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Claws by AstorAsh
Chapter 5 : Sixth Year
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   Time skippity skip to the day before the beginning of the marauders' sixth year.

  Violet's P.O.V

  "Leaving again?"

  I jumped. "Jamesie! I wasn't expecting you!" I was halfway out the window and preparing to climb down the trellis. 

  "Why are you doing this? You know how much it worries Mum and Dad. It's eleven at night, you should be sleeping." My brother looked at me with disappointment. I hated it when he looked at me like that.

  "Old habits die hard?"

He gave me a look as if to say: 'you're better than this.' 

"I can't sleep. If it really bugs you that much I'll just go for a run around the woods. Now go annoy Starry, or something."

  "He rolled his eyes, his signature goofy grin spreading across his face, obviously pleased he had changed my plans. 

  I soon reached the ground and I switched to my animagus form, a snow leopard with black fur spelling out the words inscribed on my arm, instead of scars. I ran through the woods pelting my body with underbrush. The wind blew through my fur as I ran faster. The rest of the Marauders and I had become animagus last year and the novelty hadn't quite worn off yet. I continued to race around the woods, enjoying the freedom I felt.

  "Bye Euphemia!" I called, stepping through the archway to the bustling of platform nine and three quarters. 

  James spread his arms wide, yelling, "Watch out, Hogwarts! The Marauders are back, OWLs are over, and we're gonna rule the school!" Passers by gave him strange looks.

  I rolled my eyes behind the round, reflective shades Sirius had given me earlier this Summer. "As if we didn't already."

  Sirius let out a bark like laugh.

  "Lettie! Lettie! Over here!" I turned towards the screams to see Marlene jumping up and down and waving wildly above the crowd.

  "Mars!" I yelled running over to her.

  She threw her arms around me. "I missed you so much!"

  I heard James laugh and I released Marlene, turning to see the boys had walked over, joined by Remus.

"Now brother, what's so funny?"

  He smiled. "You saw each other last week, it hasn't been years or anything."

  "Piss off." I smirked. They walked off to find a compartment, leaving us alone.

  Marlene looked at me puzzled. "Why do you call James your brother?"

  "I've known James since before I came to Hogwarts, and I've been living with him since second year. We grew up together. I don't just call him my brother, he is my brother. I've been there practically every Summer and Christmas. Speaking of breaks how was your's?"

  She shrugged. "It was okay. You were there most of the time, you should know. What did you do in your last week? Or should I say who?" She giggled.

  I lightly punched her arm. "Marlene! You know I'm not one to kiss and tell! You're almost as bad as me anyway." We laughed and continued to tease each other until I spotted a flash of bright red hair. "Look, there's Lily." I pointed. "Hey! Hey, Lily!"

  Her face lit up and she ran over, sweeping us into a hug. "Marlene! Violet! I've missed you!"

  Soon we claimed a compartment on the train and were joined by Alice and Mary. My eyes widened. "Wow. You look different." I stated, looking Mary up and down. She had never been what you might call a conservative dresser, that was more Lily's forte, with her white blouses, and matching pleated skirts and headbands. Mary, however, had always been a bit more free with her clothing choices, old dresses paired with jeans and the like. But what she was wearing now, was completely different than anything I had ever expected to see her in. She was sporting a bright yellow, floor length skirt that twirled around her as she moved, with a brown, button-up work shirt was a surprising combination, not to mention her hair, once kept in tame waves, was now in it's full curly glory, held back by a bandanna. Leather bracelets adorned her wrists and the look was completed by an embroidered denim jacket that looked as if it had seen better days. She was just like the american hippies I saw on muggle television. I honestly expected her to pull out a protest sign and start yelling about rights or something. "I see you had an...impactful summer in the United States." Marlene and Lily wore similar shocked expressions.

  "Oh yes!" She gushed. "I went to an anti nuclear protest and I found my people."

  "The great, flower loving, unwashed masses of North America. Classy."

