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Keeping Up With Roxanne Weasley by Kindlemesilly
Chapter 22 : Graduation is in 4 months, Fred's baby is due in 6.
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‘She’s bonkers if she thinks I’m going to train again today’ I muttered to Dom


‘I HEARD THAT’ shouted Red from downstairs.


I was trying to hide from her all day. She only caught me because I slipped and went downstairs for a glass of water. She chased me back upstairs and started yelling at me.


She goes hard out crazy over Quidditch, I’m telling ya.


Slytherin won last years Cup, so she’s really trying to encourage our team to train harder this week because it’s the semi finals. If we win against them next Saturday, then we’ll only have 10 points to win against Ravenclaw the following week.


If we lose. We need to win against Ravenclaw by at least 200 points.


We’ve been training twice a day every day so far. Today’s Thursday. I just can’t do it anymore. I mean I already went this morning at 5:00am, shouldn’t that be enough. Is there like a union I can speak to about this!


‘SHE’S GONE RO’ yelled my loyal cousin James from downstairs. Dom chuckled and rolled her eyes.


‘This is why I don’t play Qudditch’ she sighed dramatically


‘Shaaaaddddup’ I said throwing a pillow at her as I made my way back down to the common room.


The common room was not so empty today unfortunately. There were no seats left to sit on, well except-


‘James move over !’ I snapped as pushed his legs off the couch. He was sprawled all over the sofa with not a care in the world, while some third year girls were huddled together on one seat next to him.


‘No no’ whispered a third year.


‘Huh’ I said turning around to look at her.


‘He looks so cute when he lays like that’ she giggled. The rest of her friends started giggling too.


James winked, which made the girls swoon like crazy.


‘Kids’ he chuckled.


‘How did you get out of training with Red?’ I demanded realising I never heard Red yell at him for missing training.


‘I have work tonight’ he shrugged.


‘Work?’ I asked ‘Work where? As in homework?’


‘No silly’ said James sitting up. The girls next to me muttered in disappointment. ‘Fred and I got a job yesterday and they told us to start tonight’


‘Wow cool, is that allowed? What type of work is it?’ I asked excitedly.


‘Just dishwasher at Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop’ he shrugged ‘And no it’s not allowed’


‘How did you score that?’ I laughed.


‘Madam Puddifoot’s niece thinks Fred and I are really cute and hot so she practically made up positions for us’ he laughed ‘She’s only young to, in her early 20s I reckon’


‘Don’t you just use magic?’ I asked


‘That’s what I thought. But she said no’’ he shrugged ‘We think she’s a squib or something’


‘How exciting!’ I chirped ‘Next Hogsmeade trip I’ll check it out’


Just then Fred walked through the portrait hole, grinning.


‘What’s up?’ laughed James


‘I just saw what my baby looks like –Here! Look! Look!’ he said thrusting a piece of paper into my hands. It was a black and white scan of a baby.


‘WOAH FRED’ I said ‘WAIT ! How many months is she, this scan is like almost fully formed baby….’


I remembered when Aunt Audrey was pregnant with Lucy and showed us all her first scan. It was just a like a grey bubble peanut in a black background. This scan however had a visible head formation


‘3 months’ beamed Fred.


‘OMG already’ I said


‘WHAT? You’re going to be a dad in 6 months, jeez man I feel like we just found out last week’ said James giving Fred a handshake.

 ‘You did find out last week James’ I said flatly. ‘But wow Fred, congratulations I’m so happy for you! Do you know the sex is yet?’


‘Thanks’ he blushed ‘Nah Shay said she wanted to keep it a surprise. She didn’t really seem interested in the gender to be honest’


‘Oh ok. How’s Shay going anyway? I really need to speak to her properly, I haven’t had one conversation with her in my life and she’s having my niece or nephew in 6 months!’


‘Dude we’re graduating in 4 months!’ said James suddenly. ‘WOW what a year eh?’


‘You’ll meet her properly Ro’ said Fred ‘I’ll make sure of it okay twin, relax’ he laughed.



‘Ro’ snapped Cruz ‘I swear if you leave me doing this stupid project alone-‘


‘You’ll what?’ I said laughing ‘Please, we both know you wouldn’t be able to do anything- HEY!’


