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Claws by AstorAsh
Chapter 2 : School Supplies and Train Rides
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 Violet's P.O.V

  "Violet, time to get up! It's a big day today! Breakfast will be ready in half an hour." Called Euphemia. 

  I opened my eyes. The morning sunlight cascaded through my open window and a light breeze ruffled my dandelion  yellow curtains. I sat up and stretched. Even though she says it everyday, Euphemia's right, today is a big day. The day before Hogwarts, the day before sorting, the day before roommates. The Diagon Alley day. I quickly got out of bed, buzzing with excitement. I put on one of my favorite 45s on the Baycrest, which James had named Gwendolyn. I happily turned on side one, Keep The Customer Satisfied, and Gwendolyn was soon playing the upbeat tune conceived by the musical geniuses Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, my favorite music duo ever.

I slipped into some of my favorite clothes, a worn pair of blue jeans and my Rolling Stones t-shirt. I braided my hair into pigtails and surveyed myself in the mirror. Perfect. I grinned when I thought of what my erstwhile mother would say if she saw me. "you should be ashamed to be seen! A public embarrassment, dressing like a common vagabond!" Nothing she could do now. Anyway she demanded I give back my clothes when I left after finding out I was a witch. I had discovered my deep dislike of skirts and dresses and affinity towards unisex clothing shortly afterwards. I switched off Gwendolyn and traipsed downstairs bursting with anticipation for the day.

  During breakfast James kept telling me about Diagon Alley and asking a million rapid fire questions in his normal fashion. "Diagon Alley is so awesome. What pet are you going to get? What house do you want to be in? Fortescue's ice cream is the best. I hope we're in the same house."

  I rolled my eyes. "Do us all a favor, James and shut up."

  "Violet! Don't be rude!" Reprimanded Euphemia. "But James, she does have a point." 

James just grinned. "When are we leaving?" He asked.

  "Soon as we finish breakfast and you two pack. We're going to apparate to The Leaky Cauldron where we'll be staying the night." Euphemia announced.

  James' mouth hung open. "No way. Awesome!"

  After the dishes were cleaned Euphemia hauled an ancient steamer trunk from the basement. It was massive. There were tarnished, silver buckles around the lid with an ornate lock set in the center of the opening. Bands of silver with intricate patterns inset upon them adorned the top and sides. Dark brown, almost black leather made up the outer layer, held in place by glittering rivets. "It's goblin made, passed down from my great, great, great grandmother Anthea Purlett, from mother to eldest daughter when they begin at Hogwarts. Now I'm giving it to you." I was speechless. "I may not be related to you by blood, but you are my daughter."

  I couldn't say anything. I ran up and hugged her. "That was the nicest thing anybody has ever told me." I whispered.

  She helped me carry the trunk upstairs and watched as I began to carefully pack my clothes "Oh, you won't be needing very many clothes, there's a uniform." She explained.

  "What's the uniform?"

  "Just a tie, shirt, skirt. Your average uniform."

  I shook my head. "After spending the majority of my life in skirts, I am never putting one on willingly again." Euphemia knew it was pointless to argue the matter with me and just smiled and looked skywards.

"Just make sure to leave room for your school supplies."

  Soon we all apparated to The Leaky Cauldron. Men and women in odd cloaks sat around drinking and smoking. Euphemia signed us in and told us our things would be brought to our rooms. We followed her over to a red brick wall in the back. She took out her wand and tapped a few bricks. They began to shudder and roll back to expose a street filled with people bustling back and forth, from store to store. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Magic will never cease to amaze me. 

  "Let's get your wands first, shall we?" Suggested Euphemia. I nodded enthusiastically. She led us to a small storefront reading: Makers of Fine Wands Since 382 B.C. Inside there was a strange man with large silver eyes and long salt and pepper hair.

  "Ahh. Euphemia, twelve inches, maple, adaptable." 

  "You remember!" Said Euphemia, astonished.

  "I remember ever wand I ever sold, and yours was one of my first. Now this must be your son and daughter." Said Ollivander

  "Blood." I said simply.

  "Eleanora's eldest! I never expected to see you here. A muggle-born, how very interesting. Now who's first." He asked.

