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On the Edge by Rosie_Posie
Chapter 2 : The Start of the End
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Bugger. Bugger. Bugger.


I jerked awake to the sound of my mother calling out for me. 

“AMELIE?” My mother doesn’t like to raise her voice so this must mean I was cutting it particularily fine. Glancing at the clock in my room I see that it is 10.40 on September 1st. The last time I would ever need to be at Kings Cross by 11.00 and I was lying in bed with the hangover from hell. Shoving the sleeping body next to me I woke Zabini up trying to usher him towards the window as he leapt out of bed struggled to pull on his pants.


Groaning I lifted myself out of bed throwing on the clothes I had thankfully left out for myself predicting the end of summer party I would go to would lead to a nasty hangover. Sadly former Amelie had not predicted my poor decision making quite as well or I might not have even gone to the damn party.  “On my way!” I call sweetly out my open door watching as Seb clambered onto his broom and flew away without a backwards glance. Slytherins.

Our house elf Flossie entered the room to collect my trunk. Thank Merlin that elf is so bloody slow, or she’d have walked in on Zabini which is not something that needs reporting back to dear Mum and Dad.  “Thanks Floss,” I smile leaning down to give her a farewell hug. “I only live to serve young mistress. Mrs Nott is quite frantic that you are not downstairs yet,” Floss’s replies were always hideously slave-like which I abhorred. 

The end of summer is the most bittersweet time of year for me. As the weather starts getting a bit colder, the sunrises a bit later and returning to school looms. However as my mother calls for the fourth time for me to hurry up I conceded I was quite eager to get out of my parents grip once again.

I spent most of my summer as all purebloods do; avoiding real conversations and getting drunk at fundraising galas whilst sneering at anyone more drunk than you. To my immense disappointment in myself I did succumb to Sebastian’s charms last night after spending all summer telling myself and him that it was not happening again. Luckily I can be sure it was just a one night thing, Seb and I were friendly for all our shared years at school and operated on a purely casual shagging protocol which was if we were both unattached and felt like it we would keep each other company. Except that I had turned over a new leaf when it came to Seb deciding that I would end it. Perhaps I need to turn the leaf over again to erase last night’s indiscretion?

Unfortunately word of this was no doubt already with Emmett Rowle. Emmett was in my year at Hogwarts and we had a casual on and off again relationship since fourth year. Less casual than my arrangement with Seb? I swear I am not a slut I had only been with two guys and it was these two. Emmett, bless his grumpy soul, has always hated Seb and I think he is glad to see the back of him from Hogwarts. This means no doubt that on the train he was going to be a grumpy sod though until he forgot that I had done it or he remembered that I wasn’t his girlfriend. Whichever came first really.  

Emmett always seems to forget that I am not an ‘Ice Queen’ for nothing. Getting attached to a pureblood seems a mistake when you plan on not carrying on their traditions. I decided when I was quite young I was not going to seriously date any boy my parents would approve of. Supposedly Emmett was supposed to be aware that we are not now or ever anything more than keeping up appearances. Emmett is relatively bearable despite his possessory tendencies and he provides a buffer whenever my parents question who I might consider marrying. So I always attempted to keep him on side as we provided each other a casual buffer whenever our parents started asking too many questions.

Keeping Emmett on side was key this year as Cornelia, my eleven-year-old sister, was about to enter first year. Lia was part of the reason I hadn’t gone away over the summer and why I fear what I will do when it finally comes time to leave this vapid world behind. Because leaving this damn manor and their stilted conversations is the dream but leaving behind my sister to fend for herself amongst the wolves was not. Emmett helped my parents believe I would follow their way of life and had no intentions of leaving their world and therefore ensured Lia was safe in my protection.

“Amelie I will not ask again get down her now!”



. . .

In the end we apparated to Kings Cross since we were running so late. Lia was having a moment of anxiety about going away and to say my parents have no ability to comfort someone is an understatement. As arrived as we landed I levitated both trunks in one hand and grabbed Lia’s hand to run for the train. Just before I took my first step away my father grabbed my right arm. Ah manhandling the pureblood way.

“Amelie,” Dad always had this monotonous, slightly nasal, tone that didn’t change inflection or volume ever, “watch your sister this year and no trouble. We don’t need you making waves as we try to arrange things with the Rowle’s.”

Trying to maintain a neutral expression I offered him a tight smile and nod before turning and running because the train’s whistle was blasting and we really were about to miss it. 10.59 didn’t seem a great time to tell him I had no intention of marrying Emmett any time soon and there was no need to ‘arrange’ things.

