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On the Edge by Rosie_Posie
Chapter 3 : Shaky Alliances
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I have always loved walking around Hogwarts at night. Walking passed the portraits exploring for new nooks and shortcuts. It was the only time I ever felt truly free. No one was watching to tell you to sit straighter or to judge for a tiny mistake. Whenever I am around others there was this pressure to be perfect. Cool, calm and collected. At night with no one watching it was like I could breathe just a little easier. That crushing weight of being a Nott seemed to lift and I was just Amelie. At night everyone is anonymous and there is something intoxicating about that notion. 

I discovered my love of wandering at the start of 4th year completely by accident. I was doing an essay and lost track of time. I realised as I walked through corridors was actually nice and since then I have gone for walks whenever I felt the pressure building. Back then Ness used to freak out if she woke up to see my bed was empty. At first she assumed I was having some illicit affair. One day she confronted me yammering on about how I was sneaking off to shag some 7th year. Ironically that rumour started the gossip of my loose nature, at that point 14 year old me had never even been kissed. Hogwarts gossip is decidedly uninterested in the truth though. 

After I told her of my wanderings Ness wanted to join me and we would walk around in silence before retreating to bed as the sun rose. Ness however is far less of an insomniac and I think once she realised that I was relatively safe she stopped joining me so much. Plus it was less calming when what you like about it is the getting away from others.

There was nowhere else I think I could be as relaxed as I am in the deserted hallways of Hogwarts. Nott Manor had too many eyes around me from the portraits of my nosy ancestors to the staff who would always report back to Dad about my activities even if I was to walk around there. 

The worst was walking around in public. Ever since the war purebloods have been grasping onto power and status as the last bastion of the only world they know. That means that in public we had to be on our best behaviour. Especially since the Daily Prophet seemed to take particular glee in reporting on pureblood indiscretions.

Tonight however I was hurrying peeking around every corner before rushing around to get to the seventh floor. Finally reaching the seventh floor corridor I paced in front of the wall until a tapestry appeared for me to slip through. Walking through the wall at the back of the alcove I entered the Whips office.

Ironically I needn’t have worried about being late as Potter was the only other one who had arrived. 

Potter and I had an odd relationship. In all honesty we never really spoke to each other. We had classes together, we had mutual acquaintances but we had certainly remained cool towards each other even when we were eleven and didn’t really know what our last names meant. 

I imagine the Potter household does not speak kindly of the Nott’s, although my father did not personally fight in the Battle of Hogwarts and as such never went to Azkaban my great-grandfather was renowned for creating the “twenty eight pure-blood families” and my grandfather was a Death Eater. As such our legacy is not one I imagine Harry Potter speaks of with any respect as he sits around the dinner table. 

Potter scowled at me when I first entered the office as if by instinct. Surprisingly though her ruffled his hair and relaxed his face to offer an apologetic, even if slightly forced, smile. “Sorry Nott, I told myself to not be a prick since we are spending the year together...” he trailed off his laughable apology. Potter had scowled at me every day for six years but now due to a random incident of fate he felt he should apologise and change his ways.   

A flicker of irritation ran through me which I tried to push back. It really wasn’t Potter’s fault that my family were murderers. After all if I hate my own family, can I really blame others for also hating them? But it also irritated me that someone who knew what it was like to be notable through a name you had no control over decided since 1st year to dislike me. Potter. Nott. Two sides of the same coin. And now, because we are Whips together he decided to be the bigger person? Like I said, a laughable apology.

“It’s fine Potter, we will be spending a lot of time together this year I suppose your instinct to punch me will eventually go away,” I offered a cool smile walking towards the centre of the room. Trying to act disinterested was a hard act when you’re bubbling with irritation just begging to be let out. 

I looked distastefully at the table we had sat at for our first meeting and wished for some armchairs to sit on. As is the room’s prerogative suddenly four armchairs appeared, smiling in satisfaction I walked towards them and away from the uncomfortable wooden chairs at the table. “Shall we Potter?” I asked without looking back to see if he was going to join near the fireplace where the chairs had appeared.

“Turns out you aren’t just a pretty face,” Potter replies with a smirk walking to an armchair ruffling his hair again. 

