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Nautica Pheonix by Potterhead1994
Chapter 14 : Ginny Potter
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“I’m not going to scream. I’m not going to scream.” 



Nautica stares into the mirror, her face drained of color. Her face a skeleton. Her hair is completely and utterly gone, her head is practically glowing in the bathroom lighting. Her eyes look so huge, their eyelashes gone. Her eyebrows gone. 



She glances down at her fingers to see claws. “I-I can’t,” she mutters to herself, trying so hard to breathe. A banging comes from the bathroom door, echoing around her. 



“Nautica, its time!” James calls through the door, his voice muffled. With shaking talons, Nautica changes her clothes, holding back a scream at the sight of her ribs stretching her skin. 



“I’m coming!” She yells back as the banging continues. When she’s finally fully  dressed, she opens the door to find James staring at her with contempt in his eyes. 



“You ready?” His tone is clipped as he looks down at his feet. As if she’s a sight too terrifying to behold. 



“Yes,” she knows she has somewhere to go, but it’s like a fog is surrounding her and she can’t quite remember where they’re going. He places a gentle hand on her fragile elbow and leads her toward the door. 


When it swings open, there is only a blackness staring back at her. “James?” She turns to glance back at him, not wanting to go into the darkness. A cold chill emanates from it. But he’s nowhere to be found. “James!?” She calls loudly, chills running from head to toe. 



The darkness begins to grow outward, into the room. It’s creeping tendrils teaching for her. She screams, stumbling back with terror. It’s as it reaches her that she begins to feel an unhappy cold filling her entire body. Then she feels like she’s falling into the darkness. “Forever..” a voice whispers. 



“James!” She flies upright, not seeing anything for a moment, but darkness. Her eyes adjust, making out the forms of her dresser and trunk. Her chest is heaving as she comes to terms with the fact that it had been nothing but a dream. She’s home and the only darkness is coming from the night. She hears footsteps in the hallway and then her Dad is opening her headroom door. The hallway light fills her room, blinding her for a moment. His silhouette takes up the doorway.



“Nautica, you alright?” He asks worriedly, taking a step in. She nods, still breathing heavily but her heart is slowly down. “I heard you screaming. Yelling for James.” 



“It was just a nightmare,” She is still shaking as she lays back down on her bed. “That’s all.” He nods once, looking very much like he wants to take a step in, but seems to decide against it.



“Good night, I love you.” 



“I love you too.” 



He leaves her as she sleepily stares at her ceiling. The sky is twinkling above her, beautiful stars glowing in the enclosed space. Her Mum had charmed it to be a replica of Hogwarts Great Hall. Except, it always stays this way. She knows how much Nautica loves the stars. 



She fixes an eye on Jupiter. Its said to be the protector of Earth. Its orbital pull keeping comets from hitting them. It’s a planet she’s always held in high esteem. She yawns widely, her thoughts shifting to James. She wanders what he’s doing. Is he still up and being crazy with his cousins or is he knocked out? 



Tomorrow is the Weasley dinner and she feels nervous as all hell about it. What if they don’t like her? At least Harry had seemed to, but what of Ginny Potter? What if she decided that Nautica wasn’t good enough for her son? The questions plague her, keeping her up longer than she’d like to admit. 



When she finally falls asleep, it’s nearly four in the morning. 






“You look like you haven’t slept,” James is eyeing her with trepidation as they stand in the doorway to his home. She’s meeting him and his family here and then they are all flooing to the Burrow, which she’s read about in History Books. 



“Is that anyway to greet your girlfriend?” Nautica’s eyebrows lift as she shivers her ass off. The snow feels like ice as it hits her cheeks. He grins, grabbing her by her hand and pulling her inside, into the warmth! He slams the door shut and a younger girl’s voice yells from another room at him. 



“You’re absolutely right love,” he smiles wickedly, pressing his lips to hers, warming them. She smiles back at him, noting that the contempt she’d seen in his eyes in her dream isn’t there. 



“You must be Nautica,” Ginny Weasley enters the room, her red hair dancing around her as she takes Nautica’s hand in her own. “I’m Ginny, James’ Mum. It’s so nice to finally meet you. I swear— I feel like I’ve already met you, James talks so much about you in his letters.”



“Mum!” James groans, putting his face in his hands. “Please don’t embarrass me.” 



“Me?” She puts hand to her heart, looking positively aghast that he’d accuse her of such a thing. “I’m offended that you’d think I would do that.” She places a small delicate hand on Nautica’s shoulder and motions for them to go down the corridor she had just come from. “Let’s go to the kitchen dear, there’s a cup of tea with your name on it.” 



