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Mother-To-Be: The Baby Manual by AnnaG1303
Chapter 2 : Six Weeks
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Amazing chapter image of James by .amaris @ tda



I wait impatiently for Healer Jones to come and examine me in a new Maternity Ward at St Mungo’s. I constantly feel sick, so for all future mother’s-to-be, beware, it’s called morning sickness but that’s a plain lie because the sickness last for an entire day. Plus, I’m constantly nervous. A part of me keeps hoping that Healer Jones will tell me the pregnancy test was wrong and that I’m not actually pregnant, but part of me keeps hoping I am.

I don’t know. I’m all fucked up. I mean, I always thought I would have a baby. Some day. And possibly with a man I’m in love with and not with a one night stand. And speaking of James, I haven’t told him. I don’t even know how to. My stomach turns around every time I think about the fact that James’ entire family will find out about all of this. Especially Louis.

My thoughts are interrupted when Healer Jones, a young, nice looking lady enters the room and smiles at me. “Hi there.” She greets me. “I’m Healer Jones and you must be Elizabeth Nelson.”

“I am.” I manage to say. “Hi.”

“So you think you’re pregnant?” she asks as she sits next to me.

“Yes.” I nod. “I missed my period and I’m constantly sick. I also took the muggle pregnancy test and it was positive.”

“Well those things are not always reliable.” She explains. “Especially on witches. And your sickness and the fact that you missed your period can just be because of stress.”

“So, there’s a possibility I’m not pregnant?” I ask and feel a sting of disappointment in the pit of my stomach.

“We’ll check on that in a minute.” She smiles at me warmly. “I just don’t want you to get your hopes up.” I nod. “Just lie down, relax and lift your shirt up for me. I’ll make an ultra sound and we’ll see if there’s someone in your belly.”

I take a deep breath as I lie down and lift my shirt up. Healer Jones rubs a warm gel on my belly and arranges some weird screen in front of her. She pulls out her wand and presses it against my belly. It takes a few seconds before she speaks up.

“I don’t see anything.” She says looking at the screen. I feel relieved but also a bit disappointed. “You see? Those muggle tests are not to be trusted. They almost never- Oh.” She says when she looks back at the screen.

“What?” I ask suddenly more nervous than before.

“I’m-“ she looks back at me. “I think I was wrong.”

“What?” I ask and look at the screen which she turned towards me.

“Look here.” She points at a small blub that’s clearly visible on the screen. “Your pregnancy test was right after all. You are pregnant.” I look at her in complete shock. I think all blood was drained from my face. “I would say six weeks.” Healer continues. “According to this, your due-date is in May, perhaps June. Now, to make sure everything’s going fine you should come once a month. Next time you could bring the daddy with you so he can share this experience with you- honey, are you okay?”

I grab the nearest trash can and throw up in it. Bring the daddy? I can’t even tell him. I haven’t even heard from James since we slept together. Of course, that’s what we agreed on, but still. What am I supposed to do? Show up at his door and say ‘Congratulations, you’re going to be a father!’

I puke even harder.

“Oh, you poor thing.” The Healer rubs my back gently. “You have the worst case of morning sickness I’ve seen. I’ll give you some vitamins and make sure you stay hydrated because of all the vomiting you’re doing.”


Half an hour later after I’ve made an appointment next month and the Healer gave me much needed vitamins and promised me I won’t be experiencing the morning sickness for much longer, I left the examination room.

I step into the waiting room with mixed feelings and find Alex, Maya and Johanna waiting for me.

“And?” Johanna is the first to ask and the rest of the girls also look impatient.

“It’s true.” I nod and all of them sigh. “I’m pregnant.”

“Oh, my God.” Maya says and sits back down her hand on her chest.

“Are you okay?” Alex asks looking at me and I look up at her and shrug.

“I’m not sure.”

“Well, what are you going to do?” Johanna asks. “Are you going to keep… it?”

