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The Marauders Kiss by sweetprofanities
Chapter 62 : Two jealous redheads.
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James stirred slightly in his sleep. He made to roll over in his bed, but realised his arm was tightly wrapped around someone’s waist. It didn’t take him long to remember who it was. Without opening his eyes, he could hear that Lily’s breathing was light and even, meaning she was awake. Because although Lily wasn’t aware of it, she had a tiny snore when she was deep in slumber. It wasn’t anything that could be heard unless you were sleeping beside her. It was cute, if anything. And James knew it well now.

‘Morning.’ He croaked out, a smile seamlessly growing on his lips.

‘Hello, handsome.’ Lily whispered back. James felt her lips touch down on his cheekbone, and then move to the curve of his nose, just under his eye.

His smile only grew as Lily continued to lay kisses over parts of his face. As he opened his eyes, he squinted to make out more than the blurry colours of the general idea of his girlfriend. His eyesight really was terrible. He hoped he wouldn’t pass this unfortunate gene on to any children he might have.

‘How long have you been awake?’ James asked, hugging Lily in tight and reaching over her to the nightstand to retrieve his glasses.

‘Not long. I could hear your mother singing in the hallway. It was a nice way to wake up.’ She finished, as James secured his glasses behind his ears and looked down at where she lay. Her hair was sprawled out all over the pillow and she was staring up at the roof overhead.

'Yeah, she does that.’ James nodded, lowering his face to place his lips over Lily’s. Hers were so soft and cushy it was a wonder James could ever stop himself from continuously going back for more when they were in the company of their friends.

‘What would you like to do today?’ James asked, as he continued his chaste kisses. They didn’t really allow Lily any form of reply, ‘we can do anything you like?’ He continued, but kissed her again straight after, just as she made an attempt at answering him.

‘James,’ Lily started, but was silenced once again by James’s hunger for her mouth, ‘James,’ she tried again, only to fail the exact same way. James was smiling now. He knew exactly what he was doing and as he descended for another kiss, Lily smiled against his lips. She started to laugh but that didn’t stop him.

He pressed his lips against hers again and spoke out the side of his mouth, ‘are you going to answer me, Lily? It’s very rude to keep your lover in such suspense.’

‘Lover!?’ Lily yelped and pushed him back, ‘oh you want to be my lover.’ A devilish stare fixed onto her face as she kept her forearm against his chest, allowing herself to get a word in, ‘I’ll make you a lover.’

Lily suddenly flipped their positions so that James was now under her control. James eyes snapped open wide from behind his askew glasses as Lily reached a hand up and pulled the back of her fingers down the length of his face. James felt himself swallow as a warm sensation penetrated his abdomen when Lily slowly lowered herself down to kiss him, her tongue delving into his mouth quickly before she pulled back up. When James opened his eyes again Lily had a glint over her features that meant trouble.

‘Your Mum’s out in the garden. I heard her yelling at the gnomes.’ She said, smiling as the hand that had stroked his face made its way down to his chest and started running small circles there.

‘Is she?’ James grinned knowing exactly what Lily was getting at.

‘She could be out there for hours, James. She told me yesterday she wanted to get back on top of the hedges around the entire estate.’ She spoke softly, keeping her eyes focused on James lips above any other part of his face. As she spoke, her hand deserted its circle making and travelled down to the waistband of his pants. Now that summer was upon them, any notion towards pyjama bottoms was lost. Lily herself was only clad in a short, sleeveless nightgown.

‘We should probably go and help her then.’ James teased, his line of vision fixated on the redhead above him.

At first Lily nodded in reply, but it transitioned fluidly to a cheeky frown and a slow shake of the head. That’s when her hand disappeared under the waistband of his pants and James eyes snapped open and any taunting was long but forgotten. Pranks? What were pranks? Who were the Marauders? What was magic?

Lily snickered seeing the effect she had on him. She returned to kissing him, among other things under the covers. It wasn’t long before the only thing that could be heard in the room was their loud, open-mouthed breathing. Lily’s cotton nightgown was quite liberally tossed aside and James’s pants were awkwardly removed from one leg, but still tangled around the other, at his ankle.

It was around the time that Lily had climbed on top of him and James was close to crying out Lily’s name that there was a knock on the door. The only time they had before it opened was enough time for Lily to bounce off James’s hips and grab the sheet up that was covering them to hide her naked body.

‘Morning ki- OH MERLIN WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!?’ Sirius screamed out in horror as he laid eyes on the sight before him.

