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Broken by Yasmin93
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight - Revelations
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"Sirius!" Brooke's shocked voice was barely a whisper. At that point all she could do was hope that he hadn't seen what Avery did to her, but the repulsion in his eyes told her otherwise.

Sirius' eyes darkened as they darted back and forth between Brooke and Avery, finally resting on the shivering red head. He had seen her in some states over their final year at school but nothing compared to this.

Her normal rosy complexion drained of all colour, making her look as though she was extremely ill. Those eyes that he had been spending so much time trying to bring back to life were completely dead again; just like they were on the journey at the beginning of the year. Her whole body was shaking so much that it was hard to ignore.

Lily rushed over to Brooke and wrapped her in a hug. "Are you okay?" She whispered into Brooke's ear, her green eyes were wide with fright and Brooke couldn't work out which of the two was shaking more violently.

Without removing her eyes from Sirius' penetrating gaze she nodded at Lily before pulling away from her. "I'll be fine." She made her way over to Sirius but he walked past her, his wand still pointed at Avery.

"Piss off, Avery! Before I do to you what you did to Anderson!" He clenched his jaw as his fist started going white around his wand. There was something almost crazed in his eyes that made Avery do just that, throwing one last apologetic glance at Brooke before he scrambled away.

Something about looking at the boy on the floor stirred something within Sirius. He wanted to kill him. Not just kill him, he wanted him to feel pain. The pain that he had just put Brooke through to be exact.

Sirius' dislike for Avery had never been a secret, in fact they often went out of their way to hex each other. This time though, what Sirius was feeling wasn't familiar. He had never been so worked up about a Slytherin hurting someone else. And for that person to be Brooke made it even harder for him to understand what was going on.

As he turned around Sirius put his wand away in his cloak. His eyes landed on Brooke who was still unable to drag her scared eyes away from him. In that moment Sirius thought back to the vulnerable, fragile girl that James was worrying about so much. A girl that he couldn't let come back. He'd worked so hard to bring the girl his best friend loved back, he couldn't risk losing her again.

Sirius turned to Lily and Ryan, who were both still in shock. "You two should go to The Three Broomsticks. We'll meet you there in a minute. I just need a quick word with Anderson." His face was completely devoid of all emotion which made Lily worry even more about what was going to go on between the pair.

Ryan seemed quite happy with letting Sirius take over his date as he stood with wide eyes and nodding at Sirius. He too had lost all his colour, but somehow he managed to look in a worse state than Brooke was.

Lily was about to open her mouth to object until she took a look at Sirius' expression. It was obvious he wouldn't be taking no as an answer. Sending a small smile in Brooke's direction she more or less dragged Ryan away from Brooke and Sirius before the latter exploded with them still there.

"It's not what it looked like." Brooke said as soon as they were alone not giving Sirius the chance to get a word it. They both knew that it was bullshit but it was the only thing Brooke could think to say. She needed time to think about how she was going to explain what happened. She needed time to either make up some story that would get Sirius off her back, or she could finally tell someone the truth about her and Avery.

"So Avery didn't just use an unforgivable curse on you?" It was obvious Sirius was fuming by the way he spat his words at Brooke. Brooke flinched back at the venom in them and Sirius realised that she thought he was angry with her. Yet, she was the last person he was angry with. He was angry about what had happened to her, that he couldn't do anything to stop it sooner so she didn't have to go through that pain. He was angry that he had to listen to what he could now admit was the worst sound he had ever heard. Her screams of agony.

Her blue eyes moved to the floor as she looked for the right words to explain what happened. "No, he did." Her voice cracked as she realised that it was going to be impossible to lie to Sirius. Something that she didn't understand because she had never felt the urge to tell him the truth before. There was something in his eyes that made Brooke want to open up to him completely, but she decided that he only cared because of her relationship to James.

"And you didn't run to make sure he was alright, even after he used it on you?" He couldn't even begin to imagine what had gone through her head in that moment. He couldn't understand how she wanted to help someone who had caused her so much torturous pain just moments before.

"Listen, Sirius. At the end of the day he has been a huge part of my life for a very long time." Brooke decided to just tell the truth about everything. Her brain had been working in overdrive trying to figure out a way to get herself out of this situation but this was the only way. Brooke had known so from the moment she'd laid her eyes on him. "I can't just cut someone out of my life like that."