“The Healer gave me a photo from the ultra sound.” I explain and show them the picture I was eagerly holding onto ever since I got it. “That’s my baby.” I point at the blub and the girls stare at it. “I’m going to be a mother.” I say and all of them look at me in concern. “How am I supposed to get rid of it?” I ask again and just then I realise that I’m crying.

Alex hugs me first, the Johanna and then Maya. We stand there in the waiting room in a group hug while the rest of the woman in here, are staring at us in confusion.

“You’re going to be the best fucking Mama there is!” Alex assures me with a small smile.

“Yes and this baby will have three best fucking aunties there are!” Johanna adds making me smile as well.

“We probably shouldn’t be cursing this much from now on.” Maya joins in and looks at my belly. “I read somewhere that babies can hear everything.”

We exchange looks and then start laughing like maniacs causing for everyone to stare at us even more.


“Well, are you going to tell James?” Johanna asks when the four of us sit in the nearest coffee shop for a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Not that we ever did that. We usually had no problem with drinking cocktails before noon, but since I’m pregnant and can’t drink anymore, the girls decided to be supportive.

“Of course she is.” Alex nods eagerly. “He is the father, after all.” I stay silent and Alex looks at me raising her eyebrows. “Please, tell me you’re telling him.”

I sigh and look at her. “I don’t know, okay?” I snap. “What am I supposed to say?” I ask and look at the rest of the girls. “This feels like the universe is punishing me for sleeping with James.”

“The universe is not punishing you.” Maya insists. “These things happen. But I bet that James would want to know. You need to tell him.”

“And what if he decides he wants in on baby’s life?” I ask and put my hand on my belly protectively.

“Well, I thought we were hoping for that?” Johanna says confused.

“Yes but in that case he’d have to tell his family.” I explain and I can tell the girls are getting the picture now.

“You’re worried about Louis.” Alex says and I nod.

“And the entire family.” I say. “I can’t believe I’ll have to face Fleur and Bill and tell them this. And Nana Molly!” I add. “She’s going to think I’m a whore.”

“You sound more upset that you’ll have to tell James’ family than your own.” Maya says and takes a sip of her juice.

I slap myself on the forehead. “Fuck!” I yell.

“I thought we agreed on not to curse anymore.” Alex protests.

“I forgot about my parents!” I say. “Oh, God, they’re going to disown me.”

“Not necessarily.” Johanna shrugs. “They did always want you to marry Louis. This is close enough.”

I look at her poisonously. “I’m not getting married to James. I’m just carrying his spawn.”

“Listen, what’s done is done.” Maya says reasonably and Alex and Johanna nod in agreement. I have a feeling they’ve been practicing this speech. “You are having a baby and you’re going to be a great mother. Of course, we’re here to help however we can.”

“Absolutely.” Alex nods.

“But we do think you should tell James.” Johanna adds.

“And you shouldn’t stress about other people’s reactions.” Alex says. “The only thing on your mind should be that you’re responsible for a life that’s growing inside of you.”

“No pressure at all.” I say sarcastically but smile anyways. “Thanks girls, I’ll be fine.” I promise.


But that night when I go to sleep, I can’t seem to fall asleep. Usually one cigarette helped but I threw those out when I came home from the doctor’s. I put my hands on the belly where my baby’s growing.

“I envy you, you know.” I say and rub the belly. “You’re in here where everything’s safe and warm and pink. I have to be out here. And worry about both me and you.” I sigh. “And your daddy. I have to tell him, I know. And I will. I just don’t know how to.” I sigh again. “And don’t worry if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with us. I’ll always be here. I’ll be here to protect you.”

It feels like I only slept five minutes before I have to wake up for work the next day. I practically drag myself to work. I don’t think I have ever looked this dreadful in my life. Usually I care about what I’m wearing, I’m pretty petty when it comes to styling my hair or putting my make up on. But now, I just picked the first thing in my closet to wear, I tied my hair in a messy pony tail and I haven’t even considered applying make-up.

