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The Modern Slytherin by PotterPoppins101
Chapter 2 : Life among the Serpents
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Absolutely gorgeous chapter image of Rose Weasley by amoretti@TDA 





Despite what most people assume, the Slytherin Dormitories are actually quite cozy. 

I looked around our dorm as I pulled on my dragon hide wedge boots. There were five large and insanely comfy beds with green silk hangings and silver bed spreads. the windows looked out into the lake, giving the room a comfortable green glow, and silver lanterns floated among the high ceilings to normalize the lighting. I shared the room with five other girls: Andromeda Fawley, Mina Selwyn, Seraphina Burke, Fatima Shafiq, and Daphne Rosier. Seraphim and Andromeda were half-bloods and all right to me, but Daphne, Mina, and Fatima were pure-blood, proud, and somewhat dreadful.


“Mina, take off that ridiculous hair bow before I curse it off you.” Daphne said calmly as she finished straightening her almost silver blonde hair. Mina quickly untied the giant green bow that had been around her curly brown pony tail and blushed deeply. I rolled my eyes.


“Yes cant have the ladies in waiting detracting from your own auspicious presence, can we Lady Daphne?” I said whilst tying my own blonde mop away from my face. I saw Seraphina grin before hurriedly burying her head in her book bag.


“I’m sorry, mudblood, but who asked you to speak?” Daphne said, making eye contact with me in her mirror.


“Now now, Daphne, if theres no one to remind you that you’re an insane control freak, however will your ego fit through doors? I’m merely looking out for my fellow Slytherin.” I said grinning. I could see her face contort with anger before she smoothed it into an impassive look once more.


“I’m merely looking out for my friend. Mina, no one would take you seriously with that ridiculous bow on your head, and you wouldn't want to disgrace yourself, your family and your house would you?” Daphne said, an eyebrow arched. Mina exchanged glances with Fatima, looking for some guidance, but Fatima was too busy throwing away her own bow.


“Er… No?” Mina answered.


“Precisely.” Daphne said while turning on her stool and standing.


“Come along girls. I’m famished, and Greer’s commoner jock accent is grating on my nerves.” Daphne collected her bag and stalked out of the door, the other two girls following like a shadow. I rolled my eyes.


“Blimey, what’s got Daphne in a tizzy?” Andromeda asked, entering the room and holding her shoulder. “She nearly bowled me over on the stairs.”


“Oh, Greer just had a little morning fun.” Seraphina said, smirking. Andromeda snorted.


“Take care Greer. You don’t want your bed set on fire again.” Andromeda said. 


“What can I say? The temptation is too much.” The girls laughed. It was always odd talking with them in a friendly way in the rooms, and then having them completely ignore me outside of the common room, but that just had to be the way of things, socially.


“Oh, Scorpius said to tell you to hurry up!” Andromeda called as they both exited for breakfast. I rolled my eyes. Such an impatient boy.


I stood in the mirror, checking over my appearance once more. My Long blonde curls were up in a pony tail, and hanging down my back neatly and tangle free. My eye liner was even (thank you magic), my tie was straight and done up to the top (loose top buttons are for Gryffindors). My shirt was tucked neatly into my skirt, my wooly socks were spelled into place just over my knees and my boot laces were done up nice and tight. I pulled on my robes, pinned my badge into place, and sheathed my wand in its proper pocket. 


“Go get ‘em girl” My mirror said appreciatively. I chuckled, grabbed my bag and headed down to dorms.


“Thank Merlin, one more minute and I was going to go up there and check that Rosier hadn't stuffed your body out the window and into the lake.” Scorpius said, throwing an arm around me and guiding me out of the door. I laughed.


“Like she could even get a hand on me.” I said


“Woman, you talk forever to get ready. No one would expect you of it.” He said, flipping my hair up. I shoved him off and patted it back into place.


“Just because I’m well groomed doesn't mean I’m secretly high maintenance you nyaff.” He just chucked.



“Ugh can’t we just go eat breakfast in the kitchens? Twinky and Baubles are going to miss us!” I said, whining and hanging off of his arm. Scorpius laughed and shoved me off.



