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“For the one I love…” by Miss Haggan
Chapter 5 : Chapter 4: The next step.
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Chapter 4


The plans are in motion for the trio’s next big journey, but things soon become intense when they realize that this mission just might be too big for them to handle.

“So, what’s going to be happening with us?” Jamie asked when Harry had explained to them that they couldn’t stay where they were until it was time for them all to leave for the mission. Harry sighed and rubbed his eyes, he hadn’t slept properly for days and it was starting to show, with puffy eyes and black circles underneath them, everyone knew he was having a tough time. They were due to go home tomorrow and for once, Harry was looking forward to spending time at the Dursley’s, so that he could grieve properly.

“You’re going to Grimmauld place and you'll be staying there until we come and get you, and whilst there you can search the house from top to bottom to find that locket, it’s important that you do.”

“We can do that,” Jamie said confidently, “we'll search every inch of that house.”

“You forgot about Kreacher,” Ron stated suddenly.

“Eugh! Is that ugly git still alive?” Jamie grimaced, much to the amusement of Ron, and the displeasure of Hermione

“Crap! What am I going to do about him?” Harry asked.

“Maybe Professor McGonagall can find a way to send you there to warn Kreacher and bring you back,” Hermione suggested.

“That’s three portkey’s that she has to set up without ministry detection, that won’t be easy. I’m pretty sure you it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get a portkey past them,” Lillian replied.

“We’ll just not use portkey’s then, Dumbledore’s dead; we can now apparate in and out of the castle,” Harry said, not feeling too sure about the suggestion himself.

“That doesn’t feel right,” Hermione said.

"That’s the only choice we’ve got,” replied Harry, and the room went quiet.


That night the trio and Jamie and Lillian went to, what was now, Professor McGonnagal’s office. It was midnight, and no students were lurking about. Though to be safe Lillian disillusioned all of them, a spell that she taught herself, much to Jamie’s astonishment.


Harry was worried about this plan. Jamie and Lillian weren’t supposed to be getting into danger, what if they died whilst here? Would he be erased from this world? He dreaded to think.

“Has the password changed?” Ron mused once they reached the stone gargoyle.

“Yes, Professor McGonagall sent it to me this morning by owl.” Hermione answered. She fiddled in her beaded bag that she had randomly started carrying about with her everywhere and finally pulled out a slip. “Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore,” she said clearly and the stone gargoyle jumped to live.

“Professor Dumbledore would have serviced,” Ron commented they all rolled their eyes as they ascended the stairs. Once at the top Lillian took of the disillusioning charm off them as Harry knocked the door.

“You may enter,” sniffed McGonagall. Harry opened the door and they all filled in one by one.

Oh dear me, I forgot about our arrangement,” she said as she tried to fix her appearance. Her eyes were red and puffy, her hair was in disarray and she wore tartan pyjamas, with a matching house coat and fluffy slippers.

I thought it was Madame Pomfrey coming for a chat. Please, do sit down, make yourselves comfortable whilst I go and make myself more presentable,” she looked sadly and Jamie and Lillian, gave another huge sniff and raced upstairs.

“Please, don’t go to any hassle on our account,” Hermione said as she sat in between Harry and Jamie. McGonagall stopped at her office door.

“Nonsense,” she tutted, “what kind of Professor would I be if I didn’t make myself more presentable in front of my students?” She said as she walked into Dumbledore’s old private room.

There’s fresh tea in the pot sitting upon my desk, help yourselves,” she added before disappearing out of sight.

“Poor old Professor McGonagall,” Ron said and Hermione shushed him. “Do you think she was in love with old Mr Loony bin?” He asked in a more hushed tone.

“Dear Merlin Ronald, you could be more sensitive!” Hermione replied in a harsh whisper and Harry looked at him in anger, “and to answer your question, no I think not. They have been friends and colleagues for decades; she has lost a dear friend who must’ve been like a brother to her.” Just as Hermione finished her sentence McGonagall stepped out of her private room and down to where the others sat. She poured herself some tea and settled into Professor Dumbledore’s old chair. She looked much more like the teacher they knew. Her hair was swept up in the tight bun that she usually wore, her eyes were no longer puffy and red and her black robes looked crisp and fresh.

“So, I take it you have formulated some sort of plan, Mr Potter?” she asked after she sipped her tea. “As you may well know Professor Dumbledore had a way of slipping certain things past the ministry, goodness knows how long he managed to get away with it for so long,” she continued with great sadness in her eyes. “However, I don’t think I would be capable of getting away with such things, a portkey maybe, but that is my limit.”

“Actually Professor,” Harry began gently “Since Professor – umm – well, since he’s – umm gone – I was wondering if we could apparate in and out of the castle now? It would be the quickest and safest way of getting them there safely,” he said in a rush. Professor McGonagall’s eyes glazed over again.

“Quite right Mr Potter, but how do you suppose you do that? she asked. “You haven't got your apparition licence.”

“We have professor. We're both in our seventh year, and are of age,” Lillian answered quickly.

“That settles that then. Harry, you may give them the address of Mr Black’s, or should I say, your property, and then they can be on their way.”

