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Review #1, by Yasmin93 Fire and Fury

14th February 2018:
I really do love reading from Sirius P.O.V, it's nice to have an insight into how he's feelings.

I'm hoping that Sirius and Fabian have this chat, that they both clearly need to have. I know it'll be hard for Sirius bit I think he needs to hear what Fabian has to say.

And I love that he can acknowledge that Fabian is the best person to help him find Yves!!

And Bellatrix!!! I wasn't expecting her to come into BUT I love that you've brought her into it. I really look forward to seeing how that develops and to seeing a whole lotta crazy coming from her.

And thanks!! :) it's so nice to meet you too. Keep up the fantastic work!!!


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Review #2, by EmmyBacon Fire and Fury

13th February 2018:

It's strange to see Sirius maturing so quickly (I mean he needs some work still but he's lesrning). The realisation of loosing Yves, it's enough to set other priorities.

The line about Yves things being in Fabian's room really got me. Sharp intake of breath, everything.

I have this feeling is Fabian and Sirius had met when they were younger, maybe if they were the same age...they might have got on. Too much water under the bridge now I feel!

Thanks for the update! Perfect birthday treat! Keep it up Mrs!

Author's Response: BIRTHDAY TREAT?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMY! I hope you had a most incredible day and that the coming year is glorious, happy, full of adventure and magic.

Sirius is totally maturing. He's still a bit of a fool but a better fool ;)
I do feel so sorry for him. And Fabian. And Yves. And everyone. Sharp intake of breath is a *YEAH* moment for me.

I think you're right, they probably would have been friends. But yes, way too much dark, stormy water!

Hope you're well love!

All my love


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Review #3, by Allison13 Fire and Fury

12th February 2018:
Ugh so much to unpack in this chapter!!

So like...I still really don't like Sirius. Until he stops treating Yves like a possession I just can't get behind him. Like When Yves comes back he wants to start a life with her BUT maybe she doesnt want to start a life with him?? He just plans and wants these things for them but doesn't really ever ask her what she wants (I know she's not there to ask at the moment but it would be nice if he did and respect her answer and not pressure/bully her into the answer he wants) But also maybe Fabian is the most perfect human to ever grace the earth and she realizes that? I don't know man.

I will say I can see you trying to mature Sirius a bit in some of these scenes but he just gets to me sometimes with his over reactions and childish comments. Like be a man and have a conversation with Fabian because it neesds to be done and not ignore it becuase of jealousy or anger. When that happens I'll rethink my thoughts about him ;)

But then again I can also really get behind the idea of Yves being single because she's a strong woman and after all the crap she's been through she doesnt need two men fighting over her and making her heart hurt because she has to choose between the two..hopefully one will gracefully bow out of the race *COUGH* SIRIUS *COUGH* or she'll be over that ridiculous situation and say byeee to both of them and go live her life as minister of magic. Lol this took such a turn.

I really hope we get more of the Hogwarts gang helping to find Yves, I really like the idea of Lily and Alice helping to find their friend because girl friendships rock and are so important!

I miss Yves and I hope she'll be back in the next chapter! I know I said it last time but I really am so excited to see where this is going to go becuase I have no clue and I love that. This is truly one of the most unique stories I've ever read in fanfiction, and I've read my fair share of stories.

Thank you for writing!


Author's Response: You have such an interesting way of looking at Sirius's behaviour. It's actually great to look at it from your perspective. I hear what you're saying- he needs to realise that in the end, the choices don't lie with him alone, they're theirs to make and, ultimately, Yves's.
Whereas Fabian has that down pat.
I think Sirius is maturing, perhaps not quick enough for us empowered, no-sh*t girl bosses but there is development. And maybe you're right, maybe a single powerhouse Yves is exactly what she needs.
Your Team Fabian fever is hysterical! I can actually almost here your voice saying these words melodramatically like you're discussing a particularly infuriating TV show :P it's GREAT!
I like the idea of incorporating more of the gang too. I'm sure there will be a lot more of them to come.

As for Yves, I'm sure we will hear from her again very soon ;)

I am so overwhelmed by your comments here. Coming from someone who had read many fanfic's, saying my story is unique means so much! And that it's not predictable- gosh, my heart. Thank you.

And thank you for reading, and your words. Things like this make it all worth it.

