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A Weasley Vacation by AlecJamesCaius_
Chapter 6 : Weasley Partying!
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As we walked the streets of Amsterdam, Fred with his hands on his butt, I actually got excited again. We were going to a Dutch night club... Who knew, I might actually meet a cute girl tonight. I was still fantasizing about this unknown girl, who's face remained hidden but sported long dirty blonde hair, when we arrived at the queue.

"Look at that queue! By the time we can get in I'll be McGonagall's favorite student!"

All our heads inmediately turned towards sis, and she awkwardly looked at the queue, biting her lip. It was her who pushed us into coming here, and now we couldn't get in and wasted most of our remaining time.

"Worry not, you lot," James smirked. "Follow me."

We followed Harry Potters eldest son into an empty alley. "Is nobody here?" He asked, looking around. It looked like we were the only ones.

"Just tell us what you're up to," Rose said impatiently. James' smirked again and pulled a cloak out of his pants -- The Invisibility Cloak!

"With this, we'll get past the queue no sweat!" He grinned. We were all grinning right now. None of us were aware his father had past the cloak on, not even James' best friend Fred, by the look of surprise on his face.

"It was about time," Fred said, "Now our upcoming final year at Hogwarts will be a blast!"

The only reason Uncle Harry hadn't given his eldest son the Cloak earlier, was because he knew James would constantly use it for mischief. Uncle Harry must've thought : "Oh fuck it, its his final year, let him have some fun" to give it him now. We put the Cloak on, but our feet were showing. When mum,dad and Uncle Harry used the Cloak they had trouble fitting under it as well when they got around their sixth and seventh years, plus they were always with three people, we are with four people right now.

"Let's go!"

"Fred don't step on my foot you prat!"

"I'm sorry, Merlin's risky haircut, Rose!"

It was just a matter of hoping no one would notice our feet, but James had remarked everybody was probably to high to give a shit if they saw us anyway.

We got in and I was, out of nowhere, surrounded by a almost deafening sound. Out of nowhere a blonde girl with a provocative smile walked past me and bumped her bum, covered in mini jeans so small you could see most of the skin, against mine. I immediately turned red and she and her friends giggled. I quickly looked at my sis to see her reaction, but she was gone. James,Fred, sis... They were all gone. Wankers.

I considered going after that girl and her friends, but I figured they'd probably find that creepy. And I wouldn't know what to say anyway. "Wilt u misschien wat drinken?" I suddenly heard behind me. As I turned around I saw a Dutch man with a stubble beard and dark brown long hair partly falling over his eyes. He looked at me skeptically, squinting his eyes, when he saw my baby face. I had no idea what he just said, but I figured I had to get out of there quick, and said: "No thank you sir," In the lowest voice I could manage. I quickly dissapeared between two sweaty guys who also were at least a head taller than me. What was with these Dutch people? They were huge!

Half of the girls were taller than me, and I was 5,7 , wich, granted, wasn't very tall, but damn i felt like a midget here. As I walked I felt a little panic swell up -- what was I gonna do? I had been so excited minutes ago but... I didn't have a clue how to pull birds and I didn't even speak the language here. I manned up when I realized I could just make mistakes here till I pulled something, since I would never see any of these people again anyway.

I'll admit, It took a while before I managed to find a cute girl who was about a head shorter than me, wich made me feel a little more confidant. "Hey," I said. She kept on dancing, and I wasn't sure if she had heard me, so I pulled her shoulder a bit and yelled in her ear, over the music: "HEY! I'm English!" (I was aware English was pretty much the Dutch second language, especially in Amsterdam)

She finally turned around and looked at me like I was a piece of crap. "How old are you?" She asked.

I went red as I thought about what I should say -- should I be honest and maybe ruin my chances, or lie and ruin my chances more if she saw through it?

"I'm 18!" I lied.

"Yeah right. Piss off!" She exclaimed back, turning around. I heard her and her friends laugh at me as she resumed dancing. I walked away ashamed and I wasn't sure if I wanted to try and pull another bird with the risk of another humiliation like this.

