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The Marauders Kiss by sweetprofanities
Chapter 67 : Actions not advised.
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Warning; this chapter includes alcohol consumption in the silliest of forms. Never allow drinking to sway your decisions, because those decisions never work in your favour.

Remus sat by the fire place of the Prewett residence, watching as James and Sirius talked in low voices to their new favourite person. Remus knew from the moment he saw him, that the dishevelled looking wizard would be a prime candidate for James’ and Sirius’s outlet for mischief. Mundungus Fletcher wasn’t the type of wizard one would go out of their way to surround themselves with. Unless you were James Potter or Sirius Black.

‘And then what? And then what?’ James asked, trying to ease his laughter.

‘Well I done n’ nicked it, di’n I? Di’n expect me to just leave a respectable lookin’ bit of silverware like that just layin’ there? Out in the open?’ Mundungus explained and both James and Sirius clutched their stomachs and doubled over in their chairs laughing.

‘Yeah, you usually would expect to leave someone else’s silverware lying around, Fletcher.’ Frank Longbottom said while stepping in from the kitchen and rapping Mundungus over the head, taking a seat with the boys. As Mundungus rubbed his head with a sour look on his face, Sirius and James continued on laughing.

Remus smiled to himself after that. He was a fan of Frank. He and his wife were newly initiated, much like their group. Frank found the Order through Alastor Moody. Frank was an Auror, along with his wife, Alice. Alice was sat in the corner at the dining table with Lily, and they were chatting away over a cup of tea that Gideon had offered to everyone.

Gideon and Fabian Prewett were two of the stockiest and most menacing looking red heads Remus had ever encountered. Which was saying something, because although she might not have been stocky, Lily was menacing in her own way and the twins winning that title over her was a feat in and of itself.

‘Alright! Everyone, stop your blathering! We’ve got some important stuff to go over!’ Moody strode in from the kitchen with Gideon and Fabian close behind him, ‘everyone, get over here. Diggle stop bothering the cat!’

Alastor Moody was an Auror becoming quite well known for his knack with dark witches and wizards. He was an overly cautious, incredibly strict wizard and had recently lost an eye in battle, which had been replaced with an overly eccentric, electric blue one that spun about in his head. James and Sirius had affectionately come up with the nickname ‘Mad-Eye’ for him. As he shouted at the occupants of the room and ordered them about, Remus watched as Dedalus Diggle put down the Prewett’s tabby cat and made a move to where the rest of them were congregating. Alice and Lily stood from the table, but only Alice brought her chair along with her. Lily took it upon herself to shimmy by people to take a seat atop of James’s lap.

Remus watched them, with an unknowing smile growing on his face. As Lily perched herself atop James, he barely batted an eyelash. The two of them had grown so in sync. It warmed Remus’s heart. Lily sat down and James just shuffled them slightly so they were in a comfortable position. He didn’t even look up, he continued his conversation with Sirius and Mundungus.

‘That’s not a seat, Evans! What have I told you about personal boundaries during meetings?’ Moody snapped. That was when Peter decided to return from the bathroom and retook his seat by Remus. Moody flicked his wand and wordlessly a chair zoomed by everyone in the range of it and without a single casualty, landed between Mundungus and James.

‘Park your backside on that.’ Moody warned as a few chuckles could be heard around the room.

‘Moody’s just sour he doesn’t have pretty ladies’ parking their backsides on his lap.’ Fabian winked in Lily’s direction as she seated herself more professionally. Lily offered up a giggle for Fabian’s comment as the two men came to stand by the fireplace. Gideon and Fabian had taken a particular liking towards Lily since they had all joined the Order. Remus remembered them putting it off as something about “sticking together with their own kind”.

‘Peter wants to know if there’s going to be snacks?’ Sirius shouted just as Moody opened his mouth to start.

‘I do not!’ Peter sat up in his chair, looking around the crowd of people to where Sirius sat with Mundungus.

‘Quiet! The lot of you! Dumbledore’s on the move. He’s tracking what he believes is going to be the next big target for an attack.’ Moody continued as a few more of the members of their secret society came into the room. Ali’s father appeared with his friend, Edgar Bones, both deep in conversation. Christian was holding on to his young son while Tucker rambled on to no one in particular.

Their conversation ended as they joined the rest of them and Christian placed Tucker down. The little boy immediately shouted out Sirius’s name and went charging for him, jumping up on his lap and hugging him tight around the neck. Moody was quiet for the moments distraction.

