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Broken by Yasmin93
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven - Hogsmeade
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“Anderson!” Sirius shouted as Brooke made her way out the common room. “Wait up.”

Brooke turned around to see him leaving Marlene with a scowl on her face. Brooke raised an eyebrow as Sirius got closer to her. “What do you want, Black?”

“We both have detention.” Sirius shrugged. “Might as well head there together.”

Brooke just nodded at him in agreement. She wasn't sure why he was appearing to make a bit of an effort with her, but it sparked something inside her that she couldn't put her finger on it; but she did the only thing she could think of; push it into her mental box and ignore it.

The pair climbed out of the portrait hole and started on their journey to the dungeons.

“So, you and Pickery?” Sirius had that usual twinkle in his eye; the one that meant he was going to be getting on Brooke's nerves.

“You were there.” Brooke really didn't want to get into any of that, especially with Sirius, but she had a feeling he was going to make it difficult to avoid.

“He's not exactly your type.” Sirius pointed out as he watched Brooke out of the corner of his grey eyes.

“And what do you know about my type?” Brooke couldn't believe she was talking about her love life to Sirius of all people. It's not territory they'd ever stepped foot in before.

A knowing smile appeared on Sirius' face. “They're not normally nice. The nice ones are always scared away by me and Prongs.” A glint appeared in his eyes.

“Scared away?” Brooke stopped in her tracks and turned to face Sirius, anger contorting her face. “What do you mean you scared them away?”

Sirius let out a bark of laughter. “We wouldn't do it on purpose. Well, I didn't” Sirius' eyes danced excitedly. “Do you really think I'd have any interest in who you date?”

Brooke felt a tug in the pit of her stomach but she wasn't sure what it was. “Then how did you scare them off?”

Sirius sighed at Brooke's questions, regretting ever bringing it up; but at least she wasn't going off in her own little worlds as much as she was. “If they avoid asking you out because of your relationship with Prongs then they're definitely not right for you. You need someone who will keep you on your toes. We both know you'd get bored otherwise.”

Brooke turned away from Sirius and started making her way to detention with Sirius falling into step with her. She'd never noticed people avoid her because of James and Sirius before.

“So if Pickery was willing to ask you out in front of all of us, I say good on him.”

Brooke let out a sigh. “Well I'm so glad I have your approval.” Her voice was cold and distant and Sirius knew that was the last thing she meant. “Why the sudden interest in my love life anyway? We're not friends.”

Sirius just shrugged and continued looking the direction they were going. “Just because we're not friends doesn't mean we have to be hostile to each other all the time. For Prongs' sake at least.”

“I guess you're right.” Brooke huffed. She snuck a peak at Sirius out of the corner of her eyes only to find him smirking. “Don't get used to it though.”

Sirius' smirk dropped slightly. “What?”

“To being right. It won't happen again.”

Sirius let out a light-hearted chuckle as he held the door open to let Brooke into Professor Slughorn's classroom. “After you, Princess.”

The pair walked into the classroom to find that all the ingredients had been taken out of the cupboard and were laid all over all the desks. Sirius' shoulders dropped at the state of the room whereas Brooke perked up.

“Miss Anderson. Mister Black. I'd like you both to give me your wands please.” Professor Slughorn greeted the pair and held out his hand for their wands. They both handed them over without any complaints. “I'd like you to scrub the shelves in the ingredient cupboard and then put everything back in there making sure the ingredients are in the correct order. I've got something I need to take care of so I'll be back in an hour and a half.” And without another word he scuttled out the door leaving Sirius and Brooke alone.

Brooke made her way towards the cupboard, inspecting some of the ingredients on her way.

“You won't find it there.” Sirius had been watching her as he slowly followed her into the dark cupboard.

Shooting around to look at him, Brooke stopped in the doorway. Sirius came to a halt as he crashed into her, his hands going to her waist to steady himself.

Brooke's heartbeat raced at the proximity of the two of them. Her skin tingled where Sirius was touching her, a feeling that seemed to be a reoccurring feeling when it came to Sirius. Her breathing hitched as she was unable to work out what was going on with her and why it was. Suddenly, she stepped back out of Sirius' reach and she could breath again.

“I don't know what you're talking about.” She lied when she was finally able to get her words out. Her dull eyes avoiding his.

“We'll take a detour to the greenhouses once we've finished here.” Sirius winked at Brooke before squeezing past, his chest brushing past hers. The close proximity sent shivers down her spine; but Brooke was getting good at pushing things to the back of her mind, so any inappropriate thoughts about Sirius that may have entered her mind were instantly pushed away before she had time to register them.