But then two arms were put around my neck and I looked at a woman with loads of make up. "I heard your conversation there little guy, you can dance with me!" The woman said. I awkwardly did, as the woman took my hand, which was on her back, and put it on her butt. "Don't be shy !" She winked at me. She had a pretty low voice. I tried to think of something to say but I was to distracted by her boobs slapping me in the face -- a fast song was playing.

She pulled me in closer, my face being precisely between her boobs, and pretty much started jumping up and down. As now I was so close, I noticed the woman had some stubble... I felt my stomach turn around as now I also started noticing her body was way to v-shaped and muscular to be a womans.... O god.

"HOLY SHIT! " I exclaimed as I pulled myself from her embrace,when it hit me. "HOLY SHIT!" I repeated.

"Darling come back! Lets go to my place! I have candy!"

Oh Merlin oh Merlin oh Merlin... Trying to hold my puke I made my way over to the toilets -- going out is awful, I confirmed for myself. But I was being held up, and when I tried passing troughI got a elbow in the jaw. What's happening now? I thought. Everybody seemed to stand in a circle, looking at something. I used my shorter height to slip past everyone, receiving alot of elbows over my whole body in the meantime, as now I saw the spectacle everyone was glaring at.

It was a right dance off.

On the left was a typical dancer, with stylish clothes, sweating his arse off and doing a lot of complex popping with his hands. On the right was a tall pale skinned man with dirty thick black hair falling past his face, break dancing like crazy, as the crowd was cheering him on.

It was Severus Snape. As I looked at the spectacle, paralyzed, I noticed Dom, Scorpius the git and Al standing a few feet away from me, with the same astonishment on their faces that I felt. "But he's dead... He died exactly 25 years ago!" Al exclaimed.

"I saw his grave stone! I saw dad put flowers on it with his own wand!" Scorpius the git exclaimed.

"We've gotta ask him," Dom muttered, but somehow I understood her.


"If he's real of course!" She exclaimed.

"Oh my god, Dom, you don't just ask people if they're real!" Al said, shocked.

"Just you watch!" She said, as she made her way forward. But I pulled her back, just in time. "Hey-- Oh Hugo! What're you doing here?" Dom asked as I made her turn around.

"Same thing you're doing, but you shouldn't just walk up to the guy Dom. Severus Snape is dead, that is a fact. The fact that he is here can mean anything -- but its probably something dangerous, like, Dark Magic or something."

"Dark Magic? That guy?" Dom said, pointing to Snape who was now doing the Nae Nae. She shook my hand off, walked up to him and poked him right between the ribs, commencing alot of simultaneous boo's from the audience. Oh, Merlin. Snape was so shocked by the poke he fell to the ground. He quickly got up and looked at Dom angrily. "Hello there sir!" Dom said angrily, Merlin knows why she said it angrily.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? I was winning!"

"Yeah well I've got to know something. Why aren't you under your grave stone now, being dead like any other normal dead man?!" Classic Dom.

"Grave stone -- Dead man-- I -- You're crazy! What are you even talking about?!" He exclaimed. Scorpius the git, who was 6,1 and looked like your typical Dutch guy quickly stepped in.

"Sir, we've got to know -- are you Severus Snape?"

Severus Snape looked dumbfounded. "How do you guys know my last name? Who are you lot?!" Snape exclaimed, looking a bit scared now. "I'm Orypideon Snape!"

It was quiet for just a second, then Scorpius the git burst out laughing. "Mate... You've actually got a crappier name than me!"

Snape got very red at this. "If you want to go outside then I..."

"No no! Of course not!" Scorpius the git said hastily.

"He must be like Snape's distant cousin," Dom told Scorpius the git, as if we hadn't made that connection ourselves. "After all, Snape was the Halfblood Prince. And it was his mother named Prince, wasn't it? He was Muggle on his dad's side, so its only logical this lad is Muggle as w-- HMPHHF!" Scorpius the git had put his hand over Doms mouth now, since she was on her way to basically confirm magic is real.

Al and me stepped in as well, taking an angry Dom with us, while Scorpius the git quickly apologized to weird Snape. "Dom do you want us to get in trouble?!" Scorpius the git hissed at her when we were alone.