  The hurt in Mary's face was evident and I realized I had taken it a bit too far.

  Mars whacked the back of my head. "Don't Be a bitch! It's her choice and I think it's really cool, standing up for what you believe and all."

  "Groovy." I agreed.

  Her face instantly brightened and she sat down next to Alice, her long skirt swaying. We began chatting aimlessly and discussing the details of our summers, except for Alice who seemed to be semi-vibrating with anticipation for someone to ask about her break. She was bouncing in her seat, unable to contain her excitement. For fear of her impending spontaneous combustion, I appeased her. "So, Ally Cat." I said, referencing her patronus, "What happened on your vacation?"

  "IgottogetherwithFrankLongbottom!" She quickly yelled.

  Lily raised an eyebrow. "Slow down. All I caught was Longbottom."

  "I. Am. Dating. Frank. Longbottom!" Her voice grew steadily louder and more high pitched with each word. She was truly screaching by the time she reached 'Longbottom'.

  The compartment erupted in squeals. I rolled my eyes. Relationships. Whoopee! What fun, let's be exclusively snogging for a month or two, then breakup and become mortal enemies! Yay!

  "Is he nice?"

  "Is he romantic?

  "Is he a good Kisser?"

  "Did you shag?"

  "Marlene!" Lily cried in surprise.

  Mars shrugged. "It's just a question."

They all gave her the 'yeah right' look. 

  I don't know how much more of this 'love' crap I could take before I hurled. I took the pause in the chatter to make my escape. "You keep talking about this girly shit. I'm gonna peace out. Oh, and heads up, I decided our clique should have a name. I am now referring to our group as the minxes. If you don't like it, well... I dunno, deal with it?" I stepped out of the Compartment to find the Marauders.

  I soon found them. They had acquired a plethora of sweets from the trolley and I opened the door to find James standing atop a precarious stack of books with his back to me. I went unnoticed by everyone, as Prongs was delivering a rather interesting monologue. "I'm a rebel because I stay out all night smoking spliffs and Merlin knows what else!" He said in a sassy falsetto. "Did I forget to mention how pretty I am? All the guys want to shag me because I'm sooo hot!"

  I leaned against the doorway and smirked. "Are you talking about me brother dear?"

  He jumped in surprise, toppling his stage and sending him to the ground with a fantastic crash. Starry and Wormtail howled with laughter, while Remus rolled his eyes and chuckled at James' antics before returning to his book. "Oh...erm...hi Sis." Said Prongs, red as a beet. "Fancy a game of Charades?"

  "Nah, I think I'll just watch you." I joked. Waltzing in, I stole a chocolate frog from Padfoot and sat next to Remus.

  "Oi! Go steal Moony's chocolate."

  I raised my eyebrows. "Do I look like I have a death wish? Nothing comes between Remy and his chocolate."

  "You got that right." He murmured, still focused on his book.

  We continued to banter, chat and plan pranks for the next hour. "What if we got the girls' stairs stuck on slide? Of course we'd have to hide it...Maybe by tweaking the disillusionment with the bedazzling charm?" I wondered aloud.

  Mooney perked up at this idea. Though not usually the one to preform them, he always enjoyed helping me come up with new spells. I had discovered I had a knack for it. "If you took some elements from the permanent sticking charm it would be especially nasty."

  "It shouldn't be too hard." Blending and cross-combining spells is way easier than coming up with brand new ones.

  Prongs was grinning like a maniac. "Genius! That would be hilarious!"

  "Wait, so if you can make a spell to keep the stairs on slide, you could make one to keep from turning into a slide too, right?" Sirius smiled dreamily. "That would make my life so much easier."

  I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, Starry. If you want it that bad, then do it yourself."

  He pouted. "Mouse, you're no fun."

  "Why do you still call Claws Mouse?" Questioned Wormtail. "I mean, she's a huge ca-"

  I whacked the back his head. "Shut it! Do you want to get caught?"

