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Unbreakable Vow by Aidenk77
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Ondres-Plage – France – 1500hrs

                Harry swept her up in his arms and twirled her around on the coarse, golden sand, they kissed, his cheeks flushed as he held her close.   He set her down as she brushed her soft curled hair from her sparkling, mischievous, beautiful eyes.

                “Hello,” she said softly. “It’s been too long.”

                He paused, as if stuck for words, so he hugged her again.  He broke apart from her and held her hand as he gestured to her name, painted in red across the stern of his boat. She gave a wide smile and squeezed his hand.

                I thought you’d never come,” said Harry, finally finding his voice.

                “Just how many protective enchantments do you have on your place?”

                “A few.  Don’t want just anyone dropping in.  Tea?”

                “Ok,” she said simply, and allowed him to lead her over the sand dunes, avoiding the prickly gorse bushes and creeping roots.

                Harry unlocked his cottage using the key he’d hidden under a large flat stone and led her inside.  “Bienvenue, welcome,” he said and ushered her in.  There was a letter on the doormat, which he picked up and left on the large dresser as he showed Hermione the sitting room. He busied himself in the kitchen, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for the kettle to boil.  He loaded the tea things onto a tray and stepped through into the sitting room.  Hermione stood by the empty fireplace, looking at the photographs on the mantelpiece.

                “No wizarding pictures?”

                “My cleaning lady is a muggle, I don’t want to frighten her,” said Harry.

                “Cleaning lady?”

                “Well, yeah,” he said, rather defensively.  She laughed, and he found himself laughing with her.

                “You’ve changed, Potter,” she chuckled.

                “Exile will do that to a person, you know.”

                Harry poured the tea and handed a cup to Hermione, she took a grateful sip as he opened the letter.  Harry picked up his teacup and took a gulp before focussing on the paper in hand. It bore the crest of the Auror Office in the top corner.


Mum and Lily are missing. I’ve not heard from them in four days.  The Auror Office and I are on it. Aunt Hermione is on her way. Don’t do anything rash.

                                                Your Son,


                Harry dropped the cup, his face turned ghostly white.  The splash of hot liquid against his leg seemed to bother him little as he inspected the envelope. He swore, finding itback to d the letter. 

taded the tea things onto a trait was postmarked two days previous.  Hermione repaired the broken cup and cleaned the split liquid with a casual flick of her wand.

                “Is that letter what I think it is?”

                Harry nodded and started pacing the room.  “I need to go back to England.” 

“I need you to listen, Harry.  Things aren’t that simple.” She took a deep breath.  “There’s a warrant out for your arrest.  I don’t know what the charges are, but know this.  I stepped down as Minister for Magic two days ago, and already things are changing.”

                Harry swore under his breath. He knew he had to go back, whatever the risk.  Hermione put her arm around his shoulders and drew him closer.

                “Why didn’t you come sooner?” he asked softly.

                “This is such a hard place to find, Harry.  James gave me the address, I got a Portkey to Biarritz, came up the right street but just couldn’t find the cottage. I’ve been in France since yesterday morning, I had to book into a hotel last night.   You’ve got some very powerful charms protecting this place, you realise?  If you hadn’t have been on the beach, I would have walked right past and never found you.  

                Harry held his head in his hands for a moment, deep in thought.  “We’re not alone here, Hermione.  I have friends in France.  The Sûreté Nationale at the French Ministry can get us back in England, off the grid.  We could apparate to Paris and check in with Gabrielle.”

                “Gabrielle Delacour?”

He nodded. “The very same.  She’s part of the French Secret Service, though I don’t know exactly what she does.”

Harry hurriedly threw some things in a weekend bag, grabbed his wand and locked up, hiding the front door key back under its stone.  He took a last look at his home and took Hermione’s hand.  “Ready?”


Paris – France – 1630hrs.

They landed in a dark alleyway, just around the corner from Gabrielle’s apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Pres and swiftly made their way to her front door. Harry lifted the golden eagle knocker and rapped sharply.  The door opened and the pair were beckoned in by Henri, one of Gabrielle’s staff.

                “Bonjour Monsieur Potter, Madame Granger-Weasley.  Entrez, s’il vous plait, come in, please.”

