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The Marauders Kiss by sweetprofanities
Chapter 49 : Sirius's confession.
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James and Sirius’s term break differed greatly from their initial plans when Mrs Potter had written to the boys asking them to please come home for Christmas. Mr Potter had fallen very ill, and Mrs Potter had come to the realization that this could very well have been the last Christmas their family spent as a whole. Sirius had abandon his bachelor pad in London and taken up residence in his old bedroom for the time being and James had been glued to his father’s bedside since they arrived six days ago.

The morning of the Christmas party, hosted by their Potions Master, Lily was due to arrive and be introduced to James parents.

‘Sirius, tell me more about her.’ Mrs Potter asked, stirring around a cake batter. She had been cooking furiously since the boys had returned home. Sirius had come to the conclusion it was a coping mechanism. It couldn’t have been easy seeing your husband deteriorating before your eyes.

‘Ah, well.’ He stared at how viciously Mrs Potter was hand-stirring the mixture, delaying his reply, ‘Uh, Evans is great. She keeps James in line. I mean he’s been growing up slowly without her, but she definitely adds something good to him. Plus she’s not boring or annoying in the slightest. Exactly what you want out of a sister.’ He pulled his eyes off Mrs Potter’s literal beating of the batter and winked at her. She then place the cake mix down and motioned him over for a hug. Sirius obliged willingly, stoking her back caringly and hoping he and James would be enough to keep her above water for now.

Mrs Potter drew back and dabbed at her eyes, ‘you’ll tell her and the boys to join us for Christmas dinner won’t you? I want it to be a big affair this year.’

‘Yeah, of course. We should, uh, make it a lunch though. I don’t want to keep you both up with dishes and stuff, we should have lunch and relax in the evening with leftovers.’ Sirius proposed, knowing full well that the night of Christmas this year would be a full moon. If they could get James’s parents in bed early enough, they could go running with Remus and nothing would be compromised.

‘Perfect idea, Sirius! I’ll start getting things prepared for a grand lunch.’ Mrs Potter nodded to herself, delighted by the idea and quickly returned to her cake. Sirius had to chuckle a little at her enthusiasm at the idea of more food. That was when James came into the kitchen in search of his mother.

Muuuuum. Could we get a tea for Dad, Muuuuum? He’s just woken up and I think he’d do well with a little sugar hit.’ James asked leaning up against the counter by Sirius and Mrs Potter nodded instantly, abandoning her cake and bustling around to get Mr Potter’s tea ready the way he liked it.

‘How’s he going?’ Sirius asked as James launched himself up on the bench beside him. James dipped his finger into the cake batter and secured a decent amount in his mouth before replying.

‘He’s comfortable. But, you know-' James shrugged. He, as well as his mother and Sirius, were all coming to terms with the fact that Mr Potter probably didn’t have much time left. ‘I’m just really glad he’ll get to meet Lily tonight.’ James grinned going for a second helping of cake batter before his hand was smacked away.

‘Try it once more James Potter and you will feel an experienced witch’s wrath.’ Mrs Potter glared up at her son and he grinned down at her before sliding expertly off the bench whilst keeping eye contact.

‘The tea’s ready then? Off I go!’ James announced collecting up the tray and all but running from the room. Sirius let out a few low, resonating bark-laughs at his best friend after his exit and Mrs Potter joined in happily not long after. Once the cake was set in its tin and placed over the hot coal oven, Mrs Potter left to join James in her bedroom.

Sirius sat alone in the kitchen, staring out the window for a moment. The Potter’s house was placed in a beautiful, untouched part of Tutshill not far from the bustling parts of the muggle world. Mr Potter had tended to the gardens around the home for years and so the lawns were immaculate and green. They had beautiful vines growing up the sides of their decidedly English stone house. There was even a little pond and well out the back where Sirius imagined James spent a lot of his childhood, soaring around on a broom.

Everything about the Potter residence made Sirius happy. The white picket fences around its exterior. The small touches around the house like the family portraits with James pulling silly face between his mother and father. Or the reminders Mrs Potter would magically leave for James that would start chanting once the tea cups were empty that they should not be left there for her. The little gnomes in the backyard that were starting to realise Mr Potter wasn’t as active as he normally was in the garden duties. The enchanted feather duster that always made sure the house was free of dust. The warmth of the sun in the sitting room around two in the afternoon that everyone always took advantage of. This house was only full of fond memories, for every occupant. It was so bright in comparison to what Sirius grew up with.

