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Jinxed Hearts by Emcnary
Chapter 29 : Chapter 29
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The next day, just before lunch—after Tonks had enjoyed a lie-in and a run following her delicious night’s sleep—there was a knock at her door indicating the arrival of her mother. Earlier in the week, Tonks had stopped by her parent’s house for a late dinner since she had no food in her flat. She’d casually asked her mother if she would mind changing their regularly scheduled Sunday breakfast for Saturday. Her Slytherin mother had likely seen through her forced casualness, but Tonks didn’t care. She wanted to help Remus on Sunday. Her simple request for a change in their regular schedule had turned mid-week into a desperate plea for her mother to come help with her laundry situation. Her mother had agreed, but only under two conditions: she had to come to dinner Saturday night, and she had to deliver food and treats to Sirius. Relieved that her mother’s requests hadn’t included an order for information about Remus, Tonks had readily agreed to both conditions.  


“Hello, Mum!” Tonks greeted cheerfully.


Andromeda eyed her with amusement. “My, my, aren’t we in a good mood today.”


“Yup,” she replied, unable to wipe the grin from her face.


Tonks was indeed in a wonderful mood. After the very satisfying encounter with Remus and the sleep and the run, the only thing that could have made her day better was to have woken up with Remus still nestled next to her body. But she’d wait patiently for that day to come.


“Are you going to tell me whether your young man has anything to do with your cheerfulness?” Andromeda asked.


Tonks’ smile widened, and she felt her cheeks warm as she blushed slightly at her mother’s words.


Andromeda gave a short hum of satisfaction, no doubt pleased at having easily deciphered her good mood that day. She moved a set of Tonk’s work robes aside so she could perch neatly on the edge of her couch. “No need to say anything further, Nymphadora. Your face says all I need to know.”


Turning her back to her mother so she didn’t see her blush further, Tonks filled the kettle with water and set it to boil; she could at least serve her mother tea even if she had nothing to serve with it.


“I briefly thought of requesting that you share something about this man in payment for help with your laundry, but I wasn’t sure you would accept my terms.”


Tonks reached for two mugs, wryly thinking she should have known requests for information about Remus would come up eventually. She turned and looked at her mother with a smile.  


“I would have expected a much more Slytherin tactic from you,” Tonks said.


“Desperate times, and all that,” Andromeda said, smiling in return. “My source is not well-informed enough to give me any news I don’t already know.”


Tonks giggled as the kettle whistled it’s alert that the water had come to boil. “Good!” The thought of her mother and Sirius exchanging letters and trading bits of information made her giggle further.


“Is there nothing you’re willing to share with me about this man?” Andromeda asked as she accepted a cup of tea from Tonks.


Tonks sat in the armchair and took a sip of tea as she contemplated whether she should share anything about Remus with her mother just yet. Their relationship was still so new. The added complications of Order business and his condition only added to her hesitation.


“He’s very…” Tonks hesitated as she thought of what little bit of information she could give her mother. “Kind,” she said finally.


“Kind?” Andromeda repeated. She took a sip of her tea before fixing Tonks with her steady gaze. “That much I knew, Nymphadora.”


Tonks squirmed under her mother’s stare. She took a deep breath, knowing that her mother wasn’t likely to let her off the hook any longer. “What is it you want to know?”


Andromeda gave Tonks a small satisfied smile and took another sip of tea before setting the mug on the coffee table. “How do you feel about him, darling?”


Shocked into silence, Tonks simply gaped at her mother. She was expecting her practical mother to question her about...anything, really, other than her feelings for Remus. His age, his financial status, his condition, his work for the Order. These were the things Tonks expected her mother to prod her over. Her feelings? Was she ready to admit—much less share out loud—how much she cared for Remus?


“W-what do you mean?”


Andromeda raised an eyebrow and asked, “Was my question unclear? I thought it to be rather straightforward.”