"He used the cruciatus curse on you! How can you still feel anything other than hate towards the bloke?" Brooke flinched away at the venom in his voice. Venom she assumed was aimed at her for still being in cahoots with her Tommy.

"Well you made it impossible for me to find out why!" Brooke took a step toward, squaring up to Sirius, hoping to intimidate him into leaving her alone. It didn't work and Sirius' stance never wavered.

Instead, he closed the gap between them, glaring down at Brooke, leaving barely an inch between them. "You shouldn't want to find out. Look at the facts. He hurt you, end of!" Unable to control the volume of his voice, Sirius ended up shouting the more he spoke. For some reason that he couldn't explain or even understand the thought of anyone hurting Brooke filled him with rage. No matter how much he tried to understand why he just couldn't figure it out. They had never been close, or friends for that matter. Yet there he was angry because she'd been hurt in ways no one should go through.

"But you don't understand what he's having to go through!" Brooke's voice grew in volume too. Her whole body shook in rage as she saw red. Sirius of all people should know what she was talking about. He had grown up with exactly the same upbringing as Avery. Their parents views were the same. Their discipline methods where extremely similar. She had hoped that if anyone would understand where she was coming from it would be the guy standing in front of her.

"You forget who my family is, Brooke." His voice went from full of anger to full of sadness as he finally understood what she was trying to say. "It wouldn't matter how much I felt pressured into living a certain life, I would never hurt someone I cared about the way he hurt you."

Brooke's heart fluttered at Sirius' words. As her gaze landed on his she tried to work out what it was she was seeing in his eyes. It was something she had never witnessed in them before, yet it looked vaguely familiar. Unsure what to do with the rest of her body at the close distance between the two, she almost hugged herself, one hand wrapping around her upper arm.

"I would rather he do it to me over anyone else that was there. He knows that." Her voice was soft again as the couple calmed down. It was the truth, she'd only feel terrible if Avery had hurt any of her friends. And she wouldn't know if she would ever be able to forgive him. That was the only reason he did it to her. She was sure of it.

"That doesn't excuse what he did." Without thinking what he was doing Sirius tucked a stray bit of hair behind Brooke's ear causing her breath of visibly hitch. Noticing her breathing a small smile formed on his mouth. Not one of his cocky, arrogant ones. Or one of his smiles that he uses to pull girls. It was a new smile that Brooke hadn't seen yet. A smile that Brooke automatically returned without thinking. A smile that sent shivers down her spine.

"Why would you want a reason from him anyway? I thought you and him weren't friends." His hand lingered on Brooke's face, his thumb stroking her cheek. Neither of them could figure out what was going on. Both a bit weirded out by what was going on. They never touched. Not like this anyway.

"I...It's...We've been in contact." Brooke stammered, deciding honesty was the best policy in every aspect, even if it was going to make so many people not talk to her. It was too late to lie at this point anyway.

Sirius backed away from Brooke, his eyebrows knitted together as confusion washed over his face before it was replaced with realisation. He had suspected it before, but for some reason had taken Brooke's fake excuse rather than chasing it up like he usually did. "What?"

"We never stopped talking." She admitted, trying to work out what Sirius was thinking as he suddenly became cold and closed off.

A bemused laugh came from Sirius. "You're kidding me?" But Brooke didn't answer him. Not trusting her voice she shook her head instead. "I was right the whole time. And you've been lying to Prongs this whole time? Even after what that snake did?"

"You don't understand. That had nothing to do with Tommy!" Brooke was desperate now, hoping to get through to Sirius as quickly as possible. If she couldn't, she knew it was only a matter of time before he spoke to James about it and she couldn't risk losing James. "He wasn't there!"

"You don't know that!" Sirius was so close to seeing red that Brooke thought smoke was going to shoot out of his ears any second.

Now he was angry at Brooke. For lying to his best friend. For lying to him. He understood that they weren't friends but he at least expected some honesty. Especially from Brooke. She had never been one to lie for people. And by saying that Avery couldn't possibly have been there was a lie. It had to be. Or so he thought.

Brooke sighed, her stomach doing cartwheels as her eyes fell to the floor. For some reason she could bring herself to look at Sirius, not wanting to see his reaction. "He was with me that night."