As the day went on, Mr Potter resurfaced from the bedroom with the help of his son and took up a comfortable seat in the sitting room in preparation for the 2pm sun. Everyone chatted happily as Mrs Potter continued to add more Christmas decoration to the room. It was already lighting up like a new years parade in Scotland as it was, but no one wanted to tell her otherwise. When Mrs Potter was out of earshot, Sirius and James filled Mr Potter in on the trouble they got up to around Hogwarts and he laughed happily in nostalgia.

By the time night had rolled over Tutshill, the boys were dressed in their dress robes and Sirius’s hair was looking immaculate with little to no effort. The doorbell rang around five and James gave up on his own hair, running to get the door for Lily. Mrs Potter was jostling in her seat by Mr Potter and she stood up as James entered the room, followed by a very shy looking redhead.

‘Mum, Dad, this is Lily.’ James was practically beaming as his introduced her. Mrs Potter raced over to them all but squealing.

‘Oh! Hello, dear! I’ve heard so much about you!’ Mrs Potter immediately threw Lily into a hug and Lily laughed hugging her in return. Awkward first impression were unheard of in the Potter home. Lily was quickly pulled over to meet Mr Potter and in no time at all, everyone had tea and was sharing their stories of James. James was the only one that seemed less than impressed with this development.

‘Oh, there was a time when James was little that he decided, he didn’t want to be a boy.’ Mrs Potter nodded taking a sip from her tea.

‘Mum, stop! You always tell this one!’ James argued but Mrs Potter simply ignored him, directing her conversation at Lily beside her while Sirius and Mr Potter chuckled in the background.

‘Yes, he spent a lot of time indoors with me in the first few years. He didn’t much like gardening with his father, so he decided he would like to be a girl. He started asking me to make him dresses instead of icky boy’s clothes and helped me with the cleaning and cooking. It was very entertaining for us both as parents. We only had the one child so we got to pretend we had a girl for a little while.’

‘Mum!’ James groaned covering his face with his hands and sinking into the couch next to Lily as she laughed unabashedly.

‘So I let him grow out his hair and braided it the best I could, it’s always been very unruly. And I dressed him in the sweetest little blue and pink dresses. Everyone around the neighbourhood was sure I’d had twins!’ Mrs Potter laughed happily, covering her mouth with her spare hand.

‘James, did you want to try on some of my dress robes tonight? When I found you in my wardrobe that one time, I didn’t realise the context.’ Lily and Mrs Potter giggled together as James smacked his forehead into his open palm.

‘I think we should probably get going guys.’ Sirius, who had already seen photographic moving evidence of James’s hidden shame, spoke up from his perch on the arm of Mr Potter’s arm chair coming to his best friend’s aid.

‘Don’t wait up for us!’ James announced, leaping at the chance to get away, grabbing Lily’s hand and yanking her from the room.

‘It was lovely to meet you both!’ Lily called out.

‘We’ll see you soon dear! Don’t be a stranger!’ Mrs Potter replied. When they were out on the front porch James gave Lily a sweet kiss on the cheek despite her continued giggles at his expense. He just shook his head at her as Sirius came out rolling his eyes at them, albeit smiling at their infectious happiness.

‘Sirius, did you ask anyone to accompany you to the party?’ Lily asked before they disapperated. Her giggles fell away instantaneously and were replaced with a very knowing look. Sirius didn’t like it.

‘No. Why would I do that? It’s bad enough I’m being dragged along to this thing as it is. You think I want to take some boring girl and have her tell me how cool I am all night? No thanks.’ Sirius rolled his eyes at the thought and grabbed onto the two before him and quickly disapperated into Hogsmeade.

‘Oh, well I just thought you might have asked Adams. I mean, it might have been nice to have her around this evening, too, don’t you think? She’s pretty fun once you get… more familiar… with her.’ Lily finished as they all stabilized and began walking towards Hogwarts. As she spoke the words Sirius suddenly felt very silly indeed. When James had told him it would have been wise to bring a girl, for some reason the only ones that popped into his head were the worst sorts of girls. The ones that would stare at him and smile and send him anonymous love letters on valentine’s day, or any other day for that matter. Why didn’t he think of asking Adams? She would have been going alone, too.

He contemplate it, ‘yeah, but I’m not dating Adams.’ Sirius looked at Lily incredulously as they walked in a line, Lily’s beautiful white dress sweeping the floor in the middle of the boys.