All my love


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Review #4, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Fire and Fury

12th February 2018:
How do you do it? Seriously. I need to know!
Damn I don't know where to begin.
Bellatrix, the maniac herself. From this small glance and even the first line I can tell she's going to be brilliant and totally crazy.
You're breaking my heart over Sirius all over again. And if that wasn't enough then you put in the line about marriage and babies. Just to twist the knife even more! I loved it.
Turning Yves into the misery, not the protagonist was a brilliant move.
The sad thing is that even though the glimpses we get you can almost see Yves still fighting for her boys. What they see as something terrifying outside their house was actually her shining though the darkness. It's all getting very dramatic!
(Also you gem thank you so much! That was insanely nice of you.)
You are an incredible writer, keep it up!

Author's Response: Hahaha! Thank you! The more twists and turns the better, am I right? :P
Bellatrix is going to be so interesting to write. She's a proper lunatic and free in ways we'll probably never understand.
I feel so bad for Sirius, the poor guy is being brutalized over and over. But I have to appreciate his staying power. The guy's tenacious.

I am so happy you think the move with Yves was a good one. It's a bit of a challenge writing from either Sirius or Fabian's perspective all the time but I think in the end it will be worth it. Not that we're not going to hear from Yves again, we most certainly will.
And you're right, they are seeing horror where it is her shining through. Lovely way of putting it!

Thanks for reading and your kindness. Really, it makes writing so very rewarding.

All my love!


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Review #5, by BBHP Fire and Fury

12th February 2018:
Dying over Sirius's interactions with Fabian. It's so heartbreaking but at the same time kind of makes me Team Sirius again. I don't even know. Can't they just, like, meld into one person?! ha.

Anyway, Bellatrix's arrival is a surprising twist. Part of me thinks she's jealous of Voldemort's obsession with Yves, and the other part of me thinks she's just the crazy B- that she's always been.

But I'm so anxious about everything. It's interesting to not have as much from Yves's point of view in this book, as opposed to the previous two. Like now SHE is the mystery that we're trying to solve, and although we still get little snippets of her voice and what she's doing, I'm still agonizing over what's going to happen next. You've done a wonderful job with this and I'll say it again -- I LOVE IT.

Author's Response: Hahaha- I'm just as torn as you, don't worry! I just can't decide who I love more. It's horrible :D

Ah, Bellatrix... she's bat sh*t. I love her as a baddie but lord I loathe her! We will just have to wait and see what her motivation is but as always, your investigative nose is twitching.

That's exactly the effect I'm going for with Yves but we will hear from her again soon if we're going to understand who or what she's become.

I am so glad you liked it! You make my day, really you do! Thank you!

All my love- A

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Review #6, by Yasmin93 Part Memory

10th February 2018:
I'm finally all caught up!!! Yay!! And can I just say, it's all been incredible. You've had me second guessing everything; from my feelings about each character to what I think is going to happen.

Snape!! This must be a sign!! I'm hoping we start seeing a bit more of him.

Glad that Sirius and Fabian have to work together now to find Yves. A small part of me kinda wants them to bond a little bit. Maybe start realising that they're both in the same boat.

And dark Yves. Wow. You write her so well!! I love how some part of her is still holding onto Sirius and Fabian though. I think all the while she has a spot for them she's capable of being saved. Hmm...will Just have to wait and see.

I'm actually a little bit gutted that there's no more to read. I should have slowed down and devoured it but it's just been too gripping!!

Look forward to reading more :)


Author's Response: Oh gosh! I know what you mean. It's like you've binged two whole series on Netflix and all of a sudden you have to wait for the episode to come out weekly. I am hard at work though, I'm having some editing gremlins but it should be up if not today, then tomorrow.

And SNAPE! Yes! He is going to be important. So important...

I love the banter between Sirius and Fabian, the way they handle each other and they are such great foils so I had to put them together. Although, I have a feeling someone is going to end up having a broken jaw ;)

Yves is so dark! I am so glad that you find it convincing. I am hoping too that because of them, she has a chance to turn back. But, as you said, we will have to wait and see :P

Thank you so much for all the reviews and for reading and for generally being such an absolutely lovely creature. I am too thankful for words. And I hope you are well!

