. The other ex-boyfriend has taken the spot of best friend, you just popped over to Africa for a quick visit… and I… well I don’t know.”

“You do know she cares about you?”

“Of course it’s just… I was a fool to ever think this situation would work out.”

“Well that's part of being a man, being made a fool of by a woman. Imagine how I feel. I too was a fool to ever think our situation would work out."

"If I hadn't proposed this ridiculous scheme you two may have had a chance."

Blaise sighed, "I'm a realist and that is something we will just never know." He diverted his eyes to Ginny. He wanted things to be different but he would never let himself wish it. That was unrealistic. He reached out and touched her hand and caressed it lovingly. He removed his hand and stood. "I'm going to head out. When she wakes up please don't tell her I was here."
Draco just looked at him, "alright."

He headed for the door and Draco called after him. "Blaise... I'll keep you posted on her condition." Blaise simply nodded and left the room.

He couldn't believe this, he shouldn't have come. He didn't like having the image of her like that in his mind. Then again the photos of her body lying distorted on the ground had made it around the world. She was all over the papers. He pushed the button for the lift. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going and accidently ran into someone getting off, "So sorry."

"It's alright," the man answered eyeing him. Blaise didn't even look in his direction; he was just lost in his own world as the lift doors closed.

Ginny opened her eyes; she knew she must be delirious because she could have sworn her mother was teaching Draco how to knit. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she closed them again.

“Here you go dear,” Molly handed Draco a cup of coffee. “I know you want to be here for Ginny but you really need to get some rest.”

“No I’m good”

“It won't help if you fall ill as well.”

“Why are the lights so bright,” Ginny mumbled slowly opening her eyes.

“Ginny!” Molly gasped. She and Draco hopped out of their chairs and rushed to her side. “Oh my darling,” she kissed her on the forehead.

“Okay mum, that’s enough.”

“I’ll go get the healer,” Molly hurried from the room.
“Was my mother teaching you how to knit,” she whispered.

“That was like a week ago but you’re up.”
“A week, how long have I been,” she looked around. She looked down at herself or at least she tried to but her neck brace was preventing it. “AAAAHHHHH,” Ginny began screaming, she couldn’t move her neck, she tried to move her legs too but the only thing that she could do was move her right arm and that took some much energy it was exhausting.

“Ginny calm down, love it’s alright!”


“Love, you’re alright! You’re safe and going to be alright! You are in Mali, in the hospital. You have been here for three and a half weeks.”

“Three weeks but…”
“You fell from your broom.”                                                               

“The snitch…” she said softly. “I didn’t get the snitch.”

“Sorry love,” he stroked her hair.

If she wasn’t dead she sure wished it now, she lost. She made it to the world cup semi finals and… lost.

Ginny looked up at him, he was pale, a lot paler than usual. His hair didn’t have its normal luster, he had quite a bit of stubble, and his eyes were blood shot as if he was straining to keep them open. And she was quite sure he was wearing that shirt before she got herself into this mess. He looked worn…

“Where’s Herman?”

“He’s at the burrow, your father had to head back to work and he took Herman back with him.”

“That’s good.”

“Ginny I um… I wanted to tell you. That I um… I love you.” Ginny’s eyes would have been wide but she wasn’t able to open them that much yet. She couldn’t believe that her husband was telling her, he love her. After all she was married to Draco Malfoy he wasn’t supposed to even like her let alone love her.  He stared at her for a few moments before speaking again, “These three weeks have been…”
“Ah Mrs. Malfoy you’ve come to,” said the healer coming back in with Molly, interrupting Draco.

He stepped away from the bed as the healer checked her out and her mother fussed over her. Ginny was trying to see Draco but her mother was blocking him and she didn’t have the strength to push her out of the way. She couldn’t believe this; she couldn't believe any of this. She was bound to a bed and her husband was in love with her.

“Do you know where you are,” the healer asked.

“Mali, Draco just told me I’m in Mali,” she answered.

“Alright and who is this woman,” he pointed to Molly.