‘Oh! That’s right.’ Lily nodded, ‘You’re not dating Adams. Silly me. I suppose she’d be attending with some other boy. You know, one a little less frightened of labels.’ The look she provided Sirius with next was both chilling and fascinating.

‘Yeah, I suppose she’s probably attending with a guy that wants to be seen in public with her.’ James added as he and Lily picked up and pace and walked ahead, chortling together. Sirius stopped dead for a moment while they whispered to each other. What just happened? Was this just a chance coincidence? Or were two of his best friends very much in on his secret? Wasn’t he being discreet? Sirius shook his head and took it at a bit of a run to catch up to them.

James and Lily were of course delusional. Adams wouldn’t be attending with another guy. Clearly the two of them were- well- they were something. And that something meant no one else came between them. That much was obvious. And Adams was a social outcast. Who on earth would have coerced her into attending with them? No one, that’s who. Sirius would just find her once the party was underway and get her to join the gang and the night would be perfect. He had it all planned out.


‘Is that- Is that Adams, with my brother?’ Sirius nearly chocked on his punch once they had made it into the castle and down to the dungeons only to find Aaliyah Adams walking into the party with none other than Regulus Black. They even had matching attire. Ali was in a beautiful silk, jade-green dress and Regulus had a matching green tie and pocket square.

Lily spat out her punch when she saw them come in and laughed so loudly everyone in the surrounding area turned to look at them. She clung onto James to stabilize herself then looked up at Sirius.

‘Oh they look so smart together. Don’t you agree, James?’ Her smile looked as if it couldn’t have been wiped off her face for any amount of gold.

‘Dashing, to say the least. You see, there’s a man not afraid to dive head first into the world of dating. What a guy. Oh look! He’s even linking arms with her. That’s so sweet.’ James and Lily were both staring at Sirius, seemingly waiting for some kind of reaction. That’s when Sirius decided. They knew. The bastards had known this whole time! He wasn’t keeping any kind of secret! Sirius was suddenly furious.

‘Excuse me for a moment.’ Sirius felt his eye twitching as he crossed the room to where Ali and Regulus had stopped to greet Slughorn.

‘Oh hello chaps! You look absolutely spiffing! Dressed in green, perfect choice of colours.’ Slughorn seemed to be a little inebriated already as he jostled around, spilling the remaining contents of his cup on himself.

‘Of course I would be sporting the most daring of colours for my favourite Professor.’ Ali buttered their potions master up and it didn’t look like he was at all against it. He grabbed her hand and shook it rigorously before turning to do the same to Regulus and that’s when Sirius took his chance. He reached out and pulled Ali away and when she realised who it was accosting her, her faked enthusiasm died and she fixed him with a bland look.

‘Would you mind informing me what is going on here?’ Sirius requested, keeping his voice as calm as possible and having his eyes flicker over to his brother only once.

‘Oh, I’m sorry, is there something wrong with this situation?’ Ali acted as if she was perfectly perplexed by his crisp tone. Sirius knew she was a little stunted in the socializing department, but not that stunted.

‘I think you know.’ He said through gritted teeth staring at Regulus, ‘you’ve just walked in with my brother.’ Sirius spelt it out for her, just in case.

‘Yes. I have.’ She smiled back at him, blinking once through the accompanied silence. ‘Is there something wrong with this scenario? I mean, after all, you are the one that said we shouldn’t, and I quote, “put a label on it”. Am I wrong? Isn’t this a perfectly acceptable situation for two people that aren’t in any kind of commitment to one another to partake in?’ As she finished her sentence, Regulus came over to join in on their shared words.

‘Evening.’ Regulus gave Sirius a cool, but not exactly cold look. Sirius knew it was as close to a smile he would get from his estranged sibling.

‘Hey, Reg.’ Sirius gave him a quaint smile back. ‘Look after her tonight. This one’s a bit short lived when it comes to parties. Make sure no one misbehaves around her.’ Although it was a little sarcastic, Sirius seemed genuine in his request. Regulus and Sirius just stared at one another for a moment before Regulus nodded a reply.

‘Regulus, would you grab us some drinks, if that’s alright?’ Ali asked in a perfectly sweet voice that was lost on Sirius. He had never heard her speak so sweetly in his life. Regulus was gone almost instantly and Ali turned on Sirius so fast he jumped in alarm and held his hands up before his chest in defence.