"Doing what?" Sirius asked, not understanding where Brooke was going with this.

Brooke glanced up at him shyly, not wanting to say. He was the first person she had even told about that night and she was yet to actually say it out loud.

"You and Avery?" Sirius' eyes were wide with shock. That was the last thing he had expected her to say. "If that's true why didn't you at least tell James that's what happened?"

"Tommy asked me not to." Sirius just looked expectantly at Brooke whilst he waited for her to continue. "If anyone found out he was spending time with me, especially like that, he would have ended up looking worse than you did when you ended up at James' that day." Brooke's cheeks went red at topic of her love life. She was a personal person. She always strived on making sure people, especially Sirius Black, knew as little about her life as possible. Yet there she was revealing one of her deepest secrets to him.

The look on Sirius' face was nothing like Brooke had imagined. She thought he would be disgusted at her, but instead his face filled with pity. He felt sorry for her, and with that Brooke decided it was time to use that in her favour.

"It was a long time ago Sirius. Please can we just leave it where it belongs. In the past." Brooke found herself begging him. Her blue eyes, dull but pleading. "Please, James doesn't need to know. Besides, it's not like I'll be having anything to do with Tommy after today."

For a moment it looked as though Sirius was thinking about whether he would help Brooke out by doing what she asked. His dark grey eyes met her bright blue eyes as he shook his head. "Prongs needs to know about this."

"So you want me to drag up the past? You want me to make him relive possibly the worst thing he's every had to experience?" Brooke really didn't want to have to tell James that he had cut a good friend off for the last few years for no reason. She knew that it would cut him up and she was going to do whatever she could to make sure he didn't have to feel like that.

Sirius looked thoughtful again for a moment. "Okay, maybe you're right. But he does need to know Avery's still been in your life." His face had a look on it that told Brooke there was no getting out of this. "Someone is bound to tell him, especially after your actions today."

As much as she hated to admit it, Brooke knew Sirius was right. It was only a matter of time until the events of what happened got back to her best friend and if she told James herself she might even be able to salvage their friendship.

"Brooke, if you don't tell him I will." Sirius knew this was the only way he could get her to actually tell James. "And at least if you do it you can say what you need to so he's not overly angry at you."

As much as she hated to admit it, Sirius was right. She did have to be the one to tell James, she knew it. Not wanting her voice to betray her she just nodded her agreement before the pair went to meet Ryan and Lily in the pub.

The rest of the day went of without a hitch, which considering earlier events wasn't that difficult. The remainder of Brooke's date with Ryan was awkward, Ryan making it obvious that he didn't really want to be in Hogsmeade anymore. Not that Brooke could blame him. She definitely wouldn't be remembering the day as a good one.

It didn't help that Brooke spent the time with Ryan trying to figure out what she had felt early with Sirius. And why she'd let him get so close. She didn't like him. His personality made her cringe, the way he always had a new girl on his lips made her feel sick. Yet there was some part of her that was drawn to him. An attraction that she couldn't explain.

Of course, she knew he was desirable, but she'd never desired him before. She could admit that he was extremely handsome, and the older he got the better he looked. Maturity was definitely a good look on him. But she'd never been attracted to him before. She'd never been one of those girls who swooned over him. Never had she clammed up in front of him, unsure of what to say. So what was it that made him affect her so much all of a sudden?

By the time the couple got back to the castle Brooke hadn't said a word for a good half an hour. Her mind was in the clouds as she tried to analyse her feelings and reactions.

A cough interrupted her thoughts. Turning to face the source of the sound it dawned on her that she was still with her date, and had probably been ignoring him for the walk back to the castle.

"I'm sorry Ryan." Brooke was genuinely sorry as she looked at his piercing green eyes. "It's been a long day. I'm sorry I've been away with the fairies a bit."

Understanding flashed across Ryan's face and he flashed her a soft, apologetic smile. "You shouldn't be apologising. I was just saying that this has been a bit of a failure as far as first dates are concerned." Ryan directed Brooke off towards the lake to see if he could salvage what was left of their time together.

Brooke's stomach started doing flips when she realised what Ryan was trying to do. If this had happened earlier on during the date she would have welcomed it. But the thought of the two of them being alone together now didn't excite her too much. She had even started thinking of ways she could head straight up to the common room.

