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The Marauders Kiss by sweetprofanities
Chapter 48 : Back to back Black.
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Ali had been given very strict orders to abide by today. Apparently, Sirius Black was going to be getting his own back, and Aaliyah Adams was going to be the one giving it to him. Or so Lily had told her. She was honestly very confused. She was supposed to continue kissing Sirius like nothing was wrong. But she was going to make him rue the day he said he wanted no labels on what they were doing. As Ali came down to breakfast with Lily, they entered the great hall of their last day of classes before the Christmas holidays began. 

When they entered, the four boys were in their usual spot near the entrance. James was carrying on loudly beside Sirius, who looked for the most part quite entertained. He seemed very relaxed though with his head rested in his hand. Peter was sitting edged towards James with a massive grin. Remus didn’t seem overly interested and was looking off down the table. Ali followed his eyes and realized he was watching Marlene.

Marlene was staring down at her plate with Mary by her side. Suddenly James noticed Lily and jumped up.

‘Hey babe! Sit with us?’ James asked, placing a kiss on her cheek. 

Suddenly Sirius stood up beside James and smiled at Ali, ‘morning ladies.’ He bowed his head graciously, his hair falling forward like a wave of silk, and Lily elbowed Ali as she looked at Sirius with unabashed rage. She quickly corrected her expression to the best of her ability as Sirius raised his head, smiling back at him.

‘No, I think we’ll join the girls.’ Lily told James and gave Ali a look.

‘Enjoy your breakfast.’ Ali grated out trying to continue on smiling. Sirius watched her, and looked mildly concerned. Lily grabbed her and they left the boys to themselves and sat down with Marlene and Mary.

‘Ali, that was terrible. What did I tell you?’

Aaliyah sighed loudly, ‘to make everything I say sound enticing. That’s not possible, Lily. Have you met me?’

‘Morning.’ Mary smiled at them both, thoroughly amused. Marlene didn’t look like she’d even noticed their arrival.

‘Try harder.’ Lily warned her, then turned to Mary and Marlene, ‘So, would you like in on the gossip?’ Lily announced as she looked outside the confines their party to see if anyone else was listening.

‘Lily, no.’ Ali realised what she was about to do.

‘Nonsense, Ali, they could have some good advice. You always discuss this stuff with your girls.’ She winked at her, ‘so Sirius Black has a crush.’ At this, Marlene seemed to register them. She looked worse for wear. 

‘You’re joking?’ Mary also looked to be very interested.

‘No. She’s here with us. Black’s keen on Adams.’ As Lily said this, Ali felt her face going red and she slouched down in her seat. Mary started giggling and a hint of a smile crossed Marlene’s lips. 

‘Do you like him?’ Marlene asked Ali directly. 

Ali first looked affronted by the attention, but then resigned with a sigh, ‘It is a very unfortunate thing I have come to terms with.’ 

‘Shame. You could have had fun with that.’ Marlene shrugged.

‘So they’ve been getting together a lot, right. And when Ali tries to define their relationship,’ Lily paused for dramatic effect and Mary sat forward looking very eager, ‘he says he doesn’t want to put a label on it.’ As Lily finished, Mary’s jaw dropped.

‘Burn him.’ Marlene said without a hint of humour. Ali decided in that moment that she very much liked Marlene and laughed at her comment. Suddenly the three girls launched into a conversation about how exactly to make Sirius Black pay. Ali was being told to do a very many things, most of which included other boys. She wasn’t sure how okay with these plans she was, but agreed to as much as she could, for Lily looked like she was set on it all. And a few of the things Marlene came up with made Ali’s callous, sadistic side laugh. 

By the time the bell went for classes to begin, they left the hall and Ali was alone, making her way towards transfiguration. 

‘Oh! Ali!’ She heard a familiar voice call out to her a little ways down the stairs descending to the dungeons.

‘Oh, good morning Professor Slughorn.’ She beamed at her potions master as he came back up to meet her.

‘I say, Ali. You are going to attend my little Christmas soiree, are you not?’

‘I wouldn’t dream of ever missing it, Professor. It’s my favourite Christmas event.’ Adults were so easy to please, Ali thought as Slughorn jostled around happily by her reply.

‘Don’t forget, you’re more than welcome to bring a friend. From what I hear, most people seem to be attending with one another or bringing a plus one.’ Slughorn nodded to her excitedly. ‘Head boy and girl are coming together. So delighted about that.’