                Henri led them into Gabrielle’s richly furnished home, where she was waiting in the sitting room.

                “Enchante, Mademoiselle,” said Harry, kissing her hand. “You remember Hermione?”

                “But of course,” she replied, in her throaty voice.  “Eet ‘az been a long time.”

Hermione and Gabrielle kissed each other’s cheeks.  Henri poured coffee as Harry explained about Ginny and Lily disappearing.  She raised a perfect eyebrow as Hermione talked of the arrest warrant.

                “Zat I do know about,” she said.  “One of our agents wizin ze Auror Office reported zis to me.  I don’t ‘ave ze details, but it eez very serious.”

                Hermione shook her head.  “Things have moved much faster than anticipated since I left office.  I knew Greengrass had old money, pureblood contacts, but I didn’t expect them to be leaning on the new Minister so soon.”

                They talked for a while on the immediate issues, the arrest warrant was not yet a Europe-wide one, but this was surely just a matter of time.  If Harry was not found in England, the net would certainly be cast wider.

                “I need to get to England, Gabrielle.  Today.”

                “Non, non, non, ‘Arry.  We ‘ave to ‘ave a plan.”

                Hermione paused, deep in thought.  “We travel as muggles. Take a flight.  The Ministry can’t risk a scene at an airport, it’s too public.

                Harry mulled this over.  The idea certainly had merit.  Gabrielle could certainly arrange a couple of false passports. They’d fly into Heathrow, get the train into London and find somewhere safe to stay.  Harry was beginning to see the repercussions of living in exile. So few had known that he’d left the country.  He broke from his musings as Gabrielle whispered softly into the tip of her wand.

“You will both stay ‘ere tonight.  It eez safe and well-guarded.  We are arranging flights for tomorrow morning.” 

                “Thank you, Gabrielle.  You’ve always been there when I’ve needed it.”

                She smiled gracefully and left the room.  Harry went over to the drinks cabinet as Henri disappeared through a concealed door.

                “Pernod?” he asked.  “I could really do with a drink.”

                Hermione nodded and he poured two generous measures. They clinked glasses and downed the sweet aniseed liquor.  Harry poured another and settled on the sofa.  Henri silently entered the sitting room a little later and nodded at Harry.

                “Madame, Monsieur, ze guest quarters are ready.  Supper is at seven.”  He made a half bow to Hermione and left the room.  Hermione remained quiet, deep in thought for the remainder of the afternoon.

                They ate their supper in near silence, Hermione was evidently brooding on something; which she was unable or unwilling to discuss in front of Gabrielle or Henri.  As soon as they were finished, Hermione silently made it very clear that she wished to speak, in private.  They made their excuses and Harry led Hermione up to the guest quarters.  Once safely into the room, with the door locked behind them, Hermione drew her wand and pointed it directly at his chest.

                “I want answers, Harry, and I want them now.”  She lowered her wand but anger flashed in her eyes.  “How do you know you can trust her?  How do you know this apartment?”  She closed her eyes for a moment.  “In fact, don’t answer that last one.”

                “Hermione, I – “

                “Don’t, Harry,” she interrupted.  “What’s she, ten years younger than you?”

                “Six, actually.  Not that it matters.  Gabrielle has helped me with so much, the cottage in Ondres-Plage, the job at the Sûreté Nationale.  She taught me how to speak French and she’s never asked for anything back.  She’s given me everything and I’d trust her with my life.”

                “I’m sorry, Harry, I had to ask.  From being Minister for Magic, you see plots and shadows, conspiracies and lies everywhere you turn.  You may think I’m being paranoid, I think I’m being careful.”

                Harry pulled her into a warm hug.  “It’s ok,” he said quietly. “Gabrielle is one of the good guys.  We’ll be alright with her on our side.”

                Hermione held the hug a little tighter than usual before she left for the night and went to her room.  Harry took a bath and tried to relax in the soothing hot suds, but it simply wasn’t working.  He eventually settled down in bed and fell into an uneasy sleep.

                Harry awoke with a start, several hours later.  There was a brief flash of light and movement, before someone slipped under the covers with him.

                “Shh, mon cheri,” came the throaty whisper that Harry had come to know so well.