‘Oh my god! SIRIUS! GET OUT!’ Lily hollered chucking a pillow at him.

James was instantly disappointed with the loss of contact and quickly tried to hide his shame, but burst into laughter soon after at the fuss Sirius was making.

‘You randy rabbits! Mrs P is like just down stairs! What if she walked in on this! You two make me sick!’ Sirius held a hand over his eyes but made no attempt to leave the bedroom.

‘What do you want, Padfoot? We were kind of in the middle of something.’ James laughed, as his problem under the sheet faded away with every step Sirius took closer towards them. This tosser of a best friend of his had mastered the art of bad timing.

‘Are you decent?’ Sirius asked, pulling his hand away from his face but leaving his eyes shut. Lily looked over at her discarded nightgown, but it was hanging off the door to James’s wardrobe where it had been thrown. It was too far away to retrieve without Sirius seeing every uncovered inch of her. She sighed and just made sure the sheet was covering her as much as possible.

‘Why are you here, Padfoot? Shouldn’t you be at Adams’ house?’ James watched Sirius as he opened his eyes and realised the danger of seeing Lily naked was gone.

‘What? I can’t come and check in on my two favourite people? Make sure that haven’t slipped into some kind of sexual coma?’ Sirius completely ignored their personal boundaries and took a seat to the side of the bed with James while Lily rolled her eyes at him.

‘What day is it?’ Lily questioned aloud, thinking, ‘ahh,’ She smiled at Sirius figuring it out.

‘It’s a Sunday.’ Lily said looking at James and the reality clicked for James, also.

‘Still avoiding Papa-Adams then are we?’ James asked Sirius directly.

Sirius gasped, ‘How dare you accuse my honour? I would never deliberately avoid my lady’s house. If I could be there today I would. I just, I found that my presence was needed much greater here. I mean, look. I’m stopping teen pregnancy.’

‘Go and get to know her bloody father, Padfoot.’ James rolled his eyes reaching under the covers to link his pants around his other ankle before pulling them back up. It didn’t seem like they’d be finishing what they started anytime in the immediate future.

‘He’s terrifying.’ Sirius complained getting comfortable on the bed as James got up and retrieved Lily’s clothes for her.

‘You’re such a baby.’ Lily bantered giving Sirius a push to get him to turn around as she grabbed her gown from James. She easily slipped back into it while Sirius continued to complain about his circumstances.

‘That’s easy for you to say. Aren’t your parents away? Again? Is Prongs ever going to meet them for more than thirty second intervals? He wasn’t exactly loquacious last week on the platform.’ Sirius finished with a laugh at James expense as Lily used him as leverage to steady herself and stood on the bed. James watched her in the mirror of his open wardrobe as she got off and down to the other side, joining him over at his wardrobe where he was finding clean clothes for the day.

‘My parents are missionaries, Sirius. It’s their job to be away a lot. And they’re back for two weeks from tomorrow and James is happy to meet them. So don’t blame him because you corrupted Adams from a straight O student, to someone that is happy to be caught snogging in the corridors.’

‘You heard about that?’ Sirius mused quietly in the background with a brazen grin at no one in particular.

‘Everyone heard about that.’ James let a few breathy laughs loose watching Sirius grin over his small victory in the background, ‘Sirius Black, corrupting minors.’

She’s not a minor!’ Sirius lost his suave air, sitting up. James just ignored him looking around for where Lily had gone. She was peering out the window down to the yard below.

Lily sighed, ‘your mother is still outside,’ she finished looking over at Sirius, ‘why do I get the feeling like you’re going to become a nuisance?’

‘A nuisance? How dare you. Don’t forget that James and I were dating long before you snapped him up.’ Sirius argued as James joined Lily over at the window. He wrapped an arm around her waist from behind and leant down slightly to pull her thick hair aside and lay a kiss on the back of her neck.

‘He is right. Sirius and I have been in a committed relationship for years. He’s basically the reason I’m such a great boyfriend to you.’ James conferred. Sirius nodded away in the background, still comfortable on James’ bed.

‘Or,’ Lily turned around, captured between James and the closed glass window behind her. She leant in to whisper to him, ‘you could send your dog home and we could finish what we started in the shower?’

‘Uh, Padfoot?’ James flicked around instantly, ‘you’re going to have to head off, mate. Limited hot water and we have to share a shower.’ James indicated between himself and Lily, hearing Lily giggle.