‘Sirius Black, don’t you dare ask him to look after me like it’s what you’ve been doing up until now!’ Ali looked fierce all of a sudden as she slammed a finger into his chest. It was hard for Sirius to concentrate because this was one of his favourite Ali looks. And accompanied with the way she had tamed her hair into a very elegant looking side plait, and the contrast of her darkened skin against the jade silk made his mouth go dry, ‘You could have been the one looking after me at this party you petty hoodlum. I don’t go around snogging boys in sacred places, like the library for just anyone. If you don’t want labels, then you don’t want me. End of story.’ Ali gave him one last chilling glare before pushing by him and making her way back over to Regulus.

Sirius was shocked to say the least. He had no idea what had just happened. He had no idea she was so angry. Where had this come from? He was sure she was perfectly fine with what they were doing. She had said she was okay with it. Given the fact that she did seem a little gobsmacked when he first proposed the idea. …And then the smile she provided him with the following morning was definitely one Sirius knew to be a cover up smile. And the way she’d been acting the last time they’d been together was highly strange.

…But she said she was okay with hiding their interactions from people? Sirius was confused again. They hadn’t spoken over the last week as he was so busy with the Potter’s. He’d actually been looking forward to the party, because it meant seeing Ali. This wasn’t how he had expected the night to go at all. She was very clearly upset. And upset with him. Sirius smacked himself in the head. He should have realised sooner from her ridiculous actions the last day of term that something was wrong.

Watching as Ali re-joined Regulus and he handed her a drink, Sirius was suddenly smacked with the realisation that apparently he seemed to have, once again, messed up. He groaned loudly in frustration with himself as he made his way back over to his friends, who were currently being terribly cute with one another. It wasn’t helping his current situation at all. Lily was pinching each side of James’s face, forcing him into a very peculiar looking smile as he frowned back at her. Lily was laughing despite herself, but she set James free when Sirius stopped beside them looking dejected.

‘You really don’t have anyone to blame but yourself, “nolabels”.’ Lily announced as she picked up something from the tray a tiny house elf was manoeuvring between them. It smiled up at them all, its massive brown eyes seeming delighted it had done some kind of service.

‘How much do you know?’ Sirius asked, watching as James inspected the tray and grabbed a handful much to the elf’s elation. 

Lily snorted a knowing laugh, ‘everything.’ James nodded beside her, shoving at least two of the finger foods down his throat, causing pastry to litter the front of his navy blue robes. Sirius groaned again.

Lily bit into an orderve, ‘it’s okay Love-Pup. We can fix this.’ She swallowed her food and pet his head affectionately. Sirius disregarded why she would have been in on this particular nickname in the name of setting things right with Ali. ‘First off, tell me what you were thinking when the girl you clearly have feelings for and had been snogging for days, asked you to define your relationship and you thought it would be a good idea to propose “let’s not put a label on it.”’ Lily was suddenly giving him the same look Ali just had moments ago. “Let’s not put a label on it” was quite clearly a sentence never to utter around females. Is this what females did? Did they discuss everything with each other?

Sirius panicked, ‘I don’t know. I don’t… I don’t want a girlfriend.’ He shrugged. Lily promptly smacked him over the head with her side plate. ‘Ow!’

‘Wrong answer!’ Lily all but shouted at him. James was snorting he was laughing so hard behind Lily.

‘Uhm, I’m afraid of commitment?’ Sirius tried again, rolling his eyes at the ridiculousness of this situation. He received yet another plate to the temple and cried out in pain.

‘Fuck, Lily!’ She smacked him again.

‘Okay! Just let me think! I don’t want a bloody girlfriend tying me down I-' Lily’s plate met his temple once more and James snorted so hard he began to choke on the mini quiche he had been eating. Lily quickly smacked James’s back and he composed himself as Sirius rubbed his head trying to mediate the throbbing pain now coursing through his brain. Lily turned back to him with the plate raised for attack.

‘I’m not good at this relationship stuff, okay!’ Sirius blurted out as Lily paused in her plate-strike. It hovered just far enough away that Sirius continued in reaction fear, ‘I do like her.’ He justified, ‘She’s different. She’s not like the other girls here that pine over me and chase me around. She makes me laugh and she likes her own time and she’s never a bother. But I’m… scared, okay?’ Sirius look particularly pained in admitting this, ‘Because the only substantial woman I’ve ever had in my life chased me out of my home with dinnerware and told me never to return because I was a monumental fuck up in her eyes. And I don’t want to fuck it up with her.’ Sirius sighed as he raised his head from where he was speaking to the floor.

