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The Marauders Kiss by sweetprofanities
Chapter 45 : Sirius's Kiss.
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Sirius stood by the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy for a full five minutes before he could move from his shock induced state. What on earth had just happened? Was he dreaming? Was he getting too heavily into Slughorn’s secret potions stalls with the boys again? He looked around to see if anyone had seen them. No one was present, the corridor still stood deserted. He turned to face the crazy wizard dodging trolls in pointe shoes.

‘Did you see that?’ he asked as Barnabas dodged another wart covered, chunky green leg.

‘Parts of it. It’s hard to-' he dodged another, ‘-concentrate with all this. What was I thinking!?’

That was all the confirmation he needed though as he left the tapestry and headed for the portrait hole. When he climbed through everyone was going about their business like normal. There were first years practicing levitating charms in the corner. There were girls giggling and pointing at him from another. There were a group of the team quidditch players rough housing each other. Nothing was out of the ordinary. He crossed the distance to the boys and stood for a moment before the empty chair he had been sitting in some twenty minutes prior, much less confused. 

‘What happened?’ Peter asked. Sirius turned to him with a face etched with bewilderment, his mouth still slightly agape. 

‘I have no idea.’ He replied falling back into the seat.

‘Well, you must have done something. She just ran back in here and straight up the stairs. Lily’s gone after her. What did she want?’ James asked sitting forward in his armchair. Sirius looked up at him, then across to Remus and back again to James.

‘She wanted to conduct an experiment.’ It was the best way he could explain it. What hadshe wanted? What was that? What even were girls? Did they take some sick kind of enjoyment out of being perfectly mysterious and relish in never explaining what they were thinking?

‘An experiment?’ Remus repeated, ‘what kind of experiment?’ It was a very valid question.

‘I honestly don’t know.’ Sirius replied scratching behind his ear then securing some of his hair there, ridding his face of it.

‘Girls are weird.’ Peter spoke from the ground and returned to his copy of the daily prophet. 

‘Yeah.’ Sirius agreed limply. Was there something behind that kiss? Did this mean she had some kind of feelings for him? He wasn’t used to putting so much thought into a girl. He didn’t like it at all. He enjoyed being completely disinterested in them. Ignoring them was a lot easier than this. Was he just supposed to ignore what happened? Was this a test? What the bloody hell was going on?

He sat in silence for some time, wondering if he should still have been mulling it over. James and Remus were perfectly normal, discussing their plans for the holidays. 

‘Merlin, do you know what this means?’ James suddenly spoke up and Sirius was more than happy to listen and emerge from his own head. All the boys turned to look at James, ‘boys we’re all staying for the holidays this year.’ James grinned.

‘What, why?’ Peter asked nibbling on the end of a sugar quill.

‘Boys,’ James reiterated as if they should have known, ‘Christmas this year falls on a full moon.’ James looked thoroughly entertained while Remus’ let out a moan in complaint. To the three other boys this was great news. A full moon run for their last Christmas at Hogwarts was a perfect farewell. The ruckus they could cause as a parting gift, it was far too good to be true. Merry Christmas Marauders

‘Oh, Padfoot,’ James started, ‘are you going to be coming to Sluggy’s Christmas party this year? He’s requested us again.’

Sirius groaned thinking about the formalities and just general boredom he would have to endure there. He really didn’t want to go. He disliked Slughorn as a teacher. He was very picky with his students and tended to suck up to those he thought would do well later on in life. What bothered him most was that he would always ask himself and James along but tended to forget about Remus. What’s to say Remus wouldn’t do just as well, if not better than he or James? It irked Sirius to no end. Prejudice was one thing Sirius loathed above all others. 

But then suddenly a thought struck him. Adams was in the Slug Club. Of course she was. Perfect, prefect Adams and her grades. Slughorn would fawn over her for sure. And she was a teacher’s pet if ever there was one. He’d certainly see her there. He could distinctly remember teasing her at the last one and having his ear assaulted after the fun he and James had had with that knucklehead Aubrey. 

‘When is it?’ Sirius questioned hoping no one would zero in on his train of thought.

‘Week into holidays, on the Friday just before Christmas.’ James replied, ‘oh and, I’ll be going with Lily so, you might want to bring a date?’ He added as a side note. Sirius merely hummed an absent reply then settled further down in his armchair in thought. 


The next two days passed without incident. Sirius didn’t want to be seen looking for Ali for fear of being ridiculed. He tried his best to not seem as though he was watching out for her. But at around seven pm on the Sunday night, when he hadn’t seen her at any meals or in the common room, he left James, Lily and Peter and went by the third floor.

When he was caught walking inside the library by none other than Remus, who had been on his way out, his friend had smirked at him knowingly and spoken but three words, “she’s not here.” He made up a very skittish and fumbled excuse that he wasn’t looking for anyone and cursed his luck when Remus passed by him laughing under his breath. He decided to leave it up to Adams to find him. The younger prefect seemed to have a habit for it even if he was known to sometimes help it along.