“No can do, dreary Greery, it’s the first day back. We’ve got to get our schedules, and that means braving breakfast with our fellow serpents.” Scorpius said, leading me by the shoulders into the great hall. I groaned.



Scorpius and I ate in the great hall everyday of course, but normally I insisted breakfast was too beautiful a meal to waste sitting at a table where even first years treat us like pond scum. 



“It is my firm belief that the consumption of breakfast foods is a sacred act, and as such should not be squandered on the likes of the scum we call housemates.” I said grumpily, sitting down at an empty section of the slytherin table. Scorpius sat down across from me and began selecting food.



“Oh please, you just want to go to the kitchens so Baubles will make you heart shaped pancakes again. It isn’t nice to take advantage of the poor little elf’s emotions.” Scorpius clucked. I blushed, and threw a sausage at him.



“I did NOTHING to encourage it!” I said hotly, while he continued to laugh. I winged another sausage at him but misjudged and it landed instead in Everard Nott’s lap. He swore, and I cringed.



“Oi! Mudblood! Watch what you’re doing, or I might be tempted to find out how dirty your blood really is.” Everard spat rising from his seat, and striding over to stare me down.



Internally, I was scared out of my wits. Everard was 6 feet and four inches of pureblooded maniac, and I had no doubt that he meant it when he said he’d hurt me.

Showing fear wasn’t going to get me what I wanted, however, which was to get him as far away from me as possible. 



I turned my head and looked straight into his cold black eyes, careful to keep my tone even.



“Twenty points from Slytherin, Nott, for use of foul language and threatening another student. I apologize for hitting you with the sausage, it wasn’t intended and it won’t happen again. Now please return to your seat and lets all try to have a civilized breakfast.” I said sternly. He looked enraged, but he grinned as he leaned closer, putting his arms down on the table around me and whispering in my ear.



“It isn’t your place to order me around, you muggle-loving whore.” 



I shivered, from rage, disgust, fear, and all of the above, but I wasn’t about to let him know his words had affected me. Before I could reply though, Scorpius’s slammed his cutlery down on the table.



“Get your disgusting face away from Greer before I decide I don’t feel like being civil Nott. I’d hate to ruin this lovely breakfast with your precious pure blood spattered everywhere, and I doubt the professors would appreciate a brawl before the first class even begins.” Scorpius said menacingly. Despite Scorpius’s hatred for all pureblood society, being a Malfoy still commanded him respect amongst them. Enough to get me out of trouble at least, as Nott backed away, never taking his eyes off of Scorpius, knowing he had lost.



“Enjoy breakfast with the trash Malfoy. Just remember, I doubt dear daddy Draco wants her halfblooded jock brats. ” He spat before walking away. I rolled my eyes, and held out a hand to keep Scorpius from retorting.



“Leave it. Whenever they start making comments about us shagging, you know they’ve run out of ammunition.” I said, buttering my pancakes and calming my nerves.


“I’m sorry Greer. We should have done breakfast in the kitchens.” He said stabbing a piece of Bacon. I just shook my head and managed a smile.



“Bah, I got to deduct house points. You know how I love that.” I said, pouring a cup of tea. He grinned.



“Besides, next time that bassa uses that foul term for Scotts, I’ll tan his hide.” I said sipping my tea.



“You’re more offended by Jock than Mudblood?” Scorpius asked incredulously.



“Mudblood’s more like my badge of honor around here, t’isn’t it? I’m as proud of being the daughter o’ Ewan and Aoifa Faulkner as I am of being Scottish.” I said. Scorpius laughed.



“Fair enough. You’re making me wish I had some muggle in me.” We both laughed at that, knowing the likelihood of a muggle on the Malfoy family tree was about as great as Merlin being on mine. 



“Good morning Ms. Faulkner. I trust your holiday was good?” Professor Bartlett, head of Slytherin house, said as she strode up to me. She was a tall, slender woman of about forty, who always wore impeccably pressed robes of varying colors (today’s were bottle green), and kept her beautiful black hair pulled back in a low bun below her hat. She was everything a slytherin should be: Dignified, ambitious, and as shrewd as they come. She also didn’t give a farting hippogriff about blood status, and made it very clear to her house that they couldn’t either.