“You think I am a pretty face?” I asked smirking as he blushed slightly. Boys. They are so easy to manipulate once you figure them out. Potter was so used to flirting with girls and for them to fawn at his feet. Sadly for him I am not one to kiss any feet so he would need a new tactic to get me to vote with him on Whip matters other than flirting. A bit pathetic really that he thought a tactic like that might work. Apologise to me, smile at me, compliment me and then what? I suddenly decide like every other girl in this school that Potter is Merlin’s gift to us ‘oh James Potter is so nice and just so dreamy’ I would gush and thus he deserves everything he asks for? Fat chance Potter. 

Potter recovered faster than I expected though, “oh Nott no need to play coy we all know you are fucking hot it is just your personality that makes you repugnant.”

How quickly he abandoned that tactic I see. Quick learner for a Gryffindor I guess. “Fuck you Potter; first of all you couldn’t distinguish my personality from Natalie in Hufflepuff because we have literally never spoken and second of all at least my personality isn’t just ‘cocky Quidditch boy with a famous daddy’.”

“It is actually ‘cocky and dashingly handsome Quidditch boy with a famous mummy and daddy’ thanks,” he replied with another smirk. If I could slap that smirk off his face I would. “And for your information I definitely could distinguish between you and Natalie. Because you are an uptight bitch and Natalie from my experience can be quite fun.”

“Oh of course Potter how could I forget? All those hours we have spent together you know me inside and out. No one knows my personality better than James Sirius Potter. If anyone could determine if I was uptight or not it would be you.” I snapped back sarcastically. 

Potter smirked back at me as if amused by my outburst. “Is this you not being an uptight bitch?” was all he replied. 

I hated being out cooled. I am the calm one. I am the Slytherin but here I was flushed and pissed and Potter looked as though he was talking about the bloody weather. 

Time to gather my cool and get this back on an even playing field. No way was I letting Potter think that he could wind me up. Just as I was about to reply however Weasley and Thomas came in cutting off whatever biting and witty reply I was about to come up with. Yes, it would have been biting. I concede maybe not that witty. 

Weasley and Thomas glanced between the two of us as if they could feel the thick tension in the air. Slowly walking over to our seats they refrained from commenting both clearly hoping the other would cut this awkward silence.

“So…” Louis started obviously trying to figure out how we start. I continue to glare at Potter whilst he stared back. Without his glasses on his eyes were really pretty with flickers of green and gold in the brown. Shit. Keep glaring don’t consider pretty eye colour at this time Amelie. Merlin I needed to get it together. 

Louis looked to Thomas for help as if hoping for some help cutting to the tension thick between me and Potter. Thomas shrugged though obviously not too keen to get involved.

“James,” Louis snapped at Potter clearly not pleased that his cousin and friend were not helping him out, “the faster we get this moving the sooner we can leave.” 

Potter glanced at his cousin and I smirked feeling satisfied for winning then a little ashamed that I was petty enough to still care about winning staring contests. “No need to get your knickers in a twist Louis,” Potter laughed at his cousin clearly not willing to enter into a discussion on the tension between us. 

Anthony was now ready to jump in since Potter and I were no longer staring each other down. “I reckon we just arrange the time and days for meetings and then set some ground rules for disputes and go.”

“I think Sunday works for meetings? That way we can settle anything that happens over the weekend?” Louis was back on even footing now we were diving into the meeting. Ravenclaws honestly. 

“Yeah whatever Sunday sounds fine, but I had a great idea over summer,” Potter was clearly disinterested in administration matters and eager to dive straight into this ‘great idea’ he had but as he started to speak of his idea Louis groaned.

“James we discussed this, I really don’t think it is viable or a good idea,” Louis truly a bit anxious for the first time. 

“Why don’t we vote on it then Lou? Last I checked Head Boy didn’t rule here,” Potter and Louis had a stare down before Louis nodded imperceptibly obviously conceding he couldn’t stop Potter telling us his idea.

“You have to get these two on board though, no way I am voting for this and all decisions are 75%,” Louis smirked thinking he now had Potter cornered assuming I was more likely to side with Louis over Potter. The fact Potter likely knew he needed my vote tonight probably explained his attempted friendliness when I arrived. 

“I can be very persuasive,” Potter threw in with a wink at me. Raising a brow I stared back at him incredulously unsure when he will get over idea flirting that with me will ever work. Five minutes ago he called me an uptight bitch? Now he was back on the flirting wagon? 

“Alright so what have you concocted up for us Jimbo?” Anthony was now leaning in clearly curious what had led to Louis and Potter to disagree.

“So, I reckon one of the biggest issues last year was that all the parties were hosted individually right? We never knew who supplied the alcohol or drugs and so there was way more issues. Plus no-one went to the other House parties leading to more animosity.” Potter looked around for agreement while Louis continued to scowl.

