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Harry Potter And The Wands Of Time Book #8 by DonT
Chapter 2 : Another Adventure
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They didn’t talk much until they got home. Harry was thinking about the images of his parents, and this wand of time on the way back.

“Well, you’re not going to believe Don, are you Harry?” Asked Hermione.

“I’m not sure what I believe, the images that I had…” started Harry

“They are just images” interrupted Hermione.

“Well, images of Voldemort were only images.” Rebutted Harry impatiently.

“Well that was different; you had a connection with him. But this, this is from an owl.” Stated Hermione plainly while pointing at the owl they had brought back.

Harry looked at the owl, as he thought over Hermione’s statements. Perhaps she’s right; but something deep inside Harry knew there is more to this, “image”. Something deep knows that the images of his parents were not just images.

Looking at Hermione, Ron, and Ginny, and back at Hermione, he said “I know you don’t believe me. But I know what I saw. The images of my parents were as real to me as you standing in front of me. I can’t explain it. I don’t know how to explain what I felt. You all had parents you grew up with that loved you, I didn’t. I had my aunt, uncle, and Dudley. They are not my real parents. My real parents are dead.”

Harry stormed off to his room upstairs. Hermione tried to call back to him, “Harry I didn’t mean… Harry, I, I’m sorry…”

The three watched as Harry disappeared upstairs and out of sight. Ginny and Ron looked at Hermione. She looked really sorry.

“Hermione you shouldn’t of said those things.” Said Ron.

“You know how sensitive Harry gets when talking about his parents.”

“We all went through a lot, but Harry lost the most. Things were finally getting back to normal for him after he applied to be an Auror.” Said Ginny.

That was true, Harry spend almost a year fending off admirers and grateful people. Gifts came for him on a daily bases. He couldn’t go out without someone stopping him just to get a glimpse. He later went out with the invisibility cloak but after a month of that it became too lonely, because he couldn’t talk to anyone without other around getting suspicious. For a while he stopped going out, but then the letters started coming, and then he tried to hide in a forest. But even that didn’t work. Then he just disappeared and no one knew where he went for over a month, turned out he was hiding in the cave where Sirius was when he was hiding out. It was by chance that Ron thought about looking for him there as a joke.

The Weasley’s secretly made an announcement to just let Harry be, which worked for a while, until Harry found out. He didn’t mind at all, because people did stop bothering him. It was almost a year before the letters and gifts stopped. People still looked at him when he walked out, but they didn’t stop him to have his autograph. When Ginny came home from school, Harry always became more pleasant.

Although most of the attention was on Harry, Hermione also added some new admirers but Ron fended the male admirers off. And vise versa for the female admires of Ron. So no one bothered them after a few months. Hermione was went back to her studies and focused on getting into the ministry of magic. After, she found her parents in Australia but reversing the memory charm wasn’t as easy as Hermione thought. She did her best and all of the experts tried to help her, but the best they did was made Hermione into a cousin of theirs. After month of crying and frustration, she finally accepted it. She did this to keep them safe after all, so she would visit them often and be there for family reunions.

Ron helped George out at his shop, which was doing quite well. George even mentioned about making him a manager. One day he came home late with a horrible case of red puff butt. He accidentally fell into a case of the baboon butt charm. Everyone at home couldn’t stop laughing, and the charm lasted for almost a week. This story even reached to Hogwarts. George got the brilliant idea of making Ron model for the charm, which sold out in a day. So George took a picture and blew it up and posted outside, which became their bestseller. When people saw Ron in the streets they just burst out laughing. George heard about this, and he just said it was like free advertisement. Soon Ron always had some business cards that George had Ron carry around, so that they can get more business. At first Ron was very much against the idea, but even he recognized how much more business they’ve got, so he let go of his embarrassment and started to embrace it.

They spent most of the days performing some mindless jobs, like cooking and cleaning, just so they wouldn’t have to think about the war they just went through. They attempted to be normal teenagers who just graduated and tried to focus on what they want to do with their lives. But everyone in the wizarding world knows that wherever they apply, they will be accepted with open arms. Harry and Hermione also knew this deep down, so they tried to study or train more to show that they are being accepted for who they were and more than what they did during the war. Of course they could of just became celebrities and made money by going on interviews, store openings, shows, and wrote an autobiography. But deep down they didn’t want to, and would rather become normal people.

Ron on the other hand, tired it out for a short time. All the attention that he saw Harry got at school; he finally know how it felt. And after a short 2 month he knew what Harry meant long ago by not wanting any of it. It was very exhausting to say the least, all those people push and shoving just to get a look at you, the cameras, people taking what you say out of context, and even in the late hours of the day you’re not safe. So he too decided to just be plain Ron.

The three living together so close was very nice and they felt comfort in each other. But they would also have their arguments, sometimes big and sometimes small, but at the end they always forgave each other and moved on, in the case of this one.

“We should believe in Harry,” said Ginny. “He gave up so much and saved us all, we at least trust him when he said he saw the visions. His instinct in magic is almost always right.”

“Yeah," jumped in Ron. “Like Dumbledore’s gifts to us, we didn’t understand it until we needed it. Maybe what Don said about the owl is true. Maybe Harry did see the visions, we should at least ask around and try to help Harry.”

“Maybe your right. I jumped to conclusions based on what I know, you would think that the whole ordeal with Beedle the Bard would of taught me to trust things that I don’t understand,” stated Hermione.

Ron gave her a smirk and a smile.
After further discussion on the topic, they all agreed to look into the of the Owl of treasures.

Harry came down a little before dinner.

“I’m sorry Harry for not believing in you.” Said Hermione “I should know better by now.”

“That’s o.k. Hermione, you didn’t see the visions. I shouldn’t have acted out like that.” Said Harry.

“We should ask around about the owl of treasures,” said Ginny.
“We’ll ask dad and mom to see if they know anything.”

“That’s a good idea, and since dad works in the ministry he must of know or heard of this.” Said Ron.

So during dinner they asked Arthur, and they weren’t expecting him to know. But he told them of their old school house creator, Godric Griffindor.

“Well, you know I did hear a rumor while I went to school about how Griffindor started Hogwarts. When he was a little kid he had a unique owl, they said. Well you know how he was not only skilled with a wand but also with a sword. That was something no wizard had ever done. People long ago thought he was crazy for wanting to learn muggle dueling. But he once said, “my owl inspired me to learn muggle dueling” which made other wizards even more cautions of being around him. Well they said that is how Salazar slitherin became friends with him, because they were also weary of him as well. Later Gryffindor became quite skilled with a sword and well you all know about the sword of Gryffindor. Why he started Hogwarts so that not only wizards can attend but also Muggles, and that was unheard of at the time. And after that Salazar and Godrick didn’t see eye to eye anymore, and well you already experienced what Salazar placed inside Hogwarts." Said Arthur.

“Godrick Gryffindor…. Said my “my owl inspired me to learn muggle dueling” thought Harry.

He was not expecting that answer, not Ron, or Hermione, or Ginny was expecting that answer.

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Harry Potter And The Wands Of Time Book #8: Another Adventure


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