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Cluts by loganc
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 “Blast it!”

A loud crash follows the fourth explosion I’ve caused today and I look up to see my wand barreled deep into the wall next to my head. Dusting myself off, I place one foot on either side of my wand, firmly grasp it, and pull with all of my strength. It loosens none and then all at once, sending me flying into the table covered with cursed relics which fall onto my head. I kick my feet as if in a tantrum, flick my wand to clean the mess, and march to my kitchen. Four glasses sit on my counter, two of them empty and the other two filled to the brim with Firewhiskey. I throw the two full glasses back, sending a shiver down my spine, and apparate myself and my cursed relics into my office at the Ministry. Dungous must have heard the swift crack and the clamor of items because I see his tall, aristocratic figure standing outside of my door. The two way charm prevents him from seeing me, but I can see him slicking his hair back with a bit of spit and do the same with his bleach blonde brows. A bit of stomach bile rises, but I choke it down and flick my wand at the door. Dungous swings the door open, tripping slightly over the threshold, and plasters a grin on his face as if I didn’t notice. Meeting his gaze, the whiteness of his teeth actually causes me to squint a little and he frowns.

“I was just wondering if you’d finished with any of the relics from our last excavation?”

Dungous worked for the Ministry as sort of an explorer. He traveled to historic magical sites, battles, homes of great wizards and witches long dead, and stole their things for the Ministry to put on display. Lovely to most people, escpecially the people who respected the ridiculous amount of money he gets paid for stealing, despicable to me.

“Isn’t just so interesting the lengths a bloke will go to protect their own, personal belongings?” Dungous’ face falls even farther. His attempts at impressing me do not go unnoticed, however they are unappreciated. Dungous flicks his wand at the relics and walks out, relics following at his heel. As the door shuts, a hand catches it and it swings back wide.

“Simmons, follow me.” Moody doesn’t wait for an answer, just turns on his heels and walks away. I trip over my robes, banging my knee into my desk, but I catch up just as soon as Moody heads for the basement.

“What you’re about to see if none of your concern, so don’t ask any questions. I will give you all of the information you need to know, and you are never to speak of it again.” Moody apparates us both out of the Ministry, and I stand out next to the lake that houses the giant squid.

“Moody, wh-“ “I said no questions. Just take a look and tell me if this is within your abilities.” We walk out to the left side of the lake where a large hole, probably near 12 feet deep and 20 feet wide, has been blasted into the ground. Lily Evans, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew all stand around the hole, looking down with worried looks. None of them look up to us as we approach. Knowing how clumsy I am, I get on my hands and knees and crawl to the edge, slowly peaking my head over. I’m met by the jaws of a werewolf snapping at my face, so close that his drool splashes on the tip of my nose. The werewolf is attacking himself, covered in his own blood as he knaws and scratches himself beyond repair. In the hole with him is a black dog, no larger thn the werewolf’s hind leg, charging the wolf.

“Watch it, Simmons. He’s been put under the Imperius.” My stomach turns in pity for whoever the person is behind this mask. Not only is he not himself and have no control, now even the werewolf has no control.

“Who-“ “Can you fix him or not, Simmons? The healers won’t go near him, not that they’d even have enough magic to do such a thing.” I eyeball the werewolf, the people standing around him looking so concerned.

“I’ll have to get closer, he’s moving too much. Doing this magic on a werewolf-. It could throw him off of his cycle. He could be sick for weeks, he could lose his memory-“

“JUST DO IT.” Lily Evans yells at me with pleading eyes.

“Alright. I’ll need you to shrink the hole. I need you to shrink the hole once I’m in.”

“Did you hear that, Sirius?” James calls into the hole. The dog barks, but I pay no mind to the conclusions my brain has drawn other than the fact that this werewolf needs my help. I throw my legs over the hole, sliding in slowly, and feel the ground shift around me as the hole shrinks.

“The dog needs to go, I can’t risk him getting in the way.” I yell up. The dog walks toward me, shakes his head no, and stands behind me. The werewolf is bleeding from every pore in it’s body, and I see nothing but pain in its’ eyes. My wand raises just as the wolf notices me as a threat, and I begin breaking the curse. Immediately, the werewolf is made unconscious, and as I assumed would happen, is made human again. The Imperius is broken. Instinctively I rush over to the naked, bleeding body and begin healing him. Moody holds the others back, not wanting to overwhelm the quivering, dying man in my arms. He’s been through enough without having the stress of other people’s worries literally pressed against him. He curls his body around my legs, placing his head in the crease of my neck and locking a hand in my hair. Slowly, I begin to heal the larger of the lacerations but I notice how large the scars are going to be.

“Lily, I need you to run to the castle and tell Dumbledore that I need-“

“Dragonscales, oak root, and Flobberworm goo.” I nod to her to let her know she is correct, and watch her disappear up the hill. I coo to the man in my arms, still not having seen his face. I can feel blood on my neck and realize he must have down severe damage there as well.

“I’m going to take a look at your face now, alright? I know you’re in pain and I know you’re afraid, but I need to make sure that your head is alright, alright?” His grip on my hair doesn’t loosen, and if anything he moves closer to me. The dog nudges the man’s leg, and I feel him peek from under my hair. Slowly, his grip loosens and I come face to face with warm, chocolate brown eyes dusted with flecks of fear. Remus. His face is marred by a laceration from his left ear to the right corner of his chin. The blood has clotted for the mst part, but everytime he breathes it opens up all over again. I raise my wand, letting it dance back and forth across his face just as Lily returns with the ingredients in a brown sack. She slides the bag down the hill, but as I try and detatch from Remus his lets out a fierce cry and latched on tighter.

“Okay, okay. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Tell me what to do. I can help.” I turn to see Sirius Black hovering behind me, concern and blood all across his face. It’s been nearly a year since I last saw Sirius, nearly two since I’ve seen the rest of these people.

“TELL ME WHAT TO DO.” Sirius interrupts my inappropriate reminiscing, and I snap back into the moment.

“Remus, we’re going to lay down now, alright? We’re going to go to sleep, and we’ll wake up and it will be all over, alright?” I watch Sirius empty the bag, and I point to the oak root.

“Break it into small slivers, dip it into the goo, place it into the deeper gashes that are more likely to scar, and then cover the cuts with scales. Hand me a piece of the root.” I cradle Remus’ head in my hands, laying back with him to expose most of his body except for his right side. Gently, I lift a hand to Remus’ lips and part them.

“Chew.” I order softly, placing the root in his mouth. As soon as it touches his tongue, he’s asleep. Placing my hand in his mouth, I pull the rest of the root out so he will not swallow it and choke. Sirius goes to work, following my instructions specifically, as I continue to hold the sleeping Remus. Despite being in a deep slumber, his grip on my hair never loosens.

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Cluts: Chapter 1


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