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Keeping Up With Roxanne Weasley by Kindlemesilly
Chapter 21 : The Backfired Experiment
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I couldn’t sleep. Harry and Ginny, came back around 9pm to let us know that they found Al back at the Potter house with James. They said that he was fine physically… emotionally …he was a complete wreck.


Poor Al, the more I thought about it the more, I kept thinking about maybe what Lily said was right. What if Scorp was too scared to stand up to Draco. What if Scorp changes persona in the long run. What if my poor cousin stays heartbroken for the rest of his life…


And this why I can’t sleep.


Trying carefully not to wake up Dom who was sleeping next to me, I tiptoed down stairs to pour myself a bowel of cereal. Cocopops always make me fall asleep.


‘JESNVUEW CHRIST WEOKNV1!’ I yelled ‘You scared the living daylights out of me what are you doing up?’


Ted was sitting at the kitchen table with nothing but a pair of pyjamas pants.


‘I can’t sleep’ chuckled Ted ‘Sorry for scaring you. Didn’t think anybody else would be up’


‘I can’t sleep either’ I said shrugging. I grabbed out a bowl and spoon out of the pantry. But there were no cocopops in sight. ‘Aww Nana must not buy them anymore’ I moaned walking back to the table.


‘If you’re looking for the cocopops they’re here, same as the milk’ said Ted


‘You eat cocopops at night too?’ I laughed helping myself to some.


‘Makes me sleep faster’ he shrugged.


‘Oh yeah I forgot you love them. Haha remember we use to sneak around to eat them as kids?’ I said smiling


Ted started chuckling ‘Yeah, to the point where we would hide the box from everybody else under the box in the broom closet’


‘Wow feels like ages ago’ I sighed ‘Everything was so simple back then’


Ted frowned. ‘Not for some of us…’


‘Sorry…’ I said remembering how he was forced to live with the Malfoys.


‘It’s not like they were bad people’ he said but I snorted


‘Did you not see what happened today with Scorp and Draco?’ I sneered


‘Astoria, Narcissa and Scorp are kindhearted. They’ve always been. Draco is aswell but it’s like he tries so hard to hide it and be someone who is isn’t. He was like that whenever Lucius would say something stupid about blood status, or like today for example, when Blaise would say something homophobic, it’s like he puts a front and acts like a dxckhead. Draco… he…. he just cares way too much about what others think of him’ said Ted


‘Poor Draco’ I said sarcastically. Ted laughed.


‘Yeah I know’ he said understandingly. ‘I wanted to punch his head in myself, but I had to hold onto Al. I wouldn’t put it past Albus to throw an unforgivable curse at him if I had let him go’


‘Yeah you’re probably right’ I said ‘God I just can’t stop thinking about Al’


‘Same’ said Ted sadly ‘He’s like a younger brother to me, all the Potter kids are’


‘Well what about us?’ I frowned


‘Ro...’ he laughed ‘I’m inlove with you, I can’t think of you as a sister you egg’


‘Oh yeah….’ I mumbled. I played with my spoon and now empty bowl. I really didn’t feel like visiting that part of my heart yet. The choice between Cruz and Ted.. kill me...


‘Don’t think about it’ said Ted with a kind smile ‘I know you’re in limbo between Cruz and I still, do me a favour Ro… Ignore us… Just do whatever it is you want to be happy, when the time comes you’ll know who or what you’ll want. Don’t feel sorry for us , we’re big boys’ he laughed.


‘Thanks’ I said smiling ‘Cruz said something similar yesterday’


‘Ha’ said Ted ‘I’m sure he did’ he rolled his eyes.


‘Maybe we should go to bed now’ I sighed. ‘It’s getting late, and we have a long as train ride tomorrow’


‘Okay, wait for me, I’ll just wash these dishes real quick’ Ted said as he collect our bowls and washed them in the sink.


‘If we’re going to be doing chores muggle style they should at least try invest in getting a dishwasher’ I muttered collecting our phones that were on the table.