Brooke shouldn't have been shocked that Sirius had clocked her. If there was one thing she could admit about him it was that he was observant. There was very little that Sirius didn't pick up. So she wasn't too sure why she was so surprised that he'd caught her out so quickly.

“How did you know?” Brooke tried, and failed, to keep all the surprise out of her voice.

Sirius chuckled and shrugged at her, his eyes twinkling as they caught hold of hers. “It's what I would do.”

A sparkle that Sirius rarely saw appeared in Brooke's bright blue eyes, causing a grin to spread across his face. Neither of them removed their eyes from each others. Brooke's cheeks got hot as a blush spread over them. Clearing her throat she looked at the floor.

“We really should get this done.” Brooke took to looking at Sirius' tie, not liking the way she was starting to feel around him. The blushing, the tingling and the shivers had never been something that Brooke had felt before, with any guy. She knew now that she would have to limit anytime she spent with Sirius. They didn't like each other so she couldn't feel that way towards him. She decided it was only because of everything that had been going on. “I really don't want to be here all night.”

The sparkle that had briefly been in Brooke's eyes was dull again as she started to scrub the shelves with a sponge, trying to ignore the looks she felt Sirius' was giving her. He turned around and started cleaning the shelves on the other side of the cupboard.

“So, McKinnon's finally the girl to get the Sirius Black to settle down?” Brooke spoke with her back to him.

Sirius stopped what he was doing and glanced at Brooke. “Nah. Just an easy start to the year.”

Brooke turned to look at him, disgust visible on her face. It didn't matter how much she didn't like Marlene, it didn't sit well with Brooke to hear things like that said about her. “How can you say things like that about her when you're worse!”

“You don't even like her!” Sirius threw the sponge on the shelf and turned around to face Brooke. “What do you care what I say about her?”

“She thinks she's got you, Black. And whether I like her or not, I'll be the one who gets stuck listening to her go on and on about you. Even more so when you break her heart.” Brooke looked into Sirius' wide eyes. “And it seems I'm spending a lot of time with you. I don't want to be listening to people talk about you too.”

“Admit it Princess, you like spending all this time with me.” Sirius flashed her his charming grin.

“No. I don't.” Brooke denied as her heartbeat sped up at the sight of the smile. “Why are you doing it?”


Brooke shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Getting me detentions with you all the time. I'm going to start thinking you want to get me alone.” A cheeky smile lit up Brooke's face, the light in her eyes back, as she tried to hold back a laugh.

“Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart.” Sirius' smile changed to a cocky one.

“So, care to explain what you're playing at?” Brooke raised her eyebrow at him. “I mean, I have so many things I would rather be doing instead of spending my time in detention with you.” A small smile played on the corner of her lips. “Like sticking pins in my eyes.”

A bark of laughter filled the room. “That could be arranged.”

Brooke's laugh shocked Sirius. A proper laugh. A happy laugh that wasn't forced.

The pair turned back to continue the work they were doing, not saying anything until they were almost finished putting the ingredients back together.

The whole time it had been silent Brooke's mind drifted off to her parents, and what Rebastian had said. She thought about how they had no information to go on and even if everything was true and her parents were alive she had no idea how she would ever see them again.

The colour from her face drained and her eyes dulled. “So about Christmas.”

“What about it?” Sirius had a feeling he knew where the conversation was going to go. This time he wouldn't have James to back him up though.

“Where would we even start?” Brooke tried to keep the fear out of her voice. Because in truth, she had never been as scared as she was about never seeing two of the people she couldn't live without.

“We'll figure it out.” Sirius chanced a glance at her to see the worried, distant look that he had become accustomed to seeing. “Besides, I have a few ideas.”

Brooke's face became hopeful as she waited for Sirius to expand further on his ideas. But he just shook his head at her.

“Let me dig a little bit. Then I'll tell you everything.” Sirius noticed how dejected Brooke looked. “I promise.”

Brooke nodded at him and turned around to finish putting the last of the ingredients away. Her mind was racing through all the different ways Sirius could get himself in trouble by 'digging'. Then she thought about all the ways she could make sure he didn't get into trouble. She was thinking of ways she could make sure he wouldn't end up helping Voldemort's side, or so they couldn't use him.

Deciding enough was enough Brooke pushed the thoughts out of her head. It's not like she cared about Sirius and whether he ended up alright. No, it wasn't that she cared. It was because of James. That was it. She had to make sure that Sirius ended up safe and sound because James wouldn't be able to live with it any other way.