Sirius barked out a laugh, ‘duly noted. Make sure you use protection, kids. And Evans you cast the spell! Prongs has never been great with the household-enchantments and I’m not quite ready to be a father!’ He finished and with a pop, his laughter vanished along with him.

‘Like we’re that stupid.’ Lily laughed, but it wasn’t long before James had swept her up and they were headed off to the bathroom, faster than they had ever headed there for hygiene purposes.


A couple of nights later, when Lily’s parents had returned from a small trip they had taken to attend a wedding in Paris, Lily had requested James join them out for dinner. James had eagerly agreed. He had meet the Evans briefly a couple of times, but nothing substantial and he wanted the chance to win them over to the best of his ability.

‘Dad’s easy enough, I just don’t know what to do about Petunia. She’s so sour about us. She liked that she had Vernon and I was alone, I think.’ Lily rambled on. She had been home all day and had come back to tell James to join them now.

‘Don’t worry,’ James smiled at her and brought her closer to kiss her forehead, ‘your sister doesn’t matter. She can be as sour as she wants.’

‘I can’t not worry, James. What if she’s rude? She’s known to be rude. I hope that moustache of hers isn’t over. He’s a moustache with legs. Ugh.’


‘Okay, when you’re talking to Dad, remember that he likes football. Oh wait, you’ve never seen football. Well, talk about how you were head boy. Dad loves to hear about that stuff. He thinks we’re celebrities or something.’


‘Mum’s harder. Dad’s a really easy going guy. But Mum’s always so concerned with the way the world is going. She’s way more involved in the missionary stuff. She loves kids. But she’s a bit hard on with anyone over fifteen. She thinks we ought to be doing more for the environment, or helping people. Well we’re joining the Order, Mum. We are helping people.

‘LILY.’ James raised his voice grabbing Lily just above her elbows and shaking her out of her rant. She just stared back at him, shocked, ‘it’s fine. Calm down. Your sister and her moustache will be easy pickings. I’ll mention football to your Dad. Your Mum will love me. Just, breathe.’

Lily laughed, ‘yeah. Sure. Mum will love you. Good luck!’ And with that she reached up and secured her hands around James arms and disapperated them.

They reappeared in the entrance of the Evans home and gave Petunia a massive shock. She screamed out from where she was peering out the window by the front door. Lily started laughing as Petunia gathered herself back up and scowled at them. James found it funny, but thought it best not to get on anyone’s bad side just yet, so didn’t join Lily in her laughter.

‘You freaks! Can’t you use the door like normal people?’ Petunia spat edging around them towards the door to the kitchen.

‘We can’t apparate out in the street, Tuney. The muggles would see us.’ Lily explained. But her sister just gave them a calculating stare, refusing to turn her back on them. She made it all the way to the door of where James knew the kitchen belonged.

‘Petunia? Is that your sister? Make sure you’re there to greet them!’ A voice headed towards them and then Mrs Evans appeared in the doorway, bumping into Petunia, ‘oh honestly Petunia, what are you doing?’

‘They zapped in here. Like one of those ridiculous star track episodes.’ Petunia spoke down her nose at them, beside her mother.

Trek.’ Lily sighed and James looked sideways at her, confused. ‘I’ll explain later.’ She assured him, but James wasn’t overly fussed. He made a move straight forward, scaring Petunia off into the kitchen and immediately took Mrs Evans hand up and kissed her knuckles.

‘You look stunning today, Mrs Evans. If Lily looks half as good as you at your age, I’m going to be one lucky wizard.’ He gave her a quick wink and a flush rose to Mrs Evans cheeks and she started to giggle.

‘Oh my, you’re a charmer aren’t you?’ She pushed a few of her blonde flyaways back out into her ponytail and out of her face with her free hand, then touched the back of her neck, ‘please, call me Sarah.’

‘Oh you’re cheeky, Sarah.’ James played, nudging her and Mrs Evans laughed again, touching her face.

‘Come and join us in the kitchen before we head off.’ She gave him a fleeting smile before turning around and disappearing off to where Petunia had.

James turned around to see where Lily was and she was standing frozen in the entrance, where they had apparated and her mouth was slightly agape and her eyebrows furrowed.

‘What?’ James asked incredulously.

‘What was that? “You’re cheeky?” Who are you?’ Lily replied, walking towards him, still looking shocked.

‘Hey, my mum has a witch-canasta-club that meet at our house every Tuesday. Those ladies love me. I might not be great with the younger generation, but I know how to charm mums.’ James raised a defiant finger to Lily, before walking into their treasure trove of a muggle kitchen. James’s favourite part of their house.

