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Yours Truly by Marissaaaa
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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"Ginny!"Blaise exclaimed desperately, picking up another pebble off the ground to throw at her bedroom window.

He waseightypercent positive he was at the right flat.

And only twenty percent positive this wasn't Hermione's window.

It was a humid Sunday night in the summer. The dark blue sky cloudless as the stars glittered brightly across the night sky. The fresh smell of cut grass hung in the air as a cool breeze swept by.

"Ginny!" He called again, scowling when the pebbles weren't working. Blaise huffed, throwing his handful of pebbles down and impatiently strolled over to her - hopefully - bedroom window.

Blaise scoffed at himself. He could have been knocking this entire time.

A soft tap against the window several times and he finally heard the glass open softly.

"Blaise!" Ginny hissed, poking her red head out the window, her hazel eyes flashing with anger.


Blaise smirked, rubbing the back of his neck. He was nervous on the inside, but she didn't need to know that.

"What does itlooklike Ginny? I'm here to...apologize." He spat the last word, foreign and nasty to his tongue. He was Blaise Zabini, for Salazar sake. He didn't say sorry.

For Ginny Weasley, he did.

Ginny was not amused.

"You came to apologize -twodays later - at four in the morning... at my bloody window?!"

Blaise tried not to laugh, but it was a funny sight.

Ginny half hung out her window in her Holyhead Harpies t-shirt and pajama bottoms, her red hair messy, and hazel eyes glaring daggers as she yelled at him.

"Yes," Blaise nodded, allowing the redhead to shout a string of curse words directed towards him.

"Ginny," He started, struggling to find the right words to say.

"I'm sorry, okay? I messed up and I regret it. I didn't mean what I said... you're so much more than a fling."

Ginny bit the inside of her cheek, looking away from the man in front of her.

She wanted so badlynotto be hurt again. She didn't want to give her all to someone just for them to take it back when they chose to do so. She didn't want to evenfeellike this about another person after Harry, but she couldn't help herself. Everything about Blaise called out to her, pulling her in day by day.

Ginny didn't exactly know when her relationship with Blaise had started up. The two lovers had a one night stand awhile ago after one of her Quidditch matches. They had a good time and parted ways; not seeing each other again until around a month ago.

Blaise had once again attended one of her Quidditch matches and sought her out after the match had ended. After that, it had been an entire month of short conversations, late night sex, and sneaking around. Neither of the two had disclosed their relationship to anyone, not even the friends closest to them. There was something so sexy and dirty about having a secret lover no one knew about.

Ginny had broken the naughty routine two nights ago when she asked Blaise if they could talk after sex. When she broke the ice and came out and told him she wanted something serious andreal. She didn't care if they came out together in public or friends and family, but she wanted a genuine relationship with him. Over the weeks, Ginny had developed real feelings for Blaise. He was smart, handsome, sarcastic, and clever. Blaise kept her on her toes and didn't let her run him over like she did so many men in her past. She wanted him to behersofficially.

And he said no. More so, yelled it - red in the face and mumbling incoherently.

Ginny hadApparated faster than she ever had in her life after his reaction, feeling absolutelyhumiliated.

"Ginny? Are you there?" Blaise waved his wand in front her face.

Ginny narrowed her hazel eyes trying to avoid contact with Blaise's hazel eyes.

His eyes were so much more beautiful than hers. Blaise's eyes had more gold and bronze than brown intertwining with hues of dark green. She could be hypnotized by Blaise's eyes.

"Blaise, save your piss poor rubbish for some other unlucky witch and go shove your broom up your arse. Bloody hell, I'll even lend you mine."

"Ginny wait - "

"No, Zabini. Remember? Not so nice hearing it, is it?" Ginny spat, the tips of her ears turning Weasley red.

She was so sodding angry.

She had put herself out there only to be rejected and Ginny had never been able to handle rejection, especially by people she cared about.

"I'm a stupid git, Ginny," Blaise confessed, running his tan hand through his dark curly hair, his eyes pleading with her.

"I never said you weren't stupid," Ginny shot back smartly, her back starting to ache the longer she hung out her bedroom window.

Merlin, the two of them had to look absolutely ridiculous.

Blaise's eyes twinkled with amusement.

"Ginny," he breathe, closing the large gap between them, grabbing her pale face in his large tan hands.

The heat and chemistry flared between the two, Blaise's fingertips tingling from the contact.

"You," Blaise paused, so unsure of himself and cautious of his foriegn feelings.