Shoving Lia onto the train and leaping on after her as it started to pull out of platform 9 ¾, I had to use my wand to keep the door from shutting on me. Gasping for breath I cursed the fact that I had neglected to run much over summer. Lia was giggling in relief and I grinned at her “thank god that’s over – welcome to the best years of your life Cornelia Nott.”

Cornelia started to look a bit nervous again, so I grabbed her hand again pulling her down the carriage trying to either find my friends or an empty compartment. Eventually I found one with my Slytherin cohort in so I opened it. Having levitated our trunks in the luggage compartment it was much easier to manoeuvre in to the already full compartment.

Everyone greeted me – even though we had just seen each other last night at a Vanessa Yaxley’s end of summer party. My memory was admittedly a bit hazy of the night. I could see everyone wanted to mention my disappearing act with Seb but they firstly didn’t have a death wish and secondly had enough tact to not mention my excursion in front of Lia. Emmett may have been mad at me but he was also my friend first so despite his slight glare he didn’t dare start anything with me in front of Lia.

Vanessa and I had bonded in 1st year when we realised we had no interest in continuing our families pureblood obsession at Hogwarts. Ness and I were inseparable ever since and it helped the other girls in our dorm didn’t really like us so we were stuck together really.

Ness always called us night and day. The moon and the sun. Whilst I was all pale and blonde and grey-eyed Ness was golden tan with caramel hair and warm brown eyes. Both of us were tall for girls and but while I had no curves Vanessa was that perfect hourglass.  The moon and sun wasn’t just through our looks though – Vanessa was bubbly, extravagant and balanced out my moody calculating nature always finding a way to make me do something ridiculous for the fun of it. Ness was the yin to my yang. If I were inclined that way I would marry Ness over any other damned pureblood.

Ness leapt up when we entered barrelling at me and forcing me into a hug gushing about how beautiful I was and how she had missed me. Turning to Lia she picked her up as if she was a feather “Lia, Lia, Lia!” laughing as she spun her around. Everyone was excited for Lia to finally come to Hogwarts. That girl was more popular than me.

“Cool it Yaxley, haven’t you seen them like every day of the summer Ness?” Damon Greengrass interjected to stop Ness spinning Lia too much in the already cramped compartment.

Ness sat down popping Lia on her lap whilst I shoved over Damon so I could squeeze in between him and Emmett. Emmett was still pretty quiet but I knew he would get over it – he also had no right to be bitter when I knew for a fact he had slept with at least 4 different girls over summer. One in a bathroom stall at the Leaky Cauldron no less. Not that I cared, just that he was definitely in no position to judge me.

An hour later everyone was asleep except myself and Lia it was like my father’s voice was there in the compartment with us ‘Nott’s do not sleep in public’. ‘Nott’s do not …’ was one of his favourite phrases. Apparently, our last name is apt because we really do not do a lot of things. ‘Nott’s do not associated with blood traitors’ or my personal favourite which I think my grandmother may have actually come up with ‘Nott women do not play Quidditch’ this was what she told me over Christmas of my 3rd year when I let it slip I had made chaser on the team. The first day back after break I had to go and tell the captain that “unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts I can no longer be a chaser”. Nott’s do not have fun should be added to the list.

“Are you nervous Lia?” I asked her as she stared out the window. Lia nodded as she turned towards me her cute little blonde ringlets bounced. Smirking I beckoned her over off Ness’s lap to mine. Lia hopped up and I pretended to wheeze under her light weight. Giggling she snuggled deeper into me. “Don’t worry Lia it’ll be great and just remember,” Putting on my best Dad impersonation, “Nott’s do not get nervous.”

“I love you Ames,” she whispered into my sweater, “but what if I don’t get sorted into Slytherin? What if Mum and Dad get mad? What if I make no friends? What if I am absolute rubbish at Charms?”

Pulling her closer I tried to put on my best supportive voice “Lia you are going to be sorted into Slytherin and all the Nott’s will be proud of you. Even if you aren’t I will also love you, ok? And look around you, you already have friends and if anyone gives you trouble I will gleefully punish them.” I finished with a flourish after all – I was the Slytherin Whip and the one thing I can do is punish anyone who gives my sister shit.

I could feel her smiling into me but as I glanced at the time I realised supportive sister time was over. Shoving Emmett so he wouldn’t be drooling on me and squishing me into Damon I popped Lia down and stood up.

“I’ll be back soon,” I reassured her leaning down to kiss the top of her hair “Head Girl duties call.”

