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The Marauders Kiss by sweetprofanities
Chapter 44 : Social experiments.
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On this grand, winter’s morning Aaliyah had done the unthinkable. A completely unacceptable act, she was going to be kicking herself over this for days. How could she be so irrevocably irresponsible as to sleep in? She was becoming a tardy mess of a student. Staying up all night reading fictitious crud just because she had found more similar novels to the one so graciously lost among her own books that day. What was happening to her? Maybe they would revoke her prefect badge? Head Girl would be lost!

As she burst into the Great Hall she jogged down towards her spot at the end of the table, trying to pull her book bag higher on her shoulder as it slid off. Her curls were flying out all around her and getting in her mouth. She tried to spit them out and then smacked into something solid and flew backwards flat onto her backside in the process.

‘Oh for Pete’s sake!’ She groaned on the ground looking around at the mess she’d caused. Suddenly there was laughter coming from all around her.

‘Not Pete actually.’ More snickering.

‘Hey, shut your mouths and get back to your toast.’ She knew that voice all too well. She didn’t know what it was, but when she was making a fool out of herself, it always seemed to be Sirius Black that was there for front row seats. She swept her hair out of her face slowly and looked up to see Sirius offering her a hand.

‘It’s like you’re a big fat bullseye or something and I’m just magnetically drawn to running into you.’ Ali sighed taking it as he aided her to her feet.

‘I don't think the magnatism is figurative, actually.’ Ali heard James whisper behind her and suddenly she heard Peter snickering. She had to frown at this, what could James have even meant by that comment?

‘Black did you just stand up when you saw-'


‘Don’t shoosh me James.’

‘Told you it wouldn’t be hard to spot.’

‘Oh my god you’re joking? He can’t honestly?’

‘Can you three put a sock in it?’ Sirius raised his voice looking back at Lily, James and Peter. Ali looked sideways at Sirius wondering if it was worth it trying to decipher teenage weirdness or to just let it slide? With the current time she was making she would have to let it slide if she wanted any kind of brain food for the morning. With the amount of sleep she had, she would need it.

‘Whatever, sorry Black.’ She nodded her head, waved her wand as her books all jumped back into her bag and raced off to her usual spot by the teachers. She barely managed to sit down and grab some toast before the first bell rang signifying classes would commence shortly. Ali swore under her breath but found her eyes travelling up. When she looked down the table she watched as Lily pointed and laughed at Sirius. Sirius didn’t look at all impressed. Suddenly he looked away and down the table and their eyes met for the briefest of seconds before Ali looked away.

The rest of the day went by without too much of a hitch. She managed to make it to class just barely after the second bell and McGonagall didn’t chastise her. She even noted that she was improving with her spell work which made Ali happy. She really had Sirius to thank for that. By last period, being a Friday, she was ready for a little rest over the weekend. She sat in her usual spot at the front of the class in Potions and worked diligently. Her left side was still occupied by none other than Regulus Black. For a month now he had been sitting by her in all their shared classes and still they’d not spoken more than a few misplaced words.

As she had tried to fit in all her study material last night as well as finishing another fiction novel by the same writer as her new favourite series, she had only managed to get in about an hours sleep. In her delirium this afternoon, she decided to test this new found seating arrangement.

She swallowed, ‘uh- how-' she had to clear her throat, ‘-h-how are you today… Black?’ she really needed to work on her people skills. She watched Regulus finish stirring his potion quietly beside her. Then he gracefully extracted the stirrer, placed it down and turned to give her his full attention.

‘Well, thank you.’ He smiled at her. There was something about the way he smiled and spoke that felt very odd to her. ‘And you?’

‘I- I am also… well.’ They both stood in silence for a moment as their potions bubbled away happily.

‘Don’t feel the need to force conversation, Adams.’ Regulus began in a courteous tone, ‘I saw that you seemed to be having some kind of trouble with the students and my appearance beside you seemed like a good way of lulling it. It was beneficial on my behalf also as I needed a bit of distance from my friends for the time being.’ His words, as always, seemed staged they were so well spoken. After he finished he picked up his tools and went about things with his potion again.

‘Oh, well,’ Ali thought on this for a brief time, ‘thank you, I suppose?’

‘Don’t mention it, as I said, it was beneficial to both parties.’ With that said, Regulus turned back to his potion and continued on with his course work. Ali didn’t feel the need to press the matter, he did say it was to his own benefit, also. By the end of potions, she nodded a goodbye to Regulus and started her way up to the library. She had to stifle a yawn as she reached the third floor and her eyes began to water.