‘What? He’s allowed to sit on one of the blockheads and I’m not?’ Lily sounded off and the room dissolved into chuckles. Everyone but Moody, anyway. Gideon elbowed Lily gently, praising her for her call while Edgar and Christian took their places, apologising to Moody for the interruption.

As Moody continued on, things got more serious. Since joining the Order, Remus and the boys had all been tasked with mission’s non-stop. If they weren’t on patrols of populated wizarding areas, they were given specified things to accomplish. Gathering intel, helping those that had suffered attacks, protecting specific wizards that had threats made against them. In the short time since joining, Remus was sure he had saved more lives than he thought could have been possible.

As Moody went into details about a possible attack at a quidditch match in Cornwall and the fact that they would need extra hands for crowd control and eyes out for danger, James jumped up.

‘I volunteer! I’m there!’

‘Sit down, Potter!’ Moody shook his head, ‘you can go. Who else is up for it? I need eight of you.’

Remus raised his hand, ‘I don’t see why not?’

‘Well don’t sound too eager, you’ll show Potter up.’ Moody simply raised an eyebrow in Remus’s direction, but all Remus could offer him in return was an amused smile.

‘Count me in!’ Frank waved, ‘Alice, too.’

‘Yeah, I’m always down for danger. It’s my middle name.’

‘Isn’t your middle name Onion?’ Lily stood, smacking Sirius’s hand down, ‘I’m in, too. Can’t let you boys have all the fun.’ She said, swooping Tucker up into her arms and rubbing noses with him.

‘Yeah! To hell with boys!’ Tucker shouted.

‘Tucker!’ Christian’s immediate response was to chastise his son, but it wasn’t long before he joined in the laughter around the room.

‘Do you want to come, Wormtail?’ Remus looked beside him, at Peter. Peter seemed to think on it for a moment.

‘Yeah, alright.’ He nodded.

‘Peter’s in, too. So we just need one more?’ Remus spoke over to growing chatter around the cramped living area.

‘Fletch! Fletch! I nominate, Fletch!’ James made a fuss where he was seated, as if it were some dire situation.

‘Yeah, I s’pose. Better than having to pay for the match, at least? Aye?’ Mundungus let out a laugh, joined by Sirius and James.

‘I don’t like the sounds of all the young ones going at this alone.’ Gideon said, still standing by his brother.

‘The Longbottom’s are Aurors, Gideon. Trained them myself. They’re in good hands. I’ll see if I can have Alice and Frank assigned as ministry detail to the area, so if anything gets out of hand, they can call it in with the higher ups. Adams, you can sway Crouch with that, can’t you?’ Moody turned to Christian, seemingly pleased with the group. After Christian confirmed he would attempt it, Moody continued on with the details and some extra information on their new patrolled areas. Remus started to tune out when the information they were going over no longer included him.

It had been months since they had graduated. Ali had gone back to school and they hadn’t. They were in the real world now. They were adults. For the time being, Remus was happy having a purpose, which was the Order. But the Order wasn’t a paying job and Remus didn’t want to burden his parents much longer with his monthly transitions. Even though the boys were still helping him suffer through them with company.

When the Order meeting came to an end and farewells were being said, James managed to slide over to where Remus was standing alone and captured him in a side hug.

‘What’s plans for tonight, Moony?’ James had a telling smirk and Remus narrowed his eyes.

‘Nothing. Why?’

‘Wrong!’ James shouted as Peter joined them at the back door of the house. It was situated just behind the dining table and beside a large bookcase filled with dusty, probably seldom-read wizarding books, ‘we’re going for drinks! My shout! I need my boys. I need to celebrate.’

‘Celebrate what, exactly?’ Peter raised a brow.

‘Well, I went for a couple of those quidditch trials the other day. Aced them. Of course.’ James shrugged as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

‘Really? That’s awesome! You didn’t tell us? I would have come!’ Peter pepped up, grinning at James and looking as if he were trying to imagine to scene of James wowing professional quidditch teams.

‘I thought it best to test the waters on my own, Wormtail. I mean, they were just trials. I’ve no idea what will even come of it. It’s all very official, of course.’ James droned on, explaining his athletic excellence in detail to Peter, who lapped it all up like a dehydrated puppy presented with a chilled bowl of water. Remus took that moment to look over to where Lily was putting Tucker down and talking to Ali’s father with Sirius. Remus was still enjoying James’s contact, but not really paying enough attention. He had been in a constant state of distraction for months now.