Quickly changing into my robes I walked into the prefect compartment where Louis Weasley was standing looking over all the prefects.

“Nott, nice of you to arrive” Louis muttered as I walked up to stand next to him.

“It isn’t like I am late Weasley” I muttered back glancing at the time to see in fact I was exactly on time.

Louis also looked at the time and signed in defeat “Touché Nott I guess we better get going now everyone is here.”

Louis and I had actually owled a few times over the summer much to my mother’s disapproval but alas head duties wait for no blood alliance. We had already assigned the prefect pairings and routes so it was just a matter of letting them all know.

Letting Louis take the lead I tried to stand perfectly still so as to not appear bored by the monotony that is talking to prefects. Right before they were dismissed it was my time to shine and instil fear in their hearts. In one of our first letters Louis said that he was good cop and I was to be bad cop. I hadn’t understood the muggle reference but after some explanation it turned out acting as bad cop was my default attitude anyway.

“As you’ll be aware,” I began without even raising my voice a hush fell over the prefects, “Weasley and I are both Whips this year. This means that where anything House rivalry related arises it is best to come to us directly rather than involving the Headmistress.”

There was some murmuring around the compartment as it was stringently against school rules to not report incidents to a professor. “This is not to say we want you to lie to professors,” Louis jumped in to smooth the chatter, “just that if you are out and about and in any doubt about what you have found you can approach us directly and we can decide rather than mixing up roles.”

There were a few nods around the compartment but I could see Rose Weasley, ever stickler for the rules, looking rather put out. Without further ado I called the meeting to an end grasping Rose’s arm as she went to leave. “Rose, can we have a moment?” her eyes flickered to her cousin before back to me.

“I guess.” Rose replied looking rather suspicious. Louis was also looking at me oddly but he won points from me for not interfering.

“I noticed you seemed, uncomfortable with our Whip arrangement. I want to be sure you aren’t going to cause any troubles?” Gently probing I tried, for once, to be slightly kinder in my wording but the subtle threat didn’t seem to evaporate as much as I wanted.

Rose glared at me clearly unimpressed with my threat but Louis smoothed the waters quickly “Rosie we just want to make sure we don’t have to punish you for disrespecting the Whip rules… direct disobedience of a Whip is technically a punishable offence.”

Sighing at Louis she took a step back “Fine Louis but don’t think that it means I will be lying to a professor. Only if they aren’t around will I bring it to you. Deal?”

“That’s all we want.” I slipped in sweetly trying to resist rolling my eyes at her ‘concession’ which was really all we had asked initially.

Flipping me off as she left Rose stomped out. Just as Louis went to leave obviously keen to catch his cousin and prevent her being in too much a strop with him.

“Weasley,” I called, Louis turned back his look was cool but I felt as though it was less icy than it was that night last year, “tell Potter and Thomas meeting at 11.00 PM in the office. Tonight.”

Louis curtly nodded before leaving me alone in the compartment.


. . .


Once we arrived at Hogwarts we sent Lia off to the boats with Hagrid and settled into a carriage. Everyone was starving and ready for the feast but I was feeling a bit anxious.

Sometimes I get a feeling. Usually my feelings ended up being correct as well. It was a niggly thought at the back of my head which said that the sorting was not going to be as smooth as I had hoped.

“Nott, Cornelia” Chang called out my sister and she emerged from the crowd of first years to sit on the stool. What felt like a hundred pair of eyes were on me once her name was called before they returned to the hat. Except for one pair of eyes. James Potter was looking at me with calculated eyes I stared him down raising an eyebrow before turning back to the stage. That niggly feeling wouldn’t leave me alone.

“HUFFLEPUFF” the hat finally shouted after what felt like an eternity, when it was likely mere seconds. A gasp rippled through the crowd. Trying to keep my expression neutral as I felt those eyes return to me. A Nott. The sister of the Ice Queen of Slytherin, the coldest bitch (according to the general population of this school) that has ever walked these hallowed halls, was a Puff.

Lia hopped off her stool looking around as if she wasn’t quite sure what to do. The seat I had saved for her next to me felt ridiculous and I realised I was an idiot for assuming that such a sweet loyal girl would be a Slytherin with me.

I tried to catch her eye and once I did I pointed to the Hufflepuff table for her to go sit at, smiling encouraging trying to repress the sinking feeling of dread in my stomach. Slowly the Hufflepuffs started clapping and Lia walked over to sit next to some other new first year.