Tonks groaned. “You were perfectly clear and you know it.”


“Well?” her mother returned expectantly.


Accepting defeat, Tonks took a fortifying sip of tea before answering. “I care for him a great deal.”


“Even though you’ve known him such a short time?” Andromeda asked, a small triumphant smile playing at her lips.


It was Tonks’ turn to raise a brow at her mother. “Did you and Dad know each other long before you were confessing your love for one another and snogging in broom sheds?”


Andromeda laughed lightly, a hint of pink touching her cheeks. “Fair point. Your father and I would like to meet him.”


“I know,” Tonks said as she set her nearly empty mug on the table. “Not yet, all right?” She looked up to find her mother fixing her with a steady gaze once more. The last thing Tonks wanted to do was to put any further pressure on Remus to give more than he could. She had pushed him enough for now. “Please?”


“Very well.” Andromeda took one final sip of her tea before standing and smoothing her robes. “Now, let’s see about this laundry situation.”


Tonks sighed in relief that her mother was happy enough with her small revelation to let the subject go for now. She followed her mother to her bedroom, not surprised when Andromeda turned and gave her a disapproving look at the large pile of clothing and the various items scattered around her room.


“Is every article of clothing you own in this pile?” Andromeda asked.


“Not...every article.” There were a few dresses and her old Hogwarts robes left hanging in her wardrobe. There was also possibly a t-shirt or two and a few pairs of socks left her in chest of drawers.


“You really should do a—”


“Small bit every day. Yes, I remember what you said, I’ve just not been able to follow through with your wonderful advice,” Tonks said with a smile.


Andromeda gave her an impatient look and drew her wand from her robes. “You realize we won’t have time to go out for lunch with all of this that needs done.”


Tonks grinned. “I’ll buy you takeaway from the Chinese restaurant down the street that you pretend to dislike, but it’s really your favorite.”


“Very well,” Andromeda replied primly as she gave a few flicks of her wand that quickly separated Tonks’ clothes into appropriately organized piles sorted for cleaning.


The rest of the afternoon passed quite enjoyably for Tonks. She put clothes away as her mother finished laundering them, stopping after a while to provide the Chinese takeaway she’d promised. After lunch and a trip to the market for some groceries, Tonks introduced her mother to Edith, stopping for a brief chat to arrange tea for later in the weekend—Andromeda taking it very well when Edith revealed that she had met Remus—before Edith offered the use of her Floo to reach her parents’ home.


Tonks decided to spend the remainder of her day at her parents’ house in an attempt to distract herself from worrying over the impending full moon. She read magazines, lost a few games of chess to her father, and helped her mother in the kitchen with dinner—only setting the table, of course, since her cooking skills were as deplorable as her laundry skills. All the while, she was distracted. Even more so as evening approached.


While attempting to have normal dinner conversation with her parents over the pork chops, green beans, and roasted sweet potatoes her mother had prepared, Tonks was restless and watched the clock. After dinner, she settled at the desk in her father’s study with some of her reports for work to lessen the time she’d have to spend at her desk at the Ministry the following day. As she looked up to the clock for likely the fiftieth time, Tonks noticed her father had entered the room at some point and made himself comfortable on the sofa with a copy of the Evening Prophet. With a sigh, she willed herself to concentrate on the parchment in front of her rather than the clock.


“He’s done this before, you know,” Ted said from behind his paper.


Tonks looked up from the report she’d been trying to muddle through for at least ten minutes. “Sorry?”


Ted flipped the paper back to reveal his face. “I thought it was just teenagers who thought their parents were daft buggers,” he said, a hint of amusement in his eyes. “I know you’re worrying over your bloke.”


“Just because I’m not a teenager any longer doesn’t mean I don’t think you're daft,” Tonks said with a smile.


Ted folded the paper and tossed it on the cluttered coffee table. “Barmiest people in the world are husbands and fathers.”