‘Of course! Such a smart match. Uh, Professor.’ Ali started and Slughorn nodded for her to continue, ‘you don’t know if Sirius Black would be attending?’

Slughorn thought on this for a moment, ‘I do remember Potter mentioning it actually, yes, he should be attending. Were you planning on asking him? You know, I thought you and Regulus might go together? Smart match, the two of you. Sirius is of course brilliant, probably a fair amount above his brother. But I dare say Regulus is a little more… refined.’ 

‘I wasn’t planning on taking Sirius, no Professor, but your suggestion is duly noted. I’d be delighted to accompany Regulus. He’s a lovely boy.’ She agreed in an attempt to avert the conversation away from Sirius related topics.

‘Splendid! I’ll see you later on today in class then, Adams, best not be late for your first one of the morning.’

‘Of course not Professor,’ She smiled at Slughorn as he started back down the stairs off to the dungeons, and made her way to her first floor classroom. As she sat through transfiguration, she attempted the non-verbal Crinus Muto spell required to change the colour of her eyebrows. By the end of class she’d managed to get them to a lovely shade of pink.

‘Well done, Adams. You’re really improving with your practical work lately. I must say, I’m impressed.’ McGonagall said as she passed by Ali’s lonesome desk.

‘Thank you, Professor. I’ve been practicing.’ Ali admitted with a smile.

‘Well it’s paying off, if you keep this up you might beat Barty for top of the year. That will at least make up for the loss of the match against them. Horace simply won’t let me hear the end of it.’ McGonagall shook her head at the memory and made her way around to her desk to direct the class about their homework. As she was speaking however, Ali’s mind drifted. It drifted off to the reason she was improving so much with her transfiguration course work. And it was all Sirius Black’s doing. Suddenly she felt a pang in her heart. She really was developing some kind of fierce attachment to the mongrel. 

As she collected up her books and left, she walked the halls on her way to Ancient Runes, up on the sixth floor. She passed by a few seventh year Gryffindor’s and Ravenclaw’s clearly coming from class and heading to their next. She noticed James among them, chatting enthusiastically to Peter. 

‘Hey, Adams!’ James called out to her as they passed by, waving. Ali merely smiled back and offered a limp wave to the both of them which caused a few whispers.

But that wasn’t what bothered her. Where was Sirius? Her eyes darted around as she passed by a few third years. It didn’t take her long to figure out where Sirius was however because suddenly a hand seized her book bag and yanked her into a small alcove behind a tapestry.

‘What the heck are you-' Ali wasn’t able to finish her rant though, because Sirius’s lips were on her own, silencing her. For a moment she forgot her mission and just dissolved into the pleasant contact. Sirius’s lips were on the same level as textbooks among Ali’s favourite past times lately. And that was dangerous.

When Sirius’s hand pulled her closer against his body and his other looped a curl around his finger she started to regain her ability to think.

‘Hey!’ She pushed herself off him. Sirius looked slightly confused with a hint of disappointed. That’s when Ali heard Lily’s voice in her head. Don’t change the way you treat him. Keep kissing him. Don’t let him think anything is wrong. But flirt with other guys around you. Act like what you’re doing with him is what you do with everyone.

‘I mean, hey.’ Ali tried to grin. But her mouth twitched in the pain that grin caused her, ‘how was-' don’t say class. That’s typical Ali. For some reason her inner monologue now had Lily's voice and was coaching her through this and she wasn’t sure how or why, ‘how was not learning? Ha. Learning’s… weird. And not cool.’ She felt her heart breaking in her chest.

‘What?’ Sirius raised a brow at her. 

Make him want you. ‘Do you- like my uniform? I put it on myself.’ She splayed her hands out before her in some kind of a show. She had no idea what she was doing. She could almost hear Lily screaming at her about it.

Sirius started to laugh, ‘are you trying to be cute? Because it’s working.’ He swooped down without warning and claimed her lips again. Ali knew she was supposed to be flirting with other boys but… how could she even comprehend doing that when all she wanted to do was stay concealed behind this tapestry with Sirius and his experienced lips?

She broke away from the heated kiss, trying to catch her breath.

‘I’m- we’re going to be late for our next class.’

‘I don’t really care.’ Sirius smiled down at her. 

‘Sirius Black!’ Ali started, fully intent on chastising him about the importance of arriving at classes at the specified time so that you would not miss any important information about the class. Or disturb learning by making a scene when you did arrive part way through. But then Lily was in her head again. Don’t do anything that’s going to make him want you less. You need to make him yearn for you.