But when Monday rolled around and none of his questions had been answered he decided to take matters into his own hands again. As he and the others descended down to the great hall for dinner he looked sideways at Peter.

‘Hey, I left something up…stairs. Can you let them know I’ll be down later?’ He nodded towards James and Remus who were ahead of them. Lily had also been scarce these past few days and seemed to be giggling a lot in Sirius’s presence. But every time he confronted her about it, her reply was “seen Adam’s around lately?” so he ticked it off as her being a rotten little git. What were sisters for?

‘Sure.’ Peter agreed somewhat reluctantly as he watched Sirius with a calculating stare. Sirius hated this. He felt like everyone was watching him and waiting for him to do something stupid. He didn’t want to turn into the lame friend that ditched his friends for a girl. And he wouldn’t. He just, he really had to know what the hell was going on with that insufferable prefect.

He turned away and took the stairs three at a time all the way back up to Gryffindor tower. He took the two short cuts through the castle that only he and the other boys knew that got him back there in record time. Just as he was climbing in through the portrait hole, he saw a group of girls coming towards him and froze for a moment. They were the annoying ones Adams shared a dorm with.

‘Oh, hi Sirius.’ The one with long blonde hair smiled at him. What was her name again? Amy? Bec? Something with three letters. Or was it five? Sally? He gave her a smile back as he stepped out of the way for them.

She lingered and her three friends hovered behind her. Sirius’s smile started to relax as he watched her, denying her a reply for he knew it was the best way of dealing with these girls. Polite smiles and less words. That way they didn’t have anywhere to veer the conversation and the contact died off very quickly. 

His eyes darted around the common room quickly, they seemed to be the only ones left. That must have meant Adams was in her dorm.

‘We’ll, uh, see you down at dinner then?’ The blonde asked. Sirius quickly glanced back at her.

Less words, he thought. He gave her a quick smile once again and stepped away. He walked slowly towards the boys stairs as he listened to them leaving. He heard a few words exchanged between the girls. The last of which were ‘she can’t stay in there forever.’ And ‘maybe she has dragon pox, fingers crossed.’ 

This made his top lip twitch but they were gone before he could even bother to ask into it. He turned and looked at the girl’s stairs and knew there was no way he was getting up there. And waiting at the bottom would be useless. If they were talking about Adams, that meant she’d certainly been up there for a while. Then a thought struck him. Would the charm to keep boys off the staircase, keep boy dogs off the staircase? Someone in the female cohort had to have a male cat? He was sure Adams herself had a male cat. It couldn’t extend to animals. 

So he stripped down and transformed after he was sure he was alone, collected up his clothes in his mouth and jumped onto the staircase. Nothing happened. He took a few more stairs up. Nothing happened. He’d done it. He’d out smarted the founders. This had to be a new record of deviancy. Once he got to the top however, he had no clue which dorm would be hers. He climbed a few more flights in blind faith knowing his and the boy’s rooms were on the fourth floor so hers would have to be higher also. When he got to the third flight however, a familiar face stared back at him. A fluffy white cat sat outside the door, his tail flicking back and forth as he watched Sirius.

Sirius transformed back and Snowball stood up, watching him diligently. Sirius quickly donned his pants and school trousers, then pulled his white shirt on and began buttoning it up. When he was halfway done, suddenly the dorm door opened and Adams stood in the doorway halfway through saying her cat’s name before she pulled up short at the sight before her.

‘-ball?’ She finished her hand still secured around the door knob. Snowball took a few steps forward and wound himself around her legs, purring. Sirius fingers were frozen halfway up his shirt buttons. Neither of them were moving and the only sound that could be heard was the gentle hum of the cat’s purrs. 

No one said anything for the longest time. Sirius didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t even sure what possessed him to come up here. What did he think he would gain from this? They both stared at each other in disbelief. Sirius let his eyes wander for a moment and he realised she was not in her school uniform, but instead in a pair of rather revealing pale pink satin pyjamas. Ali finally broke the silence.

‘Boys aren’t allowed in the girls dorms.’

‘That’s all you’ve got to say to me?’ Sirius eyes snapped up from her body to her face. 

‘How did you even get up here?’ she quickly reached down and picked up her cat in some kind of defence mechanism, ‘and why are you undoing your shirt?’ she squeaked this part holding the white cat close to her body.

‘What happened the other day?’ Sirius gained his nerve back and realised how frustrated he was with this half-wit prefect. His buttons could wait.

‘I have the right to give you a detention you realise?’ She took a step back into her dorm. This only led to Sirius advancing. 

‘You don’t just snog someone and then run away afterwards Adams, it's bad manners.’