Tonks smiled at her father’s long-standing statement. Being outnumbered by females in their house—by two strong-willed females, no less—had lead him to his declaration years ago.


“He has your mother’s trouble-making cousin with him, hasn’t he?”


Part of Tonks’ worry over the full moon was that she wasn’t quite sure how Remus handled it. Was Sirius there? Would he help if needed? Would Remus let him? Poppy’s description the previous month about his transformation had stuck with her; it sounded painful and taxing. Was there really anything Sirius could do to help? These were the thoughts that were distracting her.


Tonks shrugged in response to her father’s question. “I think so.”


“They’ve been mates a long time, poppet. Reckon he knows what to do.”


She simply nodded her head and looked back to her report.


“Did your mother tell you she wants to meet him?” Ted asked. Tonks looked up to find her father stretching his legs out on the coffee table, giving her a look of uncharacteristic shrewdness; usually it was her mother who needled her for news on her life. “She’s been nattering on about it all week.”


Tonks shrugged again and said, “She mentioned it.”


“And?” Ted asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.


Tonks sighed and set her quill down. “You act like you two aren’t going to discuss it later after I leave,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Not yet, all right?”


“All right.”


Tonks wondered if she should take advantage of her father’s perspective while she had his attention out of earshot of her mother. Not that she didn’t understand and appreciate her mother’s concern—she was, after all, her parents’ only child and therefore the only place for them to focus their worry—but she wanted her father’s perspective without the emotional response of her mother.


“Dad?” She hesitated, before deciding to go ahead with her question. “Can I ask you something?”


“You know you can, Dora.”


Tonks took a deep breath. “Where your parents happy when you and Mum decided to get married?”


“They were thrilled I’d found someone who’d put up with my mess,” Ted replied with a grin.


Tonks huffed but couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her lips. “I’m serious.”


Ted unfolded his arms and rested them behind his head as he relaxed into the sofa. “I’m not sure what you mean. They liked your mum from the moment they met her, and they knew I was mad for her.”


“But...with you being Muggle-born, were they...disappointed at all that you decided to marry a witch?”


“They’d had plenty of time to get used to my being a wizard by then,” Ted said. He stared intently at Tonks for a moment before continuing. “But that’s not what you really want to know, is it?”


Tonks held her father’s gaze, encouraged that he gave her a tiny smile before he continued.


“I won’t lie and tell you I would have hand-picked this bloke for you,” Ted said levelly. “He might bloody well be perfect for you, but…” Ted shook his head slightly. “I won’t say anything against him. Especially since I’ve not even met him. In the end, if he makes you happy, that’s all that matters, really.”


Tonks sighed and nodded her head, grateful for her father’s words. He’d already said before that he didn’t give a toss that Remus was a werewolf, but even though that had been a recent declaration, a lot had changed since then. To her, Remus wasn’t just a man she fancied and had been spending time with; he was already so much more than that. Eventually, she wanted her parents to understand that. She loved her parents dearly, and the thought of them being at odds over Remus was not something she wanted to have to worry about. Relieved that her father was willing to eventually get to know Remus, Tonks looked back at her father—prepared to say thank you for his words—and saw a small satisfied smile on his face. Wondering for a moment at her mother’s absence during their talk, she cocked an eyebrow at him.


“Can I ask you one more thing?” Tonks said with a smirk. At her father's nod, she asked, “Did Mum send you in here to chat me up about this some more?”


Ted nodded his head again and returned her smile. “I know it drives you mad, but we worry because we love you.”


“It does drive me mad!” Tonks said with a laugh. “Couldn’t you two have given me a sibling to share the load?”


“Wasn’t in the cards,” Ted said with a sigh. “Not for a lack of trying, of course.”


Tonks groaned. “Merlin, that’s more than I need to know.”