“I guess that is right…” I added frowning at the fact I was conceding Potter had more than half a brain cell.

“So you want to fix the parties?” Anthony added also looking a bit bemused.

“Exactly!” James suddenly got more animated leaning forward. It was weird seeing him not looking like a moody shit, “I was thinking we host the parties! Or at least we arrange them. Every party throughout the year everyone over maybe 5th year has to be invited to it. They can be here in the Room of Requirement, Astronomy Tower or even common rooms. We arrange a supplier and get the Houses to contribute to the cost. That way we can guarantee the quality of the pills we get rather than just whatever the students bring in.” 

I had never heard Potter speak so much but surprisingly I agreed with him. Dodgy drugs was a huge issue at Slytherin parties and I guess at the other House parties as well. Last year Nessa had to go to St Mungo’s over an “allergic reaction” (or so we told Professor Slughorn when he asked) since the pixy dust she snorted had some moondew powder in it which causes seizures when taken in too higher quantities. Not the finest moment of the year.

Anthony still didn’t look convinced, “I don’t know mate I mean won’t that just lead to more fighting? If we are all together?”

“Think about it Ant, without the dodgy stuff everyone will be on a great buzz and it might actually improve inter-house relations. Isn’t that what we want? Plus Ant think about all the new girls around for you to hit on and fail with! What’d you say Nott?” 

Potter was looking at me expectantly and I could see Louis was still relaxed obviously convinced Potter wouldn’t be able to convince Anthony and myself.

“I see the merit in the idea,” I stated cagily not wanting to commit either way, “I mean  the drugs were pretty bad last year for Slytherin so definitely getting a reliable supplier would be good and I don’t see why we shouldn’t have the other Houses at the parties? We could make it clear any fighting at parties would lead to being banned from them? Although I don’t think having Slytherin girls at the parties will increase Ant’s chances of getting laid.”

Potter looked like he could hug me and Louis choked on air. “Are you fucking serious Nott? Our job is not being a party planner!” Louis spat out, “And we are Head Prefects we shouldn’t be arranging drug smuggling!”

“Come off it Louis we all know you’re partial to a few puffs of dittany,” Potter was not about to lose my vote to a call to my morals. Once again showing he didn’t know me because (a) I have no morals and (b) no-one is going to change my mind by a call to my head girl responsibilities. 

“Nott is right Louis, I mean why not make it safer and more reliable to have a good time? Isn’t that basically the Whip role anyway make sure the Houses don’t kill each other and the professors don’t find out about the partying? Also maybe we arrange the first one and then we can delegate the planning but we require they use our supplier and invite everyone.” Anthony seemed to have come to Potter (and my?) side.

Louis was steadily looking more pissed flushing red he looked around at the three of us then he conceded, “I didn’t think last year it would be you three against me when I saw who was picked.” 

I had to laugh at that, any rational person would put money on the fact that those three would always vote against me.

“Done deal then,” Potter smirked obviously pleased his scheme was coming together, “I will talk to Teddy about getting us some reliable supplies, don’t worry I will make sure the details are full proof before the first post-match party.” 

“Wait,” Potter lost his smirk when I cut in on his planning, “I think you have to create a plan and details of the supplier and then we vote on it next meeting. I mean I agree the idea has merit but I also think executed poorly it just risks our escapades getting out even more than individual parties would.” No way was I going to be found out to be agreeing to Potter first try. 

Louis looked a bit happier now that I was not so clearly voting Potter’s way, Thomas was considering what I said and Potter had sent me a sharp look clearly displeased that I was ruining his fun. 

“Fine. Sunday next week I will bring the plans and we vote. Can we make it just after dinner though I honestly cannot be fucked staying up this late?” 

“Oh for sure I hate being up this late out of the common room,” Louis agreed. 

“Ok let’s make it 8 pm? I am pretty sure Davies is setting Quidditch practices for Hufflepuff Monday morning anyway so I don’t want to be up too late either.” 

It was rather amusing to me that they all didn’t want to be out so late and yet I only ever liked being out late. “Alright 8 works,” who was I to go against the majority anyway? I can walk afterwards. 

Since we had discussed everything we all started getting ready to leave, it was now one in the morning and I wasn’t looking forward to getting up in a few hours. 

“Nott, before you go,” Anthony and Louis looked up curiously as Potter addressed me.