If only they listened.



“It was wonderful professor, thank you.” I said smiling at her in return.



“Now lets see. You passed all of your owls with flying colors, no surprises there. Now, are you still looking to study Wandlore after graduation?” She asked, consulting her clipboard. 



“Yes Professor, and I took your advice and sent an owl to Mr. Olivander. He’s sending me a few books and tidbits to start with in the next few days.” I said excitedly, grinning at Scorpius, who rolled his eyes. 



“You have too many books already.” He muttered darkly. I threw him a look. He was just teasing. He was with me when I had written the letter (to the most famous wand maker of ALL TIME). It had taken me three days, dozens of chocolate frogs, and many rants from scorpius before I had been pleased enough to send it on.


“You can never have too many books Mr. Malfoy.” Professor Bartlett said smirking. Scorpius grinned. “I’m glad I was able to give you his information, Greer. He’s a lovely old man, and he was bored with retirement anyways. I knew he would love corresponding with an aspiring wand maker.” She said. She gave my schedule a final tap and handed it over.



“You’re all set then Ms. Faulkner. I will see you in class later.” She said, turning to address Scorpius. While she fixed his schedule, I turned to my breakfast, lost in dreaming.



I had been fascinated by wands ever since I received my own (14 1/2 inches, fir wood and unicorn hair core, with sharp edges and a mix of pearls and emeralds embedded in the wood), and had always wanted to become a wand maker. It was an incredibly difficult pursuit, with years of studying and incredible standards. I had to take everything from charms to care of magical creatures, and pass everything with flying colors if I was to even be considered for an apprenticeship. 



“Greer. EARTH TO GREER.” Scorpius shouted at me, startling me out of my thoughts. He plucked my schedule out of my hands with a chuckle.



“We have all the same classes except ancient runes. Thats when I’ve got that study thing with Hagrid.” He said grinning.



While I had always wanted to work with wands that might blow me up, Scorpius had always wanted to work with animals that might blow him up. He arranged with Hagrid some sort of independent study, which to me sounded like an excuse to go traipsing into the forbidden forest with butterfly nets and a sound death wish.



“However shall I manage without you, oh dearest one?” I said drily, packing up my bag. He smirked.



“You shall have to try. I don’t like my woman clingy.” 



I hit him with one of my many books.






“Why am I here Greer.” Scorpius deadpanned from the desk next to me. I snorted. He could be such a drama queen.



We were in potions, thankfully our last class of the day, and unfortunately Scorpius’s least favorite class. Meaning he complains. THROUGH ALL OF IT.



“You’re here because with my gracious help, you got a decent enough OWL grade to continue in this class that you NEED in order to work with dangerous magical creatures.” I said while sharpening my quill with his potions knife (the edge was too lopsided for my liking.)



“You just shouldn’t talk while holding weapons. Everything sounds twice as threatening.” Scorpius said staring at me warily. I gave him a wolfish grin.



“Another complaint from you, and I’ll use you for target practice.” I said smoothly. He sat up straighter and pulled at his collar, just as Professor Addler dismissed us for the day.



It had been an easy day class wise: teachers weren’t doing too much besides outlining the coursework for the year and assigning readings. Potions had been nothing but a long lecture on plant use, hence Scorpius’s grumbling and my knife sharpening.



“Er, Greer?” Albus Potter came to stand in front of my desk, adjusting his grip on his bag and fiddling with his glasses nervously. The knife in my hand froze.



“What do you want Potter?” Scorpius said bitingly, causing Albus to stiffen. He glared.



“Excuse me, but I was addressing Greer, not her body guard.” He retorted with same amount of venom. 



I was jolted into action then, keeping my eyes on my carving.



“What do you want Potter?” I asked, careful to keep my tone neutral. He couldn’t know that I still cared about anything he said. Or did. Not after what he and his brother did to me first year.