  Suddenly the door flew open, Marlene flounced in and sat of Sirius' lap, her skirt barely covered her bum. By some miracle of nature, (aka Lily Evans) Prongs was oblivious to Mars' revealing clothing choice, the same couldn't be said for the rest of the cabin's occupants. Mooney averted his eyes and Peter ogled at her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "We're getting close to Hogwarts and I'm going to go get changed. Want to come with?"

  Padfoot gave his signature smirk. "Wouldn't miss it." They quickly exited the compartment.

  "We're not even at Hogwarts yet, and you're getting your freak on?!" Called James.

  "Use protection!" Yelled Remus.

  Marlene and Sirius had a definite 'friends with benefits' relationship, no dating, just shagging. It had been this way as of May. I didn't care, I was just as promiscuous as the both of them, yet I couldn't help but notice a twinge of something in the pit of my stomach. Jealousy? No...I don't care. Right?

  "Claws! Time table!" Yelled Prongs, as he sent my newly paper air planed schedule gliding across the great hall from where he picked it up. It started to veer towards the Ravenclaw table.

  "Accio Lentum." I lazily flicked my wand and my time table changed it's course and began making it's way to me.

  "A slow summoning spell?" Asked Remus as my schedule floated to my open hand.


  "Which you came up with on the spot."

  "Right again."

  "And it worked?!"

  "Damn! Mooney, you're really on a roll!" I said as the great hall's doors burst open with a bang. I saw my sister and did a double take.

  "Addie! Addie, wait. Have you really thought about this?" Asked Annie, running to catch up to her twin, followed by the rest of their fifth year Brat Pack, the core members being: the Prewett twins, Marty Mercury, Dominga Escutia and Susie Blue. A few others in their year also trailed along.

  Peter gaped. "Addie got ho-"

 "Are you sure you want to finish that sentence?" I interrupted.

  Peter vigorously shook his head. "Nope. Please don't kill me."

  I grabbed her wrist as she walked past. "Those are my clothes." She nodded. "Those are my slutty looking, edgy clothes. She nodded once again. "And you're wearing them." The crop top and shorts did look good on her, but that was besides the point.

  She rolled her eyes. "Observant, aren't you?"

  This was not normal. Addie wasn't the sarcastic rebellious teen, that was my job! She never wore clothes like that, Annie and her always dressed the same. Annie looked nervous, shirting from one foot to the next. "Addie, can I talk to you? Alone?" I asked.

   "Sure, whatever." We walked outside the doors of the great hall and found a secluded alcove. "Don't even try to tell me what I should or shouldn't  do." She started.

  I raised my eyebrows. "You really thought I was going to tell you off? Have you seen me the last couple years? No way am I that big of a hypocrite. I just want to know why you're suddenly dressing down? It's just kinda weird, that's all."

  ", I expected you to flip your shit." I gave her the one-raised-eyebrow-crossed-arms-look. "Yeah, that doesn't sound like you." She let out her perfect laugh, for some unknown reason reminding me of the bells at Christmas time.

  There's the Addie I know. "Whew! You really threw me a curve ball there for a second. I thought the hag might have beat the goofiness out of you and your train of thought finally derailed! Don't. You. Ever. Scare. Me. Like. That. Again!" I said, poking her with each word for emphasis. People passing gave us strange looks.

She started laughing harder.

"Okay, But really, why the wardrobe change?"

  She eventually calmed down and answered. "I'm just so tired of Aunt Walburga and Mother's nonsense!" She huffed. "They want us to follow the Dark Lord and become his followers when we turn sixteen." My eyes widened. Though unsurprising, this was awful. "I guess this is my form of rebellion against them, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Lucius and Regulus will probably tell on me at any rate."

  "And I'll kick their sorry asses into next week!" I interrupted.

  "No, Vi, I think it's time Annie and I showed our true colors. Also I'm tired of wearing clothes that look like they're the cutting edge fashion of the last century. I kinda just wanted to try something new."