‘What’s all this then? Making plans without the two most important members of the gang?’ Lily asked as she made it over to them, having said goodbye to the Adams’. Sirius wasn’t far behind her.

‘Yeah? How dare you. How terrible would the three of your look without us? One lump, a giant, and toupee with glasses. You lot would be laughed out of any bar.’

‘No questions asked,’ Lily agreed while James, Remus and Peter took their jesting, silently, ‘they wouldn’t serve any of you without me, though. Onion boy wouldn’t be enough to sway it.’ Lily nodded away calmly. Sirius was on the verge of agreeing, until he registered her words and dropped his jaw to make a shocked O shape with his mouth, but no sound was emitted as he stared at her.

‘We’re going out! We’ve all been working so hard. I just feel like a relaxing night out is on the cards. My shout and I say we get sloshed.’ James finished, setting Remus free from his embrace and giving the small circle the thumbs up and a wink.

‘Did someone say free drinks?’ Mundungus seemed to appear out of nowhere, behind Lily and Sirius and the entire circle burst into laughter.


Remus was the first to the bar at the specified time they had all decided on. It was a bustling little wizarding pub in Tutshill, close to where James lived with his mother. Remus had found them a table towards the back of the traditional looking pub and was happily listening to the live band when Peter arrived.

‘It’s so loud.’ Peter squared his watery little eyes in the direction of the band as he took a seat beside Remus.

‘It’s alright. Kind of drums out any noise in your head, at least.’ Remus smiled at him.

Peter sighed, ‘I guess. Moony, what are we doing?’

‘Um, I do believe we’re being forced into celebrating Prongs’ flying a loop-de-loop on his broom.’ Remus nodded, as if he had to really think on the matter.

‘No, I mean, what are we doing?’ Peter reiterated, flailing his arms about. Remus was at a loss and just watched him, waiting for him to go into greater detail. ‘We can’t work for free forever. We’ve graduated, but none of us have any prospect of a job. It’s just a little terrifying, don’t you think?’

Remus had noticed Peter seeming much more on edge of late. He knew he was never really as into the idea of being Order members as Sirius and James. Although it was amazing, knowing they were doing their part and helping in the war waging on in their world, Remus knew Peter had a point. It was simple for James and Sirius. They both had large supplies of money at their disposal. Not having an income wasn’t a real concern for them.

‘I’m not sure I even can get a job.’ Remus sighed, mirroring Peter as they slouched down in their wooden seats and stared at the flickering candle on the table before them.

‘Hey guys,’ Sirius’s voice sounded over the noise of the pub and the band, ‘um, Moony. Prongs and Evans aren’t far off, I came ahead to warn you-’ Remus looked up at Sirius as he pulled his hand through his hair, ‘McKinnon, she’s with them. Evans invited her, reckons you guys need to chat. She’s not going to say as much, but I just thought I’d warn you.’

Remus groaned loud enough it could be heard over the band, ‘does she want that?’

‘Evans? Oh, definitely. She hasn’t shut up about it since we left the Prewett’s. “Marls is being silly. I’m sure if they just talked it over. Remus isn’t any different than he was before.” Yak, yak, yak.’

‘No, Padfoot. Marlene. Does Marlene want that?’ Remus just stared at his friend blankly.

‘Oh,’ Sirius chuckled, ‘hey she wouldn’t have agreed to, otherwise, right?’ He finished his sentence just in time, because James burst in, shouting about a tab and Lily came into view with a sweet smile, pulling Marlene along with her.

In the beginning it was awkward. Remus didn’t know what to say and so he stood to greet Marlene and stepped on her foot. Which in turn made her step back and knock over one of the bar maids who was levitating a large order of pints to a table. Thankfully they were all of the magical community and the clean-up was pretty effortless.

After that Mundungus turned up and everyone started throwing back butterbeers. Thanks to the commotion he caused by crushing her extremities, Remus wasn’t sure what Marlene’s reaction to his greeting was. Did she step back due to him assaulting her foot? Or because she was still repulsed by what he was? While everyone around him engaged in conversation and drank pint after pint of butterbeer, Remus slowly sipped on his, watching Marlene from time to time when he was sure no one could see him.