‘Evening, James.’ Mr Evans spoke in his somewhat lingering Irish accent. He stood from the dining table and made a move towards James with an outstretched hand for shaking, ‘feel like I already know enough about you without this little get-together. Lily-Pad doesn’t stop talking about you.’

‘Dad!’ Lily interjected shortly.

Mr Evans just gave out a hearty chuckle, throwing his head back, ‘Sorry. ‘Suppose you’re not supposed to hear about that.’

‘Do tell me more.’ James teased. Mr Evans was a stocky man and most of his face was hidden behind a thick red beard. His hair was lighter in colour than Lily’s, but he was clearly the ringer out of her two parents to hold the closest resemblance. Petunia clearly took after their mother. Mrs Evans was quite pretty, but clearly was an outdoorsie type in comparison to James’s own mother.

‘Call me Iris, won’t you. I hate formalities.’ Mr Evans continued.

‘I can’t see why I would ever refer to you as anything else. That is a ridiculously cool name.’ James now realised why both their daughters were named after flowers. They were following a trend.

‘Uh, well it’s not actually my name. It’s something completely different in Gaelic, but no one can bloody pronounce it and it’s the Gaelic version of Iris, so I gave up.’ Mr Evans laughed again and James was already feeling at home around them. Lily had nothing to worry about.

‘We’ll just sit down to some-’ Mrs Evans started, concentrating on the cups of tea she was walking over to the dining table.

‘Oh let me help!’ James rushed over to alieve her of the duty. Mrs Evans was smiling at him with admiration yet again and James set the cups down before Mr Evans and Lily, who had taken a seat with him. Petunia was still lingering at the kitchen counter.

‘Where’s your moustache?’ Lily shouted over to her and Petunia instant smacked her lips in agitation. James helped Mrs Evans with the last two cups as Petunia replied.

‘He’s meeting with some of his friends from work. You know, his job. He works hard.’

‘That’s good of him. He has to support that moustache somehow.’ Lily nodded, taking a sip of her tea.

Petunia growled, ‘Mum! Make her stop!’

Mr Evans was laughing again. James loved this. The playful banter. The busy kitchen. He suddenly thought of his father and the laugh he always provided when he and Sirius would tell him about their pranks. He smiled as he took a seat beside Mrs Evans and Petunia snapped up the last one, in between her parents.

‘So, Sarah. Could you please entertain me with some information on the economic development of Africa? I’d really love to know more.’ James rested his right elbow on his left wrist, up against his chest, and settled his right fist under his chin. He was ready to listen.

Mrs Evans eyes practically gleamed. From then on, most of the night was spent the same way. With James and Mrs Evans chatting away about muggle health care and economics. It was easy enough for James to wrap his head around. Their worlds weren’t so different. And he explained their similarities to her. They left the Evans home and went out for dinner to their favourite little Italian restaurant in the area.

James couldn’t understand what Lily had meant about ‘good luck’? He was getting along with Mrs Evans famously. She even expressed how delighted she would have been if James became a permanent member of the family, whilst giggling and looking at Lily. Of course James didn’t neglect Mr Evans. He just seemed to have a natural repute with Mrs Evans.

By the time they had returned to the house, Mrs Evans had wrapped an arm around James’s on the walk from the car to the front door. They laughed at the silly little jokes they exchanged between themselves and as they returned to their original place in the Evans kitchen, James helped her get the dessert she’d prepared ready for serving.

‘Oh James you don’t have to help me with the-’

‘Oh my goodness, did you make this all by yourself?’ James asked Mrs Evans as he pulled the pie out of the refrigerator and set it down on the counter carefully.

‘Oh it’s just a banoffee pie, James. It’s not rocket science.’ Mrs Evans giggled again getting plates out.

‘You did this all without magic. You’re an artist, Sarah!’ As the two flirted away, chatting and serving pieces of the pie they were oblivious to the other three occupants of the room, two who were standing in utter shock. Petunia seemed mildly amused. Mostly because Lily was watching the exchange with a sour look. Mr Evans seemed rather put out, which was saying something for him because we was usually a very relaxed man.

‘Lily-Pad. I think your boyfriend is trying to steal my woman.’ He voiced. Lily turned to look at him and they exchanged a confused stare before looking back at James and Sarah.

Petunia let out a cruel laugh and walked ahead to take a seat where the pie was now served up. Lily’s annoyance only grew while they chatted over the dessert.

‘Oh, James! I’d love for you to stay. But we’re a bit conventional in this household. Oh, but I would love you to stay.’