The two finally finished the detention, and were just about to head to the greenhouses but Sirius stopped them.

“There's no point in getting it now.” His face was soft and, if Brooke wasn't mistaken, caring. “You can't start it until the full moon so you're better getting it just before the next one. And it means we have a month to get the other ingredients ready.”

Brooke looked at Sirius, confusion spreading over her face. “Why are you helping me?”

“I've already done it.” Sirius just shrugged. “I know what you need to do. At least I can make sure you get it right. We wouldn't want you being half a donkey permanently.”

“A donkey?”

“Yupp. I just have a feeling that is what you're going to be. It would make sense.” Sirius kept his face straight causing Brooke to roll her eyes at him. Sirius however saw the smile she was trying to cover up. “Besides, everyone will be waiting up for us. We can't leave them waiting.”

Nodding, Brooke started making her way to the common room with Sirius falling into step beside her.

“So, why did you say yes to Pickery? And don't tell me it's because you like him because you've never given him a second glance before.” Sirius asked to fill the silence.

Brooke let out a small sigh. “I thought the only way I could properly go back to normal is to actually go back to normal. Maybe he doesn't make my heart race, or I don't secretly hope that I'm going to bump into him; but what if it could be that? I'll never know unless I give him a chance.” Brooke looked up through her eyelashes to catch Sirius watching her face, causing her to blush. Again. “Besides, it's been a while since I've been on a date.”

Brooke moved her gaze from Sirius to the corridor ahead, hoping that Sirius hadn't noticed the change in her complexion. The last thing she wanted was for Sirius to think she felt anything towards him, especially when she obviously didn't.

A small smile played on the corner of Sirius' lips as he watched Brooke clam up. “You want it to be that with him?”

“I don't know.” Brooke refused to look anywhere near Sirius, scared that if she did it would make her go red again. “But why are we talking about my love life again?”

“I never got the information I needed for Prongs earlier.” Brooke could almost hear the smirk on Sirius' face and suddenly felt stupid for thinking he could possibly be interested in her life. It suddenly all made sense. Of course he was only asking for James.

The rest of the journey neither of them talked and when they finally got back to the common room it was empty apart from Marlene. Sirius went straight over to her and planted a passionate kiss on her lips before pulling her hand so she got out of the arm chair and followed him out of the common room. As he was on his way out he threw Brooke one last wink but she just scowled a him before making herself cosy on the sofa with a muggle romance novel someone had left in the common room.

* * * * *

The journey to Hogsmeade had been a little bit awkward but that was more due to the fact that the marauders, apart from Sirius, were hanging around Brooke and Ryan, making it impossible for them to strike up a conversation without some sort of rude remark from them. Or rather without a rude remark from James. In the end the couple just walked in awkward silence.

By the time they finally got to Hogsmeade the boys all ran off to find the joke shop, leaving Brooke to follow Ryan towards the shrieking shack.

“Where are we going?” Brooke questioned as they got further and further away from any other students, who were all making the most of being able to go shopping.

Ryan looked at Brooke, flashing her a charming smile that didn't have any effect on her. “It's a surprise.” He grabbed her hand and linked his fingers through hers, making her a little bit uncomfortable but she didn't say anything and humoured him. “So is there anything going on with you and Potter?”

Brooke scoffed at his question before laughing, thinking he was joking. When she looked at him she found his curious green eyes gazing at her. “You're being serious?” Her eyes were opened slightly wider than usual.

“Well, yeah.” Ryan nodded. “You're always together. He's very...territorial over you.” He explained what the relationship must look like from an outsiders point of view. “Even today, it was like he was trying to make this as hard for me as possible.”

“And his obsession with Lily doesn't say enough?” Brooke was completely taken aback at the fact anyone could think that her relationship with James was anything but platonic. “James and I grew up together. His parents are my godparents and vice versa.” She found herself explaining anyway. “I guess he's just a bit protective over me, just like I would be with him. He just deals with it in the worst ways.”

Ryan nods as he takes her answer in. “Tell me more about yourself. Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

Brooke searched his face to try and find the normal sad, pitiful looks but never found it. Her suspicions that this had just been a pity date soon disappeared and she felt herself relax a bit more. “No, James is the closest thing I have to a sibling.” She thought for a moment.

“And your parents? What do they do?” Ryan continued trying to make conversation.