“Well, we have patrol tonight, and I was wondering when you wanted to meet?” He asked, nerves creeping back into his voice. He rubbed his neck awkwardly. I looked up from my quill and made eye contact with him, showing him he was the only nervous one in this conversation (well, at least in theory).



“We go on duty at 10, so 9:55 would be a good time.” I said smoothly.



“Okay. Should I meet you outside your common room?” He asked.


“Only if you have a death wish.” Scorpius muttered. I gave him a look and he put his hands up in mock surrender.



“No, you shouldn’t, and I doubt if you’d be able to find it. I’ll meet you outside the great hall.” I said primly, resuming my carving project. Al frowned, seeming to consider me for a moment.



“All right, fine.” He said sharply turning to walk away. He paused.



“And that quill point is lopsided by the way.” He said, back still turned. 



I slammed my knife on the table trying to prevent myself from throwing it in his back.



“Easy there Greer.” Scorpius said rubbing my back. “We cant go killing Gryffindors. Doesn’t help the whole ‘Evil’ image Slytherin has going.” 



I sheathed his knife and stuffed it in his bag, standing up with a huff.



“How am I supposed to get through an entire YEAR of prefect rounds with that… lavvy heid!” I said grumbling.



“Did you just call him a toilet head?” Scorpius asked. I smacked him.



‘Geez woman!” He said rubbing his head. 


“All right, look it won’t be easy. I know what Albus and James did to you first year was rough.” I scoffed. That was the understatement of the century.



“But you will get through this. And if you really don’t feel better, we can always charm the rubies in the point glass into emeralds again.” Scorpius said grinning. I smirked.



“Yeah I know. Hey don’t you have a quidditch meeting like now?” I asked, grabbing his wrist and checking his watch. He swore loudly.



“Bollux! All right, I’ll meet you for dinner in the Kitchens then? Make up for breakfast?” He said already starting to sprint away. He nearly took out a first year.



“Yeah sure!” I called after him, laughing at his less than graceful departure. I picked up my bag and began walking towards Professor Bartlett’s office.



Besides Scorpius, the Professor was really my only friend in Hogwarts. Every Monday and Wednesday at 2, we always had tea together in her office. 



I knocked on her door, and entered at her instruction.



“There you are Greer. Did Scorpius detain you?” She asked while fussing with the tea pot. I grinned and took the seat across from her.



“Actually no, although he was with me. It was Albus Potter.” I said, noting her surprised reaction.


“Albus Potter? What did he want with you?” She asked warily, handing me a cup of tea. She knew Potter made me very uncomfortable, but nothing specific.



“Well, the heads devised a whole new system of patrolling to promote ‘inter-house cooperation’, and Albus is my patrol partner.” I said rolling my eyes. She laughed.



“I have been teaching at this school for twenty years, and I attended it for seven before that. As a former Slytherin, I think I can safely say no amount of Prefect bonding is going to change that particular relationship. Especially after the war.” She said with an ominous sort of humor.



The Professor had been one of the few Slytherins that had stayed at Hogwarts during the battle all those years ago, and fought against the death eaters. Even though she’d been on the right side of things, she didn’t have much love to spare for Gryffindors. Always said they were too pompous.



“Well I wouldn’t have minded Rose Weasley, but for some reason they’re doing it boy-girl.” I said, taking a sip of tea.



“I think it’ll be good for you Greer.” Professor Bartlett said. I bristled. 



“How? How could wandering around the castle with Albus Potter be good for me?” I said, disgruntled. She only smiled.



“It’ll give you a chance to mend the gap. Don’t forget, that boy was your first friend at Hogwarts. I saw you two the first half of your first year, sneaking around the castle, playing pranks on your house mates. Before Scorpius, it was just you and Albus.” She said. My heart sank and boiled with unresolved rage simultaneously, remembering those days.


“Professor, do you have any idea of what happened between us?” I asked. She shook her head. I took a deep breath and began to explain.