James was no longer choking, laughing or eating. He looked somewhat touched by the words he’d just heard and almost protective as he had placed a hand on Lily’s shoulder as if to stop her from advancing on Sirius. But it was nothing compared to the look Lily was wearing. She had since removed the plate from Sirius’s vicinity and was hugging it to her chest, staring at Sirius and biting her bottom lip. Sirius decided it was probably safe to continue.

‘Listen, I feel like if I get into a full-blown, legitimate relationship, if that’s even what she wants, I’d fuck it up. You know? I mean, I know how to turn on the charm, but I’ve never dated a girl before. What do you even do?’ Sirius looked on as his two friends seemed lost for words. Sirius was never one to open up to many people, but James Potter was his brother, he could tell James anything. And even though they hadn’t been together long, Lily was fast becoming someone very important to Sirius also, and he knew he could speak his heart to the two of them in confidence and not have it backfire.

Suddenly the plate came down on Sirius’s head once more and he yelped in pain, ‘what was that for?!’

‘You actual moron. Go and tell her that this instant! You do realise, that socially handicapped or not, every girl wants to hear that from the boy they like. Not “let’s not put a label on it”. How confused do you think she is? She barely knows enough about her own sex, let alone the opposite sex. And you’re playing mind games with her? She thinks you don’t like her, or that you don’t want to be seen with her. So fix it! Fix it right now!’ Lily demanded.

‘I can’t fix it now.’ Sirius retorted grabbing the plate off her and motioning a house elf over with more mini quiches. ‘She’s here with Regulus. I’m not ruining that for her. Let them have tonight at least. I’ll bombard her another time with all this emotional crap.’ Sirius groaned knowing what he just admitted could not have been taken back.

He felt James grab him and pull him into a hug, ‘welcome, brother, to loving impossible women.’ James just nodded to the side of him, as they looked at Lily. Lily reached out and flicked them both on the nose before making her way off to greet more students and professors as Head Girl.

As the night progressed, Sirius found himself alone a lot. Slughorn’s parties were never that entertaining. On the odd occasion a teacher would get themselves drunk and that provided excellent entertainment, but tonight Sirius was much too focused on a certain prefect to be spiking the punch or keeping tabs on the professors. Sirius watched Ali as she stood out of the way of most people, chatting to Regulus. For the most part, they seemed to be quite happy together. Regulus had always been a quiet kid, a bit of a recluse in comparison to Sirius. So it made sense that when two quiet people paired up, they would get along.

The strange thing though, was although he was watching two people he cared very deeply for seemingly having a good time, it didn’t make him in the slightest bit happy. In fact, more often than not he had to stop the glare that kept returning to his face. He quietly sat at a table, alone, staring at them. From time to time, James or Lily would return to chat for a while. And of course there was the odd girl that dared to confront him and try to strike up a conversation or ask for a dance.

Sirius wasn’t very much in the mood to be charming and so he kept his replies blunt. Most of them consisted of ‘no, thank you.’ But when a particularly nasty Slytherin sixth year he knew to have egged on rumours about Ali dating and sleeping with Dirk Cresswell, he mixed up his replies with a ‘bite me.’ He allowed himself to chuckle as she stormed off muttering.

It wasn’t until ten in the evening, when the party was in full swing that something highly unusual happened. Suddenly all the torches in the vicinity went out and the upbeat jazz tunes went suddenly dead like a bad act being yanked from a stage. The whole party found themselves in complete darkness and eerie silence. Sirius jumped up into action instantly and used the light from his wand end to locate James.

‘What’s happening?’ Sirius asked as he found James and Lily together with a few of the well celebrated guests Slughorn usually had at his parties, one Sirius knew to be the current manager of the Tutshill Tornadoes quidditch team, so it really wasn’t a wonder that James was near-by. James just shook his head and they all looked around. A few of the fairies Slughorn usually decorated the party with were providing dim lights around the room.

‘If everyone could please not panic! We have everything under control!’ Slughorn’s voice boomed over the now escalating, frightened chatter.

But the next voice to speak, certainly was not Slughorn. Or any of their professors for that matter. The shrilling tone and the way it seemed to invade everyone’s ears so fully made the hairs on Sirius’s neck stand up.

