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Keeping Up With Roxanne Weasley by Kindlemesilly
Chapter 7 : This Shouldn't Even Come as a Surprise Anymore
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Now I feel stupid.


Stupid because it’s Dom sister - Of course Vicky would have made her bridesmaid. And given the glares and evil looks I get from her I’m not surprised she chose Red to be a bridesmaid as well to spite me.


But the big picture here is that Teddy is literally getting married. I’m sneaking around the castle at night to kiss and chat with someone who is already promised to my cousin.


At this point I don’t even know who I’m angrier at. Dom, Red, Teddy or myself.


‘Myself’ I said out loud whilst I kicked a stone into the Lake.


‘Don’t you hate it when I’m right. I knew I’d find you here. Must be a twin thing’


Great. Fred’s come to gloat.


‘Listen mate if you’re going to start something-‘


‘Nah oi calm down Rocky’ said Fred playfully as he sat down next to me. ‘I just wanted to come say sorry’


‘For what? What did you do?’


‘For being a dick and judging you’ he said.


‘Good’ I spat.


‘I honestly don’t see your motive, but I get you really like him. And I know he really likes you to. I’m willing to put a bet on that he actually loves you’ said Fred as he threw a rock into the lake.


‘And I know Victoire is playing up, and I really don’t like that she’s targeting you’ he said frowning.


‘Thanks…’ was all I could say


‘I saw her last night having screwing Lucas Dierre’


I rolled my eyes.


‘And that stunt today at lunch was just plain cold. None of my business but damn Ro when have you ever let someone talk you down like that’ said Fred


‘I feel stupid Fred. If he marries her I’ll die of shame and embarrassment’ I muttered


‘He won’t’ said Fred simply


‘And how do you know? Did you not listen to him at the table?’


‘I just know he won’t’ he said


‘I missed you’ I said hugging him


‘Missed you too. It’s quiet without your annoying voice in my ear 24/7’ said Fred making talking gestures with his hand.


‘Funny. But in all seriousness. Do you think I’m stupid?’


‘Yeah I do’ said Fred as I frowned. ‘But we all do stupid things when we’re in love’


‘You’ve never been in love Fred’ I said laughing. He said nothing but smiled slyly.


‘You’re in love?! WITH WHOOO? I said jumping


‘Nobody you spastic sit down’ laughed Fred.


What a liar. I’m so going to get to the bottom of this. This is serious big news. My brother never likes a girl long enough to fall in love with. I’ve got to investigate with the Dom and Red.


Dom and Red


‘Should I be cut at Dom and Red for being bridesmaids?’


‘No’ said Fred sympathetically. ‘It’s not their fault’


‘You’re right’ I said shrugging


‘See I’m always right don’t you just hate it lil sis’ winked Fred


‘I’m younger by 3 minutes you moron’


‘Still makes you younger’ shrugged Fred


Talking to Fred made me feel a lot better. We hadn’t spoken all month since our spat about Teddy at the beginning of term. I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed talking to him. We chatted all the way back up to the castle where Dom and Red were waiting for me in the common room.


‘Man we’re sooo sorry we didn’t tell you’ started Red


‘Yeah we debated awhile about how we were going to approach you with it but like you were so happy and in your happy bubble that we didn’t want to pop it’ said Dom sincerely


‘it’s okay I’m over it’ I said smiling as they gave me a hug.


‘So did you end up finding a dress at least?’ I asked


‘Girl please. I haven’t even bothered to look. I’m not going to some fake ass wedding if the bride to be is still out snogging and sleeping with everyone’ said Dom


‘Isn’t it just Lucas Dierre?’ I said


‘And Sean Finnigan’ said Dom


‘Ew’ both Red and I said together


‘Yeah she likes them sleazy apparently’ said Dom


‘Teddy’s out looking for you by the way’ said Red


‘Meh’ I said shrugging my shoulders ‘I don’t know what to say to him’


They nodded understandably.


I turned off my phone as I walked upstairs to my bed. I didn’t want to read no sorry text messages at the moment that I knew were on my phone. Lucky I have no more classes today. I really should be studying, but I needed sleep. Or at least to lie on my bed and rethink my decisions in life.



I woke up around 2am to the sound of Dom laughing. Well actually giggling. Someone else was giggling too. A man someone else.


‘Dom?’ I whispered


‘Shhh Shh’ someone whispered. And then more giggles.


I used the torch light from my phone.


Dom was in her underwear laying next to-


‘Scorpius what the hell are you doing here- Oh god put some pants on?’ I whispered loudly covering my eyes.


‘Sorry Ro’ he whispered as he pulled his pants back on. He quickly kissed Dom on the lips and scurried out the door.


‘You’re sleeping with Scorpius? Since when?’ I whispered loudly


‘He knows how to push the right buttons’ giggled Dom


‘You’re crazy. Do you sneak him up here every night?’ I said


‘No just maybe once or twice a week. We started this before break’ whispered Dom


‘Are you going steady with him then? Is it official?’


‘God no’ said Dom quickly ‘Just friends with benefits’


‘You kill me’ I said giggling


‘Don’t tell me you’re still a virgin Ro?’


