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Developing Endearment by mrs_lala_2013
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: Dates and Drama
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 Author’s Note: Hi! Thank you so much for giving my story a chance! Feel free to review if you have any opinions or questions about my story so far! Just a quick reminder, anything you recognize does not belong to me but to the great JKR!



Chapter Three: Dates and Drama



                “I think he’s going to ask you today,” Alice whispered in my ear.

                “I think you’ve been saying that for over a week,” I whispered back.

                “Oh come on,” she said. “Maybe he’s just nervous.”

                “Or maybe he’s not really interested,” I corrected her. “Who has someone go up to their friend and ask if they can ask them out, and then spends the next week avoiding the person like the plague?”

                “You can be sort of intimidating sometimes, Lil,” Alice commented. “I don’t think you realize it always.”

                “I’m intimidating?” I questioned her, my eyes wide. “I’m five foot and two inches, what the bloody hell is intimidating about that?”

                Alice smiled at me and shook her head, returning her attention to the Potion’s homework we were currently working on. I was almost finished, thank goodness. There were a few wand movements I needed to practice for DADA and Transfiguration. They were the two classes I was struggling with a bit in this year, hell I struggled a little bit in them each year to be honest.

                All of a sudden, Mary literally ran to our table, almost crashing into it, breathing hard.

                “Lily!” she exclaimed in an excited whisper. “Lily! Lily! Lily!”

                “What? What? What?” I asked her, my eyes going wide in mocking her. 

                “There is a super cute seventh year boy looking for you!” she was practically bouncing up and down.

                “See, I told you,” Alice said, a wide smile on her face.

                “He’s outside the library!” Mary was practically gyrating now.  “I told him I would come and get you!”

                “Oh good lord,” I rolled my eyes at her. “Do sit down before you fall over.”  I stood up.

                “Fix your hair real quick,” Alice hissed at me.

                “What’s wrong with my hair?” I asked her. It was up in a messy bun. It was cute, messy, but cute!

                “Here,” she stood up and pushed a few stray strands out of my face. “Oh and here wear this,” she said as she took out a thing of lip balm and started applying it to my lips.

                “What am I, a doll?” I asked her as I backed up. I smacked my lips together to smooth the stuff out. “Jeeze, I think you two are more excited about this than I am.”

                “Just go, hurry,” Mary said, now bouncing in her seat. “You don’t want to keep him waiting.”

                “Oh yes,” I said, my sarcastic side taking over. “Wouldn’t want to make him wait five minutes when I’ve been in limbo over this for over a solid week.”

                “Don’t be rude,” Alice rolled her eyes at me. “Just go and hear him out, I’m sure he has a reason. Now go!” Then she shooed me away.

                Once I was out of Alice and Mary’s sights, I felt more nervous.  It was always nerve wrecking to have someone ask you out. I walked out of the library and looked around for Nathan.

                “Lily!” I heard a voice call out from behind me. I turned around and saw him. He was very tall, and as I had noticed over the last week, he was very handsome.  My stomach seemed to be trying to get into my throat and my palms felt a little sweaty……..that’s attractive.

                I walked over to where he was standing against the wall. He approached me with an easy stride.

                “Hi, Nathan,” I greeted him, trying to smile.

                “You can call me Nate if you would like,” He told me. I noticed that he was standing with his hands in his pockets. Maybe he was nervous too.

                “Okay,” I said. “Nate it is then.”  Good heavens, how awkward can I be?

                “You studying hard?” he asked me, nodding his head towards the library entrance.

                “Oh yeah,” I answered him. “N.E.W.T prep has me just about drowning in papers.” I laughed.

                He laughed too. I noticed his laugh was deep and it had this charismatic pull. I liked that.

                “I totally understand,” Nate replied. “I actually need to apologize. I’m sure you’ve been wondering why I have not tried to speak to you yet. We were just flooded with a bunch of tests this week, and honestly time just sort of slipped away from me. I hope you’re not too irritated. I apologize for sort of leaving you hanging.”

                I shook my head at him. I felt sort of mean and stupid for being irritated at him. Of course he was dealing with N.E.W.T work, even more so than I was. He was a seventh year for crying out loud, I can’t imagine how much work he must be doing.