There was quite a long pause while Potter considered what he was going to say all three of us waiting for him to continue “...can you, keep an eye on Lily for me. I know Slytherin villainy is probably a bit overstated but I want to make sure she isn’t targeted.” His dark eyes looked almost vulnerable as he spoke and now he was done he kept clenching and unclenching jaw waiting for me to respond.

“Don’t worry about her Potter, I will let you know if I see anything after all I have a sister in enemy territory as well now.”  Potter visible relaxed and gave me the first genuine smile I had ever seen from him, oh Agrippa he has dimples.  

“I would like to add that Hufflepuffs are no-ones ‘enemy’ but I will also make sure the big bad Puffs don’t mess with little Nott either Amelie,” laughed Ant as he got up from his chair. 

“Cheers Thomas I will hold you to it.” 

After some odd conversing between Louis and Potter who both had their backs turned to Anthony and me they announced it was safe to go but to avoid the classrooms on the third floor. Slipping out from behind the tapestry we all made to leave without a word silently slipping into the shadows towards our respective common rooms. 

Whispering the password I snuck back into the common room to see that Emmett is asleep on the couch. He had clearly waited for me to return. Smiling to myself I snuck over shaking him awake sending him sleepily up the stairs to his room. Emmett half-heartedly tried to pull me up the stairs with him but he knew that I wouldn’t come. “I’ll tell you about it at breakfast,” I whispered winking at him I pulled my hand away. 


. . . 


“Amelie!” I rolled over burying my head under my duvet.

“Amelie get the fuck up.” Grabbing my pillow I throw it over my head to block out Nessa. 

“Nott don’t make me come over there.” Slytherin threats are never idle and so groaning I cracked open an eye to see Nessa standing at her vanity brushing her hair already dressed in her uniform. Usually this role was reversed but after last night I apparently didn’t have the energy to get up for my run.  

“What’s the time?” I croaked. Hot, I know. 

“7.30,” Nessa replied with a slight laugh, “you look a mess when did you get back last night?”

Stifling a yawn as I got out of bed, “I definitely didn’t get to sleep until maybe 2 am? The meeting took forever those boys are imbeciles.” 

“Huh, how was Potter taking the little Potter in Slytherin news? I mean who you think will be more pissed – your parents or his?”

“Hey! Lia is just a Hufflepuff that is like the least offensive sorting ever?”

“Theodore Nott did not raise perfect pureblood daughters for marriage just so one could be a Puff. I am sure he is calculating right now how much her value has decreased,” Nessa shot back with a wry smile noticing my frown she backtracked a bit, “don’t fret Amelie it’ll be fine Lia is a doll if he really thought she’d be a Slytherin he is an idiot.”

“Thanks Ness,” I gave he a quick hug as I walked passed her slipping into the bathroom to have a quick shower. Nott’s do not think about their little sisters getting disowned? 

“Do you want me to wait for you?” Nessa called out to me as I stepped into the misty shower.

“Don’t bother I will be there in 15!”

Getting ready quickly is one of those talents that I possess. Most mornings I get up and run which left me minimal time to get ready before breakfast so I had mastered all the beauty charms I needed.

Dashing along the hall I was I was so ready to eat I could feel my stomach grumbling. 

However dreams may be free but they are also made to crumble and just as I rounded the corner I realised that toast was likely not going to happen today. Because shaking against the wall was Lily Potter and caging her in were four 3rd year Slytherin girls. I vaguely knew but if asked I couldn’t have told you their names. 

I couldn’t hear what they were saying to her but she was already crying. Even last year I would have kept walking. But I was Whip (and Head Girl) now and I couldn’t. “Fuck,” I muttered storming down the hall just a little faster to reach the little group.

“Oi!” In that one word I injected as much authority as I could. The four girls jumped back giving me a good look at Lily Potter. Apart from looking a bit pale and crying she seemed unharmed. The idiots didn’t even have their wands out.

“Scram you little shits I will come find you later. You’ve been here long enough to know the rules.” I fixed them with my best unblinking stare. There is no need to raise your voice when your eyes are saying everything.

They quickly disappeared a couple muttering an apology as if that would save them. “Are you ok?” I looked back at little Potter.

Nodding slowly she wiped her tears obviously trying quite hard to pull herself together which I admired. I whipped out my wand muttering my a charm – it perfected her skin tone and made her look refreshed rather than distressed. The charm immediately worked clearing her tear stained cheeks and returning some colour to her.

