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Anti-love Rules by priamistry
Chapter 13 : Drunken friend and Talks about Love
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 Rule 12# Don’t have any conversations with him at night and certainly not about love.



‘’So, how’s your hand?’’ Weasley asked me as soon as we started our patrolling duty.

‘’Fine,’’ I replied.

‘’Listen Layla, I didn’t mean to make you feel weak when I tried to help you during Potions. I know you are not weak. Sorry that I offended you,’’ he said with a serious tone. I didn’t say anything to that.

We walked in silence for a while, then Weasley said, ‘’what’s your favourite colour now? I remember your favourite colour was pink up until third year even though you are not a very girly-girl. So, is it still pink or not?’’

‘’Why are you asking me this? ’’I asked.

‘’I am bored. I hate silences. So, I am trying to make small talks,’’ he replied.

‘’Red. My favourite colour is red now,’’ I said. Honestly, I was bored too. I guess small talks can’t hurt.

‘’So, do you still like muggle music?’’ This time it was me who asked the question.

‘’Hell, yeah. Why did you quit music? You were great at singing,’’ Weasley asked.

‘’I don’t know exactly. I got pretty wrapped up with other stuffs and I sort of couldn’t keep up with my music,’’ I said with a sigh.

‘’You can start it again, you know,’’ he said.

‘’I don’t know if I can do it anymore. It has been a long time,’’ I replied.

‘’You know, I have started writing. I write poems and stories,’’ he said.

‘’Really? I didn’t know that,’’ Isaid, surprised.

‘’You weren’t around, so I couldn’t tell you. You used to write too. Do you still write?’’ he asked.

‘’Sometimes,’’ I replied.

We kept up our small talks until we reached the last corridor to patrol.

‘’One more corridor and we are done.  I …..’’ I couldn’t say whatever I was about to say because Weasley interrupted me.

‘’I think I heard some noise,’’ he said. We stayed silent. Sure there was some noise, I heard it this time.

‘’I think, its coming from there,’’ he pointed towards a broom cupboard at the end of the corridor.

We walked towards that cupboard and opened the door. We expected to find some snogging couple but we found Jack instead.

‘’Mate, what are you doing here,’’ Weasley asked while putting his hands on Jack’s shoulder.

Jack looked at us. His eyes were bloodshot and he had a bottle of firewhiskey in his hand.

‘’Oh god, Jack! You are drunk! How much did you drink?’’ I asked worriedly.

‘’More than he ever had in his entire life,’’ Weasley answered me while pointing towards the empty bottles of firewhiskey on the floor.

Weasley took the firewhiskey bottle from Jack’s hand.

‘’Hey! Give m-me b-back m-my b-bottle. I-I w-want to d-drink down m-my s-sorrows,’’ Jack protested.

‘’He doesn’t look good. Let’s take him to our dorm. I have a Potion that can help,’’ I said worriedly. Jack is not the kind of guy who drinks like this. Something really bad must have happened.

Weasley and I put our arms on his shoulder and helped him up and walked him to our dorm. Once we reached the Heads’ common room, we helped him on the couch. I got the Potion from my room and made Jack drink it.

‘’He is going to vomit. Go get a paper bag or something,’’ I told Weasley. He did as I asked.

Jack kept on vomiting for about half an hour. We cleaned the mess after he was done. Jack regained some sense after that.

‘’Jack Matthew Scott, what the hell were you thinking drinking that much firewhiskey! We were so worried,’’ I yelled at Jack.

‘’Stop yelling Layla. My head hurts,’’ Jack said.

‘’Serves you right,’’ I said angrily. Then I asked, ‘’so, are you going to tell us what happened to you that made you drink like a crazy alcoholic?’’

‘’Grace,’’ he said with a sigh.

‘’Oh,’’ Weasley said in acknowledgement. I, on the other hand, didn’t have any clue about what was going on.

‘’I don’t understand,’’ I confessed.

‘’I walked on her snogging Connor Zabini in an empty classroom,’’ Jack said. I still didn’t understand the problem.

‘’Jack is in love with Grace,’’ Weasley stated and I finally understood.

‘’Since when, Jack?’’ I asked.

‘’Since two years or so,’’ Jack said with a sigh.

‘’Does anyone else know?’’ I asked.

‘’I didn’t tell anyone except the guys and now you know, too,’’ he replied and then continued, ‘’she is going out with Zabini now. She dated all those other horrible boys but she never noticed me. It hurts like hell.’’

‘’I was not fond of any guys that she dated in the past and I certainly don’t like Zabini but they asked her out and you never did,’’ I stated.

‘’I never told her because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. What should I do now, Layla?’’

‘’Well you have two options. One, you never tell her how you feel. You will have no risk of rejection or losing her friendship and in time you will be fine, but won’t be happy. Two, you fight for her, you take the risk and either be happy or heartbroken. We know that Zabini is not the one for her and they are gonna break-up sooner or later. But we don’t know whether or not you are the one for her either,’’ I replied.

‘’What would you have done if you were in my place?’’ Jack asked me.

‘’I am the kind of girl who doesn’t want to fall in love or be loved by someone. So, my opinion really doesn’t count here. You have to decide whether you want to fight for her,’’ I replied.

‘’What do you think, Hugo?’’ Jack asked Weasley.

‘’You love her, mate. Love is the most beautiful thing in this world. And love is definitely worth fighting for. I am not telling you to tell her right now that you love her or do anything stupid. But, at least do something to win her over,’’ Weasley said.

‘’You are right. I am gonna fight for her,’’ Jack said then added, ‘’I feel tired; I am going to my dorm. Thanks for everything, guys.’’

‘’Wait, we can’t let you go out at this time. You are not well enough. You stay here for the night, sleep in my bed. I will take the couch,’’ Weasley said to Jack.

‘’No,’’ Jack said.

‘’Do as he says, Jack. I am really pissed at you for worrying us like that. Don’t piss me anymore,’’ I stated.

‘’Fine, I will stay. Oh God Layla, you are so bossy,’’ Jack said. I grinned.

After Jack left, Weasley turned to me, ‘’do you really don’t want to fall in love or be loved by any guy?

‘’Yes,’’ I replied.

‘’Why?’’ Weasley asked.

‘’I already have a loving family and great friends. I have enough love. I don’t need a guy to make me feel loved,’’ I said. Weasley laughed.

‘’I agree that you have a loving family and great friends. So does most of the people in this world. But, I am talking about a different kind of love. I want someone who will hold me when I get home, someone I can kiss and grow old with, someone I can share my life with till death do us apart. Most of the people want that. Don’t you want that too?’’ Weasley asked.

I stared at him. I imagined Hugo Weasley holding me, kissing me and us growing old together. Whoa! Where did that thought come from? I don’t want a special someone in my life and I certainly don’t want it to be Weasley!

‘’No, I don’t,’’ I said to Weasley and went to my room.

Things are getting way out of my hand. I need a new strategy. I need help and I know who can help me. All I have to do is to write and send three letters!

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Anti-love Rules: Drunken friend and Talks about Love


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