Cruz flung a scrunched up piece of paper at me.


‘You were saying?’ he laughed. I stuck my tongue out.


We were in the Ravenclaw invested library again trying to finish our potions project. Okay Cruz was trying to finish our project, I was drawing stick figures in my notepad.


‘So who did the baby look like more, Freddy or Shay?’ asked Cruz as he measured some liquid potion into a bottle.


‘Cruz it currently resembles a baked potato’ I said rolling my eyes ‘You can just make out he or she’s nose and eyes. I reckon it will look like her’


‘Nah I reckon Freddyboy’s genes are pretty strong, I bet it will come out 100% Weasley. Red hair and everything’ chuckled Cruz.


‘Want to go visit her this Saturday. It’s Hogsmeade weekend’ I said brightly. ‘Oh and then we can go see where Fred and James work, at Madam Puddifoots. James reckons the chic who currently owns it is a real weirdo’


‘Sounds like a good plan’ said Cruz smiling. ‘But first help me with this stupid project or you’ll be going to Hogsmeade solo’ he laughed .


‘It’s not a date though’ I randomly blurted out.


I realised how stupid I must have sounded. It just slipped out. I have real bad word vomit.


‘Never said it was babycakes’ laughed Cruz ‘Wow I’m not that desperate and clueless Ro. I would have asked you on a million dates but you told me to back off so I am. I do still have game you know haha I’m Cruz Zabini’ he winked.


I blushed.


‘Okay so what did you need me to do?’ I said shaking it off trying to not draw attention to my extremely red face.


‘Here hold this you tomatohead, while I stir’ he said giving me some Butterbeer to hold. ‘Okay now pour two drops every 3 seconds’


Every 3 seconds I would pour the Butterbeer into the cauldron as Cruz stirred, until the bottle was finished. The cauldron bubbled purple and slowly turned itself into a bright blue fluorescent liquid.


‘I think that’s about done it!’ cried Cruz in excitement.


‘Awesome shall we test it?’ I asked


‘Uh we need more alcohol. It only works when a person is drunk, or at least over the drinking limit’ said Cruz. He carefully poured the cauldron into our potions assessment jar and poured another into a small flask that we could test from.


‘So what do we do now’ I asked


‘We find James, and tell him to hit us up’ grinned Cruz



‘Miss Weasley!’ called Mistress McGonagall from the corridor.


‘Yes Headmistress?’ I said, my heart dropping.


‘I’ll see you later Ro’ said Cruz as he walked the complete opposite direction in a hurry.


‘Mr Zabini, you have one hour to hand in your essay on Human and Magical Creatures Transfiguration. Add another 200 words to your essay for trying to avoid me’ she snapped. I could hear Cruz groaning and of course, laughing.


‘Miss Weasley, follow me’ she said leading the way out of the corridor. I followed her with the feeling of wanting to throw up.


‘Miss Weasley’ she said once we arrived at her office. She gestured me to sit down in the chair in front of her newly polished desk, and offered me a biscuit.


‘Yes’ I squeaked. I hate being in trouble. I never get in trouble. Trouble isn’t me. Trouble is James and Cruz and Fred. Not me. I don’t even know what I did but I know I’m in trouble I can just feel it.

‘I want you to understand firstly, that you are not in trouble’ she half smiled ‘I have called you today to discuss the events of Fred Weasley II and Ashayla Adams, and of Albus Potter’


‘Oh’ I said looking confused.


‘I know you are one of Albus’ closest cousin, and I can see that you have quite a few classes with him. Have you noticed that he hasn’t attended any of them for over a week now?’ she asked peering into my eyes.


‘No…’ I said. To be honest I hadn’t notice Al skip classes. I was to busy doing those damn extra training with Red that I barely paid attention in class which made me do homework overtime to catch up. I can’t believe I didn’t even bother to check if Al was okay..


‘He’s okay thought right?’ I blurted out.


‘Yes he is alive, if that is what you meant’ she said ‘I’ve had him come down to talk to me a couple of times, however he refuses to open up. Now I’ve let this gone for a week now, but he needs to continue to attend his classes if he intends to graduate in June. If he does not attend the next class that he’s schedules in which is….’ She said checking the piece of paper she had laid infront of her. It was Al’s timetable and attendance record.