Brooke suddenly clammed up. Was it really possible that he didn't know anything about her parents? It had been a big thing. But it would explain the lack of sadness in his eyes when he looked at her. “Urm...enough about me. Tell me more about you.”

Ryan didn't seem to think anything of the sudden topic change and proceeded in telling Brooke all about his three sisters and one brothers. By the time they got to a small field with a picnic spread Brooke had been told about all his extended family too.

When Brooke saw the blanket with a picnic basket on top of it a what looked like a bottle of wine next to it, she couldn't help but let out a smile. “How did you do all this?” She couldn't hide her surprise.

“Your friend offered to help me out after I asked you to come with me.” Ryan explained. “He showed me how to get here to set it up earlier this morning.”

“Remus? I can't really see him breaking rules.” Brooke said thoughtfully. She knew it wasn't James or Peter as she had been with them all morning, so Remus was the only other option.

“It wasn't Remus. But that doesn't matter.” Ryan changed the subject, his smile was still revealing his pearly white teeth. The pair sat down opposite on another on the blanket and it wasn't long until Ryan was passing Brooke a plastic cup full of wine.

“This is nice.” Brooke was looking around the area with a slight smile on her face. They were in a small secluded area just away from the shrieking shack. Nice and intimate and romantic, and thankfully it wasn't Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop.

Ryan nodded before getting some chocolate out of the basket and offering it to Brooke which she took. “So, Brooke, what are you planning on doing after we graduate?”

“I want a job within the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Preferably, I want to be part of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad.” Brooke explained as she thought about what she wanted to do, revealing it to someone for the first time.

“Really?” Ryan looked shock as he looked intently at Brooke's face. “I would have thought you'd do the same as Black and Potter.”

Brooke let out a chuckle, throwing her head back slightly. Something tightened in Brooke's stomach at the mention of Sirius which Brooke put down to her 'dislike' for him. “No way. I'd never get the grades for going on to be an Auror. Besides, putting up with Black for even longer isn't exactly my idea of a fun time.”

“Oh, you and him don't get along?” Ryan seemed genuinely shocked by the revelation, which Brooke couldn't really understand because as far as she was aware it was obviously to everybody who looked at them.

“No. Not really.” Brooke scoffed whilst she shook her head. “Why are we talking about him on our date?”

A rustling noise came from the wooded area behind the couple which caused Brooke's head to spin around. “Did you hear that, Ryan?” She looked around them in every direction but couldn't see what could be the source of the noise.

Ryan started looking around too to try and figure out what Brooke was on about. “No. What was it?”

Brooke's eyes were wide as she tried to listen for the sound again but she had no luck and just shrugged in response. “I must be hearing things.” She plastered a false smile on her face to hide her worry. “Anyway, you never did tell me what you wanted to do next year.”

Ryan relaxed and turned his attention back to Brooke, his eyes lighting up as he looked at her. “My dad works for the Portkey Office in the Ministry and has got a job lined up for me already.”

The fake smile on Brooke's face grew larger. “Well, that sounds...interesting.” She tried her best to sound interested but found the more she spoke about Ryan, the more boring she realised he was. The spark that she had hoped would be there wasn't and the longer she spent on the date the more it became clear; and she could feel herself feeling a little bit gutted about it. “So what sort of things do you do in your spare time?” She tried, hoping that it would bring out something in him that could change her feelings for him and the date.

“I'm on the Quiddich team.” As soon as the words came out of Ryan's mouth the smile on Brooke's face became genuine.

“Me too!” Brooke's interest peaked. “What position do you play?”

“Keeper. You?” Ryan's face seemed to light up at the common interest and the two spent the rest of their time sitting their talking about Quiddich; which teams they supported, who the better house team was and why.

They were both sat there for another hour or so before they decided to head back to the high street and make the most out of their one day in Hogsmeade, knowing that there probably wouldn't be another one for a while.

Deciding the best place to continue their date would be The Three Broomsticks they started making their way there.

“I just need to pop in there and grab something for the Halloween Ball if that's alright?” Brooke asked as they walked past Gladrags Wizardwear. “I've already got in on order so will just pop in and out.”

Ryan flashed her a handsome smile and agreed to waiting outside the shop when they finally got there, Brooke not wanting anyone to see what it was she was picking up.

When Brooke got in the shop she made her way straight to the counter, bumping into Lily already paying for what she assumed was her costume.

“Brooke!” Lily grinned when she realised Brooke was behind her. “I thought you were on your date?” Lily's eyes lit up at the thought of gossip.