‘Ali!’ She heard her name being called but it took her a few moments to fully register it and when she turned around she was met with Lily Evans jogging over to her, ‘Remus said you might be here.’

‘Hey, Lily. Is there something prefect related? I’m not due for rounds tonight am I?’ In her head she begged she was correct and that her rounds were still tomorrow night. She didn’t think she could handle walking the corridors after curfew tonight. She might have crawled into a suit of armour and fallen asleep inside.

‘No, you’re tomorrow still. I just, well, James has told me I’m not to tell you. But, honestly, I don’t see the fun in that. Girls stick together.’ Lily winked at her and dragged her away from a few Hufflepuff fifth years entering the library and back out to the grand staircase.

‘What is it? Is something wrong?’ Ali felt herself waking up a little and bracing herself.

‘No, I just wondered. Have you noticed Sirius Black being, um, strange lately?’

This was a very odd topic of discussion to be pulling her away from her studies for, ‘uh, no more so than usual. I mean, I know he was a little sulky over Potter and you spending a lot of time together, but that seems to have cleared up.’

‘He told you about that?’ Lily’s face practically lit up as she dragged Ali further and further up the stairs, dodging students and ducking tapestries.

‘Not in so many words. I do believe I picked up on that on my own.’ She smiled. She was quite proud of herself for that. It wasn’t every day she picked up on social queues or unspoken contexts.

‘Well have you noticed that he fancies you?’ Lily stopped down the hall of the portrait hole and looked around to make sure they were alone.

‘I beg your pardon?’ Ali recoiled her hand from Lily as if she had spat out a racial slur. This just made Lily giggle.

‘He fancies you, Ali. Sirius Black thinks your something special.’ She was staring at Ali as if she expected her to come to the same deranged conclusion she had. But Ali wasn’t thick.

‘I think you’ve gone a little soft from all your romance with Potter, Lily.’ Ali was so taken aback she didn’t realise the face she was pulling. Lily began to laugh loudly at her but sobered quite fast.

‘I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on it sooner to be honest, I think it’s because you’re not in our year, but now that I see it it’s quite blindingly obvious.’

‘I don’t see how?’ Ali just stared at Lily as if she’d quite literally lost the plot.

‘He’s always getting into trouble around you.’

‘He gets into trouble around everyone.’

‘He goes out of his way to talk to you.’

‘He goes out of his way to annoy me.’

‘He flirts with you.’

‘I wouldn’t call anything he does flirting.’

‘If you could just see him with other girls, you’d understand. He doesn’t whip out little sly innuendos with anyone else. He barely speaks to anyone if he’s not laughing at their expense or trying to brush them off.’ Lily explained. She’d been going over it all day through classes and coming to so many conclusions.

‘I- what?’

‘He’s helping you with your homework, Adams. Sirius Black is helping someone with homework. Sirius Black doesn’t even do homework. Do you understand the gravity of that? He stood up when he saw you coming this morning, that’s why you ran into him. This is all hilarious to me because I’ve watched nearly all the Gryffindor girls running around besides themselves about Sirius Black since first year. I've heard fantasy after ridiculous fantasy from my dorm mates about him suddenly turning hot for them and doing all these sweet things. But by god that is just not Sirius Black. You’d be lucky to have a conversation with the guy let alone have him lusting after you.’

‘Where is this going, Lily?’ Ali wasn’t swayed. Lily might have made up her mind about this, but she just wasn’t convinced.

‘Well?’ Lily looked at her expectantly once again. When Ali raised a brow at her in reply she continued, ‘do you like him?’

It was a simple enough question. It had a simple enough answer. No. Definitely not. Preposterous. Simply ridiculous. Aaliyah Adams did not, in any way shape or form, fancy Sirius Black. She was in no way attracted to him. Not his perfectly shaped eyebrows, or his ridicuous stormy grey eyes. Nothing about his stupid flicky, midnight black hair made her happy. His height in comparison to her own didn’t sometimes make her breath catch in her throat. The fact that she’d nearly seen every inch of his body didn’t make her blush. She didn’t find her mind drifting off to the scattered study sessions they’d had together recently. Certainly not the one in which they were almost caught holding hands. She never pictured his face whilst reading her sappy romance novels of late. She certainly did not let her eyes trail down the Gryffindor table at breakfast and lunch to look at him.