‘Right, Moony?’ Sirius’s voice pierced his solitude but at the mention of his nickname, Remus watched Marlene flinch and place her butterbeer down.

Remus felt the pit of his stomach drop, ‘I beg your pardon?’ Remus asked, looking over to Sirius, who was sat beside Mundungus at the end of the table.

‘That prank you pulled at the end of term. It was your best work, by far.’ Sirius gave him a smile that Remus wasn’t used to receiving from his haughty looking friend. Sirius looked almost apologetic, it made Remus swallow before he could reply.

‘Uh, yeah. Well, I had to snap you out of that damp mood. You look much better when you’re acting as if you’re too good for anyone around you.’ Remus joked and the table erupted into laughter. Sirius’s normal, sly smirk returned as he joined in.

When Peter started up another retelling of their Hogwarts days, Remus returned to his butterbeer and dared another look Marlene’s way. She was looking at him. He choked on the sip he was taking and dribbled butterbeer foam down his chin. As he lifted his palm up to sweep away the remains, realizing no one else had seen, he saw Marlene cover her mouth as she laughed at him.

He couldn’t help the lopsided smile he gave her after that. His heart started thumping away in his chest as they kept eye contact for a moment, oblivious to the story Lily was diving into and the rowdy pub-goers, even the band was background noise. Marlene mouthed ‘can I talk to you?’ to him and Remus froze, inhaling and just staring back, bewildered.

‘Yeah,’ he said, but no one would have heard it. Marlene pointed to the pub’s exit and stood up from her chair, brushing by James and Lily as she made her way to a more secluded area. As Remus stood to follow, he noticed Lily had stopped her story to smile at him.

‘Uh, just getting some fresh air.’ Remus explained.

‘’Course.’ Sirius chimed in, nodding at him like it was the worst lie he’d ever told. Truly, it could have been.

‘What’s happening? M’i missing something?’ Mundungus asked and the table laughed as Remus headed towards the exit.

Outside there was a pokey-looking deck of sorts, overlooking the road below. But there weren’t many people on it, as it obscured the music and arguably that was probably what most of the crowd was there for. Plus there were only bar stools and no tables. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that there was only very few months of the year that it was an acceptable temperature to be seated outdoors. And that the little tavern was hidden from muggle bystanders. Marlene was standing by the railing, leaning over it, looking down at where the street lamps were lit and unsuspecting muggles were walking by, unaware of the bustling pub that should have been in plain view.

‘Hey.’ Remus spoke softly, leaning the same way against the railing and choosing to look out at the road, instead of at Marlene.

‘Hey.’ Marlene returned. After that the two of them stood in silence for a while. There were a few wizards and witches coming and going but other than that it was mostly deserted. Remus swallowed, not knowing what to say. The last time they had seen each other, Marlene couldn’t even look him in the eye. She had avoided him almost flawlessly since she had found out his secret and Remus wasn’t about to push himself on her.

‘I need to apologise; the way I acted-’

‘Please. Don’t.’ Remus stopped her. He heard her shift to face him as she spoke. But he wasn’t quite ready to look away from the unsuspecting muggles below. There was an elderly couple walking by. The woman had her arm wrapped around the man’s. She was watching him out of the corner of her eye as they walked along. Her gaze was so tender, it was a clear indication of the level of devotion she shared for her partner. The man was holding onto the hand she had rested on his other arm and looking out for any imposing danger. He was protecting her.

The sight was both endearing and heart-breaking for Remus. He was so unsure he would ever be given the chance to find someone who accepted him the way that couple had accepted one another. He was unsure he would ever find someone he could grow old with and love as fiercely as the two muggles below them loved each other.

‘It’s okay. I understand.’ Remus continued to watch the couple, finding some kind of solace in their kinship, ‘It’s why- Well, I didn’t want to lead you on. I didn’t think, well- I didn’t want you to have to-’

‘Remus.’ Marlene stopped him. Her voice sounded strained and rough and when he turned away from the elderly couple, Marlene had tears in her eyes, ‘I’m sorry.’ Her voice was only just above a whisper as she spoke. The tears in her eyes welled up and began to flow over the edges as the two of them stood, frozen, just staring.

‘You don’t have to be.’ Remus said, reaching out to take her hand. But as he moved to touch her, Marlene suddenly flinched, backing away from his contact and looking at the floor.