“You look awful.” Agatha, my co-worker comments when she runs into me in the elevator at the Ministry. Now, don’t let the name fool you. I know, I know, when you think of Agatha your mind goes straight to a middle aged woman with twelve cats who wears her rug instead of a normal scarf. Well, this Agatha is a tall, skinny, long – legged bitch. The two of us started working here at the same time, except that she managed to get promoted to our Head of the department, Collin Streak’s assistant. Wonder how she did that, hmm – hmmm?

Look who’s talking. I can’t help but think when I remember the baby that’s growing in my womb.

“I think I caught flu.” I explain as I stand next to her in the elevator. She’s impeccably dressed and her hair and make-up are absolutely perfect.

“More like plague.” She comments under her breath and I really feel like punching her. Damn you Agatha Long-Legs Hamilton!

I step out of the elevator when we reach level five. I notice my boss in his office reading a pile of letters. I sigh. I should tell him I’m pregnant. As my boss he has the right to know. I mean, I obviously can’t travel the world while pregnant. I mean, I’m always at risk of catching some strange sickness. I couldn’t bring that on to my baby as well.

“Are you planning to move, or just stand here blocking the path for the rest of us who have an actual job to do?” I hear Agatha’s voice behind me. I roll my eyes as I take a step left so I wouldn’t block her way. And she knows my work is also important.

She walks past me and straight to Mr Streak’s office. “Hate her.” Paul, another co-worker of mine says when he joins me. He looks straight after Agatha and shakes his head. “I wonder how many dicks she had to suck to get that promotion?”

I can’t help myself and I burst out laughing. “You look horrible, by the way. The flu?” Paul asks and I nod my short period of good mood over.

“Well, at least you’re not pregnant.” Paul says and walks past me laughing hysterically. My smile drops and I suddenly realise I hate Paul’s stupid jokes.

I look at my boss again and decide I won’t tell him anything. I’m sure it’s illegal to fire someone just because they’re pregnant. Plus, my private life is none of his business. Yeah, I nod to myself. I’ll just go do my work and won’t say a word.




And so the days slowly go on. I started using the vitamins Healer Jones gave me and I wasn’t feeling that sick anymore. Occasionally I would throw up at some certain smells but other than that I was feeling rather well. One of the girls would usually check up on me once a day. They were amazing with all of this. They worried if I was taking my vitamins, if I’ve been eating healthy and if I’ve been stressing over nonsense.

In a week I will have my next check-up with Healer Jones and I still haven’t said anything to my parents or James. The girls keep ushering me to tell him but I’d like to see them in a situation like this. It’s not easy.

One day, after a particularly hard day at work where the Argentinian Minister of Magic has sent me dozens of letters, I was making my way home. I had to write him a pretty long letter hoping that I’d convinced him not to start using bloody flying carpets again. Because if I haven’t, I’d have to fly back there and then I would really be fucked up.

I’m just leaving the elevator and heading for the atrium when I realise James is standing there looking as if he’s waiting for someone.


I jump behind one of the columns in the atrium hoping he didn’t see me.

“Elizabeth?” I hear my voice being called and I turn towards the elevator where Agatha McLongLegs is standing with my scarf that I accidentally left in my office. I can literally feel, even without looking, how James turned around.

“Ellie?” he calls after me and I feel like slamming my head against the wall.

“Oh, were you trying to go unnoticed?” Agatha asks looking amused as I grab the scarf from her. “I didn’t notice. Sorry.”

“Thanks, Agatha.” I say poisonously and turn towards James who’s now waiting for me in the middle of the atrium. He’s wearing a simple shirt and jeans with a jacket and his hands are tucked in his pockets which he only does when he’s nervous.

“Hey.” I greet him awkwardly.

“Hey.” James shrugs. “Umm, listen, I-“

“I’m actually in a hurry.” I cut him off. I’m painfully aware Agatha is listening to his every word.