“My mother,” she didn’t know why this man was asking her stupid questions she was more concerned with what Draco just told her.

“When is your birthday and where are you from?”

“August 11 and I’m from London, England originally Devon. Why are you asking me this?”

“To test your memory, there doesn’t seem to be any memory loss which is good. I’m going to get us set up for a few test,” said the healer before leaving the room.

“You don’t know how happy I am you’re alright. I’ll contact your father at once. He was here for a week but had to head back to work.” She explained although Ginny wasn’t listening. “Oh and Draco he’s been so worried,” that got Ginny’s attention, “he hasn’t left the hospital since you were brought in, I don’t think he’s been to sleep for even a moment. He’s been sitting in that chair just staring. Poor thing…”

“He’s been here the whole time?”

“Of course darling he loves you.”

Ginny had only been back in her room for a few moments from a round of being poked and prodded when the door burst open.

“GINNY,” she couldn’t really move her head to the side but she knew her father’s voice. And then his face appeared over hers as he began to smoother her face with kisses.

“Hi Daddy”

“Oh my little girl, I’m so happy you’re alright!”
“Thank you”

“Out of the way Dad, let us in,” said George. He came around his father; he hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. “Gin you’re brilliant but don’t ever do this again.”

“Hey little sis,” Bill came over next. Percy, Ron, and Hermione followed.

And then a very teary eyed Dean, “god girl, don’t scare me like this.”

“I’m so sorry love.”

“I would have been back sooner,” explained Arthur, “but I had to spread the good news and everyone wanted to come. Charlie will be here tonight.”

“He doesn’t have to come all the way back here,” said Ginny.

“Nonsense, he wants to see for himself that you’re alright,” said Bill.

“Well I’m fine from what I hear. I’m just tired and I can’t turn my head to look at you guys.”

Ginny thought her family was annoying and at this moment she still thought that but she was happy to see them. She was also quickly trying to formulate an excuse for the absence of Draco should someone bring it up. They didn’t like him very much so she was hoping they would keep their mouths shut and enjoy him not being there.

“Where’s Draco,” okay so it wasn’t one of her brothers but her sister in law who asked.
“He went to sort the legal stuff out,” she lied.

“Couldn’t that wait,” said Ron.

“It’s better to take care of it now… Don’t worry we talked.”

“I’m going to recover and when I do I would rather relax than worry about the local hospital policy and the International Quidditch Association thinking I am going to sue them.” She sighed, “I want him to take care of it.”

“He’s been amazing these last weeks,” said Molly. “Who would have thought?”
Ginny surely didn’t that’s why she was still going over what he told her but she said, “I did, that’s why I married him.”

Charlie arrived and a little while later visiting hours were over. As her family filed out for the night Dean lagged behind. When the room was empty he removed his suit jacket and hung it on the back of the reclining chair Draco use to sleep in and took a seat.


“You’re not going?”

“Of course not, I’m not leaving you in the hospital alone”

"What if they say something?"

Dean shrugged, "then I'll tell them I'm your other husband. I’ve been here enough they’ll probably believe it."
“You came to see me?”

“Of course I did. You know I love you.”

Ginny chuckled, “Thank you but I’ll be fine.”

“I won’t… so back to my original so.”

Ginny had to do an extreme side eye in order to see him, “What’s going on?”

“You tell me? Where is Draco really?”

She sighed, “Only you would do this…”

“Only I know the truth.”
“Well apparently not, Percy knows and he figured it out all on his own.”

“That’s nice now back to Draco”
“… I can’t believe this. Draco told me… I just can’t bring myself to repeat it…”

“What did that jackass do now?”

“He told me… he loves me.” Dean laughed, “What’s so funny?”
“I told you this, more than once. I believe Oliver's mentioned it. Your parents are under the impression that he loves you. The only person who seems to be shocked by this news is you.”

“But this is all fake… there just isn’t…”
“Gin you have a life with him fake or not.”

“Ginny you are in a relationship and he fell for you.”

“But he was shagging Cho Chang and probably a bunch of other people.”