"Ginny, you make me want to rewind a memory. You make me happy." He laughed at how ridiculous he sounded, but he had never been more honest.

The moonlight shined brightly down on the two and Blaise was so close he could see the dust of freckles dancing across Ginny's face and nose.

Blaise was inlovewith Ginny's freckles. After sex, he would spend hours tracing and connecting the freckles across her body. She had so, somanyand each one was different. Her body told a story and Blaise had wanted to read every word.

Ginny blushed at his confession, silently cursing him for not saying all the right things when she tried to talked to him two nights ago about their relationship.

Ginny wanted so desperately to throw all common sense and knowledge to the wind and kiss the former Slytherin passionately in front of her, but she couldn't allow herself to be heartbroken again. Sherefused. She had put herself out there once and Blaise had shut her down. That was all she needed to know.

"Leave me alone, Zabini." Ginny clenched her jaw, rolled her eyes, and ducked her body back into the window.

"No, wait,Ginny!"

Ginny shut the window in his beautiful face loudly and angrily.



Hermione had met up with Harry and Ron for a late lunch. She had been busy at St Mungos - typical Monday morning craziness. Harry had said they could catch up on paperwork while they waited for her, much to Ron's discomfort, who's stomach had been protesting loudly.

The three of them could never decide where to eat while together - Harry and Hermione bickering like siblings before Ron decided for all three of them on Muggle pizza. Harry and Hermione had introduced Ron a few years ago and he fell in love.

The trio were seated in a booth tucked away in the far back of the pizza restaurant sharing a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and enjoying each other's company.

The boys were dressed in black slacks and white button shirts, rolled up to the elbows on both of them. Ron had discarded his tie earlier that day and Harry wore his tie loose around his neck. Hermione was dressed in her Healer outfit, pleased to have let her hair down out the tight bun on her head that was known to give the witch painful headaches throughout the work day.

Ron was munching on one slice of pizza with another ready to go in his hand. Hermione slowly ate her slice of pizza as she wrote one of her patient reports on a napkin. Harry chewed thoughtfully beside Hermione, finally sighing and allowing himself to speak before he lost his famous Gryffindor courage.

"I should probably tell you guys something before it gets out into the public and gossip magazines."

Hermione stopped writing, setting her pizza down on her plate. Ron briefly stopped eating before chewing again and nodding for Harry to continue.

"Well," Harry ran his hand nervously through his dark hair, his green eyes staring at the wall behind Ron. "I've started dating Pansy Parkinson."

Ron had the decency to droppedoneof his pizzas in pure shock and Hermione could only raise an eyebrow curiously.

"When did this start, Harry?" Hermione asked, speaking for her and Ron as she leaned over the table to close Ron's open jaw. He had continued to stare at Harry like he had grown another head.

Harry scratched the back of his neck, picking a pepperoni off his pizza, popping it into his mouth before continuing.

"Recent... very recently. We had bumped into each other - quite literally - about a week ago and, well, I've seen Pansy every day since," Harry smiled happily, his eyes beaming since the mention of Pansy's name.

Hermione smiled, seeing the sincere happiness on Harry's face. While she had her own opinions and thoughts about Pansy, it would do no good to voice them to Harry. He was someone who could forgive anyone and wouldfindthe good in anyone. Harry obviously had found something nice in Pansy because he couldn't stop smiling since he spoke of her and that was more than enough for Hermione. Old childhood rivalries and bullies be damned.

"I'm happy for you, Harry," Hermione said honestly, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Thank you, 'Mione. I really wanted to tell you and Ron before anyone else knew. We're not keeping our relationship a secret, so it's bound to come out and I didn't want to leave you two in the dark."

Ron cleared his throat, taking a sip of his soda before saying, "If that's what gets your wanker up at night, Harry."

"Ronald!" Hermione reached over and smacked her redhead male bestfriend in the arm.

"Ow, Hermione!"

"Thanks Ron," Harry smiled, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

He was pleased to have his bestfriends blessings. Hermione and Ron meant the world to Harry. They were hisfamily.Their opinion mattered more than anyone else and he couldn't bare to think if they didn't accept his new relationship... His first relationship since Ginny.

Pansy had taken Harry by surprise, but he was enjoying every second he had with her. They were an odd pair, but it worked when it was just the two of them late at night cuddled up in each other's embrace.

The trio continued eating their lunch, laughing, and reminiscing their horrifying but exhilarating Hogwarts days.