‘You can’t just enter a girl’s room without her permission, it's bad manners.’ As she finished her sentence her back was pressed against one of the posters of the first bed in the dorm and Sirius was inches from her. They stared at each other for a moment before Snowball hissed at Sirius and flipped out a paw to claw his shirt. His little claws seemed to get stuck in the material though and they both turned their attention to the cat as he started mewing pathetically for help. 

‘Do you maybe want to start explaining yourself?’ Sirius asked, freeing Snowball absentmindedly. 

‘I- I don’t. Not really.’ She nodded one assertive nod as if that ended the matter.

‘Let me rephrase that, please explain yourself.’

‘I- Sorry, what was there to explain?’ She was smirking and defecting his line of vision. He reached out and placed a hand on the poster of the bed, just above her head. He moved his face closer to try and force her to look at him. She was dodging him rather well.

‘Well actually, I was wondering about your charms course work, how is it going? Is everything fitting together well? Do you feel like you have a firm grasp on it?’ He asked in an overly sarcastic manner. Ali raised her chin from her cat however and looked him in the eyes with confusion. 

‘I beg your pardon?’

‘I’m joking. I’m pretty sure you know what I’m on about, Adams.’ As he spoke Ali wiggled out of his reach and around to the side of the bed where she put Snowball down and then crossed her arms over her chest, looking very awkward in the process. It made Sirius’s breath hitch in his throat however when he looked over her exposed skin again. He’d always held her skin in a very high regard and seeing so much of it was quite distracting. 

‘I’m not nearly decent enough to be discussing this with you. Possibly another time… maybe.’ She didn’t sound overly truthful and it seemed she was still unable to look him in the eye.

‘Do you do that often then? Just run around snogging guys in the corridor without an explanation?’ He wasn’t sure why he said it. It was a rather rude question, one he was honestly certain wasn’t true. Adams could barely hold a conversation with students, let alone keep up casual snogging. 

‘You know what? You can get out of my room right now actually!’ She suddenly seemed to snap out of her timid mood and launched straight back into the fireball she usually was. She smacked her palms into his bare chest, full force and he felt the sting instantly. But he reacted with perfect timing and reached up to grab her hands, keeping them there as she pushed him towards the door way. 

‘Hold on, just- just tell me,’ he drew to a blank though. What did he want to know? It really wasn’t that bad, her snogging him out of the blue. It was great actually. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t wanted it for months now. If it had been any other girl, he knew he wouldn’t have looked into it. He would have merely shrugged his shoulders and gone about his daily business as usual. He wouldn’t still be dwelling on it days later. He probably wouldn’t have even remembered it days later. 

What was it with this infuriating girl? Why was she causing him so much inner turmoil?

‘Stop.’ He spoke softly, still holding onto her wrists and they came to a stop just outside of her room. Her eyes locked onto his and she seemed ready to listen, albeit still a little hostile. As he stared down at her something suddenly dawned on him. This girl was infuriating. She kisses him, takes off without an explanation, then has the nerve to kick him out when he’s being perfectly reasonable by just asking what it was all about? 

This was classic, sadistic Adams. The girl that laughed at him falling over. The girl that chased him around dishing out punishments. The girl that literally expressed feelings of the deepest loathing towards him, then turns around and exchanges saliva? Who was this girl?!

‘Apologise this instant for assaulting me.’ He demanded as it dawned on him that for the first time, she was in the wrong. Her face suddenly went blank as she stared back at him. Slowly, very slowly, as he awaited her apology, which didn’t seem to be coming, her face began to turn up into a cruel and very forced smirk. Her left eye twitched a little.

‘Sirius Black.’ She spoke his name with the upmost difficulty.

‘Yes?’ He smirked, awaiting the words “I am sorry” to leave her lips. Her very tender, soft, quite simply irresistible lips as he remembered them.

Suddenly her expression snapped into one of death as she focused on him. ‘Remove your vain, arrogant, petulant face from my dormitory this. instant.’ Suddenly he got the feeling she was no longer playing around.

‘Why are you in such a foul mood? If you didn’t want anyone seeing you in your unmentionable’s you should have put a dressing gown on before you opened the door.’

He was positive steam was about to burst forth from her ears and flared nostrils, ‘I wasn’t aware I had to guard myself from predators in my own dormitory and someone still has my dressing gown!’ Her voice was ear piercing and she smacked him so hard in the chest he almost toppled over backwards. As it was he secured one foot on the first step of the staircase and steadied himself. It didn’t result for much more than gaining one final look at her though, as the minute his foot settled on that top most stair, the entire case transitioned into a glistening stone slide and his legs disappeared under him. He slid belly down, feet first all the way back down to the common room. 

All he heard from the staircase when he reached the bottom with an ‘oomph’ was Adams laughing maliciously in the distance.

‘Serves you right, voyeur.’ He heard her call out before her door shut and he was left in silence, chuckling slightly to himself. For some reason, he found the sadistic laughter rather humorous. He was going to have to up the ante if he wanted to draw her out and really get some answers. And Sirius Black was nothing, if not an ideas man. 

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