The rest of the evening passed by pleasantly, even with Tonks pretending not to be anxious when the sun fully set and the moon was high in the sky. She stayed late at her parents’ house to keep herself occupied, only leaving to go home for bed when she was sure she could sleep. The following morning, Tonks rose early to run and head into the Ministry for a while to finish up and turn in her paperwork from the previous week. Around lunch time, she stopped and got Sirius’ favorite takeaway—he had a near addiction to fish and chips, not surprising after the years he’d spent eating the vitamin fortified porridge provided to him by the prison—hoping that if she bribed him with food he would be less likely to tease her.


She found her cousin in the drawing room. He looked better than he had earlier in the week since he’d obviously showered and shaved that morning and had the Sunday Prophet spread out on the coffee table in front of him. He looked up and gave her a cheerful greeting and a wide grin when he saw the sack full of food.


“Your werewolf is still asleep,” Sirius said with a smirk as Tonks settled herself at the other end of the sofa.


“Good,” Tonks said. At Sirius’ raised eyebrows, she continued. “I’ve a plan in mind, but I need a bit of help.”


“What sort of plan?”


Tonks took a breath to steel herself against any mockery her cousin would torture her with. “I told Poppy Pomfrey I wanted to help after transformations and she suggested muscle massage, so I’ve been reading up. Problem is, Remus is—”


“A stubborn arse,” Sirius interjected.


Tonks smiled. “I was going to say he’s reluctant to accept help, but yes, stubborn arse works too.”


“So you want to give the big baby a massage, but you’re afraid he’ll just say no?”


Tonks nodded, surprised that Sirius wasn’t teasing her in any way over her idea.


“What do you need me to do?” he asked seriously. Tonks thought he looked quite determined to help.


Glad that her cousin was ready to help rather than ready to give her a hard time, Tonks took a deep breath and described her plan. Sirius listened intently as she spoke. Once she had laid out her idea, Sirius filled her in on Remus’ post-transformation ritual: he usually went straight to bed after daybreak and slept away most of the day, waking mid-afternoon for a shower, then heading back to bed to rest before eating dinner and going to sleep for the night.


Sirius glanced at the grandfather clock. “He’ll likely be asleep for a while longer still. Especially since… ” He paused and looked at Tonks.


“Especially since what?” Tonks asked, worrying a bit at the conflicted look on Sirius’ face.


“It wasn’t...the easiest night for him,” he said cautiously. “His wolf was...restless.”


Tonks considered his words, not entirely sure what he meant by ‘restless’. She wondered guiltily if she had anything to do with Remus’ long night.


Sirius must have read the worry on her face. “Don’t think too much on it, all right?” he said with a pat to her shoulder. “It was certainly not the worst night he’d ever had. He just...would have preferred company other than Snuffles, I think.”


Tonks shook her head to keep negative thoughts from distracting her. Sirius’ insight was helpful, but she would file what he said away for more thought later. Today she wanted to help since it sounded like he needed it.


“You’re sure he won’t come out of the bathroom starkers?” Tonks asked. When detailing his post-transformation ritual, Sirius had reassured her that Remus would don one of the pairs of flannel pajama bottoms after his shower.


“Would you mind if he did?” he asked with a roguish grin.


“I don’t want to embarrass him,” Tonks said, rolling her eyes and feeling annoyed at the blush she could feel on her cheeks. “What if he leaves the door open?”


Sirius shook his head and reached for the takeaway bag sitting on the coffee table. “The shower and the warm air is soothing. He’ll keep the door closed as long as possible.” At Tonks’ skeptical look he said, “Moony is a creature of habit. Trust me. Now, what’d you bring me for lunch?”


Tonks and Sirius sat and ate while they chatted, Tonks all the while checking the clock. After their meal was finished and cleared away, Sirius kept her occupied by teaching Tonks the broad points of how to play Poker—a game that he’d taken up mostly as another way to annoy his mother since he’d taught the game to his younger brother just before he left home.