                “It’s alright,” I said. “You’re actually taking the N.E.W.T’s this year. I’m utterly dreading next year now.”

                He chuckled at me again, making me blush a little bit.

                “That’s part of why I like you,” Nate said slowly, in a softer voice. “You seem like an understanding kind of girl.”

                “Well, that’s nice of you,” I replied. “But I can assure you, I’m not always very understanding-I have my moments.”

                “Don’t we all?” he asked, smiling down at me. Yes, he was that tall, he actually had to turn his head down to look at me.

                “I suppose so,” I said, starting to feel a bit more awkward again.

                He was quiet for a moment, and I suppose he must have felt awkward or maybe even nervous as well.

                “So um…..listen,” he said after a while. “I really think you seem like a great person, I mean Alice practically raves about you and Frank speaks highly of you as well.”

                “They’re too kind,” I replied, my face going a bit red. Feeling embarrassed, I looked off to the side a bit.

                “Well, I was wondering if you would give me the chance to get to know you better,” Nate said, his voice sounding a little less nervous. “Maybe this weekend at Hogsmeade?”

                I bit my lip and turned to see him watching me with an intense look in his eyes. They were a deep brown with little gold flecks in them.

                “I think that would be nice,” I replied, my cheeks going a bit red again.

                He let out a deep breath that he must have been holding in and a large grin lit up his face.

                “Great!” he exclaimed. “That’s really great! I’ll meet you in the Common Room around eleven if that works for you?”

                “Sounds like a plan,” I nodded my hand.

                “I suppose I will see you Saturday morning then,” he said, giving me a wink.

                “Yeah,” I replied. I swear to goodness, if this gets any more awkward, I’m going to combust. “I better get back in there.” I pointed back to the library. “Paper won’t write itself.”

                “Of course not!” he laughed. “I’ll see you later, Lily.”

                “Later, Nate,” I replied. Then I turned around and tried to save what little dignity I had left by not running back into the library.


                Later that night I was curled up in front of the fire in the common room, writing a letter to my Mum and Dad. It had been a good week or so since I had written to them so I figured it was time.  Knowing my Mum, she was on edge looking out for an owl everyday now, and I hated the idea of doing that to her.  I promised myself I was going to try to write them sooner than this.

                “YOU KNEW I WAS STILL WITH HIM!”

                My head snapped around so fast, my neck popped.  It was Flora……who the hell knew she could yell that loud?

                “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Emmaline told her. They were arguing their way down the staircase from the girls’ dorms.

                “DON’T YOU DARE PUT ME DOWN! YOU KNEW I WAS STILL WITH HIM,” Flora yelled, her blonde hair whipping past her face as she trudged down the stairs.

                “Oh come on Flora,” Emmaline tried to reason with her. “You had to know, you had to know he wasn’t in love with you.”

                Flora turned around and slapped Emmaline. I briefly thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head.  The rest of the common room seemed to feel the same. It was dead quiet now and all eyes were on the two girls.

                “It doesn’t matter!” Flora exclaimed. “It doesn’t matter if he wasn’t in love with me. It matters that he was still with me and you went behind my back, snogging him in public! Letting everyone see! Making me look like an idiot! How dare you? How could you?”

                Emmaline didn’t say anything. She raised her hand to the spot where Flora had slapped her. The look on her face was humorous. I’m willing to bet no one has ever slapped her before.

                “You’re no friend of mine,” Flora told her. “You stabbed me in the back, in one of the worst ways. Stay away from me.” Then she turned around and ran down the rest of the stairs and ran her way out of the common room. Everyone turned back to watch Emmaline.

                She went to run after Flora, but I knew she shouldn’t. So I jumped up and stopped her.

                I blocked Emmaline’s way out of the common room.

                “You need to let her cool off,” I said. Emmaline genuinely looked upset. I hoped it was because she felt bad about what she did to Flora and not because she was embarrassed.

                “Move Evans!” she yelled at me, pushing my shoulders.

                “Just hear me out,” I said putting my hands up in front of me as if in surrender.

                Emmaline took a step back and looked at me, her eyes wide.

                “Flora is angry,” I told her. “So angry that the entire house is literally in shock.”

                She took a look around her and her face turned red, then she looked back at me.