‘Shit.’ She muttered, looking up again. ‘I’m sorry.’ She looked at him as if she had never been so conflicted. But even as she tried to cover it up, the damage was done.

Remus felt a tightness in his chest from the undeniable rejection. Marlene couldn’t even stand to touch him. Or be touched by him. It had been so long since his affliction had been poorly received. Before he had come to Hogwarts, he had become so used to this treatment. People had feared him since before he could remember. Even his father could barely stand to look at him coming up to the full moon.

His internal hatred had only eased since James, Sirius and Peter had welcomed him into their lives, despite what he was. He was shocked, still, when Lily had given him the same welcome. For years, with the boys treating his sickness like it was a joke and nothing of real danger, Remus started to believe maybe it wasn’t such a big deal? Maybe he might just have stood a chance at a semi-normal life?

But this is what he was really in for. No matter how kindly his friends treated him, the fact of the matter was that Remus Lupin was a werewolf. And with that title, brought an acceptance that no matter how much someone cared for him, he could never expect them to deal with what he was.

‘I’m sorry.’ Remus turned back to the railing to hide the hurt look on his face. The elderly couple was almost gone from sight but he tried to focus on them to dull the pain he had been trying so hard to forget about. Rejection was mortifying in any circumstance.

‘Remus…’ Marlene’s voice was still soft and laced with anguish. Remus shut his eyes once the elderly couple had disappeared and just waited out the inevitable “I can’t deal with this. This is too much for you to ask of me.” But it didn’t come. Instead, he felt a cold hand settle on his jaw and pull his face towards its owner.

‘Remus, I still love you.’ Marlene admitted and before he could even let go of the breath he inhaled at her words, Marlene leant in and kissed him.

At first Remus was in complete and utter shock. With one hand still clasped around the railing of the balcony and the other hanging limp by his side, he awkwardly received the kiss until Marlene drew back and looked at him.

‘I’m just- this is- this is confusing for me.’ Marlene reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes, ‘Werewolf’s’ she whispered the word so quietly it was almost as if she had mouthed it, ‘they are not well received in my family. There was- there was an incident-’ her sentence became strangled with the fresh tears falling from her eyes once again.

Remus was in such a great deal of shock, he was only just registering what she had done. Suddenly something came over him and he reached out and took her face in his hands and pulled her in for a continuation of their prior connection. He placed his lips against her own and this time it was Marlene that was in shock. But by the time his tongue had delved into her mouth, most of the shock seemed to have melted away in the cool autumn air.

For quite some time the comings and goings of the magical patrons of the pub went unnoticed to both the entangled recipients of the prolonged kiss. Remus towered over Marlene in height, despite Marlene being the tallest of their female friends. Marlene had almost completely lost the notion of flinching at his touch and instead had her arms up around Remus’s neck. They refused to break the contact for what felt like hours.

Every so often Remus would pull away to stare down at the beauty before him and his heart pounded hard in his chest, just like the first kiss they shared in the Hogwarts library, so long ago.

‘I love you, too.’ Remus pulled a hand up from her waist to rest against her cheek, ‘I never stopped loving you.’

When he finished his sentence, Marlene’s eyes welled up once more. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and bit her lip. She let her head fall forwards and rested her forehead against his clavicle, little sobs escaping every few seconds until they subsided completely.

‘Let’s go inside.’ Marlene spoke, her breath hot against his chest.

He closed his arms around her, letting his chin rest on the top of her head, ‘sure thing.’

They stayed in their embrace for just a little while longer, not needing to explain to each other why they required those few extra seconds that way. Once Marlene seemed to have put herself back together, she looped her little finger around Remus’s, and lead them back into the loud and, if it was possible, fuller pub.

‘Opa!’ James shouted at their return, sloshing a large glass of something Remus was unsure of the contents. It certainly wasn’t butterbeer.

‘Epé!’ Peter shouted, sloshing his around next and the entire table broke into laughter.

‘You two need to catch up!’ Lily waved a finger in Remus’s face, standing to let them back over to the two remaining seats, which were conveniently now together.

‘Slebs neb, herrr.’ Sirius winked at them as they took the seats. Remus wasn’t entirely sure the wink was intentional.

‘Thought you two’d skipped out on us.’ Mundungus said just before finishing off at least half a pint of whatever the red concoction was they all seemed to have moved on to.

Nah. They were just snogging.’ Lily waggled her eyebrows at them.