‘Yeah no worries, Nana would love that’ he said chuckling


‘Pop Arthur would though’ I said smiling. He laughed.


We walked upstairs together, Ted was sleeping alone in Ginny’s old room, whereas I shared my dads old room with Dom, Red, and Lily.


‘Hey how they hell did you get your own room at the burrow, while the rest of us are squashed like sardines’


‘I don’t know’ laughed Ted quietly ‘Take it up with the landlord’


‘Oh it’s because James and Al are back at their own home’ I said smacking my head with my hand


‘You really thought I’d be entitled to my own room at the Burrow?’ laughed Ted


‘Alright, alright, settle down there Lupin’ I said as Ted kept laughing quietly. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow goodnight’


‘Night Ro’ he said smiling.


He continued walking upstairs as I closed my bedroom door.


I realised I had Ted’s phone still.


Now I know how bad it is to invade someone’s privacy. I totally know how wrong I’d be if I had just a teensy peek.


Who knows maybe going through his phone was meant to be….


Okay it’s totally not meant to be.. but a little peek won’t hurt…..


Ted’s phone thankfully didn’t have a lock on it. I opened up to the messages.


There was a text thread with Alana


Alana: Screw you for playing with my head

Ted: I’m sorry, I was in a bad place and used you. But I’m working on myself.

Alana: As if you run out on me…

Ted: Ro and I aren’t cousins… I love her and I screwed up. You’ll find someone one day Alana but it’s just not me… sorry

Alana: ….


A text thread from Victoire


Vic: Teddy why don’t you just fxck her off and come back to me

Vic: Teddy are you there?

Vic: Are you seriously never going to reply to me


A thread from James


James: Yo I’m coming

Ted: Bro where are you

James: Ted can borrow the map


I realised in his drafts however there were DRAFTS (384)

I opened them up to find every single draft message was a text that was meant to be sent to …well me.


‘Ro I’m so sorry for getting angry with you…’

‘I love you…’

‘I don’t know what to say, I fxcked up.. ‘

‘I miss you so much..’

‘Please don’t hate me…’


There were lot of those types of texts, as well as song lyrics.


His last draft text, that he wrote last night:


‘And I don’t know what it is that has got me hooked on you. But I can’t get your fingerprints off my heart, or your touch off my skin. All I know is that every night I lay there missing you. Craving you. Needing you’


I couldn’t read anymore.


I marched myself right up to his bedroom and entered without knocking.


‘Why didn’t you send these texts to me’ I demanded ‘Oh ummm shxt sorry..uh’


Ted was lying on his bed reading, with just jocks on...


‘You went through my phone?’ Ted asked as he covered himself.


‘Yep’ I said shamelessly


He started smiling ‘You still care about me’


I ignored him ‘Why didn’t you send these texts?’


‘I couldn’t’ he sighed ‘You hated me, and you were happy. I couldn’t send you my pitiful messages and confuse you even more’


‘I would have still liked to read them’ I said stubbornly.


‘Ro, be honest. Would it have made a difference to where we stand now..’ he said quietly.


‘Maybe’ I said though I really have no idea if it would have.


I handed him his phone back to which he threw it on the floor.


‘I don’t care about my phone’ he chuckled.


‘Why are you smiling like a goofball’ I laughed


‘Because you still care about me’ he grinned. His grin started giving me butterflies. I sat on his bed and put my head on his shoulder. He hugged me and kissed my head.


Looking up I found his lips and pulled him for a kiss. He hesitated.


‘Ro..’ but I stopped him from talking as I went in for another kiss. He didn’t hesitate anymore. He pulled me in, his lips trailed from my lips down my neck and across my collarbone. It sent shivers up my spine.


Without releasing our kiss, I unbuttoned my pyjama top and shook my pants down.


He stopped immediately when he realised I had nothing but my bra and knickers on.


‘You don’t love me Ro… I don’t want to take it from you…’ he said firmly.


I ignored him.


‘Ro’ he moaned as kissed his neck ‘Stop stop stop’ he stood up.


