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Claws by AstorAsh
Chapter 1 : The new girl
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 James P.O.V

"James! James! Come down to meet our new neighbors!" 

"Coming mum!" I yelled before slamming the door to my room and barreling down the stairs. 

She sighed. "Oh dear, could you try to look presentable for company?" She said as she attempted to smooth my hair, only to have it spring back into place.  "They're muggles, so behave yourself."

The doorbell rang and mum hurried off to greet the guests, towing me behind her. She opened our large, oak door to reveal four people standing on the doorstep. There was a very severe looking woman with dark hair pulled back in a tight bun. Her face looked hardened and the expression upon it was so cold and serious, it could have been carved from stone. She wore a long black dress with a high collar and a deep red coat that was probably the height of fashion one hundred years ago. It was easy to tell two of the girls were identical twins, with the same black ringlets and big grey eyes. The last girl looked to be close in age to the first two, but had brown hair and eyes. Like their mother, their clothes looked as if they could be from the last century. They were still dressed very formally with the twins in matching dresses and hair ribbons, while the brown haired girl had a skirt and blouse. They were very serious.

My mother put a smile on her face and welcomed the visitors. "Miss Blood, so nice to meet you. And these must be your daughters." 

"Yes." Answered Miss Blood in a thin voice.

Mum's smile faltered for a second before plastering it on her features more than ever. "Would you like to come inside?"

The visitor gave a curt nod and followed mum to the sitting room. I lagged behind them, somewhat transfixed by their odd manner. 

"What are your names?" Mum asked the girls, giving her best effort at striking up a friendly conversation.

"Adelaide." Started the one on the right.

"Anastasia." Continued the left most.

 They then pointed at the last sister with synchronized looks of disgust on their faces. "That's Violet."

"Girls!" Called Miss Blood's sharp voice. They instantly snapped to attention and turned to her. "Full sentences. You are not savages and I do not wish to hear you speak in such a manner." 

"Yes mother." They nodded, their identical curls bouncing.

Regardless of the awkward air, my mother continued her attempts at getting to know the neighbors. " old are you?" She asked.

Adelaide once again was first. "We're nine and a half-"

"And she's ten-" Added Anastasia, gesturing to Violet.

"Almost eleven." Finished the duo.

They had a pattern in their speech: first Adelaide, then Anastasia, finishing together. At this point I was completely convinced of their shared telepathy.

"James turns eleven in a few months." Said mum, startling me from staring at the twins. "would any of you girls like to see the house? I'm sure James would be happy to show you."

The twosome replied. "No thanks-"

"We'll be fine-"

"Staying right here."

Much to the noticeable shock of her sisters Violet raised her hand snapping her fingers.

This was the first time I saw her make any movement or decision of her own and her sudden movement surprised me. "Oh! You want to look around?" I asked. She nodded and I saw her mother's livid expression. "Come on then."

She made no noise during the entire tour. We arrived back at the sitting room to discover her mother and sisters had returned home. Mum had made us sandwiches. We were half way through eating when I asked, "Are you mute?" She shook her head. "Then why don't you talk?" I questioned further. Violet merely shrugged. I talked at her a while longer until mum came in.

"Violet dear, it's getting late. You should probably head home. I'm sure you have lot's of unpacking." Said mum. She nodded and got up, motioning for us to follow. When we reached the door she turned to mum and I and said in a husky voice, "Can I come back?"

We were astonished. I did not think she was able to talk. "O-of course dear. Come back any time you like." Stammered mum. With that she smiled and dipped her head in farewell before leaving out the door.

  "Are you sure they're not witches?" I asked after Violet left.

  "Not to my knowledge." Answered Mum.

  At least Violet was nice. I thought to my self as I headed back to my room.


Violet's P.O.V

  The Potters were okay, I decided on my walk home. They didn't talk like I wasn't there and I don't think they thought I was that creepy. James even talked to me. I even I talked to them. I never talk to anybody, ever. Not even my sisters. Mother says I should be seen and not heard and I'll only embarrass her in front of company. She's right too, the other kids call me names and push me or throw things. I only make it worse by talking. "Let your sisters explain for you. They never say stupid things, not like you, Violet. Your better when your quiet, more tolerable." She says. And she's right, Mother is usually right. I've been so disobedient, Mother will be angry with me. But I really do want to go back, so I had to say something. Maybe I could be friends with James, he seemed different from other children I've met. Maybe they don't like him either. They probably live out here away from everybody because people don't like the Potters, just like us. I looked up and saw the lights from my house.

  Once inside Mother latched onto my wrist with a grip of steel. "How dare you disobey me!" She screeched, sounding reminiscent of an enraged prehistoric bird or small dinosaur. 

She's an honorary velociraptor. I thought to myself.