‘Herbology, ah perfect it’s with you’ she said tartly ‘As I was saying Miss Weasley, if he does not attend Herbology, I will be forced to call his parents and let them take it from here. Hogwarts does not tolerate skiving off classes’


‘Please Headmistress, he doesn’t mean too. It’s just with Scorpius gone and-


‘Yes I know very well about Scorpius and Albus. It’s such a shame Draco Malfoy pulled him from us right before graduation. I’m not surprised Durmstrung had a place and accepted him straight away. Nevertheless, we all have problems; it should not stop us from succeeding. Could you please try talk to Albus and get him to attend his classes again. I really don’t want to see any of my students fail, let alone another Potter again’ said McGonagall glumly.


‘Will James be graduating this year?’ I asked looking horrified by what she said. I couldn’t bare James stay back another year.


‘James Potter, what an absolute turn around’ she said proudly. ‘I am honoured to say that he will indeed be graduating this year if he keep his grades up like they currently are’


I smiled.


‘Now about your brother and Ashayla Abrams, I’ve realised that as she is a student teacher aide, it gives her the same authority as teachers, which also mean she gets the same law abiding rules. We have no choice but to file a report of sexual assault on a minor’


‘NO’ I yelled


‘I beg your pardon?’ she said looking offended.


‘Sorry Headmistress, I didn’t mean to yell’ I said quickly ‘It’s just- You can’t file that, it was consensual on both part, Fred knew what he was doing. You can’t file a report, especially now’ I rambled.


‘And why is that?’ she said, curling her lip


‘Because she’s pregnant’ I blurted


‘Pregnant?’ said McGonagall looking alarmed. ‘I –I need to speak to your brother about this.


She then hastily stood up and opened the door waiting for me to exit.

‘Thank you for your time Miss Weasley and please don’t forget about Albus’ she said briskly.


I slowly stood up.


‘Headmistress… Fred’s not going to be expelled is he?..’ I asked


‘I should hope not’ said McGonagall sadly as she closed the door to her office.



‘Why is your common room always so godaamn cold’ I muttered as Cruz opened the dungeon door for me.


‘Because Roxanne, we’re located under the lake. Oh great and mighty Gryffindor, apologies for the inconvenience.’ said Cruz rolling his eyes.


‘You know it’s a no brainer as to why you guys always have such bad attitudes. I mean this common room always looks so depressing and cold’ I said looking around my surroundings. The Dungoeans are always dark with a splash of green here and there.


‘HA! Bad attitudes? Look who’s talking, I don’t go into YOUR common room and complain about it’s hospitality’ chuckled Cruz


‘Why would you’ I said cheekily ‘You can’t complain about our hospitality. You can complain if there isn’t any, hence why I’m complaining’


‘Cute’ he chuckled. I smiled.


Cruz led me up to the seventh year dormitory, where Al was currently still neglecting the world in.


When I walked in I couldn’t help but gasp outloud.


Al’s section of the room was a complete mess. There were bottles of firewhisky laying everywhere, dirty clothes were spread in all corners of his bedpost, and millions and I mean millions, of scribbled parchments were strewn all over the floor. They looked like letters he tried to write.


Al himself looked like an exact representation of his room. He had purple bags under his eyes, he glasses were dirty, his hair- well his hair has always been messy but it seems to be unwashed messy looking now. He was siting by the window ledge just staring outside.


‘Al.. look who’s here to see you’ said Cruz softly ‘Ro is here’




‘Jeez Ro, could you have been any more sensitive?’ chuckled Cruz as Al flinched.


‘Sensitive my ass! Al get up. This is totally unhealthy!’ I snapped as I picked up his clothes off the floor.


‘Ro get out ’ he said flatly


‘No, you need to get up and shake this depressing attitude of yours off’ I said ‘You need to come to classes’


‘OMG just leave me alone Ro’ he scowled.


‘Al’ I said more firmly as I walked over to him. He refused to look at me so I edged around the window ledge so that he could not avoid my face. ‘Al listen to me…. You’re about this close to getting kicked out of Hogwarts’


‘So?’ he scowled ‘Like I give a flying-‘


‘Scorp is enrolled at Durmstrung now’ I said firmly ‘He’s not coming back’ I realised Al was sitting at the window ledge because he was looking at the front door below. He was waiting for Scorp to enter.


