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Bad Faith by WitchingWorld
Chapter 3 : Fluorescent Yellow
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 By the end of the year History of Magic turned out to be one of Al’s most entertaining subjects as a direct consequence of the lesson’s incredible dullness.
Although this seems contradictory, the pure boredom incited by Professor Binns and his class meant that Sam was constantly seeking innovative and imaginative methods of pushing Rose to the brink of insanity, as he had already read his text book and made notes for final exams, therefore having no use for Binns’ terribly dreary lectures (did anyone really?).

Most of the time, Sam challenged himself into developing complex plans in which Rose was pestered consistently by a seemingly innocuous action until breaking point.

For example, once he attempted to cast a different spell to break her quill’s tip every five minutes for the entire lesson (after changing quills, writing more lightly, changing quills again and ignoring it, Rose snapped at the sixty-five minute mark, charming her scrap parchment into vicious paper scorpions that attacked Sam for the rest of the day).


However, occasionally Sam enjoyed going old-school and playing tricks on Rose, which had been aggravating young girls for centuries, particularly since the creation of the inkpot.

It was on a day like this which Sam filled two inkpots with Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes’ forever-lasting fluorescent yellow hair dye, sat directly behind her and ever so gently laid Rose’s two plaits into the pots for the entire lesson.

Al almost gave Sam away several times with his giggles, however Rose was well trained in the art of ignoring her cousin and his friend in classes where they were downright uninterested in learning anything, and she was busy studiously taking notes.

Of course the real chance of a giveaway lay in how long Sam could ensure she didn’t notice her hair’s situation, as the yellow dye crept higher and higher up her braids.

Sam kept his wand out and made sure no matter when Rose moved her head, she didn’t feel any tugs or pressure on her scalp, and he painstakingly extracted the plaits before the end of class without her turning around, however as Rose was packing her books away one braid swung down near her face and the yellow caught her eye.


“MALFOY!!” Rose flipped around violently, wand in hand.

“What on earth did you do you fucking arse?” she shrieked.

Over the course of first year Rose had discovered swearing and used it to vent her anger towards Sam, but this time profanities didn’t quite cut it, so before Sam could even say ‘gotcha’ Rose was firing jinxes at him left, right and centre.
Locomotor wibbly! Inflatus! Ventus!

And that was how Sam ended up blown across the classroom, incapacitated on the floor, suffering from jelly legs and progressive swelling, and how Rose got sent to the Headmaster’s office for Sam’s condition, despite her impressive spellwork.

         ~                   ~                ~            ~                ~               ~

“I’ve tried every charm, every spell, every everything, and it’s (hit) not (slap) changing (pinch) back (smack) you (punch) fucking (kick) git! (thwack)”

Al and Sam were hysterically laughing, despite Sam’s eventual bruising, as Rose sat next to them in the library glaring in indignation.

Sam eventually managed to choke out, “That’s the beauty of it! You put in the extra effort, and it’s not just a weak spell I could have cast which would have worn off in a few days, it’s a FOREVER LASTING Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes enchantment which will last, well, forever!”

He then tugged one of Rose’s plaits, collapsing into another fit of laughter, which ceased very suddenly when instead of continuing to rage, Rose calmly opened up some revision notes and proceeded to study.


“What… wait what’s going on Weasley? No more physical abuse? No more profanities? I mean I never picked Hermione Granger’s daughter for a violent foul-mouth but my actions were entirely responsible for you getting sent to the Headmaster…”

Rose smiled and sweetly replied, “Think of the lack of screaming and physical trauma as a thank you for the letter Brocklehurst is going to send to my parents. My Dad is going to be so happy I hexed your arse into the back of Binn’s classroom before the end of my first year, I’ll probably get a present! And, well, there’s no point getting angry when I’ve got such excellent plans for you Malfoy. In fact, it’s pretty impossible to have any hard feelings at all when I know you’re going to wish you hadn’t been such a prat because of what I’ve got in store for you.”

Sam looked fearfully at Al, fully prepared to run for the hills at the sight of her calm cheerful response, it was downright scary!

Sam was about to offer some sort of deal in lieu of Rose’s ‘excellent plans’ when James strode over to their table with his left and right hand, Molly and Fred, an encircling group of gushing followers and his now customary insults.


“How’s your study going Snake? Be careful yeah, if you stay inside any longer studying your reflective skin might blind everybody in the exam room. Is it human to be that pasty?”

Many people in the small crowd laughed raucously, and Sam’s playful expression had, as usual, been replaced with his stony calm mask.

However before he could take his normal course of action and leave quietly, Rose cut in.

“Now James, you know I hate Malfoy more than anyone, but I’m trying to study, so if you wouldn’t mind cousin dearest, I’d really prefer you didn’t bother me, exams start in sixteen days! Don’t worry, I’ll do a good job harassing him too.”

For a moment James appeared confused, but he did care about Rose, and Rose cared about her exams, so with a nod he turned to go.

“Guess I’ll see you later then, Death Eater,” he hissed before leaving the library.


Sam glanced upwards from his notes, studying Rose, “You didn’t have to do that you know, I would have left.”

Rose snorted, “Oh don’t flatter yourself Malfoy, I didn’t do it for you, I just really want to study, and no one’s Herbology notes are more meticulous than yours. If you’d left, I wouldn’t be able to look over them, now would I?”

But as sometimes happened when Sam was around; after a particularly heated argument or a strange moment of companionship, Rose felt that shiver in the bottom of her stomach; but she again concluded that it was a side effect of her deep hatred.

              ~                 ~              ~             ~                ~                ~

Before any of them knew it, the time for studying for their final first year exams was over.

Up came the written tests (Sam came first in Herbology?! Sam?! I’ll kill him!), and then practical exams were also over (Rose was only a little miffed when Al’s hand of bananas cartwheeled more gracefully than hers).

All too soon their first year at Hogwarts was over, and they had boarded the Hogwarts Express for the journey home.
Al and Sam had a compartment to themselves, and were discussing whether or not it would be wise to ask Draco Malfoy if they could visit each other and watch the Quidditch World Cup together this summer, when the door slid open and an authoritative voice blasted at them.

There you are Al! I’ve been searching the entire train for you-”

Sam softly muttered, “Well technically you’ve probably only been searching this carriage seeing as movement between carriages is severely discouraged while the train is in motion.”


Rose shot him a look of disgust and sat down next to Al, “Just thought I’d remind you that Victoire’s having a graduation party and everyone’s going to Shell Cottage to celebrate.”

“Yeah, I remember. Hey Rose, do you reckon I could ask Sam’s dad if we can hang out this summer and maybe watch the Quidditch World Cup together?”

Rose mulled this over for a few seconds then replied, “Well he knows you’re friends, and while he and your parents weren’t on the best terms decades ago he’s been very civil to all the Potters and Weasleys since. So yeah, he should be fine about you going to visit Malfoy Manor.”

Sam snorted and leaned forward to tug Rose’s braid and she habitually responded by pinching his nose in a patronising ‘Gotcha nose!’ kind of way (it was a small custom they’d developed after Sam kept toying and teasing Rose about her fluorescent hair, which she had eventually cut off).

“You just don’t want me hanging around Al’s house and Godric’s Hollow because I’ll be too close for comfort.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Malfoy, you know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Besides, it would be rather hilarious if my Dad caught you over at mine. You should definitely visit, purely for the entertainment value of course.”

Sam smiled, “Of course, for the entertainment value.”

This was going to be a good summer.


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