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The Hogwarts Diversities Program by ImaRavenclaw
Chapter 4 : Three: Gotta' Leave This Place - Jay
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It was almost impossible to run away without all the chaos following. Three days before, Jay Winters had left his home and his city, a year before that, he discovered he had the pulse. He could move objects with his mind at will. Not necessarily a good thing. A group of people with the pulse, were destroying everything. Literally. They uprooted street lights, threw boulders, and anything else imaginable. Had the pulse and didn’t join? They’d kill you. Plus, it’s not very fun to spend your last moments alive flat as a pancake. 


So, Jay left. Now he was running in the forest, trying to find a safe place. He had to find places to stay and danger was at every turn. His isolated country was filled with horrors that those who wielded the pulse the wrong way, created. Sometimes he’d stay in abandoned houses or a tent camped in the forest. It was hard to feel okay in the night when he was worried about being crushed by a tree that someone decided to kill him with. 


He had no where to go… Until he did. An envelope floated above him and eventually landed at his feet. He stared at his leather brown hiking boots and the letter that sat on top of them. He debated whether or not he should pick it up and read it, or if that was a bad idea. How could anyone have figured out where he was so fast? Eventually he bent down and picked up the letter, opening it gingerly and scanning the contents.


You Have Been Invited,

to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a one year term starting September 1st 2023 until June 25th 2024. 

Enclosed is a description of the program and a list of needed supplies. We await your owl (or any other form of communicate) by no later then July 31st.


 Deputy Headmaster Longbottom.


Jay read the letter over and over. Wizards? Did such people really exist? Maybe this was just some stupid joke or prank. But how could it be? He was in the middle of nowhere, a middle of nowhere no one knew he was in. He’d left without saying anything or telling anyone, with just a duffel and ruck sack filled with possessions and the clothes on his back.


He’d been running for a mere three days and yet he’d gotten far far away, but he was still in danger. And if this wasn’t a joke, it could be his ticket to safety. So he read everything over and figured out plans to get to… Hogwarts. That was going to be hard. The first thing he needed to do was send a confirmation letter. He wasn’t far from the school’s address, so he fished in his bag for paper and a pen and wrote a quick note down. It took all his strength and focus to get the letter there, and in the end he passed out cold.

Glossary (all terms belong to Patrick Carman.)

Pulse - A telekinetic abiltiy.

Thank you so much for reading, and wherever you are in the world I hope you have a wonderfully amazing day!




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The Hogwarts Diversities Program: Three: Gotta' Leave This Place - Jay


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