“What’s your name?” Lily asked she seemed to be feeling a bit better and her voice was more confident than I expected. I was also surprised she didn’t know who I was. 

“Amelie,” I replied strategically leaving out my last name, “look you won’t have to worry about them any more I am the House Whip and I am sure your brother will pick a suitably cruel punishment for them.”

I thought that this would make her feel better. Safer. Apparently I was wrong.

“No,” she said snapping her eyes up, “please don’t tell my family” she begged. Lily’s eyes were wide and earnest as she looked at me.

“Look Potter, I have to tell your brother – I promised him to let him know if you were in trouble.” 

“Please, they will freak out and make it worse!” 

You know that moment when you know you are about to make a mistake but you can’t stop it? I was about to make a mistake. I knew saying nothing was not a good idea. The 3rd years couldn’t be punished by the Whips without me telling her brother and cousin. However I also couldn’t use my Head Girl powers either because Louis would know and would tell Potter. I would then be liable to the other Whips for a punishment of their choosing. 

“Oh Merlin…” looking down into her puppy dog eyes I sighed, “Fine I’ll keep it quiet.” Lily immediately hugged me thanking me over and over again.

“Lily, stop.” I tried to pull away from her not particularly fond of the idea of it getting around I was close with little Potter. “I won’t tell them this one time. But if it continues you have to tell me.” Attempting to keep my tone casual and face impassive my thoughts were whirring. Not four hours ago I agreed to keep Potter informed about Lily and here I was agreeing to do exactly the opposite. 

“Yes, yes, yes! Thank you! I just don’t think that all my cousins beating up 3rd years will help me fit in, you understand right?” Lily was glowing now, this girls moods boomeranged around a lot. Or she was just a really good actress?

“Just try make friends with the other Slytherin first years, ok? That will help the rest of the House accept you. Come on little Potter, you don’t want to miss breakfast on your first day.” 

Entering the Great Hall with Lily was not really desirable but also telling an eleven year old she couldn’t walk with me seemed a bit bitchy even for me. I steadfastly avoided eye contact with both the Gryffindor table and the Slytherin table. I wasn’t particularly in the mood to answer questions on why I was with Lily. So as Lily turned to the Slytherin table I gave her a quick wave and headed towards Lia at the Hufflepuff table.

Slipping down next to my sister I threw an arm over her shoulder pulling her into a one armed hug. I hadn’t spoken to her since the sorting and I knew she’d be panicking. 

“How’s it going Lia?” I smiled down at her trying to be the epitome of non-disappointed older sister. Smiling up at me Lia started gushing about her first night and her new friends, two girls were sitting opposite us who were both staring at me in awe. I gave them a smile and nodded along as I listened to Lia chewing absently on a piece of toast. Apparently Lia was not panicking at all and was pleased with her sorting. 

Anthony was sitting just a little further down the table and he looked just as tired as I felt. I gave him ‘the nod’ before continuing to listen to Lia. Looking up the mail was just arriving. Immediately searching for the Husk our family owl. Husk floated down to us dropping two letters before nibbling at the toast in my hand. I gave up the rest of my toast away and picked up the letters. 

Lia suddenly looked a little nervous occurring to her that our parents would have been notified of her sorting. The letters were addressed to the both of us but I put both of them in my bag. Leaning down I whispered in her ear that we would read them tonight. Trying not to hide the anxiety I was feeling inside.

“Have fun in Charms Lia, you’ll be great. I have to go get my timetable.” 

Swanning over to the Slytherin table I stole the rest of Emmett’s toast sliding to sit down. “T-minus two minutes before we have to go Ames,” Emmett muttered trying to regain his food. 

“What’s up first?” I replied leaning away from his hand trying to reclaim the toast.

“Potions,” Nessa laughed handing over my timetable she’d grabbed for me, “double period on a Monday aren’t we lucky?” Sighing I got up and we all headed back to the dungeons. 

Emmett slipped his arm around my waist pulling me close as we exited muttering in my ear, “Did you skip breakfast so you wouldn’t have to tell me about the meeting?”

I felt a small flutter remembering that even when he is being a complete toe rag I liked him for a reason. “I had to speak to Lia, promise I will tell you about it okay? Nothing happened really I don’t know why you’re acting like they’re such a big deal” kissing him on the cheek as we entered the potions classroom.  Placating Emmett was the easiest way to make sure he didn’t cause a scene later. 

Public scenes are my least favourite thing he does. 