Dean shrugged, “well he wasn’t shagging you…”

The idea of this was just so much to wrap her head around. Everything Dean said seemed as if it should make sense. They spend so much time together things have changed and developed between them. They've slept together but it just didn't make sense. Draco just couldn’t love her, well he could but he just couldn’t be in love with her.

"No he wasn't," she noticed the slip and quickly corrected herself, "and isn't." She just couldn't tell Dean what happen on holiday. That was the one and only time so she figured they could just ignore it. "I don't know where he is... He disappeared right after he told me."
"Would you like me to track him down?"

"No ... I think we both need to be apart right now. But I have a favor to ask of you."


"Will you owl me? Pretend to be Draco."

Dean sighed, "Why do you always have to tie me up in your lies?"

"Because I love you, will you do it?"
“What if I just steal his hair and whip up some polyjuice potion,” he said sarcastically.

“That would work even better,” there was a tone of seriousness to her voice.
"I am not doing that. How about I seal the letters with a kiss?”

She laughed, "That won't be necessary."

"I'll do it... Ginny I can't tell you have happy I am that you are conscious."

"Me too, although I didn't realize I was unconscious, I have a major headache, and I don't have a world cup."
“The entire team signed it,” Sara told Ginny as she showed her the giant get well card from the Holyhead Harpies.

“We got our own card from team Sara and Ann,” Ann said showing her the smaller card, “and these lovely sunflowers.”
Ginny laughed, “Thanks guys. How’s the team looking Sara?” The Harpies had begun practice for the new season right about the time Ginny was plummeting from her broom.

Sara sighed, “Um not that great. We’ve got a strong defense and a strong offense and as you know from our questionable start last season our reserve seeker isn’t quite ready.”

“But she has potential”

“Yes she does but she potentially needs to get real good real quick. Matches start in a week and you’re going to have to pick up the slack when you get back.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“You’re not scared or traumatized of flying,” asked Ann.

“Not at all, I miss it. I know I’ve only been out of commission for a month but I want to get back in the air.”
“When are they going to take your casts off?”

“The neck one is supposed to come off today. I don’t know about the other ones.”

“Well I want to see you back on the pitch but don’t push it,” said Ann, “take your time and heal.”

Ginny was lying in bed staring at the ceiling when she heard the door, she didn’t bother to see who it was. It was probably just her mother. The healers announced themselves.


Ginny turned her head, “what are you doing here?”

“I heard you woke up,” Comet said coming further into the room. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I smashed into the ground”

She nodded in understanding, “but you’re going to be alright? Make a full recovery?”

Ginny sighed, “Yes, everything looks good and is progressing normally.”

“Good… good… good,” she looked around the room. “So um… I thought you had me.”

“I did too until I woke up here.”

“You were blindsided... a seeker must see the whole field,” Comet sat in the chair near the bed.

"Thanks for the tip."
Comet smirked, "your sarcasm is welcome."

“Why do you hate me?”

“You were taking my spot.”

She sighed, “Dubuffet didn’t want that.”

“Dubuffet is an idealist, she believes that skilled players are enough but as we both know that’s not the case. She’s amazing, she got you to stop over rotating and your average improved greatly.”

“You noticed that.”

“A seeker has to see the whole field.”
“You’re better than me.”

“I know.”

“When I was younger I had your poster on my bedroom wall.”

“Yes cementing how much older I am than you.”

“I admired you so much; I wanted to be just like you when I grew up.”
“And now you are me.”

“Are you coming back? Quidditch needs you. You’re a powerhouse.”

“Oh didn’t you hear, Dubuffet is retiring and I am taking her spot.”

Ginny’s eyes widened in horror, “What!” She wanted her to be an opponent, she would even consider her for a teammate again but to give her power over her playing time, that just couldn't happen.

Comet smirked, “no need to squirm Weasley, I’m kidding. I’m done and it’s for the best.”

“How do you know when it’s for the best?”

“When you get too angry... consider that another tip.”

"What are you going to do now?"

"Everything else, what do you think the world begins and ends with Quidditch?"