                “Give her some space,” I reasoned. “She needs time to calm down, or maybe to talk to someone else. If you go and get in her face or just rush after her, it will only get worse.”

                “Evans is right,” Potter spoke up from the left side of the common room. He started making his way over to where we were. “If you go after her now, it will just get worse.”

                “I could go and check on her if you want,” Mary volunteered from the stairs. She had come out with multiple others to witness what was going on.  “Flora talks to me sometimes and I might be able to calm her down.”

                Emmaline just hung her head down. “Okay,” she said, sounding defeated. “Just make sure she’s okay.”

                Mary moved past me and Potter helped me move Emmaline to a chair near the fire.

                “Get a move on!” he shouted at the left over onlookers. “Nothing to see here, nothing to see!”

                As soon as Emmaline sat down, she started sobbing. Literally, these ugly sobs that seemed to come right from her gut.

                “Errrm….” Said Potter, running a nervous hand through his hair. “You’ve got this right?”

                I chuckled at how uncomfortable she was making him. 

                “Of course, Potter,” I told him. He started to walk off, but I reached out and grabbed his shirt before he was out of reach.

                “Huh?” he said out of shock. He looked pretty desperate to get away from Emmaline, not that I blamed him.

                “I just wanted to say thank you for your help back there,” I told him. “I appreciate it.”

                His eyes searched mine for a minute. “Don’t mention it Evans.” Then he turned around and walked off to where his friends were sitting. 

                I sat down in the chair across from Emmaline. I wasn’t sure what to do. Alice was off with Frank and this seems like this would be something she should handle, not me.  Emmaline doesn’t even like me, hell I don’t really like her either.

                “It’s going to be okay,” I said in a stiff voice. I reached out to pat her hand and she very quickly pulled it away.

                “I bet you just love this, don’t you?” she spat at me.

                “Not particularly,” I mused.

                “Not this!” she exclaimed, waving at herself. “I mean all that, that with Flora.”

                I frowned. “I never knew you thought so little of me.”

                Emmaline raised her head up to look at me.

                “You’ve never liked me,” she said. “I’m sure you feel like I got what I have had coming or something like that.”

                “I think you’re pretty horrible at guessing people’s emotions,” I said.

                She chuckled a bit. “You still probably think that though.”

                “No,” I told her. She looked doubtful. “I’m sad that from the outside it seems as if you don’t value your only friend in this whole school enough to respect her. And it’s a real shame to see you two like this over a guy of all things.”

                “You don’t know anything,” Emmaline argued.

                “I know a lot more than you think,” I countered. “And I know that friends don’t treat friends that way. If you had feelings for her guy or he you, then one of you should have had the courage to go up to her and tell her straight up before anything happened.”

                Emmaline pursed her lips together. “Perhaps you’re right.”

                “I hope you two can work it out,” I said in a softer tone. “It won’t be the same around here without you two causing trouble.”

                She shook her head in a sad manner. “I really messed up, didn’t I?”

                “Yeah,” I said softly.

                “Do you think I can make it right?” she asked me.

                “I don’t know,” I told her. “You just have to try.”

                Nodding her head, Emmaline stood up and walked away.



                The next few days were a bit odd. Flora and Mary became steadily closer, which put Danny off.  Every girl in our year, in our house, had a best friend. Obviously Alice and I are besties for life.  But then you have Marlene and Dorcas, Mary and Danny, and at least until now- Emmaline and Flora.

                Now, the numbers were thrown off.  I think Danny was feeling a bit jealous of Flora and Mary’s newly found friendship.  The two of them were becoming very close and did a lot together.  Danny was sort of just hanging around Alice and I more. We both tried to include her a lot, but Danny definitely had certain personality traits that clashed with Alice and I after a while. Then there was Emmaline. I think in a bit of an effort to try to save trust with Flora, she had very publically ended her affair with Ralph. Now she had taken to either sitting by herself or trying to sit with James Potter and his friends of all people.

                It was strange to me. It was like since the argument, she had become somewhat friends with him. I think she appreciated what he did for her and Flora when they were arguing, like when he helped get all the attention off of her and all. I don’t know why, but when I saw her with him I got a knot in my stomach. I guess it’s just because everything is so messed up between everyone right now.