"I strictly told you to follow your sisters! Why can't you obey the simplest commands? I specifically told you we are not befriending the Potters, yet you voluntarily followed the boy!" 

I narrowed my eyes. You were the one who made me go there in the first place, you old hag. I thought bitterly.

She began to drag me towards the steep staircase. I knew what she was planning and I began to delay the inevitable as long as possible. I dug my heels into the rust orange shag carpeting and attempted to wrench away from her vice like hold. I succeeded in halting her progress for only a moment. She turned to face me, her eyes glowing with rage. She raised her hand. WHAM! The back of Mother's hand struck my cheek bone and her ring left a long scratch on my face. I was knocked back and winced in pain, biting back a yell. Mother continued her march across the living room and reached the stairs. I resisted as she pulled herself up by the antique, pillared banister. My efforts proved fruitless and we reached the destination. The sky blue cracked paint on my door looked to me like leering faces. The door was thrust open and I was tossed inside. A key clicked in the lock on the tarnished knob. "You may come back out once you've learned to respect me." Called Mother's voice.

  "Hag!" I spoke for the the second time tonight. I collapsed back onto the bed. At this point she couldn't do much more to me for the moment. I gazed around my room. The walls had off white wallpaper decorated with golden birds. There were a few boxes containing my various belongings scattered around. My eyes settled on the corner where my 1951 Baycrest record player sat. I had found it at a pawn shop in Bristol, the last place we lived. I spent almost a year fixing it, but now it played fine. I opened it's doors and switched it on the AM radio display flickered and began to glow and let off a familiar hum. I flipped through the records on the side with storage and finally settled on The Doors. Soon the first electronic organ chords of Light My Fire were sounding through the room. 

  a few records later I noticed the house had gone quiet. I shut the Baycrest off and tried the door knob. Still locked. I had gone without dinner and my stomach growled in protest. I can go to the Potters, Euphemia said I could come back. She'll let me in. I crossed to the window. It was small, only about one and a half feet wide. I've always been skinny and can easily slip through. It's twenty five feet down, I can climb down the trellis.

  Getting down was fairly simple. I started walking to the Potter's house. Luckily the September night was still warm as I was still only wearing my knee length, blue pleated skirt and blouse. Clothes I hated. When I arrived at the Potter's house  I realized it must be awfully late, no lights were on and everyone must have been asleep. I can't go back to my house. Someone will come out to get the morning paper, I guess I'll have to wait for them. I thought. I sat down on their porch and rested my head against the side of the railing. My eyes began to flutter and I soon fell into a deep sleep.

  "Violet. Violet, honey, why are you on the porch?" Someone said. I opened my eyes and saw Euphemia. "Violet, why aren't you at home?

   Great job Violet, she doesn't want you here. She's just like everyone else. She doesn't like you and thinks you're creepy. Mother was right. I thought. My mouth wasn't on the same page. "You said I could come back, so I did."

  She looked surprised. "Oh! Of course, would you like to come in for breakfast then? I was just about to make some pancakes. I'm afraid James isn't up yet. Will you come inside?"

  "How long can I stay?" I asked.

  "As long as you need to." Said Euphemia, eyeing my bruised and cut cheek.

I went inside.

James P.O.V

  I woke up and rubbed my eyes blearily. Suddenly I remembered today is important. It's December first! The official start of Christmas time! I leaped out of bed to wake up Violet. She's been pretty much living with us since she moved here. I guess her mom isn't very nice because the day after I met her she showed up on the porch with a really nasty cut on her face. She still has a scar. She kinda moved into one of the spare bedrooms since then. Now it's Violet's room. She talks now too! Except pretty much just to me and Mom and Dad. One time Mom took her shopping for some clothes and she wouldn't even tell the storekeeper what size she was. Also she's a muggle so Mom and Dad don't use magic around the house any more because she's not supposed to know about the wizarding world. But it's been two months and we get along really well, so she's practically my sister. Her room is right across the hall. I burst into her room and yelled, "Violet! Violet! Violet! Wake up! It's December first!" I launched onto her bed. 

  "Uggg." She groaned. "Whoopee.... I'm up." She said with sarcasm. "What are you yammering about, Jamesie?" 

  "The first of December! It's Christmas time!" I hollered at the top of my lungs.

  "Violet sat up. "What are you waiting for? Let's go wake up Euphemia and Fleamont. Que the music!" 

  I ran to turn on the radio while she woke my parents. I looked out the window to see if it had snowed only to see an owl bearing a letter. I couldn't let Violet see this. I quickly ushered the bird inside, grabbed the letter, stuffing it down my shirt and pushed the great tawny owl back into the cold. The letter was for Mum. I returned to my task of the radio. I turned it on and the sounds of "Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! could be heard. A minute or two later Mum Dad and Vi came into the living room. "Mum? Can you come here for a second?" 