“Professor, I need to go with them. I need to warn Kreacher about them, and make sure he doesn’t give them any hassle,” Harry said.

“I can bring him there and back,” Jamie offered.

“Very well then, Mr Potter you have fifteen minutes, if you’re not back by 12:45 am then I will come and get you myself." All three nodded in understanding and stood up. “Right, well, I'll put the glamour charm on you first, James, what was your specifics?”

“Short brown hair, and navy blue eyes,” he replied pulling a face. McGonagall smirked and performed the necessary spell.

“...and Lily?”

“Long blonde hair, and mocha eyes,” she replied promptly, and she too was changed.

“Right, now you're ready to go,” McGonagall said, and Harry could tell, that she was refraining from hugging her young former students.

“Maybe it’s better if we use side-long apparition?” Lillian said as they joined hands. Harry nodded in agreement.


Harry prepared himself for the usual suffocating effects of side-long apparition, he really hated that it was the safest way for a wizard to travel these days. Now that Professor Dumbledore had died, he was pretty sure it was only a matter of time before Voldemort took over the ministry. Harry felt Lillian squeeze his left hand tightly before they landed on soft marshy ground.

“Well done Harry, most people vomit on their first try,” Jamie said as he steadied himself. “Well, I did,” he added

“I’ve done side-long apparition before, it didn't affect me really. Let’s get into the house before someone sees us,” Harry whispered.


He led the way to Sirius’ front door that had appeared whilst they had been running across the street. Harry looked at his surroundings before taking out his wand and unlocking the front door. Once they were inside Harry lit his wand and took in his surroundings, it was just the same. Dark, musty and formidable. Harry took a step forward, but immediately regretted it. From the carpet rose a dusty ghost-like figure of Professor Dumbledore, who zoomed towards them with a claw like hand stretched out ready to grasp the throat of the unwitting intruder.

“I own this house, I did not kill you!” Harry stuttered quickly. Just before the figure grasped his throat it disappeared leaving a dense cloud of dust in its wake.

“What on earth was that?” Lillian coughed as she detached herself from Jamie, who was coughing also.

“Probably something Moody set up for the person that killed Dumbledore,” Harry replied, “and keep your voice down; you’ll wake the portrait of Sirius’ mother,” Harry whispered as he led them upstairs and into the sitting room. “OK, here's a copy of the locket we're looking for,” he said as he pulled the fake one out of his pocket and set it on the table.

“What if we don’t find the locket?” Lillian asked as she examined the fake.

“Then look for anything that might give us a clue as to where the real one is,” Harry replied. Just then the door creaked open and Kreacher waddled in, still carrying the filthy rag that Harry seen him with a year ago.

“There he is, the chosen one, standing in master’s living room as bold as brass,” Kreacher muttered as he tried to clean the tarnished ornaments.

“Kreacher, these are my friends and they will be staying here for the foreseeable future. I want you to be nice to them. Don't give them any hassle, and I want you to serve them three meals a day and give them anything that they need. Is that understood?” Harry awaited a reply but instead the elf muttered something about mudblood’s.

“Kreacher!” Harry said in a warning tone, as he stopped Jamie from kicking the elf, “I want absolutely no mention of anyone’s blood status', pure or otherwise. I may refrain from cursing you, but Jamie surely wouldn't.”

“Of course Master, as you wish master,” Kreacher muttered before walking back out of the room.

“OK, I don’t expect him to be nice to you, but he should at least provide three meals a day and hopefully stay out of your way,” Harry said as he headed for the door.

“When will we see you, and how do we get into contact with you?” Lillian asked as she walked into the hall way with them.

“No doubt you’ll see me at the end of July, but before that, there is no way of contacting me,” he replied. She nodded in understanding and went back into the living room to wait on James coming back. After a while she heard the door click shut and she dashed out into the hall with her wand drawn in case it was an intruder.

“Relax Lil, it’s just me.”

“Stop calling me Lil!” She huffed as she walked back into the living room.

“Are you looking forward to spending a month in here all alone?” he asked cheekily as he followed her.

“Oh yeah! I can hardly contain my excitement.” she replied sarcastically as she sat down on the moth eaten couch.

“This place needs a good clean. I doubt the beds are fit to sleep in,” Jamie said sitting beside her.

“We could sleep on a sofa each, just until the others arrive,” Lillian said timidly.

“Fine by me,” he winked before settling on to the other couch. She sighed, she was already regretting her idea.




“Did everything go alright?” Hermione asked when Harry finally entered the common room. She and Ron had been sent to bed, whilst McGonagall awaited the arrival of Harry.

“Yes, Kreacher has been warned not to bother them, and he will be making them three meals a day,” Harry replied he sat heavily in the free space on the sofa.

“This is going to be hard isn’t it?” Hermione asked as she got herself more comfortable. Harry could only nod in response. “Are you ready for it?” she asked

“I have to be, there isn’t any other way to kill him,” he sighed. They sat for another ten minutes before bidding goodnight to each other, that night all Harry could dream about was a normal life with two loving parents.

A.N. So, what did you think of this chapter, again not a lot is happening, but within the next two you will see the story unfold. Please review.


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“For the one I love…”: Chapter 4: The next step.


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