                “You ready to go?” Nate’s voice interrupted my thoughts. Today was our Hogsmeade date and I had been waiting for him in the common room by a window.

                This morning I got up, curled my deep red hair and really spent a good amount of time on my make-up; winged eyeliner, mascara, and a soft nude lip color. I was wearing a cream v-neck sweater and deep colored jeans and some flats. Alice had me borrow a little heart charm necklace. It was “for luck” she said.

                “Yes,” I said, feeling relieved to be getting out of the castle for the day.

                “You look amazing,” he said. I blushed harder than I had in a while.

                He looked really nice too. He had his dark hair parted off to the right, giving him a bit of a regal look as his face looked more sculpted because of it. And he was wearing some nice jeans and a flannel shirt.

                “You look nice too,” I complimented. I had to look at the ground because I was so embarrassed.

                “That’s too nice of you,” he replied. He took my arm and off we went to start our date. 

                “You seemed to be in deep thought before,” Nate remarked as we walked towards Hogsmeade.

                “There’s just been a lot going on I suppose,” I said, not really wanting to talk about it.

                “Yeah,” he agreed. “There has been a lot going on. Good thing I’m here to make you forget about it for a while.”

                I bit my bottom lip and grinned at him. “Yeah, good thing.”

                “So where do you want to go first?” he asked me. “We could do the Three Broomsticks if you wanted?”

                “That sounds like a good idea,” I replied. “It’s been forever since I last had a butter beer.”

                “That does sound tasty,” he agreed. “And this is the perfect weather for it.”

                “It is,” I agreed. “I love fall, it’s my favorite season.”

                “Mine too,” he said.

                The date went rather well. We sat in the Three Broomsticks and had butter beer and talked. He told me about his family and asked questions about mine. I learned that he had an older brother who graduated our first year at Hogwarts, that his Mum was a homemaker, and his Dad worked as some sort of magical creatures specialist. He asked about my parents’ Muggle jobs and really seemed interested in them and my sister. We talked about random things like our favorite colors, what classes we do and don’t like, and even why treacle tart is my favorite dessert.

                Nate and I walked around Hogsmeade after we left the Three Broomsticks and he held my hand. Our fingers intertwined and swung between us as we walked. We went into a few shops, including Honeydukes. He bought a small bag of my favorite chocolates even though I protested and tried to pay for them myself. All too soon, the day was over and before I knew it we were walking back to the castle.

                “I had a great time with you today,” Nate said as he swung our hands back and forth. We were quickly approaching the castle. I was amazed at the amount of butterflies in my stomach. They had not gone away all day.

                “I had a nice time with you too, Nate,” I told him, smiling wide.

                “We definitely have to do this again,” he commented.

                “I’d like that,” I assured him. He walked me up the steps to the castle and we walked our way into the entrance.

                “I’m supposed to meet some friends to study in the library,” Nate said. He gave my hand a squeeze as he led me to face him.

                “That’s alright,” I said, blushing a bit. “I’m probably going to go eat and get grilled by Alice- she’ll being dying to ask me a million questions about you.”

                “I hope you have good things to say,” he said in a soft tone. I looked up and couldn’t help but notice how his eyes seemed to have glazed over a bit.

                “Mostly good,” I teased him. “Although I don’t know how I’m going to get over you liking mince pie. Quiet scandalous.”

                He laughed at me. “You’re really amazing.”

                I looked down and let out a short breath in embarrassment. He put a finger under my chin and lifted my head back up.

                “Maybe we can eat dinner together tomorrow,” he said.

                “That sounds nice,” I answered him. His eyes searched my face.

                “It really does,” he replied as his face leaned in closer to mine.

                My eyes closed and I tilted my head up to meet his lips. His lips were warm and sweet. The kiss was quick, but it left me feeling like I was floating.  When we parted I bit my bottom lip and looked down.  Again, he put a finger under my chin and lifted my face.

                “I’ll see you later,” he said softly. He slowly moved away from me, our hands staying attached until the last minute and then falling to our sides.

                I watched him start to leave and before he got to the end of the hallway, he turned around with a large smile on his face, “Not going to tell me good bye, Lily Evans?” he playfully questioned me.

                I giggled and rolled my eyes, “Bye, Nate!”

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Developing Endearment : Chapter Three: Dates and Drama


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