All my love- A


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Review #7, by Allison13 Part Memory

8th February 2018:

I'm back and I know you said you would get your story up quickly but I wasn't expecting 3 chapters to be up the next time I checked!! I love it!

SO I am really, really digging Dark Yves. Like Yaaas girl go dark for awhile because I'm here for it. But Moldy can't give you answers, he just wants your power! Ugh I feel like I'm watching a movie and screaming at the screen. But the scene where she's thinking and all along she's had her foot on some guys throat? "You have disturbed my train of thought." Loved it. Amazing. It needs to be a movie.

ALSO I forgot about Snape lol. I really appreciated that you made Snape a sexy character (Even though he was still terrible in the end..Ugh) because everyone always makes him greasy and gross and I'm like ??? Ya'll he probably wasn't greasy, James was just a bully? Ugh I have a lot of opinons about that BUT I liked where you took his character!

This is a great start and I'm so excited for more Yves and Fabian and not Sirius because YVES AND FABIAN 4 LYFE :)

One more thing, how many books are you planning on writing for Yves? Once your done with Yves and this story are planning on doing more? Sorry that's two things but I'm curious.


Author's Response: Hi Allison!

I'm so glad to hear you're back. I'm off to a banging start, feeling so inspired lately.
I love Dark Yves too- she's a wee bit scary and in charge but it's excellent to explore the circumstances in this perspective. And Voldy (I had a giggle at that) appears to only be using her.
A movie... good lord! Thank you! I'm completely thrilled with that comment! That scene with her foot on his neck was my BEST! It would make a great movie scene now that I think about it!

I always thought of Snape the way I characterised him here. I couldn't bear to make anyone greasy, let alone Snape. James was a bully and Snape was a total ass so the perceptions we have of them are a little bit skewed.

I'm so excited to see where it leads, Sirius, Fabian, Yves, Snape. Wow! It seems daunting but I have a plan and we will get there soon! But I'm with you there- YVES AND FABIAN 4 LYFE!

As for your last questions: I have no idea if this is going to be the last book. There is a hell of a lot to tie in so I can't tell you at this point. If inspiration strikes then there is a good chance I will continue the story. The way I'm feeling now, there will probably be a fourth.
When I'm finished with Yves, who knows. There are so many possibilities here with the fanfiction. However, I may also write my own book which has been brewing in my head since I was a teenager (which was a long time ago) [Ok, maybe not so long ago ;P ]

As always, thank you for your review, your complete kindness and for your investment in the story! It makes me so happy! And I hope you're happy too, and well, and living your best life and all of the best things in the world actually :D

All my love- A

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Review #8, by BBHP Part Memory

8th February 2018:
Oh yes! I am so excited!!

Author's Response: GAWD! Me too! ;)


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Review #9, by EmmyBacon Part Memory

7th February 2018:
Arrrgh you sneaky so n so!
I literally just looked and you'd not updated (sad sigh) and then thought oo lets see if there is anything New and *kapow!* there you were! I think you read my mind! Is that your secret? Mind reading? Hmm fancy sharing?

Just atmospheric as a badger in a underground rave! (I think that's a good thing...it is to me!)

And SNAPE talk about spanner! We've not seen that for a while! How many men?! You go girl!

Love love love! Hope you're all gravy and happy! Busy procrastinating from lesson planning atm and you have fed the demon!

Keep going!
Loves n shiny things!
EmmyBacon xx

Author's Response: Dude- this is so odd. I think we must be in similar time zones or something because where ever I am, you are :D (But let's totally go with Mind Reading! It's much better than time zone rubbish and that way I can actually be magical too ;)

A badger in an underground rave- I'm dead! That's the best metaphor in the entire world!

Ah yes- I do love me some spanners. And so many men but I have a plan for everything so I'm casting my net far and wide.

Lesson planning- I used to be a teacher and that was literally the bane of my entire existence. Perhaps we're just the same person inhabiting different places simultaneously...

And I am the gravy and I do hope you are too! I hope you get all your planning done quickly so you can properly vegetate.

All my love!


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Review #10, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Part Memory

7th February 2018:
But... Snape... Okay. I've given up trying to guess what's about to happen! You have well and truly knocked my socks off.
You have a way of throwing the least expected thing at us. Even with Yves... My heart bleeds for her but Damn the girl is going dark!
I loved it. More soon Please!!