Watching her cousin, Tonks decided she couldn’t imagine growing up in the family he and her mother had. The memories obviously still bothered them both. Even though Sirius was laughingly telling Tonks about teaching Regulus a Muggle card game, she could tell there was still hurt behind his words.


Just as Sirius was dealing another hand, the pipes creaked to life above them as a shower was switched on upstairs. Sirius collected the cards and raised his eyebrows at Tonks.


“Well, go on, then,” he said, jerking his head to the door. “It’s now or never.”


Tonks nodded and rose from the sofa. As quietly as possible, Tonks climbed the stairs to the next level and crossed the landing to Remus’ door. She waited a few moments before entering to ensure that Remus would be in the shower before she opened the door. Entering his room and closing the door softly behind her, Tonks quickly took in her surroundings. It was quite orderly; very unlike her messy flat. The order to everything made her smile. His shoes were lined up under his bed, the books on his bedside table were piled in a tidy stack, and his bed was neatly turned down even though Tonks knew from Sirius that he would likely be returning to bed after his shower until it was time for a late dinner. Relieved that she could hear the shower still running, Tonks crossed to the bed and sat tentatively, willing herself to stay and fulfill the plan she had formed in her head.


She sat nervously waiting for the sounds of the pipes in the dilapidated house to stop, indicating that the water had been turned off. Her heartbeat increased when she heard the creak of what she could only guess was a handle turning as the water was switched off in the bathroom. With a deep breath, Tonks tried to combat the nervous fluttering in her stomach, mentally berating herself for thinking this was a good idea. What if Sirius was wrong? What if Remus’ habit had changed and he emerged from the bathroom completely starkers. You wouldn't mind. Tonks shook the traitorous thought from her head. Just as she was convincing herself to abandon her plan, the bathroom door opened, and Remus walked through. He stopped in his tracks as he noticed Tonks sitting on his bed.


She kept her gaze on his face as he stood rooted to his spot in the doorway, one hand frozen in its position where it had been towel drying his shaggy hair.


“Wotcher,” she said softly, watching his face carefully.


After a few moments, Tonks was relieved to see Remus’ expression seemed surprised, rather than dismayed, letting her know that her presence wasn’t entirely unwelcome. Her attempt to keep her focus on his face failed as she gave into temptation and let her gaze glance down his torso before flitting back up to his face. She tried to smother the smile that threatened to spread across her face as she reveled in the fact that he was—just as Sirius had predicted—wearing nothing but a pair of blue plaid pajama pants, leaving him bare from the waist up.


“It seems I’m at an unfair advantage,” Remus said, a small grin pulling at the corners of his mouth as he draped the towel he’d been holding around his shoulders. “When I saw you topless for the first time, you were wearing an undergarment.”


Tonks was momentarily confused as to when Remus had seen her topless before she remembered him helping her out of her shirt when he’d healed her ribs after dueling Macnair. She quirked an eyebrow, glad that he’d injected some humor into the moment. “You’re welcome to borrow my bra if it’d make you feel better.”


Remus walked forward to stand in front of where Tonks sat on the bed, his expression serious once more. “What are you doing here?”


“I want to help,” Tonks said determinedly.


“I told you I don’t require help,” Remus replied.


Tonks mirrored his serious expression. “I never said my help was required,” she said. “I said that I wanted to.”


Remus stayed where he was standing in front of Tonks; neither moving any closer, nor backing away. Tonks considered her current situation a victory since he hadn’t asked her to leave straightaway. He opened his mouth to speak but closed it again, clearly conflicted.


“What is it you want to do to help?” he asked cautiously when he finally spoke.


The naughty part of her wanted to say, “Sexual healing,” but since Remus probably wouldn’t go for it, Tonks took a deep breath before she launched into her explanation. “Poppy gave me she thought would be useful in helping you after transformations. I—”


“I’ve been managing a long time without anyone’s help,” he replied.