‘Sirius Black, you-' she was at a loss for what to say. Sirius was looking at her again, eyebrow raised and looking too good to be confused, ‘-you, ah- are! You are- er- such a rebel. Oh it’s-' she tried to channel Anna Cox, ‘so... tantalizing.’ She was frowning as the sentence ended though as if she had disgusted herself with her own words. Truthfully, she had.

‘Are you okay?’ Sirius it seemed was equally disgusted. Ali suddenly felt the need to kiss him. Thank merlin he wasn’t into this kind of stuff. The bell rang, signalling the limited time left to get to their next class.

‘Oh no.’ Ali knew this wasn’t going well and grabbed Sirius and launched them back out into the open. It was strange how many hiding spots Sirius knew about around the castle that she didn’t. She’d have to take note of them all for when she was on rounds next. ‘How do you manage to always find me, by the way?’ She asked as the thought came to her. Sirius shrugged with a casual smile.

Then a sixth year Ravenclaw Ali knew to be the younger brother of Bertram Aubrey walked by and Ali was pulling at straws now trying to keep up with Lily’s pointers.

‘Hey, Aubrey. You look- adequately dressed today. Great work you- dragon.’ She tried to wink but she blinked in the process and waved her pointer finger at poor Benjamin Aubrey in a would-be show of allure. The perplexed Ravenclaw just stared at her for a moment and then looked at Sirius.

‘Have you hexed her for getting you into trouble again or something?’ Aubrey asked Sirius quizzically. This aggravated Ali as Sirius chuckled behind her.

Get to class Aubrey you bloody slacker!’ She shouted and Aubrey was gone before she could yell at him further.

‘I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it’s entertaining to say the least.’ Sirius said behind her. He leant over her shoulder and placed a chaste kiss on her cheek, ‘but we better get to class. Don’t want to get into any trouble or disturb any learning.’ He whispered in her ear and Ali felt as if she was just hit with a heating charm and could have melted into the floor over it. It was the sexiest thing that had ever come out of his mouth. Or anyone’s mouth, for that matter.

‘Yeah.’ Was all she managed to get out, turning around to him.

‘See you later then.’ He winked at her perfectly and turned around to make his way down to class. Why didn’t his winks turn into blinks? Why was he so good at making her turn into a puddle of emotions be them aggravated or blissful? Ali sighed and quickly made her way to ancient runes.

Professor Babbling's lecture took her mind off frivolous romance and got it back on the track of hieroglyphs and magic. A place it was much better situated. After class she found herself invested in both the content she had just covered and getting Sirius Black to want her more. She was so distracted she may as well have been walking around with her eyes closed. 

Suddenly she felt hands close over her shoulders and halt her, ‘you might want to pay a little more attention to where you’re walking there, Adams. If you walk into a wall, it’s only going to cause more people to be laughing at you in corridors.’ She found herself staring at none other than Regulus Black.

‘Oh, sorry. Minds in another world.’ She shook her head trying to return to the present.

‘I gathered.’ He simply nodded his head slightly and made to leave her alone.

‘Wait! Black.’ Ali knew this was probably the worst idea. It was his brother for crying out loud. But this was sure to annoy Sirius. Regulus merely waited for her to speak, so she continued. ‘Could I ask a favour of you?’

‘I’m sure I could oblige, if it’s within reason.’ Regulus replied raising a brow. He was so very much like his brother, just mostly better spoken. 

‘Would you attend Slughorn’s party with me?’ As she asked, Regulus seemed to contemplate it. He looked a little more than confused so Ali decided it was best to be honest. ‘I won’t lie to you, it’s part of an elaborate plot to annoy your brother.’ Suddenly Regulus’s face relaxed and a hint of a smirk crossed his usually blank lips.

‘Sure, why not.’ Regulus left her with a quaint smile and a nod of his head. Aaliyah watched his retreating back as he walked away. What was this day? What was she doing? This wasn’t the type of girl she was. This game was slowly twisting her into something she wasn’t sure of. She didn’t want to play it, but when she asked Lily if she should have just approached Sirius with her confusion, Lily protested it most fiercely. 

Regulus was a perfectly polite example of a Black. He was probably much more suited to her. He could probably have kept up intelligent conversation without smirking at her like a goof ball. He probably wouldn’t have reprimanded her for reading her darn textbook. He came to her rescue silently by sitting beside her. Slughorn seemed to deem them good for one another. Regulus was certainly a much more dignified candidate for a date to the party than Sirius I-like-trouble Black. 

