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Resolute Knights of Hogwarts by XxXDragon_KingXxX
Chapter 1 : Family found
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Harry was wide awake and pacing his room singing happy birthday to himself, even though he had a lot on his mind such as the battle that took place at Hogwarts where he almost saw his mentor and Professor die. Harry still felt relief Dumbledore had not left him alone in the world, he would not know what to do if he did after everything they have uncovered. Even though he knew he had his two friends by his side to help.

'This war needs to end fast,' Harry muttered.

He picked up a letter Albus had sent him earlier that day.

Dear Harry

I would like to say Happy Seventeenth Birthday, I am hoping you are well. I should not stress that it is very important to stay where you are until the magic your mother left takes place Harry, so I ask you. Do not leave the safety of your home just yet. Humor an old man won't you.

 Sincerely your friend.

Albus Dumbledore.

Grumbling Harry put the letter into his trunk took a deep breath.

'Sorry professor, I don't mean disrespect you but I don't want to be in this wretched place any longer,' Harry said to himself.

Packing up the rest of his stuff he realized it was 12:06 am.

'Wow, I can finally legally use my magic,' said Harry with a grin.


Harry thought of all the useful everyday things he would use magic for, maybe even a few mischief things that would make his father proud.

But of course, reality brought him back to realizing the world is at peril and it seemed only britan knew about it, using his wand he picked up Hedwig's cage who yet has not returned from her night hunting. With a sigh, Harry sat back down because he knew Hedwig would not be pleased if she found Harry has left without her. So, Harry laid back and let himself fall back into his thought of the past years.

'So much has happened in such a short time,' Harry half whispered.

The Horcruxes, the Hogwarts invasion, the Azkaban Breakout, Dementors abandoning the ministry. Harry couldn't help but grin at that thought of ministry losing control. Only seconds later he felt ashamed for thinking that because he knew some good people who working tirelessly trying to keep order for the public. Letters from Hermione she told him even though its nearly falling apart, the ministry is trying to reform and sus out friend and foe, minor news but a step in the right direction.

'What do I do now, I can't go back to Hogwarts, I would be risking everyone's life again if I did,' Said Harry to the darkness.

Harry thought about his two first and very best friends, Ron and Hermione.

'Well, If I didn't go back to Hogwarts...Ron would only want to join me, Hermione, on the other hand, would skin me alive if I left her,' said harry.

His thoughts then drifted over to the one girl he really cared about but broke up with over the summer because of the battle.

'Ginny,' Said harry in a pained voice.

He missed her greatly, everything about her he missed. Her smile, her laugh, her scent. Heck, he even missed her temper, but most of all he missed the way she freely kissed him whenever she pleased.

'I'm only doing this to protect her,' Said Harry trying to reason with himself.

Snapping out of it Harry sat up and paced the room again thinking of other things to distract him from Ginny. One thing he didn't expect his thoughts to fall to was his former potions teacher...

'Severus,' Harry whispered.

Severus was killed at Hogwarts when Dumbledore’s plan failed to get himself killed by Snape. Severus Snape was killed by a death eater who found out that Severus Snape was actually on Dumbledore’s side and killed him.

'I'm sorry Professor, I should have saved you,' Harry said with guilt.

With a frustrated sigh Harry opened the window and looked at the night sky with the full moon waiting for Hedwig to return and lost himself in his thoughts once more.


Meanwhile at Hogwarts

Remus Lupin and a teenage boy were walking the halls of the wizarding school in deep conversation.

'I wish for you to talk to this man with great respect, he's the headmaster of this school and first impressions goes a long way in a time like this,' Said Remus.

The teenage boy only rolled his eyes and nodded.

'I mean it, you might not have followed the rules in a while but you're finally in my care so I hope you start somewhere,' Said Remus

'Ok, I get it,' Said the boy.

Taking a deep breath Remus walked up the staircase to the headmasters office, when he was reaching to knock on the door he heard Albus telling him to come in.

'Come on in Remus, the door is open,' said Albus in a gentle tone.

Remus should have figured that would happen, it spooked him sometimes.

'How does he do that,' Remus muttered.

'Do what,' The boy asked?

'He always seems to know when someone's here to talk to him,' Remus replied.

Stepping into the Headmaster along with the unknown teenage boy Albus immediately turned his attention to the boy.

'Hello Remus, who did you bring with you tonight,' He asked?

Running a hand through his hair Remus sat down in a chair while the boy remained to stand near Remus.

'I'll get to that Albus, But first, there's  something we need to talk about, “said Remus.

Dumbledore sat back and twiddled his two thumbs and looked from the boy to Remus Lupin.

'Of course, What is it my friend,' He asked?