I pointed to James. I still don't like talking to people. When I did, Euphemia smiled at me and gave me a big thumbs up. She thinks I'm coming out of my shell. How funny. 

James Had begun pointing different wands at objects scattered about, often causing them to explode or break while Ollivander jumped around like a kid on Christmas. A human kangaroo on a sugar high. Never knew that could happen. Who knew an old guy could be so fast and energetic. James waved a wand once again and red sparks flew out of the tip. "Eleven inches, mahogany, pliable. The wand chooses the wizard, young Mr. Potter. Now for you, Miss Blood." He handed me a wand. Twelve inches, apple, stiff. "Give it a wave."  

I turned to him and raised the wand. "Wait! Don't point it at anyone." he said quickly turning me.

I stiffened at his touch. I still wasn't a huge fan of physical contact. At least I don't flinch anymore. I waved the wand. the chair James was sitting on blew into a million pieces, sending it's former occupant crashing to the floor.

"That's why you don't point it at anyone." I heard Ollivander mumble under his breath. He grabbed another. "Fourteen inches, beach, swishy." When waved a cup flew across the room. He seemed to become more excited the more wands failed. I probably went on waving wands for a good hour. "Perhaps a most unusual wand for a most unusual witch? Twelve inches, elder, loyal." He said handing me the wand.

I picked it up and felt an almost undetectable hum resonate throughout me. I waved the wand and a cascade of gold sparks showered down. "Very unusual. Very unusual indeed. I don't sell many elder wands, So many people have stigmas against them, rather like muggle-borns. Very powerful. You don't find many elder wands."


James P.O.V

  Mum decided me and Vi should get fitted for our robes while she got our books and supplies for potions. She gave us some money and we agreed to meet at Fortescue's. We reached Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions just in time to see a boy our age with shoulder length white-blond and a mean expression along with another girl wild hair and wilder eyes. Malfoy. My face curled in disgust. "What is it James?" Asked Violet, noticing my look of dislike.

  I nodded towards the other kids. "Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Black. They always come to those Ministry parties Mum and Dad hold. They're both pure-blood fanatics, they hate muggle-borns and think they shouldn't be allowed to practice magic. They're both bonkers if you ask me." I said. 

  "Muggle-borns. Like me." She furrowed her brows and bit her lip. Uh-oh. She only makes that expression when she's about to do something reckless. 

  "Uh, Vi? What ever your going to do it's probably a really bad idea."

She turned, shoulder length braids swinging, and gave me the death glare before marching off in the direction of the pure-bloods. 

Oops. Bad idea to say that James. Bad idea! "Wait up Vi! Violet! Stop!" Sadly I saw Violet already had her mind set on something and when she decides something, you might as well be trying to stop a hurricane. And like a hurricane there's nothing you can do except batten down the hatches and watch the chaos ensue. I ran to catch up.

  She walked right up to them and stated, "I'm Violet Blood, a mudblood who's going to Hogwarts." 

  I gasped when I heard the slur she called herself "Violet don't call yourse-" I started.

  "Quiet James."

  Bellatrix grinned. "Oh, I heard about you from Aunt Eleanora. Poor little mudblood had to run crying to the blood traitor Potters" She spit out my last name as if it was poison. "Had to have Euphemia, that old hag protect you." She mocked.

I saw Violet's hands clench into fists and I knew what was about to happen.

Bellatrix continued, unaware of the dire situation. "I bet you love that bi-"

Violet's fist came out of no where and slammed into the side of Black's face. I winced. The blow was hard enough to make her stagger backwards. There were three things I knew from experience fighting with Violet: For an eleven year old girl, she has a mean right hook, as Bellatrix just found out, also, she fights dirty and I had found out the hard way that there was no conceivable way to stop her without loosing teeth until either she could no longer physically fight back or the other person backed down. It appeared that Black possessed the same qualities. Malfoy and I had come to the same conclusion: It was like a car crash, nothing you could do about it, so might as well watch with some sort of horrid fascination.

  "If anyone ever tells me I fight like a girl, I'll thank them." I said. 

  "For once I agree with you, Potter."