‘I can’t take it from you… you promised you would give it to someone you love…’


Again I ignored him. I pulled him back onto the bed. He lay on top of me staring into my eyes.


I undid my bra but he continued to stare into my eyes.


‘I love you’ he said as he kissed me deeply.



‘Ro…’I head someone whisper.


‘Mmm’ I said with my eyes closed


‘Ro!’ the person whispered again but it sounded closer. I felt my body being shaken.


‘OMG DOM !’ I said as I opened my eyes to her face over my head.


‘SHHH’ she said ‘You’re mum is looking for you... I said you were out for a walk….’


‘Oh shxt what time is it?!’ I asked as I slide out of bed to not wake Ted up. He was still snoring lightly on the pillow.


‘I brought your clothes, get dressed and come downstairs before they notice you were up here’ she whispered.


I quickly got dressed and slide out the room.


‘There you are, where have you been’ said my mum as I walked into the kitchen.


‘Uh I went for a walk and then I went to go wake up Teddy’ I lied.


‘Are your bags packed?’ she said.


‘Almost’ I said.


‘Well go hurry up and finish packing your bags’ she said


I didn’t need telling twice. To be honest I just really wanted to have time to myself to think about what I just did.


I had sex with two guys in the space-time of a week. Two in a week!?


That makes me officially much worse than Victoire and Yzabel put together.


I packed the last of my things and hurled my suitcase out the bedroom door.


Upon the landing I bumped into Ted who was stretching.


‘There you are…’ he yawned ‘Uh… it wasn’t a dream last night was it?’


‘No’ I said fake smiling. He grinned.


‘Ro… you’re amazing’ he said breathlessly ‘I’m so addicted to you it’s not funny’


I fake smiled again.


‘Listen I have to go the bathroom, I’ll see you downstairs’ I said. He nodded still smiling.


I hurried to the bathroom and slammed the door shut, sliding down the door.


OK OK I know how annoying this is all getting, trust me I know.


I slept with Cruz to prove to myself that I was over Ted, which I wasn’t.


I slept with Ted to prove to myself that I wasn’t falling for Cruz, which I am.


I’m back at square one.


My experiment backfired on me. If I wasn’t confused before I sure as hell am now. NOT ONLY DO I FEEL GUILTY ABOUT BETRAYING CRUZ LIKE THAT, I FEEL GUILTY LYING TO TED AND PRETENDING TO BE A VIRGIN.


What the hell am I suppose to do now?


Splashing myself with water I washed my face and walked out of the bathroom with a plastered on smile.



 ‘Well… so now that you’ve had a taste of both Cruz and Ted, have you made a choice yet?’ whispered Dom as we tried to find an empty carriage.


‘No’ I sighed ‘I’m a mess’                              


‘Mmhmm’ smirked Dom. I stuck my tongue out at her.


We found a carriage with just Al sitting alone in it. He looked absolutely miserable with dark rings around his eyes.


‘Al...’ I said creeping into the carriage quietly, but he just ignored me and stared out the window. I sat next to him anyway, like the annoying cousin I am and I dropped my head on his shoulder. He didn’t move or say anything.


‘Al’ said Dom softly. ‘We’ll help find a way to get in contact with him Al… we promise’


Albus scoffed.



When we met up at the station earlier, Dom, Red and I raced around the platform looking for Scorp.


Neither Scorpius, nor the Malfoy’s, were at Kinds Cross station like they normally would have been.


It seems as if Draco’s threat was legitimate. Nothings official yet but it really does seem like he pulled Scorp out of Hogwarts like he said he would.


‘Al…’ I said again but he tensed up and shifted his body away from me, still staring out the window.


I hope to god Scorp’s already at Hogwarts or something, waiting for Al…



‘Hey I’ve been looking everywhere for you… are you avoiding me Roxanne’ chuckled Ted .


‘No…’ I said quietly, although I totally was. To be fair I was avoiding Cruz as well.


‘Still can’t decide huh…’ said Ted softly.