‘He’s not- how do you know?’ snapped Al


I sighed ‘Headmistress told me. She asked to talk to me because she was worried about you and Fred. And that’s when she said Draco had enrolled Scorp at Durmstrung’


He stayed quiet.


‘Al’ I said softly ‘The reason I’m pushing you right now, is because I know Scorp wouldn’t have wanted you to fail your last year. And from experience, I know moping around all day does absolute shxt all for you except drain every ounce of hope and happiness you have left. So have a shower, get dressed, apologize to your Professors, and then come to our common room so that we can think of ways for you to communicate with Scorp. You have my word okay?’


Al smirked and stood up. He roamed around his bedroom looking for clean clothes. He managed to find some that apparently didn’t smell as bad as the others. I almost had an anxiety attack.


‘Your dads still an effen wanker though’ he said to Cruz before he went into the bathroom.


‘Mate couldn’t have said it better myself’ he shrugged laughing. Cruz then walked around to his four post bed, which was a lot tidier than Albus’ I might ad, and pulled open his draws.


‘What are you looking for?’ I asked.


‘Just getting my uniform ready, VIP training tonight’ he said


‘You’re VIP? What ? Since when?’ I spluttered. God this VIP thing really ticks me off bloody captains and vjice cpatains, who do they think that are?!


‘Since Scorp left, he was our Captain remember. Graham Malloy went from Vice to Captain, he then asked me to take his old place’ he shrugged ‘I said no at first and told him to ask Al, and he did. Al said he didn’t want it so I took it.


He pulled off his shirt.


Ask me the difference between what I think of Ted’s body and Cruz’s body and I’ll tell you if it weren’t for their skin colour, there wouldn’t be a damn difference. They were both supporting well-formed stomach and arm muscles.


He then sprayed himself with deodorant, which gave him that delicious chocolate smell.


I felt sick.


Cruz still doesn’t know about Ted and I during Easter. Ted still doesn’t know about Cruz and I during the party….


‘Cruz, I’ll meet you at lunch okay?’ I said quickly as I hurried out the door


‘Ro are you okay?’ I heard him ask before I bolted.


‘YEP I’M FINE!’ I yelled back as I ran up the dungeons steps and into the nearest bathroom. I through open the stall door and made it just in time to throw up inside the toilet bowl.



‘Well, well, well, if it isn’t my favourite cupcake and jelly pudding’ snickered Lucas Dierre. He had just emerged out of the change rooms in full Ravenclaw uniform, with Chris Gayle laughing behind him.


Dani shifted uncomfortably in her seat.


I rolled my eyes and ignored them. They made kissing noises.


‘Hey beautiful, do you want to come to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?’ shouted Lucas


‘Nope’ I said flatly.


‘What about you thunder thighs? Want to share a candybar at Honeydukes? I promise to give you the bigger half?’ he chortled. Dani flipped her middle finger at him.


‘Why do they insist on picking at us every time we come watch the VIP training?’ said Dani as Chris and Lucas walked off chuckling. I watched James and Red walk out onto the pitch looking eager to train. Chris and Lucas immediately stopped laughing when they saw James.


‘No idea, they’re morons Dani. They’re from bloody Ravenclaw, what do you expect? I said.


Graham Malloy and Cruz had walked out of the changing room followed by Hufflepuffs Captain Penelope Smith and Vice captain Holly Macmillan.


Ted walked out soon after with some man I’ve never seen before, but he was wearing the same coaching uniform Ted had so it’s probably someone here to help him with the training. He waved when he saw me. I waved back.


We watched them mount their brooms and fly around the stadium for warm ups. Ted then blew his whistle and showed them different drills to use. They all split up and trained with each other using different skills.


‘So how’s everything with you Ro? I feel like I haven’t spoke to you properly in awhile?’ said Dani


‘Still the same old same old to be honest. The situation with Cruz and Ted is still the usual, nothings changed there. I can’t think of anyways to help Al get in touch with Scorp, we’ve literally tried everything. And this whole thing about Fred being pregnant with Shay is giving me anxiety. God my parents don’t even know yet’ I said gripping my face.