  We walked into the next room, a good distance away from Violet. "What is it sweetie?" She asked.

  I took the slightly crumpled letter from my shirt and handed it over. "A letter came for you. What's it about?"

  Mum scanned the letter. "Well James, you and Violet will have quite a treat later today. I won't ruin the surprise for you."

  I waited all day for something to happen. Finally it happened at five o'clock. The door bell rang and a very severe looking woman wearing wizarding robes and a pointed hat was revealed to be standing on our doorstep.

  "Hello, you must be James. I am Minerva McGonagall. Is Euphemia here?" Asked the woman.

  "Mum! Someone is here for you!" I called. Mum appeared momentarily with Violet trailing behind.

  "Minnie!" Squealed Mum, hugging the witch. "I haven't seen you since school."

  "Sorry Mia, but I don't have time to chat, I'm just dropping off these." She handed Mum two letters. "Sorry it was short, I still have to drop off letters to most of the muggleborns. Good to see you Mia."

  "You too, Minnie." She turned back to us. "I have a feeling you'll want to open these." She said handing both me and Violet a letter. 

  Vi immediately tore open her letter and scanned it. "Is this a joke?" She asked.

  I was jumping up and down with excitement. "No! It means your a witch, Violet, a witch! Now we both get to go to Hogwarts!" This is too good to be true. Me and my best friend/honorary sister get to learn magic together!

  She looked at me funny. "Magic isn't real, Jamesie." 

  "It is too!" I shot back. "Show her Mum."

  Mum sighed and gave her wand a flick. red sparks flew about us. Violet was ogling at Mum as if she had just grown another head. "I get to learn how to do that? Sweet."

  "Come on Vi, I'm gonna tell you all about houses and magic and quidditch and the candy and Diagon Ally and well, everything!" I said excitedly.

  "You go on ahead, James." Said Mum. "I need to talk to Violet about a few things. 

My hopes were momentarily dashed. "Oh. Okay. Vi? I'll wait for you in my room, kay?" She nodded and I sprinted up the white, shag stairs.

Violet's P.O.V

  At this point everything feels a bit surreal and I'm dazed and confused. This is so cool! This can't be true. I can't believe this is reality! I must be dreaming. Euphemia led me into a different room. "You have to tell your mother."

  I felt everything drain out of me. I shook my head vigorously. "No. You can't make me talk to her. She's an evil hag!"

  "I can talk to her, it's okay. But you have to tell me what to say and you have to be there." She compromised.

  Soon we stood ringing my old door bell and waiting for a monster to emerge. The door swung inwards to reveal Eleanora Blood.

  "So your back." Miss Blood stated.

True to my wishes, Euphemia got right to the point. "Your daughter is a witch." Mother's reaction was surprising.

  "What?! A witch? She can't be. She's muggle born, for the love of God!"

  Euphemia looked about as confused as I felt. "You know about the wizarding world?" She sounded shocked.

  "Of course I do, I'm a witch. I can't believe you're stupid enough you can't tell." Mother was angry.

  She's lying. She hates magic. Always tells me,"Magic isn't real and never will be, go waste your time with something else." "Liar! You've never done any magic! You couldn't hide it for ten years! If you knew about the school you would have told me, I'm your daughter, I would be going anyways!" I yelled. A wave of fear washed over me. I've been bad. Mother will be furious with me. I will be punished.

  She scoffed. "Oh, please. I've been doing magic right under your nose for the last ten years. Leave it to an ignorant muggle not to notice. And about being my daughter. You're not. The only reason you're here and not in some orphanage is that I was forced to raise you. Either that or spend the rest of my life to rot in Azkaban! That was the choice the Ministry of Magic left me with and they only gave me the choice because I was pregnant! You, Violet, mean nothing to me, I never loved you and I never will. I despise the very blood that runs through your veins, I'm the reason your an orphan in the first place! I struck your parents dead in their tracks and watched the life drain out of them. The Ministry got there before I could finish off you. Now you tell me that you're a mudblood?! You are a stain on the face of the wizarding world you shouldn't even exist!" She snarled.

I burst in to tears. This isn't real, this isn't real, this isn't real.

I saw Moth- no, Eleanora, reach around her back for something. Euphemia saw too and she whipped out her wand, as did Eleanora.

"Crucio!" She shrieked, pointing at me. A green jet of light burst from the tip of the wand she was holding.

  Euphemia was faster. "Protego!" the green light was deflected and dispersed. She grabbed onto my arm and I felt like I had become a tube of toothpaste being squeezed. We re-materialized in the Potter's living room. I threw up. I began to bawl even harder and Euphemia wrapped her arms around me. 

   "M-my whole l-l-life has been a l-lie." I sobbed. 

  "I'm so sorry honey." Euphemia comforted. "I won't ever let her hurt you again."

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