“Can we talk?”  James asks. “Sometimes maybe? Because I really wanted to talk, but you disappeared that morning and-“

“I can’t talk in here.” I say almost in a whisper looking towards Agatha with concern. “Um, some other time maybe.”

“That’s alright, just tell me when and-“

“James?” He turns around to look at Rose, his cousin, who’s waving at him from the staircase and I take that opportunity to make a run for it. I blend in with the crowd that’s rushing to get home and before James even turns around, I have made my escape.


One thing I hate about this pregnancy is that I can’t apparate because it’s not safe for the baby. The floo network was never one of my favourite ways of transportation. That’s why I, Elizabeth Nelson, a certified witch, am riding a bus.

Yes, you heard it people. A freaking bus. I never bothered with finishing a muggle driving exam as I always thought it was a waste of time. I mean, why would you want to drive a car when you can just pop out of thin air and appear on a different location? Clearly I was wrong about that. But then again I have made a number of bad decisions lately that are far worse than this one.

It takes me an hour to get to my building and when I finally reach it, I’m so ready to take it easy and relax. Perhaps a bubble bath or a bottle of wine- Oh, right. Speaking of which, I should probably throw that out too, so I wouldn’t be tempted.

But when I reach my flat, I almost land straight on my ass when I realise James Potter is already waiting for me there.

“Fuck!” I mumble under my breath and turn around trying to go back without him noticing.

“I saw you!” he calls after me and I stop mid-escape. I turn around and look at him.

“How do you even know where I live?” I ask when I walk towards him.

“I’m really good connected.” He says vaguely. “Can we talk inside?”

“You literally stalked me and you won’t tell me how you know my address but you would like a cup of tea in my living room?” I ask sarcastically. “Fat chance.”

“Well, we could talk out here in the hallway but I’m pretty sure your neighbour is listening to my every breath.” James says and both of us look at the next door where there’s suddenly a noise as if someone was listening at the door and just got caught.

“Fine.” I say and bring out my keys. “Come on in.”

He follows me into my apartment and I make my way towards the living room in desperate need of a cigarette or a glass of wine, but I can’t for obvious reasons.

“I never knew you lived in a muggle building.” James says as he enters my living room after me and looks around.

“Yeah, it’s cheaper.” I say as I put my keys down.

“Well, wizarding buildings are safer.” James comments and I shrug.

“I found this flat when I started my internship at the Ministry. I was on a budget and didn’t want to move back with my parents.” I explain and he nods. “Plus,” I add and point at the TV. “Muggle TV. Awesome invention.”

“I agree.” James smiles and looks at the TV. “Mum never allowed us to have one.”

“Yeah, well…” I say as I lean against my work desk. “Why are you stalking me?”

“I’m not.” He protests. “Rose works at the Minister’s office. I found a list of employees and their addresses.”

“Oh, that’s not stockerly at all.” I say sarcastically.

“Well, you didn’t want to talk to me!” he says. ”What else was I supposed to do?”

“Well, I-“ I start but he cuts me off.

“I mean, I know we agreed that it’s only going to be one night-“

“And we also agreed not to talk about it ever again.” I add but he continues as if he didn’t even hear me.

“But sneaking out on me like that.” He shakes his head. “Do you have any idea how I felt when I woke up and found that stupid note? You could’ve at least woken me up. We could’ve had coffee and discuss what happened like normal people, but no. You had to act like a bloody teenager and I-”

“I’m pregnant!” I blur out before I can stop myself and finally, that stops James from talking. He stares at me in shock and I bite my lip painfully aware that this is not how I should’ve said it.

“Umm, I…” James starts and ruffles his hair with his hands. “I’m sorry I bothered you then. Umm, clearly you’re- umm. Congratulations.” He finishes and heads for the door.