But unfortunately, just thinking his name seemed to have a very undesirable effect on her. She smiled dreamily and pictured his handsome face. Her mind would travel to a far off place where she was alone with the trouble maker, making their own kind of trouble. Yes it was very unfortunate when a law abiding citizen fell for a petty criminal. Very unfortunate indeed.

She enjoyed the rest of the day, filled with classes. For the most part Sirius seemed to be absent besides when he found her coming out of the library after the lunch break and offered to walk her to her next class.

‘Uh, you don’t think that’s a bad idea?’ Ali asked suspiciously. If he didn’t want to put a label on what they were doing, surely that was because he didn’t want the repercussions of the student body seeing them together in any other situation besides her giving him a detention?

‘Why?’ Sirius asked, nudging her to start walking anyway.

‘Because you-' Don’t let him know anything about this. Act natural! ‘uh, never mind.’ Ali swallowed. What was natural again? She pushed some of her long thick curls out of her face very awkwardly. She smiled and fluttered her eyelashes at Sirius as they kept in step with one another. She wasn’t quite sure her smile and movements were as fluid as she hoped they were.

Sirius blinked at her with a frown on his face. ‘Do you feel ill?’ 

Ali threw her head forward in defeat. How on earth was she supposed to go about this when she had exactly zero sexual appeal? She looked up at Sirius with a pout of resignation as they passed through a crowd of students that whispered in their wake. 

Sirius laughed at her now, ‘you’re adorable when you make that face.’ 

‘I’m not adorable! I’m fierce and have authority over you.’ Ali pouted again.

Sirius continued to laugh and pulled a hand up to mess her hair, ‘sure you do.’ 

Ali squealed and hit his hands away, scowling at him, ‘do you know how long it takes to do my hair? You don’t mess with curls, Sirius!’

‘Yep, I hear you.’ He nodded at her, ‘enjoy class.’ He reached up and messed her hair again.

‘Sirius Black you are the worst wizard on this planet!’ She screamed out to him as he made a run for it.

‘Ugh, they’re at it again.’ Her dormmate Bianca muttered as she passed her by to enter their charms class.

‘She really needs to give him a break.’ Maria agreed, passing her next. Ali just rolled her eyes and headed in after them, making her way to the front of the large classroom. She sat through class thinking of everything that had transpired and realised she was rubbish at flirting and all things it involved.  

Her last class of the day happened to be potions, and of course she refused to disappoint her favourite teacher. They were towards the end of their lesson when Slughorn came up behind Ali's desk where she was brewing her potion beside Regulus.

‘Oh superb Ali, absolutely superb! And see here, Reg your brew is almost on par with our young potions master. She’s rubbing off on you. Completely my intention. Very happy the two of you have hit it off. Can’t wait for the Christmas party. So happy you’ll be attending together. Smart match.’ Slughorn rambled as he stood behind them chatting to neither one in particular. He clapped the two of them on opposing shoulders, forcing them to fall closer into one another. 

As he walked off muttering about his ‘overall plan’ for the two of them, Ali turned to look at Regulus. He actually seemed to be amused. Ali felt slightly light headed and happier than usual and so spoke her mind.

‘It’s nice to see you smiling.’ It was a very rare thing to see someone usually so sombre doing it. It was much more becoming than the neutral, bland face he usually adopted. He looked even more like Sirius when he smiled, however. Ali wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.

‘I could say the same about you. You seem a lot happier lately.’ Ali wasn’t sure how he did it, but every word he spoke was always mixed with an elegant air. He never seemed to slip. ‘Who’s the lucky wizard?’ But then he did. The elegant air was replaced with what was surely cheek. It had to do with the potions they were brewing. The fumes of the euphoria elixirs were infecting them.

Ali couldn’t help her smile, ‘I’m not at liberty to say, actually.’

‘Ah, but you see, you already have, Adams.’ Regulus stirred his potion six times counter-clockwise at the same time Ali did. ‘Not the name perhaps, but there’s certainly someone. No one looks that goofy when brewing a euphoria elixir.’

Ali smacked her shoulder into Regulus with her jaw dropped in outrage, ‘I don’t look goofy!’ Regulus laughed at her shock and resentment as their potions both simmered to a bright yellow colour. 