'Well Albus, Seventeen years ago, Harry's birth was not the only thing that happened that night,' Said Remus


Remus was hoping to get this over quickly and go grab Harry, Albus raised an eyebrow eagerly listening to Remus, for the first time Albus felt vulnerable.

'Albus that night Harry was born, there was another thing that happened, something Harry would like to know,' Said Remus more confidently.

Taking a deep breath Remus looked anywhere but at Albus.

'Albus, on the night Harry was born, everything happened so fast, there are memories that have been obliviated from the both of us. It was your instructions, that night is still confusing but there is one thing I know about it' Said Remus.

Albus looked at his friend with shock and confusion in his eyes. It took a few moments to collect his thoughts and in the end, he really had none, instinctively he ran his still functional hand over the drawer in his desk.

' Why would I ask you of such a thing Remus, what else happened that night,' Albus asked?

Remus closed his eyes and shook his head. The boy looked uncomfortable and fidgeted on the spot knowing what Remus was going to say next.

'James and Lily didn't only have Harry that night, because seven minutes later, Lily had Shade,' Said Remus.

Even though the memory is heavily foggy, Remus could clearly remember hearing Madam Promfrey bustling around that night in his head, all the confusion and excitement was the only feeling that ever stuck with Remus. 

'Are you saying Lily had twins,' said Albus.

'Yes,' Remus Answered.

Albus Dumbledore stood up to look at the boy at a different angle, the boy, on the other hand, looking nervous had his palm on his wand when Albus stood so suddenly.

'What happened that night,' Said Albus in shame...

Remus walked over to Albus and put his hand on his shoulder.

Back in private drive

Harry was still at the window when he finally spotted Hedwig in the night sky coming back from her night time hunt.

'About time girl,' he Said as Hedwig landed on his arm.

Hedwig only gave him a look that clearly looked like she was glaring at him and nipped at his ear before he put her in her cage.

'Sorry girl but it's going to be a long trip and honestly I don't know where I'm going after I go to Gringotts,' Said harry.

She gave a low hoot at tucked her head in her wing and fell asleep. Watching her for a few moments harry shrunk his other stuff and put it in his pocket and grabbed Hedwig's cage and opened his window and lowered himself down, looking around to check to see if it's clear he took a deep breath and disappeared into the night.

'I know I shouldn't do this,' Harry said with guilt


Back at Hogwarts

'I can't even begin to find out where I can even try to apologize for putting such a secret on your shoulders Remus,' Said Albus' And you, I don't believe an apology would be good enough for you'.

Shade tilted his chin up but said nothing and took his palm off of his wand, but kept his curious eyes on Dumbledore’s hand.

'Albus, you had a reason to ask me of this, I trusted you back then and I trust you now, but please do not ask me to do it again, I have yet to tell Harry and I fear his reaction when I tell him,' Said Remus.

All Albus could do was nod his head and sit back down.

'Well if we know Harry enough I would guess he has ignored your orders and left Private Drive already,' said Remus.

Albus looked up and knew he was right.

'Where should we start looking,' said Albus.

Remus shook his head.

'I'm sorry Albus but if he sees you he will only run, “Remus tried to explain, 'Just have the order at the ready if need be'

Albus looked defeated but did not press further, as Remus went for the door he looked back at Shade who had not moved and was looking into Albas eyes as if in a trance, but after a few moments he turned away and walked toward the door.

'Shade,' Said Albus

Shade stopped in his tracks nervous

'Happy Birthday,' Said Albus softly.

Without emotion, he turned around and looked at Albus, but his eyes drifted to the decayed hand.

'Thanks,' Said Shade.

He turned and walked out with Remus leaving Albus with his thoughts.


At Diagon Alley


Harry just got off of the knight bus and snuck past Tom in the leaky cauldron since Harry did not want to go through the same routine he had from his third year.


'Ok, let's make this quick,' Said Harry

He let Hedwig out of her cage who was not pleased to be woken up from her nap, harry put up his hood to avoid attention and quickly walked through Diagon Alley, he was hoping the goblins wouldn't tell anyone that he was here.


Unknown to Harry someone had recognized him and things didn't look good since they were five death eaters coming out of Knocturne alley.

'We found him, let's be the ones to deliver him to the dark lord,' said one death eater.

They all nodded in agreement.

'Yes the dark lord will be most pleased with us and we will forever be in his good graces for bringing him the boy who lived,' Said another.

They were about to go get him until they realized he just went into the wizarding bank, they knew they couldn't touch him in there with all the goblins. Not far from the death eaters, Remus Lupin and Shade Potter had just apparated into a dark Alley.

'Is he always like this...you know running,' Shade asked?

Remus let out a little chuckle.

'Well not as much as you,' He replied.

Shade rolled his eyes and shrugged.

'I wasn’t running, I just had nowhere to go,' Said shade.

Remus winced at that, Shade took notice and changed the subject quick.