‘Maybe… So what if I am?’ I said


‘I thought teddy would have popped that cherry by now’


‘I want it to be special…’ I said


‘Has he even tried?’ she asked


‘No? Is that bad?’ I asked quickly


‘I don’t know? Is it? I know he isn’t a virgin though’ she said quietly


‘How do you know?’ I whispered although i know damn well that I wont like her answer.


‘Because he and Vic used to do it all the time during break at home. Their bedroom is right next to mine’ she said awkwardly.


‘Cool’ I said flatly


‘…sorry for waking you up .. goodnight Ro’ she said


Not that it should have been such a concern for me but now I can’t stop thinking about Teddy and Victoire having sex and its driving me crazy with jealousy.


But I shouldn’t be jealous because it was before me…


If I wasn’t annoyed with Teddy before I sure as hell am now.


I turned my phone on. Ignoring his messages will make me feel better. I know it will.


I had 3 unread messages

















I fell asleep happy that I ignored his message.




The next morning, I had a free period, so I got up late to have breakfast at the Great Hall alone. Dom was still snoring and Red had Muggle Studies.


Eating at this time in the Great Hall was so goood, like it’s legit almost empty and it’s just pure peaceful.


Well it was peaceful until someone slid into the chair next to me.


‘Can we talk now’


I nodded whilst still eating my croissant.


‘Look I’m sorry you had to see that, she does that all the time’


I swallowed so fast I almost choked,


‘What do you mean all the time? Jesus Christ Ted if I’m not kissing you she is? That just makes me sound almost idiotic’ I said after coughing out piece that got stuck.


‘Will you stop biting my head off for a sec!’ frowned Ted ‘No we don’t kiss Ro. Yesterday she made up her own rules apparently. I was just in shock as you were trust me. I was meant to say she likes to shit stir people if something doesn’t go her way. For example, yesterday Harry casually mentioned how busy I was lately because I was of my late night Quidditch practises with you. She didn’t like that obviously and did a whole 360 on me and is acting like we are the happiest couple on earth.




‘Because she see’s you as a threat’ said Ted flatly.

‘Okay’ I said


‘Look knowing her she is going to be pushing some major button over the next few weeks. Just please I want you to know it’s still you okay? Anyways I’ve got to go aide the next class, just don’t forget what I said okay. It will always be you’ he said kissing my forehead as he walked away.


I watched him walk out of the Great Hall then went back to my croissant.


Just then I felt a sludge of warm sticky thickness droop down my head. Porridge?


‘OMG oops sorry Roxanne’ said Victoire with a satisfying smirk. ‘I tripped and you just happen to be in the way. That’s so unlucky. I guess it will always be you’


‘VIC I’M ALLERGIC TO OATS!’ I yelled as I ran to the Hospital Wing before my face blew up like a balloon.


Madam Abbott was in the Hospital Wing thank god.


She took one look at my face and conjured up the anti allergy spell that I can’t say with my tongue swelled.


It deflated almost instantly. But my face was still left with red blotches.


‘Roxanne, stay away from the oats’ she said condescendingly


As if I’d purposely smashed my head on a bowl of porridge. That’s suicidal. Did Vic know I was allergic? Did she purposely try to almost kill me? Is my own cousin out to get me? Am I overreacting here?


I left the Hospital Wing with ice packs on my face to defuse the red.



‘Whoa hey there tomato head’ said James as I walked into Herbology late.


Professor Longbottom was in his own greenhouse again tending to his own plants, which means we were left to do our own work.


‘Not funny man. I think our cousin is out to kill me’ I said seriously


‘Which one?’ laughed Al


‘Victoire. She poured oats on me at breakfast and I don’t know if she knew I was severely allergic to oats or not?’


‘Nah she can’t be that psycho’ laughed James


‘Yeah that’s way to dark even for her’ said Al


‘Maybe you’re right’ I shrugged.       


`So how’s Danika going there Albi?’ asked James


‘Good I guess, I don’t know’ said Albus uninterested


‘Al, if you don’t like her then don’t go out with her, let some other guy have a chance’ I snapped. He ignored me.




‘What did scorp say now?’ I asked rolling my eyes. This kid’s phone is always going off.


Al ignored me and picked up his phone. He’s face dropped.




A text message appeared on my phone from my mom.








‘What is this weekend?’ I asked James and Al


James shrugged his shoulder and Al shook his head.


‘What’s wrong?’ I asked him


‘Nah nothing, you’ll see’ he said awkwardly


The lunch bell rang, James and I spent the majority of class discussing the possibilities of what could be happening this weekend that could be so exciting. Al stayed quiet the whole time.


I’m starvinggggg’ I moaned


Everybody else was already at our table eating sandwiches. We joined them


‘Hey did you all get a text from our parents as well about this weekend?’ I asked around the table


Some nodded. Some looked confused.


A screech of owls followed by a whoosh wind and letters were all dropped into our hands.


‘What the?’ said Red


Mr & Mrs Weasley and Mr & Mrs. Potter

Are inviting you to come celebrate the engagement of

Ted Harry Lupin


Victoire Gabrielle Weasley

Saturday at 6:00pm

Delacour Mansion, London









I think just lost my apatite.

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