I’m confused. And then it suddenly dawns on me. “I’m nine weeks pregnant!” I call after him and hear him stop walking in the hallway. I’m aware he’s doing the math in his head. I cross my arms and wait. After a few seconds he returns, the look on his face absolutely mortified.

“Nine weeks?” he repeats and I nod starring at the floor. “As in nine weeks from our night together?”

“Yep.” I say and he sits down on the couch his face extremely pale. “Are you okay?” I ask suddenly worried but he just looks at me.

“Where’s the toilet?” he asks almost robotically.

“Second door to the left.” I point and stare after him in confusion. He leaves the living room and goes to the bathroom. That is when I hear vomiting. I rush after him.

“James, are you-?” I ask and he lifts one finger up from the toilet.

“Just a second, please.” He says and continues vomiting. I can’t help but laugh. In a weird way, his reaction actually made me feel better. I smile and flick my wand. A glass from the kitchen flies right up in my hand. I stand by the sink and pour some water in it.

When James is done puking, I sit down next to him on the floor and hand him the water. “Thanks.” He says and gratefully downs the whole thing.

“Are you feeling better?” I ask and he nods.

“Probably not the reaction you were hoping for.” He says and I smile.

“Actually, I had the same reaction.” I comfort him. “I puked all over my Healer’s office when I found out.”

“You went to the Healer’s?” he asks and looks at me and I nod.

“About three weeks ago.” I say then look at him apologetically. “I wanted to tell you sooner, I just-“

“I get it.” He says looking at me. “You didn’t know how to.”

“Exactly.” I say and pour him another glass. “Listen, I-“ I sigh. “I feel like I’ve done my part with telling you and all, but I want you to know that I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything. I’m not expecting anything from you and-“

“So, you’re keeping the baby?” he cuts me off and I nod.

“Yeah.” I shrug. “I want to be a mother. I always did. Maybe I didn’t imagine it happening like this, but in the end it doesn’t matter. It’s my baby.”

James looks at me seriously, some colour returned to his cheeks. “It’s my baby too.” He finally says and I smile softly at him.

“Do you really mean it?” I ask. “I mean, I’m not forcing you into anything. You have your career to think about, the paparazzi and –“ I sigh. “Your family.”

“This baby is my family.” He says determinedly. “I want to be there for it. And for you.” He adds finally.

We sit like that for a while. Both of us sprawled on my bathroom floor, contemplating life. Who knew? Who knew everything would change for us just like that? One night together and we would be bound for life through this baby.

“Oh!” I squeal remembering something.

“What?” James says when I jump to my feet. “Is everything okay? Are you okay?”

“Yes, I just remembered something.” I say. “Wait here!”

I hurry to the living room where I left my bag after I got home from work and pour its contents out. Finally, I find a little picture of my ultra sound.

“I got it at my first ultra sound.” I say when I get back to the bathroom and hand him the picture. “I figured you’d maybe like to see it.”

I notice his hands are shaking as he reaches for the photo but he smiles happily when he sees it. “This is so unreal.” He states while staring at the picture. He looks at me. “This little blub is our baby?” he asks finally and I nod.

“Yeah, it looks just like you.” I tease and he laughs.

“I hope it will.” He says smugly. “I am rather dashing, you know.”

“And so humble.” I notice and the two of us laugh again. This feels nice. I can’t help but feel relieved that I’ve finally told him. At least someone else is worried about the baby. At least someone else gets it.

“When’s your next ultrasound?” James suddenly asks.

“Next week.” I say. “Wednesday.”

“Can I come?” he asks and I look at him in surprise.

“You really want to?” I ask and he nods.

“It’s my baby as well, Ellie.” He smiles. “I do want to come.”

“Sure.” I shrug and look at the floor. “That’d be nice.”

James looks back at the photo in his hands. “One night, ha, Nelson?”

I look at the picture as well. “One night, Potter. One night.” 


A/N: So here's another chapter. Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed the first one. It means a lot. Feel free to share your thoughts about the plot, characters and so on. Love you all. 


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