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It's Not That Simple by Petit_Ange
Chapter 1 : Being Average
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Hi there :) This is my first Fanfic so please be don't be too harsh, but please let me now if you have any advice to offer!

Disclaimer- I do not own anything taken from J.k.Rowling’s books




No one would have been able to tell by looking at me that I was a Slytherin, and I know why too. It’s because I’m average-mundane as that sounds. My height was average, my skin was tanned, but still average, my hair was average. The only thing that wasn’t average about me, was my unfortunately small bust- but I suppose that’s what you get for being skinny. There are small things I prize my physical self on, such as my eyes. They’re a rather shocking shade of green, contrasting my dark hair. I consider them a family heirloom, given to me from my dad, from his dad and so on.

My being average made me think of the first time I went to Hogwarts. I sat in a compartment on my own (I’m used to it) when the train started moving, and tried to guess as to which house I was going to be in. My family and I had a debate the night before- it seems I have every single house in my bloodline, even Slytherin, so everyone is waiting to find out.
I sat there for a while; just watching the countryside zooming by, and then I heard a clear voice from the door.

“Excuse me?”
I looked up to see almost a mass of deep red, curly hair standing in the doorway. I met her gaze, and she seemed taken aback for a moment (I’m used to that too).

“Um.. You didn’t happen to see any gingers or redheads pass this way?” She found her voice.
“Oh, no sorry,“ I smiled apologetically. She looked at me in a bemused manner.
“Are you sure? They’re not easy to miss,” She cocked her head to one side, and smiled jokingly. I gave a small laugh.

“I’m sorry, I was daydreaming.” Why would I say that? The girl nodded and was just about to leave when she turned back and said:
“Are you lonely?” I was slightly surprised at this question, but I didn’t show it.
“Aha, I’m used to it.” Then an image flashed across my mind- it was a train compartment filled with what I presumed to be this girl’s family, they were laughing and joking. I wanted to be part of it.

I looked back up at the girl, and she was looking at me quizzically.
“Why don’t you come with me?” She gave a smile. She’s a smooth talker, I’m guessing Ravenclaw.
I beamed at her in thanks and walked through the corridor with her.
“I’m Rose Weasley by the way.” She said to me casually. Ah, of course, that made sense, I should have guessed that.

“Guinevere Grey- most people call me Guin or Grey though.” I kind of feel stupid now- admit it, who calls their child Guinevere? Oh yes, MY PARENTS.
“Pleasure,” said Rose as she opened a compartment door.

“ROSIE! Where the hell have you been?! We were getting ready to go on a crusade looking for you!” A boy’s voice immediately greeted us.
“Don’t be silly James,” She said as she sat down and folded her arms, leaving me awkwardly in the doorway. Everyone looked up at me expectantly. There was a ridiculous amount of people in the compartment. I mean seriously.

“Guys this is Guinevere Grey, also known as Guin or Grey.” Rose gave me a reassuring smile- she must have realised how strange this was to me.
“Hi,” I waved. I was greeted by a number of Heys and Hellos, but they were all still staring at me- or at me eyes rather.

One of the older boys seemed to have regained his concentration and stood up.
“I’m James Potter,” He laid a hand upon his chest, the gestured to those around him, “this here is Louis, Fred, Dominique (sister of Louis), Albus (my brother), Rose (my cousin) and these two,” he pointed at a girl and a boy to my right “are not related to us so they can introduce themselves.”
He sat back down to my left and indicated to a seat next to him.
“Nice to meet you all” I smiled as I sat. I turned to the two people opposite me.
“I’m Leann Thomas, and this is Justin Bell,” Said the girl, “Most people call me Lee, We’re both first years too”

I liked these people, they seemed nice.
However, this was my first and pretty much last encounter with the Weasley/Potter Clan, enjoyable though it was. This was because none of them ended up in Slytherin, unlike me. For some reason I felt like I already knew what houses they were placed in, and it wasn’t until the sorting ceremony that I realised I was right. Not only that, I had a déjà vu of the image I saw in my previous compartment, I thought nothing of it.

But it turns out I’m psychic

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It's Not That Simple: Being Average


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