‘Goofy is putting it nicely.’ Regulus continued to laugh at her expense.

‘Watch your tongue boy, don’t forget I was undefeated in target practice in defence classes in fourth year.’ Ali glared back at him. But after a moment of silence, the two began chuckling together thanks to the fumes of their elixirs. As the bell rang a small rainbow reflected off the smoke of their potions and Ali noticed Regulus’s delight when he realised he seemed to have gotten the elixir to perfection.

‘Shaping up to be not so shabby in the potions department after all, Black.’ She watched as he quickly buried his mirth and stood tall beside her.

‘Well, I have just been copying everything you do.’ There was that cheek again. Ali smacked the back of her hand into his chest as they smiled at each other.

‘Enjoy your holidays everyone! Make sure to have 12 inches of parchment on my desk on Golpalott’s Third Law by the first week back! No slacking off just because it’s Christmas.’ Slughorn chuckled at his own words and Ali wasn’t sure it was because he found himself funny or due to the excessive amount of fumes of the euphoria elixirs in the room. 

‘I’ll write to you about any arrangements for the party then, Adams, enjoy your holidays until then.’ Regulus spoke after they put away their unused ingredients, discarded the leftovers and packed away their cauldrons. 

‘Sure, send the owl to Ottery St Catchpole. It’s not hard to spot us.’ She waved to him, making her way out of the classroom first. As she climbed the stairs up to the third floor, she found herself smiling at their conversation. Regulus seemed to be, if she wasn’t mistaken, loosening up around her. And she around him. She might have actually made a friend in her own year level.

‘What’s got you so happy?’ She knew that voice very well. She had made her way to her back table without having to look up once. And now that she had, she found Sirius perched casually on the desk in her hidden niche.

‘Your brother, actually.’ She wasn’t about to lie, ‘he has manners. And he’s quite fun to talk to. Unlike some Black’s.’ She threw her nose in the air and dodged him to get to the other end of the table.

‘Get back here.’ Was all she heard before she felt Sirius’s hands settle on her waist and began tickling her. She cried out, laughing loudly when he wouldn’t relent. ‘I’ll show you whose fun to talk to!’ Sirius continued, lifting Ali onto the table and tickling her further. Her back hit the tabletop as she writhed around in joyful agony. Tears formed in her eyes as she tried and failed to stop him.

‘Who’s the best Black on campus, Adams? Who?’ Sirius demanded, his smile wider than it had ever been from the laughter filling the air via the curly haired prefect before him. 

‘Stop!’ Ali managed to get out between cries of laughter. Sirius pulled his hands back suddenly from her mid-section and looked down at her expectantly. Ali pulled her lips into her mouth wondering if what she was about to do was a good idea. Then, she dared. ‘Regulus?’ She adopted a devious expression and Sirius mocked a face of shock before his hands returned to her waist and she was crying out laughter once again. It wasn’t long before Madam Pince found them and smacked them both with her feather duster and hissed. 

‘I’m so sorry, Irma! I’m so sorry!’ Ali chanted over and over again as Madam Pince shook her head at the two of them. When she left them, Ali shimmied off the desk and into a seat and Sirius took the one closest beside her. 

‘Did you really mean that?’ Sirius asked, suddenly quite serious. Ali looked to him, ready to agree that she most certainly had deciding she couldn’t be bothered with Lily’s complex advice anymore. But the expression Sirius wore stopped her abruptly. He looked as though he was trying his best to feign casual nonchalance. And usually this would have worked a treat with Ali, she was never one to pick up on social queues, let alone hidden ones. But she was starting to clue in to a lot of hidden things about Sirius Black.

She reached a hand out and covered his left one, resting on the desk.

‘No. Low and behold, my favourite Black.’ She admitted with a roll of her eyes and reached over to place a kiss on his cheek. When Sirius turned to her after she drew back, her entire body heated up from the look on his face. He was giving her the sweetest smile she had ever seen adorn his face. He leant over and kissed her and strangely the passion behind it was different from usual. It was stronger. Their chairs scraped and screeched as he moved them to get closer to her and before she knew it they were both standing and he was lifting her onto the desk.

Her heart was racing and she realised she was making out with Sirius Black in the library. This was Holy Ground! They were defiling it! And then… she realised she didn’t care. The way he was kissing her was as if his life depended on it and she was not about to stop him. When he pushed his body down into her own their lips broke apart and a moan escaped her mouth. She quickly slapped a hand up over it and looked at him. He was grinning at her like he had unveiled some kind of treasure.