“I am. Ryan's waiting for me outside so I can pick up my mask for the ball, so I really can't stay and talk.” Brooke handed over her money and received her mask, already packed in a small bag for collection.

Unable to get away from Lily, they both headed out of the shop together and made their way to Ryan who was waiting patiently whilst talking to a 5th year girl from Hufflepuff. The girl was laughing hysterically at whatever Ryan had just said, her eyes gazing longingly at his face. It was the sort of reaction Brooke couldn't help but laughing at as it reminded her of all the times she'd seen people look at Sirius and James that way.

The Hufflepuff girl ran away when Brooke and Lily walked over to the pair of them, Ryan turning to face them with the smile that Brooke was yet to see his face without.

“Will you be joining us in The Three Broomsticks, Lily?” Ryan asked, making sure to acknowledge her.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from just behind them which caused Brooke to spin around. The sight causing her to instantly tense up. She mentally wished that the group of people would would past her and her friends.

“Well, well, well.” The voice drawled. “Looks like we have our favourite blood-traitor with a half-blood AND a filthy little mudblood.” Lucius Malfoy pulled his wand out as he got closer. “What a lucky find.” His voice was filled with disgust. “You really should start thinking about the company you keep, Anderson.”

Malfoy was followed by Avery, much to Brooke's dismay, and Mulciber. The second two followed Malfoy's action and drew their wands out as he did.

Brooke, Ryan and Lily all pulled their own wands out, taking defensive stances as they faced the group of Slytherins.

“Malfoy.” Brooke spat, her eyes instantly going cold. “Why don't you all get out of here before you make me do something that's going to hurt.” Her eyes lingered on Avery hoping he'd get rid of them.

Instead, Avery's eyes lost all emotion and his face went hard. There was something unfamiliar in him. Something Brooke had never seen before until this moment. Something evil. Something she thought she would never see in him; even if she did know about what was expected of him in his home. The fact that he was looking directly at her made her skin crawl. She didn't recognise the person in front of her, and he was supposed to be one of her best friends.

“What gives you the right to open your mouth to us in that tone?” Mulciber shouted from behind Malfoy. He caught Brooke looking around to see who was watching the altercation. “What's wrong Anderson? Are your precious little bodyguards not here to protect you?”

“We don't need them to take you on!” Lily spat, her face red with anger and her wand pointing at Malfoy.

“Go on then Avery.” Malfoy had an evil smile on his face, his eyes suddenly lighting up at the prospect of what was to come.

Avery's eyes didn't light up, and Brooke could swear she saw him hesitate for a moment as his eyes turned apologetic. No one except Brooke would recognise the look, so it was her who was panicking more than anyone. If he felt bad about what he was about to do she knew it was going to be something bad, something she didn't agree with. Whatever he was about to do was going to be evil.

“Crucio!” Avery yelled as Brooke fell to her knees as she let out a blood curdling scream.

Her mind went blank as all she could concentrate on was the excruciating pain surging through her body. Every single nerve in her body felt like it was being torn apart. Her bones felt as though they were on fire and her head felt like it was splitting open. Brooke stayed this way for what seemed, to her, like a lifetime.

“Expelliarmus!” Lily shouted almost instantly after Avery had cast his spell.

Brooke fell forward so her head was resting against the pebbled floor, a single tear seeped out of her eye and fell down her cheek as she lifted her heavy head up to look at a wandless Avery.

His eyes were open wide, obviously shocked at what he had just done, and watery as he took in the state of Brooke.

“Tommy?” Brooke's eyebrows knitted together as she tried to process what had just happened.

Malfoy and Mulciber ran off just as Avery got thrown across the street.

Brooke, filled with a sudden surge of adrenaline, found the strength to push herself off the ground and ran to where Avery had landed without a second thought.

“Tommy?” Her voice was soft as she made sure he was okay despite everything. Something inside of her was telling her that he deserved everything he had got. That he shouldn't have even thought about casting that spell on anyone, let alone her. But then another part of her knew she was glad it was her instead of Lily or Ryan. And she knew that Avery would know that.

She held her hand out to help him up but he swiped her hand away. “Don't, Buttercup.” He whispered as his eyes focussed on something behind her.

Brooke turned around knowing she had been stupid. She was faced with shocked looks from Ryan and Lily but it wasn't them her eyes focussed on. Instead they went wide as they focussed on someone she didn't want to see. A wand in one hand and an invisibility cloak in the other. His greys eyes were the angriest Brooke had ever seen them.


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Broken: Chapter Seven - Hogsmeade


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