                She cuddled into him, and he quickly discovered she didn’t have a stitch of clothing on.  His lips met hers and all pretence of restraint vanished as they kissed, she straddled his hips and pulled his hands to her breasts.




                The next morning dawned brightly, Harry awoke to the sight of Gabrielle sleeping peacefully next to him, the sunlight glinting off her silver-blonde hair. She had kicked off the covers in the night and lay there, her face in shadow, resplendently nude.  He gently pulled the covers over her shoulder and headed for the shower.

                Breakfast was a simple affair, coffee and pastries. Harry hadn’t been sitting for long before Gabrielle and Hermione joined him.  Henri entered the dining room and poured the coffee.

                “Zat will be all, Henri,” said Gabrielle.

                “Of course, mademoiselle.”

She waited until the door had closed before reaching into her handbag, she slid two passports and two Air France airline tickets over to Harry.  Hermione looked sceptical for a moment.

“Compliments of ze Ministere Magique.”  She sighed. “Zey were not easy to come by, but everyzing is een place.  Monsieur John Smith and Madame Joan Redfern, professeurs from London.”   

Harry tucked the tickets and passports inside his jacket pocket as Hermione said her goodbyes, Gabrielle pulled Harry into a tight embrace, he could feel her breath on his ear, as she almost imperceptibly whispered the word ‘non’.

Harry stepped back, a little shocked by this, but squeezed her hand.  “Thank you,” he said.  “I won’t forget this.”

The pair stood outside, awaiting a taxi, while Harry mused on the possibilities of Gabrielle’s whisper.  Did she not want him to leave France, to not risk anything, to not accept things as they stood?  The taxi arrived a few moments later and his thoughts turned to their immediate survival as the driver sped through the narrow streets.  They were barely two miles north of the River Seine on the way to Charles de Gaul Airport when Harry glanced out of the rear window.  Three cars behind was a black Range Rover with dark tinted windows.  Two or three corners later and it was still behind them.

“Hermione, we’re being followed,” whispered Harry.

“Conducteur, s’il vous plait arreter la voiture, please stop the car,” said Hermione.

“Oui Madame,” replied the driver, pulling up to the kerb. “Quize Euros, s’il vous plait, 15 Euros, please.”

Harry passed the driver a twenty and they hurried out of the car.  The black Range Rover had also stopped, but no one had left the vehicle.  Harry and Hermione walked quickly through a nearby park, crossing paths with the many people commuting to work. As they passed through an empty underpass, Harry swiftly cast a disillusion charm on them both and they melted away.

They crossed a few streets and did not see the black car again.  Harry lifted the charm and they headed into a nearby café.  Hermione ordered coffee in perfect French and they settled into a booth at the back.

“We’ve been betrayed, Harry!  That bitch!” said Hermione in an urgent whisper.

“No, she’d never double-cross me, she’d never stab me in the back!”

“Let me see those passports then.”

Harry passed them over and Hermione examined them with a critical eye.  She drew her wand and traced over them, her lips moving soundlessly.  There was a sudden flash of red light and she dropped them with a start.

“I fucking knew it,” she cursed.  “It’s Gabrielle.  These have a rune on them, powerful too.  Whoever’s set this up knows their stuff.”

Harry shook his head.  “I don’t get it. Why would there be a rune on the passports?”

“It’s a set-up,” said Hermione, in a low voice.  “This is tracking us, updating.  Like the Marauders Map.  I knew that flirty bitch was no good.”

“She’d never betray me.  Not after all we’ve been through.”

The coffees arrived and they sat in silence for a moment. Harry reached over for the passports and was just about to vanish them, but Hermione grabbed the back of his hand.  “We can’t destroy them, whoever is monitoring will know!”

Harry thought for a moment, before making a small cut in the seat of the booth.  He slid the passports into the gap and sealed them up with a quick flash of his wand.

“We need to come up with a plan,” said Harry.  “I think our safest course would be to go back to Gabrielle’s and work something out there.”

“We can’t trust her.  I know this is hard, but we can’t go back there. Let’s head for the airport and get that flight.”

“Before we go, Hermione, I need to ask something.”  Harry paused and took a deep breath.    “How do you break an unbreakable vow?”

A/N: Huge thanks to my wonderful Beta, MrsFWDarcy.

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