‘Oh don’t stress about it, Sarah.’ James waved a casual hand showing his indifference on the matter.

‘We don’t even allow Petunia to have Vernon stay and they’re to be married in a few months’ time!’ Mrs Evans laughed away.

‘I wouldn’t dream of breaking any kind of rules such exemplary parents have put in place. That’s just not my way of doing things.’ James assured her.

Lily snorted across the table. It was certainly true that she wasn’t allowed to stay at James’s house and vice versa. But her parents had to sleep at some point and she could apparate. Not to mention neither her, nor her sister followed their rules while their parents were over on missions in less fortunate countries. It was an unspoken pact between siblings.

Once the pie was finished off they all made their way into the entrance hall of the house to bid James goodnight, bar Petunia who negated the formalities saying she had wedding details to look over. James and Mrs Evans were still chuckling and exchanging little innuendos and Mr Evans came to stand by his wives’ side and shook James hand again.

‘It was great to meet you properly, James. I can see why Lily’s so smitten.’ He said and the three recipients of the exchange all turned to look at Lily. Her face was not a face of a smitten woman. She was glaring daggers at James.

‘Ah,’ James grinned, ‘I’ll talk to you tomorrow then?’ He leant forward and placed a kiss on her cheek but Lily stood firm, with her arms crossed over her chest. She made a face at him, nodded and looked away.

‘Goodnight then, we’ll do this again!’ James affirmed. Mr Evans had settled an arm around Mrs Evans waist and pulled her in tight and Mrs Evans was looking up at him with a bemused expression.

‘Yes, goodnight, James. We’ll be seeing you soon.’ Mrs Evans ended.

With one last fleeting look at Lily, James decided that was his cue to leave and disapperated from the house, reappearing in his own, much larger entrance hall.

‘In the kitchen, sweetie!’ Mrs Potter called out, hearing him arriving home.

James toddled into the kitchen and took a seat with his mother who had been chatting with a friend of hers, Mabel.

‘What are you two up to? Consorting at this hour?’ James gave his mother and her friend a knowing smile as they sipped glasses of red-currant rum. Mabel chuckled and waved a hand at him.

‘Give a couple of old ladies the liberty of their secrets, Jimmy.’ Mabel said motioning for him to take a seat with them. He spent what was left of the night listening to the silly gossip of his mother and Mabel. He joined in, making the two laugh from time to time. He smiled to himself, thankful his mum wasn’t lonely while he’d been off at school and his father was no longer around.

Once Mabel had disapperated and Mrs Potter had washed up with James’ help, they both headed up to bed. James waited patiently and at a quarter to midnight, Lily appeared with a small pop in his bedroom.

‘How did I go?’ James asked, smiling at her.

Lily stared back at him, deadpanned, ‘oh you went marvellously. Mum won’t shut up about you.’ She crossed her arms over her chest and took a seat at the end of his bed.

‘Uh,’ James was confused, ‘wasn’t that the point of this entire endeavour? Why do you seem angry about that?’

Lily huffed, ‘well Mum wants to marry you now.’

‘Oh come on, Lily.’ James laughed.

‘I mean, I may as well have been invisible. Hello, I’m your girlfriend? Not Mum. She’s already got a husband.’

And with that it clicked. James chuckled for a second before he broke all out into a fit of laughter.

‘You’re jealous?’ James inquired.

‘No!’ Lily threw back, standing up.

James continued to laugh away, but stood and scooped her into a hug, ‘Lily Evans. Do you really believe I’m hot for your mother?’

Lily didn’t reply, she just averted her eyes and pouted towards the floor, trapped in James embrace.

‘Lily,’ James tried to get her attention, ‘Lily. I love you.’ He tried again, ‘I love you. And I love that you’re jealous of your mum’s affection towards me. Lily. Look at me.’ He sang sweetly and Lily’s pout was slowly seizing up as she battled her smile, ‘Lily. You’re so pretty. Lily your eyes are like emeralds. Lily, I love you. Lily, you’re freckles are like little constellations on your face and I adore them. Lily, look at me?’

Lily couldn’t fight her smile anymore and caught James’s eyes, ‘Is your mum asleep?’ She asked with a smirk.

James bit his lip and nodded. When Lily’s hands grasped the bottom of his shirt and tugged at it, he couldn’t help but laugh. There was no possible way he could ever love anyone more than he loved this ridiculous, sex-crazed redhead. 

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The Marauders Kiss: Two jealous redheads.


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