‘Lily.’ At first Marlene was glaring at her best friend. But when Lily went to put her elbow on the table for some kind of stability and missed the wooden bench completely, almost falling out of her chair, Marlene snorted out and laugh, ‘Merlin, what are you all on?’

‘Dung’s been getting ‘em,’ James hiccupped and took his glasses off to squint at Marlene and Remus, ‘I think I can see better without these because of it though.’ James looked mildly impressed before he dropped his glasses onto the table and took up his drink once more.

‘Dung?’ Remus asked, reaching out to save James’s glasses before they became collateral damage.

‘Yeah. I forget the rest of it.’ James shrugged, finishing off the rest of his drink.

‘Bar maid! There’s a lovely lass, can we please have another round on my good man, Mister Potter’s, tab?’ Mundungus asked, flagging over a passing bar maid. She gave the table a once over and her eyes settled on Marlene and Remus.

‘Your call.’ She gave them the deciding vote. Marlene looked at Remus with a furrowed brow, but Remus let his heightened happiness due to the strange turn of events out on the deck, get the better of him.

‘One more round, then we’ll get them home.’ Remus shrugged and saw Marlene smirk when he looked back at her.

One more round wasn’t one more round, however. Once Remus and Marlene had one of the fruity tasting drinks Mundungus had gotten them all onto, it was hard to stop. Even Peter, who always held his own in the face of alcoholic beverages, was swaying in his seat.

One round turned into a second; turned into a third; turned into a fourth; and by that point the chatter around their table had gotten so loud they were drowning out the band. All seven of them became deeply immersed in separate conversations. During the course of the rounds, Sirius had somehow managed to worm his way in between Remus and Marlene’s seats and was couched down between them.

‘I juz- I juz-’ he pouted, going slightly cross-eyed. Remus just started laughing at him, unable to pretend as if it wasn’t hilarious watching him struggle with every sentence that came out of his mouth.

‘You just what?’ Marlene asked, mouth agape in a content smile.

Sirius drew in a deep breath, ‘falafel.’ He nodded like he was happy with that response then sat down on the floor.

‘You stupid dog, you can’t sit on the floor of a pub.’ Remus continued laughing, trying to drag Sirius up off the floor. But he wasn’t committed enough to the task to have stood up to aid him and instead Sirius just ended up half draped over his lap. That put Marlene into a fit of laughter and Remus was hazily entranced by the beauty of her exuberance.

When she caught him staring, a small blush rose to her already alcohol flushed cheeks, ‘hey, maybe we should get them all home, before we’re as drunk as they are?’ she had to shout her words to be heard.

Remus felt like he might have already been too drunk. But he was certainly more coherent than the rest of the table. Most certainly more so than the occupant currently sleeping in his lap. He looked down and started laughing at Sirius again before he looked up and nodded in agreement to Marlene.

It was no easy feat, getting Lily, James, and Sirius onto their feet. Sirius was only on his because he was being completely supported by Remus. Who also had Lily around the waist. Peter and Mundungus were supporting each other and cackling away about something Remus couldn’t quite focus on and Marlene had made off to the bar, following James.

‘Okay, he tried to get another round. But the bar maid laughed at him and so he settled the tab.’ Marlene explained once she returned, James leaning on her.

‘Where’s my lady?’ James cried, pathetically flailing his arms around and almost falling face first onto the floor below. Thankfully Marlene caught him and steadied him.

‘Quick, back to Potter’s before we lose one of them.’ Marlene implored, disapparating soon after.

‘Wormtail, can you get Mundungus home?’ Remus asked, breaking their conversation.

‘Oy, I can hold my own here, don’t lump me in with those light weights.’ Mundungus declared, grabbing a hold of Peter and disapparating, also. Remus let loose a chuckle knowing full well bringing Peter along with him wasn’t part of Mundungus’s game plan.

‘Right,’ he got a better grip on the limp form of Sirius, ‘ready to go, Lily?’ He knew it was pointless asking, but he was a gentlemen after all.

‘Fire away, cowboy!’ Lily shouted, before bursting into giggles and Remus disapparated the three of them, hoping above hope when they reappeared it wouldn’t be on top of any furniture.

Luckily he managed to apparate them perfectly in the confines of James’s bedroom, but James and Marlene were M.I.A. He lowered Lily down onto James’s bed, which she didn’t seem to object much to and worked next on dragging Sirius into the next room over that he knew would always be known as Sirius’s bedroom, regardless of Sirius now owning his own flat.