  "Okay, I'm cool with you wearing my clothes, but make sure you bring them back in one piece, especially the jacket, it's not easy to make a Mary Jane patch. Also just be ready for unwanted attention. There's some real scumbags who don't know how to back off."

  She gave me double thumbs up. "I think I've got it covered. Thanks for not freaking out, Annie lost it a little bit before we came down. Fabian was amazed she managed to pick her jaw up off the floor. Here, let me show you."

  She sent me the memory and I laughed. Annie's eyes were like saucers and the Prewetts were hovering close behind, probably to catch her if she fainted. The last few years, under Dumbledore's mentorship the twins had already become fairly accomplished in occlumency and had vastly expanded their repertoire of legilimency skills, including their newly discovered ability to send their thoughts and memories to others. "You should let me in more often, let me get to know you better." Said Addie, referring to me having also mastered the skill of occlumency.

  "I can't do that, my memories aren't exactly what you'd call PG-13"

  "Ew. To much information."

  I laughed once again. "In that case, don't look in Starry either."

  Addie made a face. "Conversation over. I'm leaving." She ran into the Great Hall to find her friends.

  I walked back in, laughing and returned to my seat between James and Sirius, only the latter was finishing my pancakes. "Starry! Those were mine!"

  "Emphasis on the 'were', Mouse." He continued munching.

  I smiled sweetly. "Here's a suggestion. If I was you, I would be dishing me up some new pancakes double time."

  He tilted his head and pretended to ponder the idea. "Hmmm...I think I'm pretty happy eating your pancakes right here."

  I narrowed my eyes and grinned evilly. "We'll see about that." Quick as a flash a grabbed my cup of water and dumped it over his meticulously styled hair. 

  "AHH!" He yelled, "What the fuck! CLAWS!"

  I leaped out of my seat and bolted, Padfoot right on my tail. I raced around the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables and was quickly bearing down on Slytherin. "MOVE PEOPLE!" I bellowed. Luckily they had enough sense to listen, quickly clearing to the sides. I put on an extra burst of speed and thanked my lucky stars I was an animagus before vaulting over the table, upsetting cups and plates as I went, Cackling all the while. I made for the exit and rushed out the doors. Starry was still behind me. I careened around a corner, when I felt Starry pounce on me from behind.

  "Gotcha!" He sat up on top of me, breathing hard, hair dripping.

  Only then did I realized how he'd pinned me, and how close we were. I felt my cheeks color. "Erm...Starry? Mind getting off me?" I've never care about wrestling with Sirius before. Why the sudden change?

  His eyes widened when he realized how it must look. He quickly got up and offered me a hand, which I accepted. "S-sorry, I uh, didn't mean to... Y'know, I'd better get to class." He said running off.

I laughed at his obvious embarrassment. "Class doesn't start far another half hour!" Why is he acting so strange?...I guess I'm acting strange too.

  "Hey, Violet!" I heard someone call. I turned around to see Jeremy. "That was some chase."

  "Yeah. You're not having breakfast?"

  "I already ate, and it's been a whole Summer! I wanted to see you." He explained.

  I smirked. "Are you sure you only wanted to see me?"

  He put his hands up. "Okay, you got me. I might've wanted a little more than just see you."

  "So, why did you come looking for me?" I asked. I knew full well what he wanted, but I was going to make him ask. I really did enjoy watching boys get embarrassed. If they wanted me, they had to ask for it outright.

  "Well...I was wondering if you would fancy a snog?"

  I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and proceeded to lead him towards a broom closet. "Ah Jeremy, you know me. I'm always up for a snog." But even as I was heading for the closet, my mind kept slipping back to Sirius.


A/N Thank you to all who have read this so far, and I hope you liked it! A super massive thanks to Alexel Writes and iDontRemember for reviewing! The feedback really means a lot!

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