‘What…?’ I squeaked


‘Ro it’s okay’ he chuckled. ‘I’ll wait’


‘Wait for what…?’ I asked. He shrugged his shoulders.


‘I don’t know’ he said ‘for whatever you want. If it’s easier for you to NOT avoid me by being friends, then friends we can be’


I grinned.


‘Listen, we have an emergency Student Teacher Aide meeting’ he said rolling his eyes. ‘Can we talk about it later?’ he smiled.


‘Okay’ I smiled. He picked up my hands and kissed them as he hurriedly walked off.


God I have no idea what that was, but I’m glad there’s no pressure. I really don’t know what I want, and to be honest really don’t care at the moment.


I need to help Al and Fred.


They needed me.



‘Ro, can you stop bloody pacing up and down, it’s making me dizzy’ snapped Dom


I rolled my eyes and continued pacing. Fred and Shay have been in the Headmistress’ office for almost 2 hours now. I’ve over thought every possible worst-case scenario in my head. I only just need some peaceful closure now to relax.


‘He’ll be alright Rocky, he always is’ laughed James


We were sitting around the lounges near the fireplace in the Gryffindor Common Room waiting for Fred. It was 9:00PM and most of the Gryffies had already gone to sleep with the exception of us of course and Cruz. Al, however said he was to tired and refused to leave his dorm in Slytherin apparently, according to Cruz.  


‘James, I’m going to bed now, I’m so sorry I’m like super tired’ said Dani kissing him. He blushed so hard as he watched her walk upstairs to the dorms.


‘Dudeee you look like a tomato’ laughed Cruz who was laying back on a beanbag.


‘Oi don’t act is if you don’t get the same stupid look with my cousin’ laughed James. They both started cracking up. I gave James the finger.


Samuel started laughing aswell, which made James instantly stop.


‘Don’t laugh Samuel’ he said seriously


‘Come on man, when will you let it go already’ chucked Sam as he held Lily’s hand.


‘When I want’ said James stiffly.


‘So how did it go with her dad anyway? Reckon he likes you?’ interrupted Red who was lying on top of Dom’s lap.


‘Guess you could say that’ shrugged James


‘Wow the detail in that was mindblowing’ chuckled Lily with hand gestures of explosions from her head.


‘Want to know what else is mindblowing Lil?’ snapped James


We all groaned loudly. 


‘Not again James please’ sighed Dom.


‘My sister is snogging with one of my ex best friends I’m just not having –‘


‘FREDD!’ I yelled as portrait swung open. Fred walked in looking miserable. Everybody stoped bickering behind me and sat up properly to listen.


‘Fred…’ I said slowly.


‘Shay has been fired..’ he said glumly ‘And she’s keeping the baby…’



‘Who’s baby??!’

‘Who’s pregnant?

‘Who is shay??!’


‘Everyone shut up’ I shouted ‘Um congrats Fred….’ I said smiling awkwardly.


He awkwardly smiled and looked extremely nervous


‘They’re going to kill me’ he shrugged.


‘You’re mum might, but I doubt Uncle Georgie will. I mean he won’t mind that much’ laughed James, but Fred just shook his head. I looked up at Cruz who was looking at me with the same facial expression I had.


‘Not my parents’ sighed Fred ‘Hers, and her husband. And probably the media..’


‘Why would –‘began Dom. Red dropped her mouth open




Fred nodded.


‘Isn’t she married to the one of the Abrams’ boys?’ asked Lily. Fred rolled his eyes.


‘Look guys, I know I screwed up I’m not going over this again tonight. I don’t need another lecture especially from you lot. What’s done is done. Yes I had an affair with Shay Shacklebot Abrams. Yes she was married. Yes she is pregnant with my kid. Yes she’s keeping it’ shouted Fred with his hands behind his head staring at the sky. He honestly looked like he was going to break down and cry but didn’t know how too.


‘How are you going to see her during the pregnancy if she’s fired?’ I asked timidly. Fred shrugged his shoulders looking sad.


‘Don’t tell me you’re inlove with her after sleeping around with that French puff pastry all bloody weekend’ laughed Red. Fred glared at her.