'Well let's just hope he's here because I don't feel like chasing him all over the countryside, even if he's my brother,' Said shade

Shaking his head Remus scratches his head and looked at his surroundings searching for any signs of Harry.

'well you said he could most likely be at Gringgortts looking for money right,' asked Shade?

'Gringotts, and yes we could look there, I’m hoping he’s careful at the same time,” Remus replied.

'Out of bad guy sight hopefully,' added Shade

At that moment the bank doors and out walked Harry with his hood on, this made Shade assume that was harry especially when five men started walking towards the wizarding bank, he was glad finding him was quick but seeing things turn for the worst just as fast sucked.

'And by my guess that's him with those men closing in on him,' Said shade casually.

In panic, Remus noticed the five men and saw that they were Death Eaters.

'Death eaters, Shade stay here,' Remus ordered as he took off.

Remus ran towards harry and the five death eaters grabbing out his phoenix order medallion and activated it to warn the other order members.

'HARRY GET DOWN,' Remus yelled!

Harry grabbed his wand and pointed it at the death eaters ignoring Remus telling him to get down. Two death eaters tried to surround Harry while the other three took on Remus until Harry saw another person going to aid Remus. Momentarily surprised Harry watched the person use a spell that looked like a silver whip that he whirled around both him and Remus making all spells from the five death eaters bounce off into other directions but when he used the whip again but aimed it at the enemy it where it gave a loud crack against the death eaters shields. Snapping out of it Harry pointed his wand at the nearest death eater who turned his attention back to harry.

'Stupefy,' Harry stunned the death eater.

Another Death eater turned to Harry but got stunned by Remus, but as the death eater fell another shot a spell at Remus but got pushed to the right by the boy making the spell cut Remus's arm badly, the unknown boy was now dueling three on one while harry rushed over to Remus he dropped to his knee trying to use the shield charm for the unknown boy.

'Crucio,' one death eater shot a spell at the unknown boy.

'Shade,' Remus cried!

Shade fell to his knees in pain trying to ignore the spells inflicting pain, Harry sprung back into the action with random spells.


Two death eaters were stunned and the one who had used the cruciatus curse on the unknown boy was blown back then half of his right shoulder was blown apart making blood spray everywhere. Breathing heavily, Harry fell to his knee looking at the result of what he just did. Casting three spells seconds after the other had a heavy effect on him he discovered, no matter how angry he was, with only moments after looking at the unknown boy did his strength start returning.

'What did I just do,' he asked himself.

Moments later ministry officials apparated along the street of Diagon Alley making Shade roll his eyes at them, Harry looked at Shade with confusion on how he could still stand after taking a direct hit from a unforgivable curse.

'It seems even on this side of the pond that the authorities are late,' said Shade sarcastically.

Taking this as a cue to leave Remus took both Harry's and Shades arm and Apparated out of there back to the field that wasn’t too far from the burrow.  Harry who still wasn't use to apparating fell to the ground while shade smirked at Harry but that was quickly gone when Remus grabbed harry and roughly pulled him up.

'You should have listened to Dumbledore instead of risking your life like that,' Remus suddenly started without warning and with an angry tone.

Harry hung his head looking down at his shoes knowing not to say anything. Remus did a spell that slowed down the bleeding on his arm and reminded himself to ask Mrs. Weasley to fix it when they went inside. Taking a few deep breaths Remus stood back from Harry and looked at him then to Shade.

'In any case, I'm glad you made it easy for us to find you,' Said Remus.

Letting curiosity get the better of him Harry looked up and looked over at the boy he didn't know.

'I'm sorry Remus but who's he,' Harry asked?

Remus ran his hand through his hair nervously.

'Well Harry, I really don't know how to tell you this,' Remus started.

'Might as well get this over with,' Remus thought to himself.

He put a hand on both Harry's and Shades shoulder.


“Remus just treat it like a band aid and tell him I’m his brother, twin to be exact,” said Shade.


Harry's mind raced, and his heart dropped while Remus, on the other hand, was waiting for the explosion from harry, but in Harry's mind was nothing really registering to him, he was in complete shock. Not exactly how Remus would have tried to get this out, but either way the bomb has dropped.






M.n (my notes) =...I just went with it...It will be better as time goes on...I hope...Also, there is a reason why I kept Dumbledore alive in this story and you should see when I finally get towards the end of this story...Well, i don't own the story theme...just the plot...oh I just own a few of the characters in making...Such as shade...Well till then...read & review and I hope you enjoy and am currently working on chapter four as fast as possible.


This is a new revision…#5 I think.


PS.  After years I came back to revise this story. I wasnt going to stick with the twin bit but Im much to far ahead to change it.

That and I just need to get the story out of my head.

I am editing the other chapters now.







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