‘Oh shit.’ She quickly covered her mouth with her hand as Lily squealed.

‘You do!’ As Lily said the words out loud Ali had to think. Did she? She’d never liked anyone before. She thought she shared feelings for Remus a time ago, but that just turned out to be the love of friendship. She always felt something vastly different for Sirius Black. The way she felt for Remus was the same for Lily. But there was something different about the projection of her emotion for Sirius Black. It was hatred. It had to be. This crazy heat she felt whenever she thought of his face. That was pure, hatred.

‘I don’t- I don’t know. What… what does it feel like? Liking someone? Does it feel like burning hatred?’ Ali fixed her petrified gaze on Lily.

‘Uh,’ Lily pulled up short, ‘well, I guess. Love and hate are two extremes of the same emotion I suppose. I know I want to punch James in the face just as much as I want to kiss him. Oh! That’s it! Kiss him!’ Lily wiggled a little and grabbed Ali by the shoulders. Ali was so jostled by the conversation, the forced contact was lost to her usual awkwardness.

‘What? Just walk up and kiss him? And then I’ll know if I like him?’ Ali stared at Lily as if she’d gone mad. Lily just nodded enthusiastically. Since her best friend wasn’t surfacing from her bed for anything besides classes lately and Mary seemed to be MIA more often than not for reasons she refused to share with Lily, this was the best girly interaction she’d had all week. Ali blinked back at her.

‘I suppose it makes sense. When Cresswell kissed me all I could think about was whether or not I’d signed off on my detention for Mulciber and Crouch.’

‘Well when you kiss someone you like you certainly won’t be thinking of other boys, believe me.’ Lily had a knowing glint in her eye. Ali thought on it for a moment. Her experiment with Cresswell was an utter failure. She really was rubbish with understanding this sort of thing. But if the last few weeks had taught her anything, it was that she wasn’t lacking in the feminie department. She did want to experience what Lily seemed to be, and if Lily was so hell bent on Sirius liking her, it might have been worth a try.

‘I could give it a go?’ She voiced, ‘as an experiment?’ Once she decided on it, the next words she shared with Lily were sort of a blur as they entered the common room and before she knew it she was walking over to where the boys were all sat together.

Suddenly she became very aware of her surroundings as Remus settled into her line of vision.

‘Hey.’ He smiled at her and she smiled back. He hadn’t been much of himself over the past week, she’d spent a few days with him in the library. But he wasn’t her focus at the moment. She turned rigidly to face Sirius and found him to be watching her quite quizzically.

‘C-could I borrow you for a moment, Black?’ She asked as Lily crossed a distance to sit down with James. Sirius’s eyes darted over to Lily, then back to her.

‘Yeah, of course.’ He stood up and as he did Ali turned her back to him and led him out of the common room. After she made her way through the portrait hole, she walked down the corridor and passed the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy before she stopped to check if Sirius was still following.

She was met with his tall stature merely centimetres from her own. She looked around to make sure the corridor was deserted.

‘Is there something wrong, Adams?’ He looked down at her and Ali suddenly felt her heart thumping in her chest.

‘Nothing’s wrong.’ She tried to steady her breathing. She felt all hot and flustered and her brain wasn’t working like it usually did.

‘Are you sure? Because you seem a little bothered. Is it Cresswell again?’ Sirius asked moving closer to her and closing the tiny gap between them.

‘Would you mind-' she lost her nerve for a moment, he was so close, ‘would you mind if I conducted an experiment on you?’ Her eyes left his Adams apple and trailed up to his lips.

‘An experiment? Like, for transfiguration?’ She looked up from his lips to his eyes and he was confused. Lily’s words kept bouncing around in her head. He fancies you, Sirius Black thinks you’re something special. Was it true? Did he really not speak to other girls like he did her? Did he go out of his way to help her with her homework? Her eyes fixated on his lips now and her heart kept pounding. This was extraordinary to her, she’d never felt like this before.

‘No,’ she swallowed, ‘it’s more of a social experiment, for my own analysis.’ Her eyes left his lips and rested on his light coloured irises as he stared down at her. She barely registered him agreeing before she reached up and gripped the back of his neck with her hand. Her heart felt like it was going to thump right out of her chest as she pushed up on her tip toes to reach her lips to his own. She was petrified of his reaction. This could have gone so horribly wrong if Lily wasn’t right with her assumptions.