‘Does Adam Abrams know?’ I asked before Fred completely looses his marbles.


‘I don’t think so, well not yet... I don’t know’ sighed Fred ‘I’m thinking of asking her to stay in Hogsmede during the duration of the pregnancy… I just don’t have any money…’


Without hesitation we all reached into our wallets and purses pulling out everything and anything we could find to help. Cruz ran out to force Al out of bed to help, Lily went to go find Victoire, Ted and Molly.


‘Don’t worry about the younger kids I doubt they’ll have any money’ I grinned.


Fred grinned so brightly it almost broke my heart. The happy heartbreak kind.


James pulled out a small sack of Galleons, Sam and Dom each gave a handful more.


Red gave him a bag of Galleons.


‘Serious Red?’ said Fred smiling excitedly ‘I thought you hated me because of Yzabel’


‘Dude I hate Yzabel’ laughed Red ‘You’re my cousin, of course I love you’ she said as she gave him noogie.


Cruz returned with a sack of Galleons from Al and a bigger sack from himself.

‘Al said just take it all…’ Cruz said quietly.


‘He still not getting out of bed is he?’ asked James


‘Nah man, I tried..’ said Cruz glumly ‘I’ll try harder tomorrow..’


Ted, Vic, and Molly returned with Lily in tow looking alarmed.


‘Hey what’s wrong?!’ asked Ted ‘Lily didn’t explain she just said to follow her back here. Is everyone all right?’ he said looking around.


‘Cute PJ’s Lupin’ said Cruz. Ted was wearing only pyjama pants. I realised how much of a strong vline definition he had. Victoire must have just noticed as well because she was staring at him like she’s never looked at him before. He however completely ignored her.


Red recounted the story to save Fred from retelling it again.


‘So that’s why we woke you guys up sorry. Got any money to help pitch in?’


‘Jeez Lil you should have told me to at least bring my wallet’ Ted laughed ‘I don’t have anything on me at the moment but I can give you 20 Galleons, is that enough or do you need more?’


‘HOLY SHIT 20 GALLEONS!’ shouted Fred ‘Damn where did you get the money from?’


‘I can save I guess’ Ted shrugged grinning.


‘I can give you maybe 5’ said Molly.


‘Wow Molly 5 Galleons!’ said Lily smiling


‘No, 5 Knuts’ snickered Molly ‘I’m not helping you Fred, this is your own problem’


Victoire started laughing


‘Me neither. I came here because I thought someone died or something. This’ she said looking at Fred ‘is you own doing. I don’t care about your babymama Fred. Fix your own shxt’


‘What-‘ said Fred looking absolutely gobsmacked.


‘Excuse me?’ I snapped looking at Victoire


‘You expect me to help you after all the shit you all put me through at my own engagement party? HA! You chose him over me’ she scoffed pointing to Ted. ‘I don’t care if any of you are in trouble, so don’t come crawling to me for help. I’m done with you lot’


‘GET OUT !’ snapped Red to Victoire and Molly.


‘Gladly’ smirked Victoire. Molly scuttled behind her avoiding Red’s scorching eyes. If there is one of us that’s completely afraid of Red it’s Molly.


‘You, are a selfish bitch!’ I yelled to Victoire just as she was about to exit the portrait hole.


She stopped and turned around.


‘Sweetie’ she smirked ‘I never tried to be anyone else’


The portrait hole slammed shut.


Just like our tolerance for Victoire and Molly.


‘And I don’t know what it is that has got me hooked on you. But I can’t get your fingerprints off my heart, or your touch off my skin. All I know is that every night I lay there missing you. Craving you. Needing you’
Quote written by -A.d.c @1anothergirl11 via tumblr

Hey guys so this is the last Roxanne triangle love chapter that I will post for awhile. I had to, for the ending to make sense haha!
These next chapters she will be focussing on the drama of Fred, Al and Victoire.
Thanks so much for reading
Please don't forget to leave a review ! xxx kindlemesilly

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