"For us, yes."
"Here's another tip Weasley, realize the world does not revolve around Quidditch. So that way when you find yourself getting too angry, you walk away rather than compromising yourself," She stood up, "I should let you get your rest. I'm glad you're alright."


Comet crossed the room to the door and Ginny called to her, “Comet.”
“Yes,” she turned back to her.

“Congratulations on your world cup, its well deserved.”

“Thank you,” she left the room.

"You're going to do all your physical therapy because I plan on keeping you in heels," Jeff said from his position beside Ginny bed.

"Yes I do but more so for Quidditch than for fashion."

"Quidditch is all part of fashion darling."
"So you proved," said Ginny.

"When are you scheduled to be released," Palmer asked he was sitting at Ginny's other side.

"On Thursday, I'll be heading back to the London on Friday night."

"Why not go back right away?"

"The healer says I can't use a portkey. Not strong enough for the landing and all. So I am going to take my first plane ride. Which reminds me do you want my mum's ticket," she asked Palmer.

"Dean is coming after work to escort us through the muggleness but my mum says she should head back first and prepare for my arrival. But mostly she's scared to fly," chuckled Ginny.

"Sure why not. I can help Dean shuffle the cripple through the airport."
Ginny rolled her eyes, "thanks Palmer."

"So you're going back to your parents and not to your place," asked Jeff.

"Yeah, so my mum can dote on me," she sighed. "It's going to be nice to be in my old bed and have home cooked room service."

"That does sound nice," agreed Jeff. "Will Draco being staying as well?"

"No I don't think my parents or he will be comfortable with that plus he's in law school he needs to stay in London but he'll be around," she sort of lied. He wasn't coming because they weren't speaking but classes did start.

"Is everything alright," Jeff inquired.

"Of course"

"Really because if my wife was trapped in a hospital I would probably be here..."

"He was here when she was unconscious," said Palmer.

"Yeah but..."

"He had to return to his life. I told him I was okay and insisted on it. He owls me every day," she explained. She really wished the people in her life wouldn't be so rational.

"You are going to have to return to yours too. The country is crazy right now. With you here and England bringing home the World Cup. England hasn’t won world cup since before any of us were born. Everyone wants to know what Comet is going to do. This is the perfect time for her to renegotiate and get back into the league."

Ginny wondered if she should tell them of Comet's decision to stay retired. The season was just about to the start and any team would be lucky to have her even if they have to wait for next season.

"I think comet is going to do what Comet does best and surprise us all."

“You’re doing very well Mrs. Malfoy,” the nurse held open Ginny’s hospital room door open for her.

“Thanks but I said you can call me Ginny.”

“Sorry habit,” she chuckled. “You did a good distance without the walker.” She said bringing it into the room.

“Hello,” the man sitting beside her bed waiting for her return said.

“Hi,” said Ginny moving slowly over to the bed. “Gunter what are you doing here?”

“I came to see you. You’re looking well.”

“Yes,” she sighed heavily as she sat on the edge of the bed. She exerted a lot of energy, “looking as good as an old lady.”

“You’re making excellent progress,” said the nurse putting the walker next to her bed in case she needed it. “Ring if you need anything,” she said before she left the room.

“Thank you”

“Well given the state you were in I would say you look great.”

“Come sit on this side I don’t have the energy to put myself up on the bed.”

“Do you want me to help you,” he said walking around to the other side.

“No, I lay down all the time. It’s nice to be sitting.”

“So how are you feeling?”

“Better, I don’t feel perfect but I feel as if I am going to be alright.”

“Oh, your mom told me to tell you she went to owl your father if you got back before her.”

“Ok… so this is a surprise, you came all the way here to see me. I hope this didn’t put a damper in your social calendar.”

He chuckled, “no I was saddened to hear what happened to you. I didn’t have much going on at work so I took the day off and popped over.”

“You have a job,” Ginny was surprised. She assumed that Draco’s friends were just socialites that inherit money.

He laughed, “Yes I do. My social shenanigans are funded by a hard earned pay check… I was very happy to hear that Draco was taking a similar path.”