Author's Response: Hahahaha! This really made me giggle.

Yes- Snape... So many glorious things are coming our way. It is going to be tremendous. I am so glad it was unexpected, I'm sure what's to come will be too (or at least I hope so ;)

Yeah- Yves is going so dark, it makes me a little sad but it's all a necessity.

I am so glad you loved it and there will absolutely be more soon! I'm super inspired now.

Thank you for reviewing and for reading! It really means so much!

All my love- A

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Review #11, by EmmyBacon Earth on Fire

6th February 2018:
I love the thematic plot lines, constantly bringing back full circle to tangent off again.

Had to be Fabian's P O.V. after the Last chapter and man is he overwhelmed.

I almost think there is some sort of dramatic justice, Fabian and Sirius having to work together!

Loves it 😊😊😊

Author's Response: Emmy! Hi!

Yes, circles within circles. Of course you would notice them ;)

Shame, poor Fabian. And, sadly, it's really just going to get more difficult and overwhelming. But I am very excited at the prospect of the two of them working together.

I hope you're well!


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Review #12, by BBHP Earth on Fire

5th February 2018:
Chills! I always love reading from Fabianís point of view. And I love that we get to see more of Moody than we did in the books. The grizzled warrior that he was. Love it.

I am so anxious for more. Everythingís happening so fast right now!

Author's Response: Oh yes- I do love me some Fabian. He is totally engrossing.
And I love Moody. You picked the perfect word for him, grizzled! How excellent.

The pace is increasing tremendously. I just hope I can keep it that way.

As always, thank you for the review and for reading. I hope you're well!

All my love- A

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Review #13, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Earth on Fire

5th February 2018:
Fabian and Sirius really do have the best showdowns. The fight was always going to happen but I loved Gideon and the boys jumping in.(Nice little line about Peter)
Getting Dumbledore and the Orders view really worked and somehow, for however long it lasts, Yves moving in the dark, out of sight adds just that bit more of an edge to her new powers.
Brilliant chapter, brilliant writing and good luck with the engagement party!!
All my love
S xxx

Author's Response: They do have the best showdowns! And there will be many more in future! I do love me some Gideon and Remus!
I'm so glad you get that feeling from the change in point of view because that's absolutely what I was going for.

Thank you so much for the review, for reading and your kindness! And thank you- I think we're going to have a party the Marauders would be proud of ;)

All my love- A

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Review #14, by EmmyBacon Prologue

2nd February 2018:
Yes yes yes! Book 3!! (Although part if me is sad as this means the beginning of the end...sniff).

The detail and intensity in this first chapter is just superb. I've read and re read about 4 times now and every time I catch a different nuance or tone that I didn't the first.

No matter how deadly, this blackness certainly does become Yves. She's not second guessing herself any more! She wears it like a second skin! Deadly certainly should be her middle name!

Cracking opening chapter! I'm defiantly ready for more!

You know the drill! Awesome awesome awesome.


Emmy xx

Author's Response: Hi there!

Beginning of the end... wow, that's actually a horrible thought. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see how this one goes.

I am so glad you liked it, I was worried I took it too far but the feedback has been suburb so far so I'm totally enthused!

She does wear it well doesn't she? I almost think she would be the perfect bad guy, she's just so calculated and most certainly deadly!

I'm hard at work on the next chapter so there will undoubtably be more soon.

And thank you, as always, you're the superstar of reviews.


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Review #15, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Prologue

2nd February 2018:
That didn't take you long!
This was such a solid start,the description throughout was brilliant and instantly highlighted a Yves who has truly gone off the deep end.
I can't wait to find out where we're going with this.
Waiting not so patiently for more,
S xxx

Author's Response: Hi! Not such a long wait after all. I couldn't sleep so I thought, I may as well edit and upload what I had.

Yves is loco at the moment. It's about to get truly dark and twisted :P

You won't have to wait for too long, promise!

And thank you for taking the time to review and for reading. It makes my heart happy. Your story is totally inspiring my writing at the moment so thank you for that too :D


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Review #16, by BBHP Prologue

1st February 2018:
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

So excited about this. Just. GAH.

Author's Response: Hahahaha! You always make me laugh.

To be honest- I'm hella excited too :P


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