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Different You by Yasmin93
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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As the sun slowly disappeared in the horizon it reflected colours of red and orange in the clear sky, the calm sea and even on the sand under my feet. The light breeze whipped my hair around my face, drawing the salty smell of the water to my nostrils. I scrunched my toes up letting the dry sand explore my feet.

At that precise moment nothing could be more perfect. I had never felt so calm and happy. I was watching a stunning scene pan out in front of me as I sat in the warm sand; the beach really was my favourite place at sunset. Looking next to me, I gazed at the reason for me being so happy.

His hand brushed his dark, windswept hair out of his eyes. Those eyes. The eyes I fell into completely the first time I saw them. Eyes that were so warm and full of emotion that it was hard not to see into his soul every time I gazed into them. My eyes moved down his body, dancing over the defined muscles in his arms as he leant back on his elbows. His t-shirt grazed his hard abs every time the wind blew. A small grin appeared on his lips revealing his perfect, pearly white teeth.

"Out of everything that you could be looking at you choose to stare at me?" His grin grew bigger causing my stomach to erupt with butterflies; just like it did every single time he flashed that grin. Even after spending everyday with him over the summer I couldn't believe he still had this effect over me.

My cheeks felt warm revealing that they were going pink. "I was just committing you to memory." I moved my eyes back onto his sparkling eyes unable to stop myself from blushing more under his gaze.

This was the first man that had ever made me feel special. Sure, I'd had boyfriends before I moved, but none that I had ever fallen for. I had never clicked with anyone the way I did with him. All it took was for one look from him and my heart would go into overdrive. I swear he made me have constant butterflies when I was around him.

He moved closer to me, his arm snaking around my waist to pull me closer to him. Subconsciously I did what had become a natural reaction and relaxed into his side. I couldn't help but take in the way he smelt. Traces of his cologne were still lingering, mixed with the faint smell of cigarettes and leather. My new favourite smell.

As we sat there I couldn't help but think over the most amazing summer we had just spent together. He had managed to completely change my mind about this country. Showing me just how great it can be, when you're with the right person anyway.

I had never expected I'd end up having a summer romance, but here I was right at the end of it. Enjoying our last moments together before we went our separate ways. It was somewhat bittersweet. The perfect end to a perfect relationship and there was nothing either of us could do about it. We both knew this day would come, maybe that's why it had been so great. Knowing something is only temporary made it so much more special.

"Are you ready to leave, Juliet?" He asked, not taking his eyes off my face. It was as though, he too, was trying to make sure he could remember every little detail about me. My heart swelled at the thought.

I nodded to him, a small smile on my face. The sun had completely set now, bringing goodbye closer. It was only a matter of time before we said goodbye one last time.

He got to his feet, holding his hand out to help me up, which I took without a second thought. Electricity pulsed through me from his hand, leaving my hand tingling when we let go of each other. He wrapped his arm over my shoulders and pulled me into him as we made our way back to the bike. It wasn't long before I snaked my arm around his waist as he planted a kiss on my temple.

Neither of us spoke to each other during the walk back. It was a nice silence, a comfortable silence. I couldn't help but think of ways to prolong what was going to come in just a few short hours. My brain fought against my heart, telling me that this is what was always going to happen. Just because we were stupid enough to develop feelings it didn't change anything.

When we got to the motorcycle he quickly jumped on, making space for me to jump on behind him. I wrapped my arms tightly behind his waist, my fingers brushing over his abs as I scrunched his t-shirt in my hands. The scent I had become so accustomed to washing over me.

Much to my dismay the trip that normally took 2 hours only took an hour and a half due to the lack of cars on the roads. The journey went way too quickly and before I knew it we were parked up outside my new house.

He climbed off his bike easily and full of grace before turning around and placing his hands on my hips to lift me off. His thumb brushed my hip as we stayed in that position, me between his motorcycle and his body. Knots tightening in my lower stomach as I gazed up at him, his eyes full of temptation.

Slowly leaning into me his lips brushed mine gently as he pulled me closer to him by my hips. My hands slowly went up to wrap themselves around his neck, pulling him in to kiss me harder. His tongue ran across my bottom lip as though asking for permission to enter. It was at that moment I knew I would lose myself to him, like I did every time he kissed me. There was something about him that made me lose all my inhibitions. My heart crashed against my ribcage so hard and fast I'm surprised he didn't notice. Both our breathing became shallow as our kiss got more fiery and passionate. His hands made their way from my hips slowly to my neck, one tangling in my hair as he closed any gap left between us. A moan slipped out of my lips causing him to smile against them.

Pulling away from me he rested his forehead against mine, the pair of us trying to catch our breath. That big grin on his face. A grin that I couldn't help but return. The pulling at my stomach still there.

"That, I'm going to miss." His voice was low and husky, making it almost impossible for me not to jump him.

"That better not be all you're going to miss." I winked at him.

"You know full well that's not all I'll miss, Jules." His smile was sweet, his loving eyes matching. "I'll miss the way you're hazel eyes sparkle when you talk about something you're passionate about. And the sound of your laugh, as embarrassing as that can be when you snort your drink out your nose."

"Hey!" I slapped him on the shoulder trying and failing to feign annoyance. "Once. That happened once!"

He let out what I could only describe as a bark of laughter. "The way your bright golden hair matches your bright personality perfectly." His fingers moved to brush through my hair. "The way you never shut up, but at the same time you don't reveal anything about yourself, leaving yourself in this fog of mystery."

Upon hearing those words from him I couldn't contain my happiness, the big smile on my face matching his. There was something about hearing them that pulled at my heartstrings, making me want to go back on our deal. Maybe there was some way that we could at least still keep in contact. Wouldn't it be a shame to walk away when there was obviously something between us?

Then the smart part of me snapped me out of it. I couldn't stay, I was a witch and the man in front of me was a nomaj. I had to go to school for the year. Maybe next summer we'd bump into each other again. But if not, it was a short, sweet and perfect relationship where I fell head over heels for the most romantic man I had ever met. And that would be enough when I looked back on it. It had to be.

"And I'm going to miss hearing those sort of words come out of your mouth." I grinned up at him, placing a light kiss on his lips and wrapped my arms around his waist, not wanting to let go. "Do you have to go right away?"

I already knew what his answer would be before he even said it. Just the look on his face was enough to make my heart sink.

"As much as I would love to stay with you longer," His low voice was barely a whisper as he wrapped one arm around my shoulders to hold me against his chest, "I really do need to go now."

His hand gently tilted my chin up just in time for his lips to come crashing down onto mine for one last time. The kiss stayed gentle as his hands came up to cup my face, turning it into the sweetest kiss we'd ever had.

"Thank you." I whisper after I'd pulled away from him. "This really has been the best summer."

His signature grin was on his lips as he nodded at me. "I couldn't agree more." He placed his lips softly on my forehead sending shivers across my body.

I opened my mouth to tell him how I felt but shook the thought out of my head. I wasn't going to ruin the moment so instead I watched him hop onto his motorcycle and send a wink in my direction before he started it up and rode off. Rather than making my way into my house I stayed where I was and watched the back of him quickly disappear out of sight.

I let out a sigh when he was finally out of my sight for the last time. A small smile was on my lips as I thought about the man of my dreams, who had come into my life at the wrong time. But I had hope. Hope that if it was meant to be, it would. Maybe next year when I was finally finished with school.

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