I kept watching Lia who still looked shell-shocked until my attention was pulled back to the sorting by a new name.

“Potter, Lily” Chang called out again holding the list up.

It was funny how Potter and I were in many ways the same. Sure in many aspects we were different James was the life of the party, beloved, a prankster, Quidditch captain. But we have the same family pressures, the same burden of a last name and apparently we both had a younger sister who was about to be sorted unexpectedly.

Glancing at the Gryffindor table I saw James and Albus watching as their little red haired sister had the sorting hat placed on her head. I could see they had also saved her a seat. Just like me that seat was useless because the hat doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules.

“SLYTHERIN” the sorting hat bellowed out. I hadn’t taken my eyes off Potter and he almost jumped as if electrocuted. Lily Potter was not supposed to be a Slytherin just like how a Nott was not supposed to be a Hufflepuff.

It was as if you could hear a pin drop. If I thought there was shock when Lia was sorted I was sorely mistaken because the silence after the youngest daughter joined the ranks of the snakes was thick. I am however the Head Girl, Slytherin Whip and, contrary to popular opinion, have a heart so I started the applause kicking my friends under the table to get them applauding with me.

I could feel Potter’s eyes on me as I started clapping but I wasn’t going to give him a second glance. I wasn’t clapping for him. I was clapping for the tiny eleven year old who reminded me of my own sister and who was on the verge of tears. Catching her eye I smiled as she sat at the end of our table.


. . .


Lying on the couch in the Slytherin common room after the feast I felt more content than I had in months. Emmett was lying on the same couch and it felt nice to have him around again. Using a friend for comfort and physical companionship might not be the nicest but neither of us were under any illusion of love so it felt ok.

Vanessa was sitting on the ground leaning against my couch and Damon was on the armchair legs on the table. Our other friends Archibald Prewett and Finn Selwyn were on the other couch battling for space on the two seater. These five were my closest friends in Hogwarts. We were all purebloods but none of us really cared about that crap. I mean when the Minister for Magic is a muggle born and seriously the smartest witch in a generation it is hard to accept that attitude of superior blood status. Plus when you learn of the Wizarding War in History of Magic it is pretty hard to accept your parents were right.

This was not to say that we did not have a tumultuous relationship with the Wotters. Just because we didn’t believe in blood rivalry anymore the nature of the battle of elite families still exists. When you spend your life being told to hate someone it’s a hard attitude to get over. Well that, and none of us fancy being disowned quite yet.

Slowly the common room emptied out until just Emmett and I remained. Nessa whispering good luck in my ear as she sleepily made her way up to our dorm.

It was 10 minutes until I had to be in the Whip office and I was attempting to leave the common room. I am not a late person and I do not intend to cut it fine for the third time today due to a caveman with a nice face.

“For fucksake Emmett I will not spend an entire year with you prancing around chasing anything in a skirt and then getting mad at me for going to a meeting with three boys who by way, hate my guts.” I was practically spitting my words by the end as Emmett held onto my arm as I tried to leave the common room.

Rowle was probably the most old-fashioned boy at Hogwarts. Pretending that he didn’t care I refused to commit to him he still liked to act as if I was his to control. Conveniently forgetting that I hate my family due to their overwhelming need to control and possess me. “Rowle,” I practically growled at him as he still refused to let go of my arm Emmett was about my height and stocky and I couldn’t pull my arm away “Let. Me. Go.”

Sighing he eventually released his grip but he still stayed pressing me against the wall. Leaning down and kissing my neck he tried to ‘apologise’ however it was more trying to excuse his behaviour. “Love you know how much I hate the idea of you being alone with those wankers,” he leaned in still laying light kisses along my jaw and neck, “I don’t trust them. I wish I was Whip so you didn’t have to go through this”

There it was again, that bitter tone that indicated he wasn’t quite over the snub that meant I beat him to be Whip. Pulling away from him I leaned up to kiss his cheek before slipping out from him and the wall and towards the exit to the common room.

“This has nothing to do with you Emmett, you don’t have to trust them only I have to,” I said softly as I walked out. Emmett just sadly watched me go all the way until the door closed behind me. 

A/N Sorry if this was long/boring/too descriptive I had a lot of detail story movement that I wanted to get out of the way to set the scene for the story so I can get moving into the plot. I also think I might be just awful at dialogue so bear with me on that one as I stumble through!  Finally to note; I know that Lily is supposed to be older in canon but for the purposes of this story it just kind of worked for her to be a first year!

Next Chapter: The first Whip meeting! 

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On the Edge: The Start of the End


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