  Though there were a few people around, most were kids and none had any interest in trying to stop the fight. True to her nature, Violet fought tooth and nail, literally. Bellatrix was sure to have a nasty bite mark on her arm. It took what seemed like forever, but was probably only a painful five minutes, before it appeared Violet would take the upper hand. Soon she was pinning Bellatrix to the ground and really laying into her.

"I give! I give! Get offa me!" Relinquished Bellatrix.

Violet reluctantly agreed. Both parties looked worse for the ware. They were bruised and nursed injuries. Black was attempting to stem a nose bleed and was already showing a wicked black eye while Violet had come off with a scratch on her forehead and a split lip.

 She looked triumphant. "I really showed her."

  "Yeah, yeah." I said worriedly. "Let's get our robes before Mum comes back and skins you alive."

  Violet paled. "Oh... I forgot about Euphemia.

  "I'll say."I agreed as I half dragged her into the store.


Violet's P.O.V

  "You what?!" yelled Euphemia. Wow, you've really done it this time, Violet. She's never been this angry with you.

  "I beat up Bellatrix Black." I mumbled, avoiding her glare.

  She was furious. "Fighting in public? Violet, you know better than that. I'm very disappointed in you." I felt awful. I hated letting Euphemia down.

  "But Mum," James spoke up. "she called you a hag and the b-word." He explained. "She was standing up for you."

  Euphemia's eyes softened. "Thank you Violet. But there's still no excuse for fighting and don't let me ever catch you at it again. Come along you two there's still one stop left."

  We entered Magical Menagerie and I looked around. A pet! I can get my very own pet! There were rats, owls, toads, cats and more. I made straight away for the cat section. Eleanora had never let me touch a cat, let alone have one as a pet. I peered into the mewling cages. Cats in every shape and form paced in their cubicles.

I wandered about until a particularly vocal individual caught my attention. The kitten had a flat, somewhat ugly face and long, white, silver tipped fur. The tail was very fluffy and seemed to be almost too big for it's body. It had ice blue eyes that watched my every movement with a keen fascination. However, what struck me most about the feline was it's size. The possibility that something so tiny could make such a racket eluded me. I quickly found an employee and Euphemia. I pointed to my chosen cat. "Can I have that one?" I asked. 

  Ten minutes later we left Magical Menagerie, me with a cat and James with an owl. "What are you going to name her?" I asked on our way back to The Leaky Cauldron.


  "Why Ellie?" I inquired.

  He shrugged. "I guess I just like the name. What are you going to name your cat?"

  I hadn't thought of this I pondered his question for a moment. "Jagger Lennon."

  He did a double take. "What?"

  "Jagger Lennon. That's his name. You know, after the weird music I always listen to. Mick Jagger and John Lennon combined, Jagger Lennon." I explained.

  James just rolled his eyes.

  "Promise you'll write." Said Euphemia as she gave us final goodbye hugs. I nodded happily. It's happening. Finally I'm going to Hogwarts! "See you at Christmas!" She called as we stepped onto the scarlet train with our newly found pets. 

  "Come on Vi, let's find an empty compartment before they're all taken." Eventually we found a unoccupied compartment I placed Jagger Lennon's carrier on the floor as he vocalized his distaste for confinement and took a bench for myself. I kicked up my feet and laid down with my hands behind my head.

James shot me a quizzical look.

  "Might as well be comfy."I explained as the train started moving.

  As soon as we had shuddered into motion, the door to our compartment slid open to reveal a black haired boy with stormy grey eyes. "Can I join you? I don't want to get stuck sitting with my cousins."

  "Sure." James shrugged.

  He entered and stood, apparently thinking I would make room for him. I stared and snapped my fingers, pointing with my thumb to the adjacent bench that James was sitting on. He sat next to James and jammed his hands in his pockets. Only then did I notice he was already in his uniform. "I'm Sirius." He introduced.


  Sirius turned his attention to me, obviously expecting my name. I waited for James to help. You've talked to enough strangers. It's better when you don't talk. Last time all it accomplished was a fight. Euphemia didn't like that. 

James interrupted my train of thought. "Violet, I'm not like the twins. I'm not going to talk for you."

I gave him a look of betrayal before continuing to observe the new boy, Sirius.