‘Sirius! We’re going to get told off by Irma again! We can’t do this here.’ She smacked him, even though she was not so secretly relishing in the contact. 

‘Sorry.’ He spoke, panting, just centimetres from her face before pressing one final kiss to her forehead. Ali sighed with the regret of ending such a zealous interaction. 

‘Listen, Black,’ she started, getting back into her chair and trying to tidy up the mess they made, ‘I need to study, so if you’re going to sit here, you can to.’ She smacked him on the head lightly.  He grinned at her and nodded.

‘To spend time with you? I would do a very many questionable things. Studying is one of them.’ As he spoke, he whipped out his textbook for advanced charms and NEWT levels and cracked his neck to either side, settling into his seat. When he turned to smile at her, Ali felt her chest become all light and squirmy. She absolutely hated the way this dweeb made her feel. 

‘Nerd.’ She whispered under her breath and it wasn’t long before Sirius’s hands had descended on her once more, tickling her until Madam Pince came over and yelled at them for the commotion Ali’s squeals were creating. 

After a few hours, Sirius started to become restless. Ali of course was very much used to silence and being left to her own thoughts for hours on end. But Sirius started to bore of reading his exam prep and charms course work. Ali stayed focused on her books, while Sirius started looking over to her at well placed intervals. She hadn’t seemed to notice. Finally Sirius got fed up with being ignored and placed his hand, under the table, on Aaliyah’s knee and squeezed the pressure point there causing the poor girl to nearly jump a foot in the air.

‘Sirius Black!’

‘Yes?’ He replied innocently, smiling back at her as if he’d done nothing wrong. Ali stared back at him blankly before narrowing her eyes.

‘Just study, you pest.’ She gave in. Sirius saluted her and returned to his books. It was less than twenty minutes before he became bored yet again and reached out and stuck a finger in her ear.

‘Stop it! What, are you five years old?’ Ali whispered, glaring at him. He just smiled back at her. Ali rolled her eyes at her own stupid question. Of course Sirius was a five year old. It was then that he leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek. Ali sighed, knowing full well she wasn’t going to get any rest now that he was bored and it would probably have been best to just give in and do as he wanted by this point.

‘You’re just so,' he started, placing another kiss on her cheek, ‘touchable. I can’t sit this close,' he kissed her again, and again, ‘and leave you be.’ He admitted, placing the last kiss on her lips. Ali felt her eye twitching. Oh yes, she was so very touchable. He just couldn’t bear to not touch her. But don’t put any labels on it. Labels were for moron’s right? Jackass, she thought as she smiled back at him. 

‘Padfoot?’ They heard James’ voice before he came around the corner and found the two of them. This gave Sirius sufficient time to jump a metre away from Ali and return very much to his own seat. ‘There you are!’ James smiled knowingly at the two of them.

‘Evening, Potter.’ Ali replied, picking up her text and trying her best to ignore Sirius and his ridiculousness. 

‘Adams, you’re looking very pretty tonight.’ She looked up just in time to see James waggle his eyebrows over his glasses at Sirius.

‘I’m just helping her with her transfiguration course work.’ Sirius spat out, looking anywhere but at James.

‘Hey I need you for a second, could you come with me? It’s a letter from Mum.’ James requested, ignoring Sirius’s blatant lie. Sirius suddenly looked at Ali and Ali looked back over at him.

‘Go on. You were getting annoying anyway.’ Ali shrugged.

‘Ah, give us a sec, would you? I just want to help her with one more spell. I’ll meet you outside?’ Sirius asked and James nodded, waving goodbye and ambling off out of the maze of books. As soon as he was out of sight, Sirius pulled Ali’s chair back and launched her onto her feet.

‘Sirius what the he-' but before she could finish her sentence, Sirius’s lips met her own and he kissed her forcibly against the wall of books behind them. Ali knew she didn’t want to protest, and so she allowed it. Sirius pulled back and kissed her over and over again and she felt her legs becoming weak underneath her. He was an insufferable jerk, but he knew how to kiss a girl, that much was sure. When he pulled away and set her free from the constraints of his body Ali felt immediately upset.

‘I’ll write to you over the holidays.’ He smiled down at her and Ali couldn’t stop herself nodding. He kissed her once more and before she knew it, she was alone again. She cursed his existence as she felt all hot and flustered from the sweet contact. She’d never get her mind back to study now. 

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