“I know you have,” Tonks said hoping she wasn’t already losing the battle. “But does that mean that’s the way it always needs to be? You’ve...helped me before. Can’t I return the favor?” Remus remained fixed in the same spot, staring intently down at Tonks. She held his gaze, not wanting to back down now that she was there, her plan on the verge of being executed. “I don’t want to push you. I just want to help.”


After a few quiet moments, Remus asked, “What exactly are the tips that Poppy passed along?”


Tonks was relieved that there was no anger to his words. “She told me to buy a book on muscle massage.”


Surprisingly, Remus huffed in amusement. “Poppy Pomfrey told you to give me a massage?”


“She did,” Tonks said, chancing a small smile. “She also told me you were unlikely to accept my help. I’d like to prove her wrong.”


Remus seemed to be warring with himself as he smiled slightly but looked to the floor. Tonks forced herself not to speak any further, not wanting to push him. He was so guarded about his condition and seemed so reluctant to allow anyone to help; she wanted him to allow her to help because he trusted her, not because she was pushing her own agenda. Finally, after what seemed like ages, Remus brought his gaze back to hers.


“Shall I sit on the bed?” he asked.


“Actually, my reference says you should lie down on your belly,” Tonks said as she stood from the bed. “That way I can easily reach all your trouble spots.”


Now that she was standing within arm’s reach of Remus’ bare skin, Tonks had to fight not to reach out and run her hands up his chest. She did, however, take full advantage of being able to let her eyes roam over his thin—yet nicely muscled, she noted—frame as she stepped aside to allow him access to his bed. Her eyes finally reached his after dragging them away from his body, and she was relieved to find that he was watching her with a slight smile.


Not wanting him to give him the chance to back out, she boldly pulled the towel from around his neck and tossed it aside. “Go on, then, Professor,” she said softly. “Lie down on your belly.”


Once Remus was situated on the bed, lying on his stomach with his arms curled around the pillow under his head, Tonks removed her robes and tossed them on a chair sitting in the corner, also kicking off her boots. As she approached the bed, she realized that the ornate furniture of the Ancient House of Black was far too tall for her to be able to stand next to the bed and apply the proper pressure to his muscles at the same time.


“The bed's too tall for me to do this properly while standing, so I’m going to climb up,” Tonks said as she rounded the bed and clambered up to kneel next to him. She peered down into his face and smiled slightly as she found Remus watching her cautiously. “I promise not to hurt you. At least you know I can’t trip and fall on you.”


“I’m not worried, it’s just...this isn’t part—”


“Part of your routine?” Tonks asked. “Sirius warned me you’re a creature of habit.”


Remus sighed. “I should have known he aided you in this plan.”


“You can yell at him later if you want,” Tonks said as she scooted closer to Remus. “But for now, you’re stuck with me.”


Tonks couldn’t help the wide grin that broke across her face as she placed her hands on Remus’ bare back, still warm and slightly damp from his shower. Greedily taking in the feel of his lean muscular form, she moved her hands over him, getting a feel for any specific areas of tension. She frowned at the scars littered across his back that she could see as well as feel under her hands. Wondering if they were all consequences of his condition, or if some of them were from fighting in the first War, she eyed them carefully, not wanting to ignore anything; his scars were a part of him. They were part of his past, part of him being a werewolf, part of the reality of his condition. She wouldn’t ignore anything that would help her understand his feelings. Thrilled that Remus gave a low hum of approval as she deepened her touch over an area in the middle of his back that felt particularly tight, Tonks happily continued.


“You’re rather good at this,” Remus said lazily after she’d been working for a while.


Tonks smiled at the relaxed tone of his voice. “I told you I read a book. It talks all about the healing power of massage and how it brings about increased blood flow and decreases inflammation.” She thought she heard Remus say “brilliant”, but couldn’t be sure because his voice was muffled as he relaxed even further under her hands and turned his face into his pillow.