‘Students and friends alike. I come to you tonight with a message.’ Sirius looked up to find James hugging Lily closely to him and Lily frozen within his grasp. He suddenly had the urge to find Ali. ‘My message is this. I am not what your ministry is making me out to be. I am a just and righteous leader to all those under my command. If you join my forces, I will give you all of your deepest desires, there is near nothing I cannot accomplish. You will stand among the brightest of your age and you and your families will be protected from this raging war.

‘I offer you asylum, in exchange for your allegiance. I extend a personal invitation to join my forces to the Head Boy and Girl of Hogwarts tonight. Your addition to my followers is something I deeply desire. If it is your wish to turn yourselves over to the fight for magical kind, you need only think it. And if you are of those that would rather die for a cause as absurd as fighting against your own class, you need not leave here tonight. Those of you who wish to ignore my most humble offer, I leave you with only this.’ And suddenly the voice was gone from their heads and the rooms torches lit up once more with an overwhelming green flame.

Suddenly in every space of the room there was a cloaked figure, donned with a horrible mask and they wasted no time in spreading chaos. Suddenly china was smashing and people were dashing in every which direction to leave the dungeon room. Screams came from every direction, making it hard to concentrate. Sirius’s eyes were darting all over the room in a hope to find the one he was looking for. Suddenly he saw the green dress and raced over against better judgement to get to her.

‘Ali!’ Sirius called out and grabbed her just as she landed a stunning spell on one of the hooded figures. It dropped to the floor instantly as she turned to Sirius ready to attack. When she realised who it was she suddenly threw her arms around him and caught him completely off-guard.

‘We have to get out of here!’ She drew him at arm’s length, scanning him with her eyes, then grabbed him by the arm and started running for the exit. ‘We have to get to my parents!’

‘How do you know defensive magic like that? They haven’t taught stunning spells to students. Wait- your parents? What are your parents going to do?’ Sirius questioned as he was dragged out of the room very much against his will. He wanted to stay and fight! Especially now that he knew Ali seemed to be capable of holding her own.

‘My parents are part of the secret society fighting against You-Know-Who! Dumbledore’s society. They’ll know exactly what to do, you can apparate can’t you?’ She asked as they ran up, out of the dungeons and burst out of the doors with the crowds. Just as they made it out, they saw the doors of Hogwarts being barricaded with an shield charm.

‘Well, of course. But where’s Regulus?’ Sirius asked suddenly remembering his little brother.

‘I don’t know, he disappeared when the lights went out, hurry! We have to get to them immediately!’ Sirius had never run so fast in his life. They made it to the gates of Hogwarts in record time and as soon as they stopped Ali clung to him trying to catch her breath.

‘Ottery… St Catchpole… It’s in Devon!’ She managed and within seconds they were standing in her little town. She grabbed a hold of him and ran down the street and up to her new home’s front door and burst through without hesitation.

‘Dad! Dad come quickly! Quickly! It’s Order business!’ Ali screamed and within seconds her father was at the door beside them looking at Sirius as if he had two heads. ‘Not him Dad, at the school! Death eaters!’

Christian suddenly straightened up and whistled. An eagle owl flew over from the kitchen to him and he conjured a quill and parchment out of thin air, scrawling something unintelligible and sending the eagle owl off so fast Sirius felt a little out of breath just watching it.

‘No time for introductions!’ Christian announced grabbing hold of them ‘Kani! Urgent Order business! You’ll have to take Tucker to my parents!’ He announced and then they were gone. They reappeared at the edge of the gates and they raced in passed all the screaming witches and wizards scrambling to get out. As they got closer and closer to the castle suddenly Ali screamed.

‘Ali, what is it?’ Christian turned to her and Sirius grabbed her hand. She raised her free hand into the air and they followed it up, above the castle. And there, glistening in the moon-light, was the dark mark. The snake twisting and winding through the skull and shrilling laughter was heard in the background over the strangled screams coming from within the barricaded castle doors.

‘You two wait here!’ Christian demanded and then raced off towards the castle. Sirius looked down at Ali, his hand still in her own and he was so very torn. Did he wait or did he charge the castle like he knew was right? There was only a slight pause before Ali spoke up.

‘Like hell.’ Were the only words she said before squeezing Sirius’s hand harder and racing in after her father. 

A/N; As you all know, Lily and James thrice defied Voldemort, consider this their first strike.

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