Albus and I had remained close after meeting at the sorting. We would sit next to each other in class and at meal times, sneak around the castle after dark, pull pranks on my nasty Slytherin roommates. Everything was perfect. And then, one day it wasn’t.


Albus started avoiding me. He’d run out after our shared lessons, stopped meeting me in the library to do homework. Finally, one evening, I got an owl asking me to meet him in the great hall after dinner. Only when I got there, instead of him I came face to face with James Potter, who at the time had been a fourth year.




What are you doing here? And where is Al?” I asked, facing James Potter. As soon as I had entered, the doors had snap shut, and I gripped my wand with anxiety.


“Ah. Good. Serpent.” And with a quick slash of his wand, my own went spinning out of my hand. He caught it neatly.


“What the bloody-“ But I cut myself off with a shriek as I was hoisted in the air by my left ankle.


“Put me down RIGHT NOW YOU UTTER BAMPOT.” I said, struggling to maintain my dignity.


“You know, I don’t think I will. It’s time you and I had a little chat about my dear brother.” He said grinning.


“What about him?” I said stubbornly, crossing my arms.


“You need to leave him alone. No more owls in the middle of the night, no more pranking, no contact of any kind.” James said smoothly.


“You can’t force us to stop being friends, even if you keep me here all night!” I shouted.


“Oh don’t worry love, you will be here all night. And as for your friendship, don’t you think its already wearing thin? You two haven’dt been too chummy lately.” He said grinning.


“Your fault no doubt.” I said.


“On the contrary, snake, who do you think sent me to break things off?” James said, and my heart sank.


“He wouldn’t.” I said, faintly, already doubting it.


“Little coward couldn't bear to do it himself. But face it sweetheart. A Potter can’t afford to be seen with a muggle born evil enough to actually be in Slytherin, especially poor Alby. He’s got to toughen up, and he cant do that if you two are always mucking about.” James said and headed for the door.


“I hope you get some good sleep like that love!” James called to before slipping out of the door.


All I could do that night was cry.




“Al had no idea James would do that, but he should have. And he should have faced me himself.” I said, staring into my tea cup.


“I’m sorry Greer… I have no idea how none of us staff knew about this.” Said Professor Bartlett.


“Trust me, Potter planned it that way. When everyone came into the hall that morning, they couldn't stop laughing. I didn't know it at the time but Scorpius was the reason Cassandra Yaxley  came in, and did what she did.”


Everyone was laughing, but no one was bothering to help me down. The teachers hadn’t even arrived yet, but it seemed like Potter had tipped people off. I looked over to the Gryffindor table and saw James Potter smirking over his breakfast while people around him cheered. Albus was no where to be found.


I refused to cry in front of jeering strangers so I just rotated slowly by my ankle (which felt absolutely dead) and waited for a teacher to come in. Before one could, however, Cassandra Yaxley, head girl, Slytherin, and pureblood princess came stalking in.


Cassandra was everything I hoped to be when I was older: With her tall frame, jet black hair, and intimidating air, she walked the halls like she owned the palce. She was Brilliant, intimidating, and ruthless, though known to be fair and not overly concerned with blood status. She stopped right in front of me and fixed her shrewd blue eyes on me. 


“You’re Greer Faulkner?” She asked. I nodded.


“If I let you down, and claim you properly as a Slytherin, do you promise to do this house proud? No cavorting with lesser wizards, and most importantly, from this day on, absolutely no signs of weakness?” She asked, crossing her arms.


“Trust me, after this, I plan on being the most intimidating mudblood in the history of Hogwarts.” I said bitterly. She smiled.


“I knew I’d like you.” She said. With a lazy flick of her wand she let me down gently. She dusted me off a little and then stepped forcefully on to the slytherin house table, and held her wand to her throat.


“Attention students” She said, her voicing ringing out with force throughout the hall.


“This here, is Greer Faulkner, a first year, and a Slytherin studnet.” The hall broke out into whispers at once. No one in my house had actually ever acknowledged that I was one of them, and here one of the most influential members was publicly claiming me. It was bloody surreal.


“Silence.” She said simply, and everyone shut up.