Frustrated at not being able to reach both of his shoulders at once, Tonks shifted and swung one leg over Remus so she was straddling his lower back. Trying to ignore the traitorous thoughts of what they could be up to if he simply flipped to his back, she focused her attention to Remus’ neck and shoulders.


Remus turned his head and asked, “Was this particular technique described in the book?” Tonks could hear the amusement in his sleepy voice.


With a smile, she scooted back so she was resting on Remus’ bum in order to reach his lower back and thought briefly of the other book she’d been distracted by while shopping. “Not the book I bought, but there was one there that went into great detail on various...techniques.”


Remus hummed in response and turned his head back to his pillow and gave a low groan as Tonks worked on a spot at the base of his spine. “You know, the book did say to massage the gluteus muscles to help with lower back pain,” Tonks said casually as she continued the rhythmic circular movements of her hands.


With a chuckle, turned his head and said, “As much as I would love to let you take advantage of me in my current state, our position is becoming...troublesome.”


Slightly disappointed to be finished—yet giddy at the thought that Remus was both comforted and affected by her touch—she realized that her hands were getting tired. Tonks swung her leg back over and lied down on the bed next to Remus as he rolled to his side.


“You’re still tired,” Tonks said as she brushed his hair back with her hand and took in his sleepy face. She let her hand trail down his cheek, continuing its path until it was resting on his bare chest and she could feel his heart beating under her palm.


“I’ll be all right after tonight. Thank you for your help,” he said quietly, bringing his hand up to rest over hers and leaning in to touch his lips lightly to hers.


Knowing he was tired, Tonks forced herself not to deepen their kiss. She was certain that with his wish not to rush their physical relationship—and with the full moon having just passed—he wouldn’t allow her to attend to his needs the way he had attended to hers two nights before, regardless of how his body responded to her. Regretfully breaking their kiss, Tonks was glad that Remus appeared disappointed that she had pulled away.  


“Do you have to go?” he asked, his voice heavy with sleep.


“I’m going to have tea with Edith soon, but I’ve plenty of time.” Tonks returned, surprised he’d asked her not to leave. “Do you want me to stay?”


“I want…” Remus paused to take deep breath. “Will you lie with me until I fall asleep?”


“Of course,” Tonks replied, giving him a swift kiss before she sat up to pull the covers over them. “There’s food in the drawing room under a Warming Charm for when you wake.”


“Hopefully Sirius doesn’t eat it before I get to it.” Remus looked at Tonks through eyes that were only half-open as she settled on the pillow next to his. “I truly appreciate what you’ve done today,” he murmured sleepily.  


“I’m just glad you let me help,” Tonks said as she watched him close his eyes. Within seconds, his slow rhythmic breathing told her that he’d already fallen back to sleep. Even though she was supposed to meet her neighbor for tea, Tonks stayed for a while and enjoyed the intimacy of lying next to Remus while he slept. He looked so peaceful and unburdened in sleep, it nearly brought tears to her eyes as she wished he could always look that way. She reached out and brushed his hair back and decided she always wanted to be there to help him after the full moon. She wanted to offer comfort and compassion to this man who seemed to have had so little of both given to him in his adult life. Relieved he wasn’t awake for her to be able to blurt out her musings without thinking, she kissed his cheek before she grudgingly, yet gently, pushed back the covers so as to not disturb him.


As she walked quietly down the steps to say goodbye to Sirius and use the Floo in the drawing room, Tonks smiled as thoughts of her feelings for Remus flew through her head. She’d pushed her feelings aside before, but there was no denying it now. She was absolutely one hundred percent in love with Remus.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed your dose of fluff for the day!

A lovely reviewer mentioned how much they liked Andromeda and Ted in this story, so as a reward, I'm going to post a one-shot I wrote for a competition on another site that centers briefly around their Hogwarts days. See what happens when you review--you get a bonus one-shot! Look for it in the next few days, it's titled "Against All Odds".

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