When her lips pushed against Sirius’s, it felt like hours were falling by as she waited for his reaction. He held perfectly still for what felt like too long. This was her kiss with Dirk Cresswell all over again but this time, she was Dirk. This was a failure. This was terrible. Just as she started to lower herself down to break away from the kiss, suddenly she felt some kind of force pushing back. Sirius’s arms came to life and wrapped up around her lower back and pulled her in closer to him.

His lips pulled away from her only to come crashing back down as he kissed her again, and again. She felt like she couldn’t breathe as his hands travelled up her spine to rest under her shoulder blades. As his lips pulled away from hers again she opened her eyes to look up at him. Their eyes connected briefly before his mouth descended on her neck, breathing hot breaths and lightly nipping on parts of her skin. She felt her breathing quicken as he spun her around and pushed her up against the corridor wall.

Suddenly his lips returned to hers and began sucking gently at her lower one, before kissing her fully again. As their mouths connected she felt her heart pounding in her ear and suddenly she wanted nothing else but to disappear into the bliss that was this feeling. She felt his tongue slide against her lips and she parted them to allow it to enter her mouth. She had never felt anything like it in her life. Her stomach was floating. Her arms were curling around his neck and her hands delving into his soft hair. How did he get his hair so soft?

She felt his chest press against her and she let something escape from her mouth. Did she just moan? Did that actually happen? His body felt so hard against her own. Sirius’s right hand started to wander down to her hip and rested there as their lips still locked, and his tongue played with her own in the most tantalizing way she was aware was possible. She felt her nails digging into his shoulder suddenly and his lips left hers once again to return to her jawline.

Suddenly she snapped back to reality when Sirius’s hand settled gently on her lower back and she yelped.

‘Whoa, you okay?’ Sirius asked drawing away from her neck and looking down at her pressed against the wall.

Ali’s heart was going a million miles an hour as she stared back at him. If this was an experiment, this certainly had to be hard proof that this kiss in no way resembled her last. Which meant…

Fuck.’ Ali stared back at Sirius and swore.

‘What?’ Sirius asked.

Ali suddenly pushed him back and swore again. And again.

‘Oh no.’ She knew what this meant. She had feelings. She had feelings for Sirius Black of all people.

‘Oh no?’ Sirius asked looking very confused.

‘Oh no.’ Ali shook her head and stepped away from him. She looked back at him and he looked adorable. His brows were furrowed in confusion and his hair was messed from where her hands had just been in it. His lips were red and it was an amazing contrast to his creamy skin and his light eyes. Aaliyah Adams fancied Sirius Black.

‘Oh no.’ She covered her mouth as her heart rate stabilized. She turned, and without another word, walked straight back towards the common room. She didn’t know what to do. She’d just full on, no doubt about it, snogged Sirius Black. And the worst part was, she’d never felt anything more exhilarating in her life. The way his lips felt against her own. The way they felt against her neck. His hands on her body. Her hands on his body. Every part of what had just transpired was, for lack of a better word, magical. You couldn’t get that kind of a rush from any of the potions in all of the magical world.

She crossed the common room with her hand still over her mouth and ran for the girls stairs. She heard someone say her name but all she wanted to do was get to her bed and shut the curtains and think on this. Once she was in her dorm she was thrilled to see it empty. She fell into her bed and suddenly her stomach was in knots. Or it wasn’t knots, it was like something was squirming around in there as she thought about what just happened.

‘What happened!?’ Lily came flying in the door and over to her bed. Ali flopped over, belly up and slapped a hand over her mouth again. ‘Don’t keep me in suspense woman!’

‘Oh no.’ Ali let loose and looked over at Lily.

‘What? Were you thinking about Mulciber and Crouch the whole time?’ Lily asked trying to figure out what was going on.

‘Who?’ Ali kept touching her lips. She realised Lily was laughing at her.

‘That good then?’

‘I fancy Sirius Black.’ Ali said aloud.

‘You and the entire female population of England.’ Lily watched her, fascinated, ‘luckily though, he seems to fancy you right back.’

‘Do you really think so?’ Ali snapped out of her trance finally and sat up to look at Lily.

‘Well, judging by the hickey’s coming up on your neck. Yes, I really do.’ Lily started to giggle as Ali touched a hand to her neck wondering what on earth a hickey was.

A/N; You're welcome.

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The Marauders Kiss: Social experiments.


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