As the three finished up their meal, Hermione cleaning up after the three, Harry broke the comfortable silence.

"I really wanted to have a dinner with you guys and Pansy, so you all can talk. I'm going to ask Malfoy as well."

Hermione ears perked up at the sound of Draco's name. She hadn't seen the pale haired wizard since Sunday evening. They had spent all day in that gorgeous lake on the Malfoy's property. They were both sunkissed and exhausted as the sun started to set and finally bid each other good night. Hermione and Draco had work in early in the morning, but it didn't stop Hermione from missing his company as soon as she left.

Ron rolled his blue eyes playfully, "I suppose, Harry. Although I rather spend the evening doing Auror reports than eating dinner with Malfoy and ...Pansy."

Hermione nudged him with her elbow. "We'd love too, Harry. Just pick a night and we'll be there."

The smile on Harry's face made everything worthwhile to Hermione.

"That's bloody wicked, 'Mione. I'll let you know later this week."

The trio continued small talk for a few more minutes before hugging each other, and exchanging goodbyes with Hermione, teasing her about not working too hard and promising to see her soon.




The rest of the day ended smoothly for Hermione and for that she was grateful. She was extremely exhausted and worn down for some reason. She felt light headed and her mind was cluttered with bothersome thoughts.

Hermione arrived home a little past six, expecting to see Ginny. She didn't and she assumed her Quidditch practice was running late tonight.

She sighed tiredly, shrugging off her coat and purse, draping them across her living room chair.

Hermione greeted Crookshanks as she walked into the kitchen towards the pantry, pulling out cat food as she poured the orange haired feline his dinner. He purred happily and thanked her by rubbing up against her leg before eating.

Hermione debated ordering takeout or cooking dinner and saving leftovers for Ginny later. She was knackered, but her stomach was growling in pain. She hadn't ate since lunch with Ron and Harry, but she also didn't feel like eating alone.

The silence in the flat was almosttooloud. Hermione couldn't stand it. Using her wand, she turned on the Muggle radio that sat on top of the kitchen counter and hummed along as American pop music filled the living space.

She quickly changed out of her Healer outfit into black leggings and an old Gryffindor seeker jersey that belonged to Harry.

Hermione walked back into the kitchen, determined to make something delicious to stop her annoying hunger pains. She opened the freezer, grabbing frozen chicken as she placed it on the counter. She reached into her pantry to grab potatoes and green vegetables. She magically defrosted the chicken, putting the oven on an acceptable heat.

She prepped the chicken and prepared it to go in the oven as soon it was preheated. She magically cut the potatoes and had them mashed with her magic. Hearing the oven go off, she placed the chicken in the oven, waiting thirty minutes before finishing up the sides for her dinner.

Hermione walked into the living room, trying to busy herself with tidying up. She had been using making dinner and listening to music to distract her from her pestering thoughts, but now they were coming back with full force.

Her thoughts were aboutMalfoy. And it was becoming absolutely irritating. All day his face and smirk andlaughhad been flashing in and out of her mind. She didn't understand her feelings and it was driving her bloody mad.

Her life had been so much easier without Draco Malfoy.

Bloody hell, was her life simplier when she kept him at arms length. She could deal with Malfoy whenshewas in control. She could understand her emotions of annoyance, anger, and hostility towards the former Slytherin.

Hermionedidn'tunderstand her heart skipping a beat and her skin burning hot because of his touch. She didn't understand any of these new emotions she was experiencing with Draco and she hated them. Hermione liked knowing all the facts and information about something and she didn't know anything about her situation with Draco anymore.

A black owl stopped her thoughts, dropping a letter in her lap before flying away quickly.

Speaking of the Slytherin.

Hermione bit her lip, slightly enjoying the fact she never had to owl Draco first. He always did so without a second thought.

She opened the letter with nervous fingers, curious as to what Draco had to say to her today.


The Manor is quite boring by my lonesome.

Are you working tonight?


Draco Malfoy

What game was he playing? Hermione couldn't help but wonder as she sat the letter down on her coffee table.

The Draco she knew would have never gave her a second glance. She knew people could change as they grew older and matured, but could they really change that much? Draco had so much hatred and dark in his heart. How could he possibly throw all that aside for her?

The memory of the two in the lake came forward in her mind.

The Dark Mark.


"Our marks do not define us."

Maybe he had changed for the better and she was being paranoid. This hadn't been the first time she questioned his intentions and probably not the last.

