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Bad Faith by WitchingWorld
Chapter 31 : Just The Beginning
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Today was it.

Rose’s last day at Hogwarts.

NEWTs were over and done with, graduation day had come and gone.

The certificate and photos had all seemed rather meaningless to Rose, and while many of her friends had been crying, Rose was just thankful that school was over.

She had loved this castle as her second home, loved the education that had helped her grow, and loved the friendships that made her who she was, but she was more excited to start Healer training, even though it meant four more years of exams.





Sam had left school two months early, to pursue an apprenticeship with an organisation based in India, which conserved and protected the magical creature and plant populations of the Himalayas and South Asia.

It had been a little surprising, but Sam had always loved Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, so conserving their existence and maintaining their secrecy from muggles seemed the perfect job for him.




As Rose stood underneath the old beech tree near the lake on a sunny afternoon in July, she imagined all the things that she was going to do.

Saving lives, easing pain, healing discoveries, traveling and helping people all over the world, who knew?


Turning to look over her shoulder, Rose saw Bee running towards her.

Bracing herself for impact, Rose opened her arms to welcome Bee into a rib-crushing hug.

“What are you doing out here all by yourself Rose?” Bee asked with a grin.





“Nothing. Just admiring the view one last time.”

“You’re right, it’s beautiful. I’m going to miss it.”

From the tremble at the end of her sentence, Rose could tell Bee was tearing up.

Rolling her eyes and smiling at her best friend, Rose wrapped an arm around Bee’s shoulder.

“What are you crying about now, you silly duffer?”

Laughing at herself Bee hiccupped, “I’m just going to miss everything about this place. Hogwarts is where I fit in, it’s where I was a witch, instead of some chubby brown girl who made weird things happen. Greg and I are thinking about opening up our own apothecary-potioneer business, Jen and Annie are going to work as interns at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Corey’s got a job at the Ministry, Al’s going to play Quidditch for Britain, Sam’s gone off to Merlin knows where to care for magical creatures, Adam’s just off traveling and you’re going to Healer school – we’re all going in such different directions! I mean, what if all we never speak again?”





“Beeee-eeee,” Rose groaned, “You’re being utterly ridiculous! How could any of use let each other go? And how could I ever let you go?! You’re never going to get rid of me Beena Hossain.”

Looking sheepish, Bee leaned her head against Rose’s shoulder, “Promise Rose?”

“Yes I bloody well promise. Now shut up and watch the sun set over the lake with me. Tomorrow morning, we’re getting up to catch the Hogwart’s Express, so it’s our last chance.”

As the two girls watched the sun sink down and cast its orange and pink rays over the sky and water, they held onto each other tightly.





Even if their lives were changing forever, and they were journeying into the real world, with jobs, and flats, and the responsibility of cleaning their own toilets, they knew their friendship would remain.

As the sun finally dipped beneath the horizon, there was just a tiny niggling doubt in the back of Rose’s mind, as though something was missing… was she forgetting something?

But the thought was fleeting, her doubt momentary, and as she held onto Bee, Rose knew that this ending was really just the beginning.





A/N: So that is the last chapter of Bad Faith! If it seems like an unresolved ending, that's becuause... I have a sequel planned! But I won't start uploading until next year as I'm going traveling for the next 3 months. Thank you for all of you who've stayed up until the very end, I hope you enjoyed my take on ScoRose!! Maybe see you again at the sequel, name to be confirmed :) WitchingWorld

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Bad Faith: Just The Beginning


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