"Sorry, I let myself get a bit carried away there," she said, sheepishly.

"By the way, Hugo, what the hell happened to you?!" Al said. I looked at the mirror that coincidentally was on the wall close to us, and saw myself.

My clothes were torn and dirty, and still had some blood on them, and I had scratches and bumps all over my body for aggressively making my way through masses of people two times. "Its a long story," I said, grinning a bit. Looking back at my first 2 hours in Amsterdam, only our family could have went through this much already. As I closed my eyes and reminisced, I started: "It all began when we wanted to get some WiFi..." but when I opened my eyes... Everyone was gone. Fucking wankers.

I decided to check my watch, and then I saw it was 2 minutes before 12. We had to call Teddy. At twelves he had to apparate us all back home. But... There was no way the others would hear their phones ring in this place. And if mum or Nana Molly found out we had all been to a Muggle night club for 18 plus... I gulped. We were all gonna die.


One minute I was happily walking with Scorpius and Rose, and the next both were gone. Fucking wankers. Now I was dancing on my own with sweaty, drunk and horny Muggles everywhere I looked. I tried my best not to be pissed off,but wasn't doing a good job... Until I saw him.

The resemblance was uncanny. What was with this night club? He had the same light brown hair, the same full but trimmed beard, the same light blue eyes and the same huge smile and full lips. But I knew it couldn't be the real Teddy because the real Teddy was taller. Anyhow, I had made my way towards him before I had a clue what I was doing. As if I was in a trance, I poked him in the ribs and he grumpily turned around.

"Wat is er?" he said.

"I'm English," I said, "I'm Dom." He waited for me to continue, and I waited for him to continue, so we both remained silent for a few seconds till he shrugged and turned around. I was absolutely baffled. I poked him in the ribs again, but this time several times and alot harder.

"Oww! Wat is jouw... What's your problem?" he said with a hilarious accent.

"Aren't you gonna tell me your name?" I said in a low angry voice.

"My name is Daniel..." and then his mouth fell open. A light beam had fallen exactly on my face -- he probably hadn't seen my face clearly before -- and he must've got caught by my Veelaness. He even whispered "Holy shit..." and I couldn't help getting angry at this. He treated me like shit until I suddenly became "pretty". You know what, I'm already sick of this guy. What a bummer, I thought.

"I must've mistook you for someone else. Gotta go," I said, but he quickly grabbed my arm.

"W-wait!" he said and he casually unbottoned his shirt, revealing a well trained body and a cocky grin. "Its so damn hot in here! Don't you think?" He grinned, and I wanted to get angry at his cockiness but it was somewhat sexy. Especially because the body he had just revealed was godlike, he had abs like stone and a larger chest than Rose (not that that was so hard). My brain still wanted to get away but my 16 year old teenage hormones were protesting loudly. They (pathetically easily) won and I stayed, and Daniel took both my arms and said: "Lets dance!" And oh Merlin, this guy could move.

I wasn't much of a dancer and I was getting embarrassed, but all of his friends and he himself looked like I couldn't do anything wrong. Blushing like crazy, as they kept cheering me on, I started smiling a bit and getting more confident. For Merlins knows why, I did a move that was a little provocative and Daniel and all his friends went wild. I didn't know whatthefuck was going on with me -- I wasn't usually like this -- but then Daniel cheekily turned me around... And pretty much started humping my butt.

This wasn't dancing. I had pretty much stopped moving completely and peeked at Daniels face -- did he really think this was enjoyable for me too? It certainly was for him -- he even had his tongue out of his mouth like an excited dog. Suddenly I became incredibly sad -- for a moment I had thought I was dancing and making fun with people that could become new friends. But now, as I looked at Daniels friends, who had exactly the same look on their faces, never before in my life had I felt as a peace of meat this much.

"Let go... Let go of me you fuck!" I screamed, and he finally let go, with a suprised expression.

"Damn what's your deal?" he said, "You don't have to be mad... Whadda ya say we go home to my place?"