Despite her mind telling her no, her heart screamed yesyesyes as she quickly wrote Draco a reply back, inviting him over for dinner. Ginny still hadn't shown and Hermione was positive if she did, she wouldn't mind at all.

Hermione heard the oven alarm and walked back into the kitchen to finish dinner.




Draco arrived in her living room just in time.

Hermione had finished up setting the table for two with a nice sunflower in the middle of the table. She placed the baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green vegetables on the table before turning around to greet Draco.

"Hey," Hermione smiled politely, offering to take his coat and place the clothing in the hallway closet.

"Hey yourself, Granger," Draco smirked, handing the brunette his coat, watching her walk to down the hall.

He would never get over how pretty she truly was.

"I can feel you staring," Hermione softly teased once she turned back around and Draco smirked at her blush.

"I like what I see."

Hermione rolled her eyes, gesturing to the dining room table. The smell of delicious food hung high in the air and she was starving. "Well, enough of that. The food is going to get cold."

Hermione sat in one of the chairs, motioning for Draco to join her.

The blonde Auror wasted no time sitting down across from Hermione. He was dressed exactly how Ron and Harry had been earlier sans the tie and messy hair.

"This smells amazing, Granger. Thanks for inviting me," Draco said, helping himself to the food. His mouth practically watered at the sight of the chicken. He had never had a woman cook a home cooked meal for him. Not even his mother, who wouldn't be caught dead in a kitchen.

Draco would never tell Hermione, but she was slowly but surely melting the cold exterior that guarded his heart.

"Oh, it's no problem. I didn't want to eat alone and I doubt Ginny's gonna be home tonight anyway," Hermione said, scooping some vegetables onto her plate.

Draco swallowed his bite of food before speaking. "Oh, I see how this relationship works, Granger. You only invite me over when your little Gryffindor friends aren't around."

Hermione rolled her honey brown eyes, knowing Draco was only teasing her.

"Now you're catching on," Hermione said, mocking Draco's tone.

"How was work today?" Draco asked, his face a stare of indifference as he scooped up a spoonful of mashed potatoes.

Hermione blinked, her fork hovering over her plate in a bemused pause. It was such a mundane question, but it rattled her core. Ron had never asked about her day nor cared. She didn't think Dracocared either.

'He's just being polite.'She told herself before answering.

"Good actually. Busy and tiring, but good, nothing major happened today and for that, I'm thankful. Lately it's been so crazy and busy because we're so understaffed. I swear, if they would letme run the floor one whole day. I love our Head Healer, but she's bloody mad sometimes - "

Hermione dropped her fork, covering her mouth, her doe eyes wide. "Oh, I'm sorry, Malfoy! You ask me one question and here I am rambling on and on. You could have stopped me any time." Hermione blushed, avoiding his grey eyes. Merlin help her.

Draco smirked, his eyes amused. "I like hearing you talk, Granger."

Hermione blushed once more, but nonetheless continued.

Their dinner went on comfortably with intellectual conversation Hermione hadn't had in awhile. Draco was so clever and snarky yet cold and hard. Hermione loved when she could see the hard egdes fade away even for a moment.

They finished up dinner in light conversation, Hermione clearing the food and plates away with magic.

Draco was on his way out, announcing he had work early in the morning as he put on his coat before Hermione stopped him.


"What is it, Granger?"


Draco stared at her puzzled, arching a perfectly groomed eyebrow and Hermione tried not to embarass herself under his piercing stare.

Hermione looked away before continuing, twisting her hands nervously, not liking how vulnerable she was making herself to be in front of Draco.

"Why... after all these years..." Hermione struggled to find the right words to say.

"I mean, I'm everything you were taught to hate. And now all of sudden, I'm supposed to believe you're past that and want to be around my company? I'm supposed to believe youlike being around me?"

Hermione grimaced, wincing when she realized what she had said. She hadn't meant it to come out so harsh, but her insecurities had gotten the best of her and she took it out on Draco, who had been nothing but pleasant and kind to her.

Draco sneered, clearly offended but quickly masked his stare with stoic indifference. He narrowed his grey eyes - cold and hard and full of anger.

"Sod off, Granger. You think you're so much better than everyone and I definitely don't need this shit. I seeyou haven't changed." Draco glared and Hermione tried to stop him before he left.

"Malfoy, wait - "

Draco was gone with a loudSnap!





Disclaimer:I do not own Harry Potter.

Author's Note:Yours Truly has been featured on the home page for December's promoted New Authors. YAY! I'm so flattered. Thank you so much!

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