“Uhm, yes ma’am,” Nautica says breathily, not quite sure how to act. Obviously, Ginny and James banter and it made her feel a little lost. 



“None of that ma’am stuff,” Ginny rolls her eyes. “I swear, whenever people say that it makes me feel older than I am. Just call me Ginny.” Nautica nods quickly, narrowing her eyes at James’ smirk. He’s enjoying her discomfort a little too much. 



They enter the kitchen, the sight of which makes Nautica half in her tracks. “Wow...” is all she can say. The kitchen is huge. Gleaming white cabinets to the ceiling, the counters are made of granite and the oven. It takes up a good portion of room and goes to the ceiling as well. Across from the island, on the other wall is a huge fireplace that could probably fit two Nautica’s standing. In front of the fireplace, is a solid oak table that has three place mats set with tea and a tray of biscuits in the middle. 



“It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?” Ginny sighs with content, her eyes roaming her spotless kitchen. “Believe it or not, it took years for something this nice to happen.” 



“I love it,” She says with a half smile as they take a seat at the table, with Nautica planted in the middle. 



“So tell me about you, and help yourself to a biscuit,” Ginny says, pushing the plate toward her. 



“Well, I’m hoping to be a Healer,” She says, taking one obligingly. “I’m also a school prefect. Definitely a Ravenclaw— I have amazing friends and this guy.” She points a thumb at James and smiles at him. He returns it, slipping his hand into hers and squeezes gently. The look in his eyes: they’re filled with adoration. And it’s for her. It makes her heart swell. 



“I have so much respect for you,” Ginny says seriously, meeting Nautica’s eyes as she turns her attention back to her. “Going through what you’re going through and still continuing your life. I can’t imagine—“ 



“It’s not easy,” she murmurs, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. “But James and everyone makes it better.” He squeezes her hand again, offering all the support in the world. 



“Mum, its time,” Lily Potter, James’ sister comes into the room with a grumpy expression on her face. It, however;  lights up upon seeing her brother’s girlfriend. “Hey there.” 



“Hi,” Nautica gives a small awkward wave. She’s seen Lily around at Hogwarts but never really spoke to her. She knows Lily to be a force on the Quidditch pitch with a hotheaded temper. 



“Freddy just flooed his ugly mug into the fireplace and said to hurry to up already,” Lily gives a roll of her eyes. 



“Of course he did,” Ginny rolls her eyes and stands up. “Lily get Al. Your Dad said he’d meet us there.” The younger redhead nods and disappears into the hallway. “James, why don’t you and Nautica go first. There’s something I have to take care of first.” 



“Alright,” James smiles at Nautica encouragingly, leaning down and kissing her. “Let’s go.” Nautica feels anxious all of a sudden, her palms becoming sweaty. 



And why should she be nervous? She’s already met Harry and Ginny, the hard part is practically over. Then why does she feel like she’s being sent into a lions den? 



“Hey, it’s going to be okay,” James say, worried. He tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear, noting that that had been rather redundant as it springs back out again. “My family is going to love you.”



“Yeah, I’m just nervous,” she takes a deep breath as James leads her to another room where a not as impressive fireplace stood. “Kiss me again.” He chuckles again, pressing his lips to hers again. She feels almost instantly calmed as she leans her forehead against his. “James, you sure you want me to meet your family?” 



“Of course,” he smirks. “You’re going to have to meet them eventually anyway. As my future—“ he stops, his eyes widening with the realization that he was just about to say something important. 



“Wait what?” She throws her head back and laughs, “as your future what?”



“This might sound corny,” he rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment. “But from the moment you dunked my head in that toilet, I knew I was going to marry you.” His cheeks are red as he looks anywhere but at her. 



For a second, she doesn’t know what to say. Because, who says stuff like that? But it’s so James. He would just admit that he has already pictured their future. “We aren’t there yet,” she whispers, not sure if that was their future. What if she didn’t survive this? She gives a shake of her head, refusing to believe that it wouldn’t work out. She’s young and strong. “You haven’t even said you loved me yet.” 



“I love you,” his response is instantaneous, his brown eyes searching her. “Too soon, I’m sure. But I love you.” 






Ginny comes striding into the room, breaking their bubble. “Come on,” she says with a frustrated sigh, “you two were suppose to head over already. Now, stop snogging and lets get a move on.” She winks at Nautica and hands James the floor powder off the mantle. 




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Nautica Pheonix : Ginny Potter


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