“Greer is one of our own, and if anyone so much as attempts something like this again, they answer to the entirety of Slytherin house. And more importantly, they answer to me.” She said. The hall had gone utterly silent. James Potter Scoffed, and she fixed her eyes on him.


“Am I clear Potter?” She asked, eyes narrowed. James went white, and nodded in submission.


“Thank you.” She said, and she stepped down.


“Go get cleaned up Greer.” She said, patting me on the shoulder.


“And walk tall. You’re one of us now.” She said smiling. I nodded, and offered a smile in return.


“You know, I always liked Cassandra. She had moxy, and she used her influence like that a lot in her time here.” Professor Bartlett said, sipping her tea.


“Scorpius later confessed that he had come in to the hall early, and immediately gone after Cassandra. They’re cousins or something. After that day, Scor never left my side” I said.



“That sounds like Scorpius. This story also explains why James Potter was the brunt of so many pranks that year. I did rather enjoy his beheaded stuffed niffler laid out on a platter at the hallowe’en feast.” She said. I laughed, remembering how much fun that had been.


“You definitely have had a habit of extracting vengeance on that particular family these past years.” She said.


“Well, someone has to deflate their egos. They’re simply massive.” I said dismissively.



“Have you talked to any of the Weasleys or Potters since all of this happened?” I shook my head.



“Well I happen to know that Albus, and all of his cousins and siblings currently in attendance, grew up rather well. They’re good people Greer, and I think if you give Albus the chance, he’ll show you exactly how sorry he is that all of that happened.” She said.


“I don’t think I could handle being friends with Albus again. For one thing, he was a complete and utter coward, and that will be hard to forgive. And another thing, I barely make do in Slytherin as it is. The only reason people tolerate me is because of that day and the fact that I give them no reason to question me. I study, I work hard, and I keep my head down.” I said, feeling uncomfortable.


“I’m not saying you have to pick up where you left off with Albus. I’m saying… don’t write the poor chap off just yet.” She said, smiling at me. I shifted uncomfortably, but nodded all the same.


“Now, on to more light hearted subjects. Did you see Peeves pants Professor Longbottom this morning?” 




An hour or so later, I had said goodbye to the professor and was making my way to the library. Scor wouldn’t be done with practice until dinner, and we already had essays and extensive reading assignments to work on.


I was walking down the halls, minding my own bloody business when Daphne decided to come along and spoil my day.


“Ah and here’s Greer, the mudblood wonder, all alone and headed towards the library. Dear Merlin, Greer, you’d think you’d at least have one friend besides that psycho blonde idiot.” Daphne jeered. Mina and Fatima laughed loudly, and I rolled my eyes.


“Awa' n bile your head Daphne, I don’t feel like dealing with your sorry arse.” I said, pushing past her. Only two things would distract Daphne from tormenting me: the presence of a professor, or something attractive and at least half-blooded. Since the hallway was empty, my solace depended on Madame Pince’s vulture like presence.


“Do you ever wonder girls, what its like to be Greer? TO only have one friend, to be hated by the entire student body. To not even belong in your own house. Malfoy only keeps you around to make himself look better… or perhaps you’re trying to bed your way onto a respectable family tree? Little mudblood whore.She said laughing. I rolled my eyes, not willing to respond to something so vulgar.


“Admit it Greer. It bothers you that everyone hates you.” Fatima said laughing.


“You know, I like Greer fine. She’s a bit surly, and her habit of wielding knives at odd times is alarming, but at least she’s better than you Rosier.” A dry voice said calmly from the passageway immediately to my left. My head whipped around in surprise to see Rose Weasley standing against a pillar, looking completely at ease, casually holding her wand with crossed arms.



“No one asked you, Weasley. But interesting you chose to defend pathetic little Greer over here. You unfortunate virgins need to stick together?” Daphne said glaring. I rolled my eyes. First I’m a slag for trying to “bed Scorpius” and now I’m a sad little virgin.



“Twenty points from Slytherin. Because I don’t like you.” Rose said primly, pushing herself off the pillar and coming to stand next to me. My mouth was still on the ground in shock, and only sank lower as she linked her arm through mine.