“Well he’s not there yet but he’s working on it. What do you do?”

“I’m a lawyer.”

“Just like your Dad, Draco mentioned that your father is Etienne’s father’s lawyer.”

He nodded, “that’s how we met. I’m a lawyer, my sisters a lawyer whole family of lawyers. And my mother the ex lawyer because now she’s a judge.”

“Quite the accomplished family”

“Yours too… fighters of evil, politicians, inventors, adventurist, and the athlete”

“You were sitting here long enough for my mother to talk about us huh?”

He smiled, “she’s so proud… So I came for two reason one I truly wanted to see if you were alright, I brought you the flowers and chocolates on the night stand behind you.”

“And the other reason I came is because… Draco…”

“He sent you here,” she cut him off.

“No but I had a feeling he was going to bail and I well… either wanted to be proven wrong or make sure you weren’t left in a lurch.”

“Why would you think he would bail?”

“Because he’s a drama Queen, you can cut the bull I know about your elaborate charade.”

“What is this confession country,” it seemed that everyone was coming clean about knowing she and Draco aren’t really in a relationship.

“I don’t what that means but I do know Draco. He’s a big baby but he also cares about you and I know he wouldn’t want you to be without. But the situation may have gotten too real for him; I had to wait for you to wake because I wasn’t going tell anyone else of your scheme.”

She sighed heavily and ran her hands through her hair, “that’s very kind of you but I think we’re alright… I mean I’m alright.”

“You don’t sound alright.”

“I’m not… I know that Draco is in love with me. I feel awful about it.”

“It’s not a bad thing”

“It is if you don’t feel the same… he has been so good to me. I miss him but I just can’t and to top it off, I can’t walk without wobbling, I let my team down and they probably hate me…”

“No one hates you”

“How would you feel if you make it to the semi finals of the biggest sporting event in our world and then lose because your seeker gets knocked out and the other seeker gets the snitch…?”

“That’s the nature of the game. I suppose I would be upset and then I would see the state my teammates in and forget about it. It’s not like you did this on purpose. I’m sure they don’t hate you.”

“Felix one the chasers who I use to run with in the mornings came by. He brought a card from the team and he gave me a new pair of running shoes.”

“Doesn’t sound like they hate you”

“No but I got the impression he orchestrated the whole thing because we struck up a friendship.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. From what I hear you’re the toast of U.K sports, your injury and the win of Comet Rae. It’s not like anyone is going to say anything about your lost for fear of being trashed in the press. Plus if they do, I’m authorized to practice law in the U.K we can sue for liable.”

Ginny chuckled, “I’ve just got a lot going on in my mind right now.”

“I understand.”

“Draco did bail… you are a very good friend for him.”

Draco was at his and Ginny’s place all alone, she was recuperating at her parents and he was hiding because he made an ass out of himself. He was sure her parents were wondering why he hadn’t been to see her and he was wondering why she hadn’t even sent him an owl. The doorbell rang and he got up to answer it.

He opened the golden door to the two way mirror, “Good afternoon Mr. Malfoy, there is a man from the Ministry here to see you.”

Draco had no idea why someone from the ministry would be there to see him but he wasn’t in the mood to care, “ok send him up.”

When the lift opened a man in a grey suit was standing there, “Draco Malfoy?”


He flashed a Ministry badge “I’m Amboy Turk from the Department of Magical law enforcement; I am here to let you know legal proceedings have begun in your name. If you could sign here please,” he handed him a quill. “You have been served.”

His mouth fell open a bit, “are you fucking kidding me?”

“I can assure you sir I’m not, please sign here,” he continued to hold out the papers.
Draco scribbled his signature and snatched the papers he got to keep from the man’s hand before pushing him back onto the lift. He flipped the page to make sure this wasn’t what he thought it was but no such luck. Ginevra Weasley-Malfoy was suing Draco Malfoy for divorce. Draco picked up the glass vase from the foyer table and threw it at the wall.

“Can You Hear Me”

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