‘Oh yeah I heard about Fred and Shay’ said Dani darkly. ‘Honestly I’m not surprised; she always seemed like loose cannon. It was only a matter of time before she dug herself into a big hole’


‘Jeez did they put that in the paper too? Was there a whole biography on this chic that I missed or something?’ I grunted


‘No’ said Dani ‘…She’s my cousin’


I choked on my saliva.


‘I’m sorry what?! Your cousin?? What do you mean your cousin?! How do I not know about this?’ I sputtered trying to regain my breath again. ‘Why haven’t you told me about her?’


‘Doesn’t mean anything’ scowled Dani. She flicked her hair over her shoulders and sighed. ‘She’s my cousin by blood. That’s all that really connects us’


‘Don’t you like her?’ I asked thinking about Fred.


‘I don’t know her’ shrugged Dani ‘She’s my cousin because my mum and her mum are sisters. My mum never really liked her sister and I have no idea as to why. But I don’t really care. They weren’t they’re when my mum died. It’s like we don’t exist. I’ve never really spoken to Ashayla, all I know is that she’s rich, with a powerful political family that never included us’


‘Does she know that you’re cousins though?’ I asked


‘Yeah she knows. If I know, then she knows’ muttered Dani.


‘So Fred’s baby is technically related to you?’ I said happily ‘ WOW we’re going to family Dani!!’


‘Well that’s one way to look at it’ said Dani laughing as I hugged her.


‘Well I’m going to meet your cousin for the first time properly this weekend. I’ve only ever seen her as a teacher aide in my Potions class. HA ! Now that I think about it, she was always partnered with Fred for everything. Even after class hours. I highly doubt they ever spent their time together studying’ I snickered


‘Well goodluck’ she smiled.


We watched the VIP training until Ted blew his final whistle and they all descended down. They looked exhausted, but nowhere near as exhausted as Red and James. I told Red those extra training nights were going to eventually take a toll on her! She looked completely on the verge of breaking point. They all marched themselves to the change rooms, drenched in sweat and mud. Ted however walked towards us grinning.


‘Have you been avoiding me?’ he laughed


‘No’ I lied. ‘I was starting to think you were avoiding me!’ AHHH the good reverse psychology, he wont even see it coming.


He rolled his eyes ‘Reverse psychology has never worked on me Roxanne. Anyway I’m not here to badger you with my pitiful love and adoration so you can keep your hairnet on haha. I actually came to show you this’ he smiled ‘Look what I just realised I could do while I was flying’


He extended out his arm and concentrated his eyes really hard. His skin colour began changing colour, it went from light skin, to fair skin, to tan, to dark, then it shifted to blue, then green, red, pink, white, purple, orange.


‘You look like Yzabel ‘ giggled Dani. Ted started laughing and his orange skin tone automatically turned back to his usual fair skin colour.


‘I guess those lessons with Alana really paid off’ I said laughing.


‘I wouldn’t say paid off, but it did have some upside to it. I’ve been trying to Metamorph facial features but it’s really hard’ he sighed ‘I only fluked it now because I was wondering about something stupid’


‘Haha something stupid like what?’


Ted blushed


‘Ah… I was wondering what would Red look like if she were sunburnt. And then I had a train of thought about my hair being red and I had sunburnt pink skin. And before I knew it my skin started turning pink’ he said blushing. ‘Then once I realised I could turn pink, I concentrated turning into different shades of colour’


‘Wow’ I said impressed ‘You’re really learning how to metamorph. Good job Ted’ I smiled encouragingly.


He beamed.


‘Anyways I’ll see you girls later, I better get changed’ he said waving goodbye as he walked into the change rooms.


‘Did you notice?’ giggled Dani


‘-That his skin turned bright green when I gave him a compliment? I giggled ‘Yep I did’



Thanks everyone for still keeping up with this story ! I hope you liked this chapter, please don't forget to review or comment about how you're liking it so far :D I love reading them all. Lots of love - Kindlemesilly x

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Keeping Up With Roxanne Weasley: Graduation is in 4 months, Fred's baby is due in 6.


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