"Fuck you," I responded, disgusted. Then I noticed one of his friends secretly filming us with his Muggle phone, and something in my mind snapped. I grabbed his phone, smacked him with it, then threw it a surprisingly far distance away. Immediately after I did it I realized smashing someone's phone wasn't a good idea and I ran for my life. As I dissapeared and maneuvered myself between all the sweaty Muggles I was, for some fucking reason, crying, and I constantly saw Teddy's face flash before my eyes, in his wedding suit, kissing my sister Victoire, the bride...

That's when I saw Rose and Scorpius, who were talking with each other at a table away from the dance floor. Thank Merlin, I thought, as I wiped my tears and marched towards them. "Hey... You guys."

"Dom, what's wrong?" Scorpius said, and before I could say anything he hugged me tightly. He really is such a nice guy. But over Scorpius' shoulder I saw Rose looking at me like she could dance on my grave. But when she noticed me noticing, she quickly changed her expression to a neutral look and smiled at me. Just like with Louis, several things at once fitted in their place and I realized I probably had just ruined Rose' attempt at pulling Scorpius, who she apparently had a crush on. I had to give it to her, she was a pro at hiding stuff. I was her best friend and had only just now noticed. Her parents would kill her though. "Sorry" I handsigned towards her, behind Scorpius' back. "Eat shit" Rose handsigned back.


"...But maybe I should just buy a new dress, All of them are too short nowadays, since my growth spurt... I saw one a while ago, it was expensive, but he promised..." I babbled, when I saw something almost literally snap on Lily's face.

"Would you just shut up, Molly? For Merlins sake!"

"What is it? If you don't want to talk to me, then just leave!" I said, but my voice shook a little.

"You are just such a twat. The only fucking reason Teddy promised to buy you whatever you want was just because you were crying like a litte bitch! We were all ashamed as fuck of you!That guy is marrying Victoire and both of them aren't that big on money! And you seem to have no problem milking the shit out of them--"

"Well he promised! Besides, it's not like they're really short on money! Our family is among the richest in England nowadays--"

"May be, but they told our parent's long ago they don't want to rely on anyone financially, and you know that! They refuse to take money from their parents, or even from indirect family! Who know's, they may have a child soon, but all you can think about is yourself! You disgust me!" Lily yelled. She really wasn't the saint everyone thought she was. Atleast not with me.

But because my body hates me, I already felt tears coming. "Fine,fine,FINE! Jeez, you know what? I'll just tell Teddy he shouldn't buy me anything anymore! Atleast then you're happy, you jealous fuck!"

"Oh my god, no you fucking won't! If you say that now, he'll come walking right down to me, and he'll buy you something he can't afford just to make you happy. You know how much of a sweetheart he is."

"Then whattefuckingfuck you want me to do!" I screamed.

"Calm down," Lily said, annoyed. "You'll wake up the whole of Amsterdam."

"You know what, fuck you!" I yelled, completely ignoring her, because I felt the huge load of tears knocking on my eyeballs. I couldn't do anything right, could I? So I just ran, throwing a small rock at Lily's head for no particular reason.

"Molly, wait!" Lily said, finally sounding a bit uncertain.

I kept running, giving her both my middle fingers from the back. I had no idea where I was going and I got tired embarrassingly quickly because I'm unatlethic and overweight. I felt incredibly angry, tired, and stupid because I had no clue where I was.

All I knew was that I was in a small open space at the backside of a building, and there was no one besides me here.

I heard a weird sound and screamed, only to see it was a branch falling from a tree. Merlin, I'm so annoying, I sighed.

But then everything got dark. I felt my heart rapidly beat faster and faster, as I saw all the stars dissapearing.

"W-who is it?" I squeaked.

It got incredibly cold. "What's happening?" I whispered.

And then a rotten hand grabbed my neck, pushed me against a wall and started choking me. A tall dark creature came closer and closer to me, as I felt all happiness fade away...

To be continued...

Author's note: A more dramatic and romantic chapter than usual you guys! The plot is really picking up now. Please tell me what you thought!

Have a nice day and remember, Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

- AlecJamesCaius

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