  "Well," he said smugly, "if I don't know your name, I'll just have to come up with something fitting." He thought for a second. "Since you're so quiet... How about Mouse?" I glared at him as James burst into uncontrollable laughter.

He flashed a practiced smirk.

  "Violet." I mumbled.

  Sirius cocked his head to one side as if thinking. "Violet." He stretched the I sound, saying my name as if he owned it. "Nice name. But I think I prefer Mouse." 

  I was dumbstruck. Then I smiled. "Starry."

James looked confused, trying to work out where I had pulled the name from. Sirius understood I was referencing his namesake and grinned right back, not the fake half smile from before, but a huge goofy grin. We all started laughing, not really about anything in particular, just laughing for the sake of itself.

  Not long after, the compartment door slid open for the second time. "Can we come in? Peter and I couldn't find anywhere else to sit." Said a tall, sandy haired boy with prominent scars on his face. The pudgy blond on his right must have been Peter. 

  When you get to Hogwarts you'll have to talk to strangers everyday. Nothing bad happened when you talked to Sirius, you might have even made a friend. Eleanora was wrong. You can talk to people... Maybe just a little. I made up my mind. "That's Starry." I pointed at him.

  "Sirius, not Starry, Sirius. Good with that, Mouse?"

  Sandy hair held out his hand. "Remus Lupin. Nice to meet you."

  Soon they were all chatting with each other and I even joined in on occasion, while Remus attempted to read a book he had brought along. "Whatcha reading?" I tried to look over his shoulder.

  "Hogwarts: A History. Currently I'm skimming over the part about each of the houses."

  "Gee, I hope we're all in the same house. I mean, you guys seem pretty cool and all." Said Peter.

  "Yeah," added James. "where do you guys think you'll be sorted?"

  Remus thought about it for a minute. "I'd personally like Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw would be pretty good too."

  "I'd be okay with any of the houses. I don't really care." Spoke Peter.

  James took his turn to speak. "I'm going to be in Gryffindor like my parents. I don't know what I would do if I got sorted into Slytherin."

  Sirius looked gloomy. "My whole family's been in Slytherin."

  James looked at him wide eyed. "You seemed okay to me, but you're going to be a snake?!"

  "Hope not." He mumbled looking at the floor.

  "I'm sure you'll be fine. So far you don't seem terribly cunning." I steered the conversation away from Sirius. "I don't know what house I'm going into. I'm not really smart or ambitious, I'm definitely not kind enough to be a Hufflepuff and I'm not that brave either." I said quietly. You never talk this much to strangers. It's working. They aren't so bad.

  James rolled his eyes and snorted. "Not brave? Come on Vi, have you forgotten about the beating you gave Bellatrix? That took guts."

  Sirius stared at her in amazement. "You're the one who laid the smack down on my cousin yesterday? I'm a huge fan of your work. Can I have your autograph?" We laughed.

 James looked out the window. "Look!" He cried. "It's Hogwarts!"

We all crowded around the window to get a better look. It had an ancient look to it, from the elegant brickwork, the glowing windows and the mighty towers. It was awe inspiring. 

  "Um, guys?" Interrupted Remus. "We should get changed." 

  "Me and Violet can wait outside for you guys." Suggested Sirius.

  Once outside I took the moment to ask a question that had been bugging me. It took me a minute to work up the courage. He won't judge you. he's been nice so far. Why would he change? Just go for it! "Why did you get into your robes so early?"

  "Oh, one of my aunts was staying with us when I left, so my mother made me dress like a stuck up, nineteenth century prick to look presentable for "Aunt Eleanora and your dearest cousins."" He mimicked the last part in a thin, grating voice that sounded remarkably like Eleanora, herself.

  "You're lucky she was just your aunt, Eleanora is my adoptive mother."

  Sirius' jaw nearly hit the floor. "What?" I quickly gave him the shortened version of events of my life, leaving out the part about her murdering my parents.

  The train soon stopped and the rest of the boys came out. We exited the train and heard a call of: "Firs' years! Firs' years follow me!" The yell came from a truly massive man standing well over eight feet tall. We headed towards him. "Are all firs' years here? Follow me to tha' boats!" In a few minutes we were all loaded onto a boat and headed for Hogwarts.

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