Slipping out of his grip I move to sit with Nessa. Ever since 1st year we had sat in the same place. Nessa and I in the back left corner with Emmett and Finn in front of us. Damon had dropped potions after OWLs and we never let him forget that it means he is no longer a true Slytherin if he doesn’t take it.

Nessa and Emmett were both absolutely useless at potions, the former through a low attention span and the latter because he is a bit thick and had a low attention span. Finn and I on the other hand are excellent at potions so it was agreed that we would split our two imbecile friends between us. This was probably why Damon dropped potions to be fair, he was purely average and had to sit with other friends while Finn and I babysat.

Professor Slughorn walked into the class room cutting the chatter quickly. “Right, before you all get to comfortable we are having a change this year.”  Groans echoed around the room, potions was my favourite class because there was no assigned seating. Appears that miracle run was over.

“That’s enough you are 7th years now and can handle not sitting with your friends,” Slughorn cast his eyes around the room then back to the parchment in his hand, started to read out names and pointing to desks eventually I heard my name, “Amelie Nott and Finn Selwyn.”

“Lucky bint,” Ness muttered to me. 

Finn had stuck his hand out behind him and I gave him high five before standing up to move to the right side of the classroom. Emmett and Nessa were fuming whilst Finn and I walked away. “At least part of the dream team is still together,” I laughed as we moved to our new desk. 

“Emmett Rowle,” Slughorn was now announcing Emmett’s partner and Finn and I were staring at him goadingly taking far too much glee from this new predicament, “and James Potter.”

I froze. Finn was still smirking but I could tell he was a little worried. To say pairing the two rival captains together was not wise decision was understatement of the century. Slughorn should know this as well because he had been around for a bloody century.


Emmett was scowling as he walked to his assigned seat in the desk behind Finn and I, “tough blow mate,” Finn said clearly holding in an evil cackle as he leaned back on his chair to speak to Emmett. Emmett kicked at Finn’s chair before slamming his bag down causing Finn to flail a bit to prevent falling. What a baby to be honest.


Potter was taking it much better and as he sat down he leaned forward, “Wotcha Amelie and might I say you look stunning this fine morning,” when he finished speaking he smirked at Emmett garnering the desired reaction as Emmett looked ready to kill. “Get out of my personal space Potter,” I hissed hoping he’d retreat now he had the reaction he wanted from Emmett. 


Shaking my head at Emmett I sighed. It was going to be a long year if Potter was going to use me to wind up Emmett. Taunting Emmett, and the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team, was Potter's main hobby from what I could tell over the years. This hobby was partly why I had grown to dislike him. 


In the end Nessa was paired with Lysander Scamander which would have doubly pleased her since he was both a Ravenclaw and not bad to look at. 


The rest of the class went smoothly enough as we had to brew a hiccoughing solution, an easy enough potion we had learnt last year. I could hear the two trolls behind me grunt at each other occasionally but neither of them pulled out a wand so it was pretty successful.


As we went to exit the class Finn continuing to wind up Emmett whilst Emmett threatened him with laps first Quidditch practice Potter called out to me.


“Nott, can I have a word?”

Emmett glared questioningly at Potter stopping at the door of the classroom. “Just business between Nott and I, you can run along Rowle.” Potter then proceeded to do a shooing motion as one would do to a small child. I really needed to stop him winding Emmett up or it was going to get messy. 

Finn pulled Emmett away as Potter and I slowly started to walk down the corridor. “What do you want Potter?” I asked as it became clear Potter wasn’t going to enlighten me anytime soon as to why he had wanted to speak to me.


“I want to know what you were doing with my sister this morning Nott.” 


Well, fuck.


A/N Hope you enjoyed the third chapter- thank you for reading this far! I have a plan of where the plot is going as well as a plan for chapter four so it shouldn’t be too long between updates. I am setting myself a goal of at least 2 chapters a month to make sure I don’t get too slow so expect at least one more in the month of Feb! 


Always love a review so feel free to give me your comments! Who do you like? Who do you hate? Who do you want to see more of? Also length; I am not sure what the ideal chapter length is so please feel free to let me know if these are too short and you’d prefer longer chapters!

Oh also name ideas – I have got most of the major characters sorted but I need names to fill up some Quidditch teams (trying to make them not ALL Wotters which are just so easy to do when picking a random character in a pinch). If you feel like contributing ideas I am open to any and all ideas if I like it I will try slip your suggestion in. 
RP x

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