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To The Very End by GraceWeasley
Chapter 8 : Feel Bad For Me
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Present Time. Grace,

So far, ignoring Albus was going well. It hurt like hell, but I would be fine in the end. I would get

over this small crush.

Who was I kidding?

This wasn’t a small crush.

I totally fancied Albus Potter, to the point that I felt as if the air was sucked from my lungs when

I saw him, and I would blush involuntarily.

The sad thing was that Albus had only been nice to me for a few minutes and I’d developed this

huge crush on him in those few minutes. Because I was genuinely attracted to the nice Albus

Potter. The boy he was to everyone else but me.

And it hurt that he hated me, that he couldn’t stand for me to even talk to him, but who cared?

No one, except me.

Currently we were sitting in a circle at Nana Molly’s all in our Weasley jumpers. Mine was

turquoise and had a grey ‘G’ on it. Teddy and Victoire were expecting their first baby, and were

currently being paraded around. Dom looked rather pale, as if she was going to throw up. No

one else seemed to notice, but I could feel the distress coming off her in waves. I noticed that

she looked more… bedraggled than normal. Her normally pin-straight hair wasn’t shiny and was

puffy and dirty-looking. Her cheeks were more hollow, as if she wasn’t eating enough. I

instantly thought of my mother, when she was sick. They bore a terrifying resemblance at the

moment, making my heart pound in my ears. While everyone was scrambling to talk to Vic and

Ted, Dom stayed where she was, her eyes downcast, looking pained.

I grabbed her gently by the arm and pulled her into the washroom, sitting her on the toilet. I

looked down at her, worriedly, crossing my arms over my chest and looking her over.

She looked… afraid.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked quietly, looking at her with concern. Normally, I didn’t “do” emotions.

For some reason, being sympathetic always seemed fake to me, and tiring. But the faded

memory of my mum was burning into my mind with each passing moment, and I wanted it out.

Now. Her face immediately crumpled and I realized that she had been… That she had

been trying to look happy and content that entire time.

She put her head in her hands, taking in a deep shuddering breath, as if trying not to cry.

‘Was it that obvious?’ She asked quietly. I nodded, despite the fact that she wasn’t looking at

me. Dom took my silence as a “yes”.

‘You should be glad that Ted and Vic announced their babe, or everyone would have clued in

by now without the distraction.’ I said. For some reason, she burst into tears. Ugly, non-veela

tears. Now I was starting to feel tired. I tell you, emotions just do this to me.

I cast a muffliato spell on the door.

‘Dom, what is it? What’s wrong?’ I asked in a rush, half curious and half concerned, crouching

in front of her awkwardly. She sniffled loudly.

‘Mum an’ Dad are so proud of Vic. She’s got a husband, a good job, an’ she’s got a baby on the


She was jealous? This wasn’t what I had expected… It was so unlike Dom, the girl who strode

around Hogwarts like she owned the place. I was about to interject when she continued.

‘An’ now – An’ now…’ She let out a hiccough. ‘ They’ll be so disappointed in me…’ She

whispered through her tears. My heart hurt for her and I couldn’t help letting a tiny bit of

emotion show.

‘But Dom, you’re in school! Of course you don’t have a husband or a job… or a baby!’ I said,

smiling slightly. Then she started sobbing harder. Alarmed, I tried to think of what I’d said. A

job… wouldn’t make her cry. A husband… Impossible. But… A baby? Oh sweet mother of Merlin.

‘Oh.’ I said simply. She let out another sob, nodding.

‘They’ll hate me! I’ll disappoint everyone!’ She cried. I shook my head vigorously.

‘No you won’t! Not at all! Come on, you can’t believe that! It’ll all be fine…’ I soothed. I’m really

bad at conforting people, and to my (not really) surprise, she started crying even harder.

‘Wait! Uh… At least there won’t be any boys who’ll bug you once you’re the size of a walrus!’ I

said, hoping she’d nod along. Sadly, this made her cry even louder. I wasn’t sure the muffliato

could block out all this noise.

‘I’ll be a walrus!’ She moaned. I shook my head so fast my head began to spin.

‘No! Uh – Like a… Dolphin? Seal?’ I said hopefully.

‘That’s not any better!’ She wailed. Get it? Wailed? Like “whale”? Ha… Not a good time.

I looked around, as if a toiletry might give me advice. I had no such luck.

‘How far along are you?’ I asked, trying to distract her. She stopped crying abruptly, sniffling

and wiping her eyes.

‘Four months.’ She mumbled. I straightened, smacking the back of my head against the sink, I

moaned and looked at her belly incredulously.

‘But –’ I said, pointing at her belly feebly as I rubbed the back of my head with the other hand.

‘It’s an invisi-bump. I can put them on for about twelve hours at a time.’ She said. I nodded,

feeling even more tired. I felt the horrible urge to tell her to suck it up, because I didn’t feel like

talking anymore.

‘And have you found out if it’s a girl or boy?’ I asked slowly, letting out a sigh, propping myself

on the sink and hoping my bony ass wouldn’t break it. She shook her head, smiling slightly for

the first time in a while.

‘No. I’ve got an appointment tonight.’ She said fondly. She was so adorable. She sub-

consciously rested her hand on her stomach. Wait. I paused, trying to think.

‘Uh, and ,how are you getting there?’ She shrugged.

‘Knight Bus.’ She said, acting non-chalant. I frowned.

‘But… Isn’t that a bit obvious, wouldn’t people notice a Weasley going to the hospital alone?’ I

asked. She shrugged, looking undeterred. More like the normal Dom.

‘It’s the best I can do.’ She said. I nodded, trying to think.

‘I’ll arrange something. What time’s your appointment?’ I asked. She shook her head quickly.

‘Grace, I’m fine, honestly.’ I gave her a withering look, not afraid of the pregnant lady. She


‘Thanks Grace. It’s at seven-thirty.’ I nodded.

‘Well, clean yourself up, and I’ll come along with you tonight.’

I went to leave but froze.

‘Who’s the father?’ I asked suddenly, feeling as if ice had been dumped on me. This wasn’t a

game. This was happening. Dom was having a baby. And whoever the father was, we would be

having a chat.

I didn’t look at her as I waited.

‘It doesn’t matter.’ She whispered. I nodded, frowning, and knowing I would find out soon

enough, as I stepped back out into the living room.

A/N And the plot THICKENS! Sorry for not updating fast! Not much Albus and Grace action,

but we're gearing up for something big, so bear with me! Check out my other Albus/OC fics if

you have the time, I'll be updating soon!

Xoxo GraceWeasley

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To The Very End: Feel Bad For Me


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