“Now, Greer, I believe we were headed to the library?” She asked. Not waiting for a response, she steered me away from the seething Slytherins and towards the big oak doors.



“What in the name of St. Helen was that about?” I asked once we reached the library, disentangling my arm from hers. Rose rolled her eyes and set her stuff down on a table.



“You looked cornered by those hags, and I figured you could use the help escaping.” At my look of outrage she held up a hand.


“NOT to say you can’t handle those half wits on your own. But You shouldn’t have to.” She said simply, and began unpacking her things. I stared at her.



“Well. Are you going to sit?” She asked, gesturing to the chair across from her.



“Me? Sit with you?” I asked quirking an eye brow. She rolled her eyes again.



“Is it really so terrible?” She said.



“How can you even ask? You’re the Gryffindor princess, love, and I’m the evil mudblood Slytherin. People might think I’m trying to off you.” I said, smirking at her annoyed expression.


“Really, I can’t see whats wrong with simply studying together.” She said.


“Haven’t you noticed? No one studies with me. Or talks to me. At least not people with a golden last name and a reputation to uphold. Or anyone who doesn’t wish to be attacked by Slytherins. I’m a dangerous person to be around Weasley.” I said, crossing my own arms. Rose gave a very unladylike snort.



“Greer you’re not nearly as frightening as you, or anyone else, thinks you are.” She said. My smirk dropped.


“Weasley, I’ve spent most of the last six years making your various relatives cry for mercy.” I said simply.


“I’ve rather enjoyed that actually. It does them all good. I notice how you never go for me, Lily, or Roxy though.” She said pensively.


“I don’t really attack the innocent.” I said, dismissing this.


“What about Albus?” She said. I froze breifly, and she grinned. I glared.


“Albus Potter doesn’t exist in my world.” I said simply.


Right.”  She said with a grin.


“Good day Weasley.” I said turning.


“Greer wait.” She said. She stood hastily, and I turned around.


“I’m trying to offer you something here you know.” She said.


“And what could you possibly offer me Weasley?” I asked.


“A friend. One that’s not blonde and constantly running around getting himself blown up with Hagrid.” She said smirking.


I hesitated. Getting involved with Potters was not something I was keen to do again… But Rose seemed like the real deal. And Scor was bloody in love with her. Maybe if I got to know her, deemed she was all right, it’d give him a chance.


And I couldn’t deny Daphne’s insults stung. Here Rose was offering to be my friend. Publicly. Which is something no one else had done since Cassandra bloody Yaxley.


I drew the seat in front of me out and sat down, never breaking eye contact. Rose grinned.


“There. That wasn’t too hard, was it friend?” She said triumphantly.


“Don’t get ahead of yourself Weasley. Lets just start with the studying.” I said.


“Please just call me Rose. There are too many Weasleys mucking about to confuse the issue.” She said, extending a hand. I took it and gave it a firm shake.


“All right Rose. You can call me Greer.” I said, smiling a real smile for once.


As we settled in to work, I realized the library had burst into noise as people observed the whole scene that had just taken place.



“You do realize that you’ve probably just provided Hogwarts with a gossip source for a good month? And gave the Slytherins more cause to hate the both of us?” I said, grinning and pulling my books out. She rolled her eyes, but removed her wand from her bag and set it on the table, within a quick reach.



“Just study Greer. For now, lets just study.”







Authors Note: THINGS ARE HAPPENING AND ITS EXCITING. I hope you like this story so far! I'm trying very hard to keep things accurate. All of the scottish terms and insults are from a very reliable source (videos of an actual scottish girl explaining all of them) and I even created a Pottermore for Greer so all of my slytherin stuff is 100% in accordance with what JK Rowling created. Everything belongs to her by the way. Disclaimer. I took all of the quizzes as Greer so her wand is from there and all of the common room details (later you'll see her patronus- its hilarious). Anyways, please let me know what you think!




Much Love




Abby Rose

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The Modern Slytherin: Life among the Serpents


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