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You Gotta Have Faith by WitchingWorld
Chapter 1 : 7 Years Later
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7 Years Later

~            ~             ~             ~               ~               ~              ~                ~                    ~ 

“Welcome to St Mungo’s for Magical Maladies and Injuries,” the Welcome Wizard droned, he looked utterly bored.

A man in dark green robes with silvery blonde hair stood in front of the Inquiries sign, looking dishevelled, clammy and frankly unsteady on his feet.

“Um, I’m not feeling too well and I think I need to see a Healer.”



The Welcome Wizard’s face turned even sourer than it was previously, no wonder he had more wrinkles than he should have for his age.

Dipping his quill in an inkpot and hovering it over his parchment, he waited expectantly.

When Sam didn’t say anything, he glared up, “Your name? So I can put you down on the waitlist…”

“Uhh, Scorpius is my legal name. Scorpius Malfoy.”

“And have you been to St Mungo’s before?”

Sam nodded, “Yeah, when I was a kid.”

“Excellent, we should have you on file. Take a seat and a Healer will come give you a preliminary exam before sending you to the appropriate floor.”


Sam sat down at the closest row of chairs, too tired to venture further afield. He was slightly nervous of bumping into Rose, who he hadn’t seen in 7 long years, but he’d been sick for weeks and it wasn’t going away.

His parents had finally forced him to go in to St Mungo’s when he had fainted on the dining room floor. He had had a rash stretching across his neck for almost a month, but he hadn’t got it looked at, assuming it would go away on its own – but it had only gotten worse.

As he waited for his name to be called, he inspected his his surroundings to see if Rose was working. It was early on a Saturday morning, maybe she wasn’t on shift.


His eyes were wondering around the room when a voice from behind him confirmed exactly what he feared most.

“Sam Malfoy, what are you doing in Britain! You should have sent me an owl to let me know you were in.”

It was Rose. As Sam turned around to look at her, his breath caught, she looked amazing.

Her hair was cut extremely short around the back and sides, but long on the top, with a side-fringe of curly red locks sweeping across her face. She was wearing the classic lime green robes that all Healers wore at St Mungo’s, and she looked… happy to see him?

‘She doesn’t remember you Sam, not really, not us,’ Sam reminded himself as he smiled back.

“Hey Rose, I only just got in and I’m feeling a bit crook,” he laughed awkwardly.

“Well come on into this exam room and I’ll check you out, you do look a bit… well, sweaty,” Rose grinned and Sam let out a more genuine laugh.


When they got to the exam room Rose turned around and gestured to a hospital bed on the far side of the room and stood expectantly waiting for him to get onto it. A tidy mahogany desk with quills, ink and parchment laid out across the top sat opposite the bed.

Sam sat down on the bed and Rose immediately began examining him, “So what are your symptoms, what’s going on?”

Sam’s hand immediately went to his neck, “Well I have this rash that’s quite itchy and sore, it’s been there for… probably almost a month-“

“A month!? Sam, that’s way too long to wait before getting something checked out!”

“I know, I just thought it would go away, but then I started having trouble breathing sometimes, dizziness, lethargy – I’m probably just a bit run-down.”



Rose cast a barrier charm over her hands and lifted up the collar of Sam’s robes, inspecting the rash, which had spread down across his collar bones and shoulders.

“Oh and I kind of fainted last night,” he said quickly, almost like an afterthought.

Rose rolled her eyes, “You might have wanted to lead with that Sam.”

Suddenly Sam’s head swayed forward, but he pulled it back, “Ugh sorry I feel really queasy.”

“That’s okay, do you mind taking off your robes and shirt, I want to get a good look at that rash.”

“Uh, sure, yeah okay.”


Sam stood up and Rose turned her back to give him privacy to undress. He took his robes off and placed them on the bed, then lifted his cream dress shirt up and pulled it over his head without undoing the buttons.

When he his shirt was off, he placed it on the bed with his robes and sat back down. He could have sworn Rose’s eyes lingered on his body, but maybe she was just inspecting the rash.

“Do you still feel dizzy right now? Or just queasy?”

Sam’s hand went to his head and the other grasped the bed, “I definitely feel dizzy too,” he could feel himself swaying again and as he looked up at Rose his vision started to blur.

Rose moved her hand to support his head, but he turned away, “Rose I think I’m gonna be sick.”

She turned quickly to reach for her wand so she could conjure up a bucket but as she heard his retch, she knew was far too late, the vomit hit her before she could even say Merlin.


Rose let out a small sigh of disgust, no matter how many times she was vomited on by patients, it never got easier. When Sam was done, he wiped his mouth and started a stream of apologies, “I’m so sorry Rose, I was trying to aim away from you I swear,” but Rose was staring at the vomit on her robes, not in disgust but in shock. The vomit was a light purplish colour, it immediately confirmed a diagnosis Rose had been speculating.

“Damn it Sam, why didn’t you come in earlier? You’ve got Scrofungulus! Rash on the neck should have been obvious, you work in blooming care of magical creatures, you should know this.”

Sam let out a grown, “Oh shit, I’m so sorry, Scrofungulus is so contagious-“

“Yes, and you just vomited all over me! Tell me you didn’t touch anyone coming in here.”

“No I didn’t, I’m sure of it.”

With that Rose walked over to the desk, grabbed her wand and with a flick sounded the alarm for contagion. The door to the exam room slammed shit and a lime green light flowed around the edges, sealing it.



Pointing her wand at her throat, Rose muttered “Sonorus” and her voice boomed out across the reception area, “We have a patient presenting with Scrofungulus in exam room five at reception, no one leaves the area until they’ve all been screened and doused for the bug that carries the fungus. Patien's family also needs to be screened, send out a team to the address listed on their file. Please move us up to Level 2 when the area is clear, the Healer has been compromised and may be carrying the contagion.”

She rolled her eyes and glared at Sam, but he’d started vomiting again.

“That’s disgusting Malfoy,” her voice boomed out again, “Quietus – shit!”


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You Gotta Have Faith: 7 Years Later


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