Thoughts of the picnic that he had sorted out came back to her, making her feel bad about wanting to leave him so quickly. It had been the sweetest thing anyone had done for her and there she was thinking of ways to get away from here.

As guilt washed over her Brooke found a nice spot to sit at next to the lake, Ryan sitting down beside her.

"You can say that again. It's definitely not how I was expecting to spend my day, that's for sure." Brooke let out a nervous laugh as she looked back into Ryan's eyes.

"We'll have to do it again some time." Ryan had definitely recovered from earlier on in their date. The colour was back in his cheeks and he was full of confidence again. He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind Brooke's ear, the exact same thing Sirius had done just hours before. This time however Brooke felt nothing, not even a little butterfly in her stomach.

Not sure whether she wanted to accept another date or not Brooke was silent for a moment. Hoping that it was just because of the days events she nodded in agreement to another date.

At the sign of a second date Ryan slowly leant in, his hand moving from Brooke's ear to behind her neck. His lips slowly pressed against Brooke's, causing her eyes to automatically shut. Their lips moved together softly. To Brooke's dismay, yet again, she didn't feel anything. Not even a flutter.

Ryan however looked at her as though he had just had an amazing experience, making Brooke suddenly feel bad for agreeing to a second date. Especially if he thought there was more chemistry between them than there was.

"Thanks for today." Brooke plastered a sweet smile on her face. A smile she had perfected so many times when it came to getting out of trouble with teachers. "But it really has been a long day. I hope you don't mind me cutting this short?"

Ryan was completely understanding and even walked her to the Gryffindor common room, like a perfect gentleman. When they got there they said their goodbyes, which included another soft and tender kiss from Ryan.

When they pulled away Brooke turned around to find Sirius and James looking at the couple. James had a cheeky grin on his face, as though he found the whole situation too amusing. But Sirius, his look was indifferent, as though absolutely nothing had gone on earlier in the day.

The look made Brooke start having doubts about what she had felt, putting it down to the curse Avery had cast on her. It must have lowered her defences making her temporarily susceptible to his awful charms.

"Don't say anything!" She pointed her finger at James causing him to laugh. A laugh that always made all Brooke's trouble float away.

"Shrivelfig." Sirius announced to the fat lady who swung open letting the three of them through the door.

Sirius instantly went to find Marlene, planting a passionate kiss on her lips as soon as he reached her. Brooke found herself watching the scene unfold and feeling what she could only describe as uneasiness. Which she assumed everyone else was feeling too at the sight of Sirius and Marlene eat each others faces.

A hand grasped Brooke's upper arm as she went to find Lily or Remus, pulling her back towards the portrait hole. "Are you alright B?" James voice as soft, his concerned brown eyes boring into her own.

"I'm fine James." Brooke said honestly, her voice just as soft as his. She knew this would happen as soon as she saw him. Twenty questions to make sure she's alright. It always happened, but this time Brooke was going to make sure she was fine.

"I'm going to kill him." Anger filled his voice as his protectiveness came out. He had been like this their whole life. Anytime someone hurt, or even attempted to hurt Brooke James would be right there making them wish they had never messed with her. In some senses Brooke knew she was lucky that someone always had her back. But at the same time she wished he would let her fight her own battles, not that she could ever tell him that.

"How about we leave it for now? Please? I don't want to make things worse." Brooke scrambled to find the words. She had to think of an excuse for James not to hurt Avery until she had the balls to tell him the truth. And she would tell him, she swore to herself. Just not right then.

With her mind in overdrive, all she wanted to do was go to bed and forget this awful, confusing day had ever happened. Or at least forget about it for now.

"I just want to go to bed James. Please don't do anything. I'm begging you." Her eyes really were begging, a look that she rarely gave to James. It was also a look that he couldn't ignore. Whenever those eyes came out he couldn't do anything except what she wants him to do.

James pulled her in to hug her and kissed the top of her head. "He ever even breaths on you again and I'm going to make sure he wishes he was never born."

"I love you too James." Brooke pulled away from him and made her way straight up to the girls dormitory where she collapsed into bed fully clothed and instantly fell asleep.

For the first time in a very long time Brooke had a dreamless and peaceful night. Which is just what she needed to be ready to confront everyone she needed to the following day.

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Broken: Chapter Eight - Revelations


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