‘Sleepy wolf.’ Sirius managed to say, reaching up and tapping him on the nose, once Remus had heaved him onto the bed. It took less than a nano second for his eyes to close and he was out cold. Sirius always was the worst at handling his drink. Remus smiled down at his friend, shaking his head as he took off his shoes and pulled the blanket over him.

Once he was back out in the dark hallway, he looked into James room to see it was still only occupied by one redhead. He set off towards the stairs to locate the other two that he knew were close by. Poor Peter would have to fend for himself this time. He tip toed down the stairs, trying not to wake Mrs Potter and found the culprits in the kitchen.

‘The old nutter ban him.’ James was laughing, looking very odd without his glasses, perched on the kitchen bench, eating rolled up slices of cold meat.

‘I didn’t know Dumbledore had a brother.’ Marlene was leaning up against the bench, eating with James.

‘Who was ban?’ Remus asked, joining them.

‘Mung. Dung. Whatever. Ban from the Hogs Head. For life. How do you get ban from the Hogs Head?’ James started laughing, then suddenly something dawned on him, ‘wait, where’s Lily?!’ He all but shouted.

‘Quiet, Prongs!’ Remus hushed him, ‘she’s in your bed, probably passed out cold, just like Sirius.’

‘Oh thank Merlin. I don’t think I could find another girlfriend that actually finds my terrible pickup lines endearing. I’d literally be doomed to walk the earth alone.’ James’ slipped down from the bench and almost lost his footing, yet again.

‘Well, I’m off to be the little spoon.’ James looked as if he was trying to salute them, but he kind of just smacked himself in the face in the process. He frowned for a moment before he drank in the sight before him, ‘um, if you blurry kids want to stay the night, there’s another spare room. Just go back into the entrance hall and the formal sitting room, the one with the piano in it? There’s a guest bedroom down the stairs in there.’ Before he had even finished speaking, he had left the room.

They heard him struggle his way back up the stairs and a few colourful curses whispered, before his door creaked shut and then there was a very real silence ringing around them.

‘I’ll, uh, go. You can take the room.’ Remus looked at Marlene in the moonlight filtering in through the kitchen window.

‘Wait.’ Marlene reached out and grabbed a hold of his wrist as he turned, intending to disapparate home. When he turned back, Marlene was looking down at where their bodies met. She kept her eyes fixated on the grip she had on him and when she looked up her expression was unreadable.

‘Marlene, I don’t- I don’t want to- maybe we should-’ he didn’t want to say the words. He didn’t want to continue to deter her from the only contact in this world that he truly pined for. He had become so used to pushing away the things in his life he wanted most, he wasn’t sure he could accept them if the opportunity arose.

‘What? No, honestly. What, Remus? Because I’m a little sick of this always being about you. You never thought of me in all of that theatrical nonsense. You just dumped me like a sack of potatoes.’ She sounded like she was choking up again as she dropped the hold she had on him and fell against the bench behind her.

Remus wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol, or just the insane desire surging through him to touch and be touched, like they used to. He reached out, pulling his body against hers and covered her lips with his own again. He knew it was wrong. He could still feel the hesitation in Marlene. She wasn’t the same. There was a reserved factor to the way they connected now, compared to the way they once had before she had found out the truth.

But for this once, Remus allowed a glimmer of selfish desire to take over his mind as he pinned Marlene up against the counter and the sounds of their heavy breathing and the smack of their lips against each other’s filled the large kitchen as they delved into kiss, after kiss, after kiss. Remus found it was his hands that found their way under her shirt and he wasn’t sure why? What was he trying to prove? He knew he should have stopped. He should have been the bigger person and put an end to something he knew in his heart wasn’t perfectly right.

But the way Marlene kissed him always drove him wild. As her leg slid up his left side and her hand disappear below the waistband of his jeans they suddenly felt the need to find a more secluded area. Remus took Marlene’s hand and led her back out of the kitchen. They went through and out into the entrance hall and off to the left into the barely used formal area. Once they had shut the door in the guest bedroom, there were mere seconds before clothes were being torn off and discarded like they were plagued with disease.

That night Remus finally let his guard down completely and allowed himself to believe that just maybe… maybe someone could love him for what he was. 

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