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Review #1, by MargaretLane The Son of Death Eaters

24th January 2018:
I like the inclusion of the name Slughorn. Given the size of the wizarding world, it's likely she is some relation to Horace.

Fair play to Harry for wanting to give them a chance to come quietly.

*laughs at his comment that it's not like having Death Eaters trying to kill him is a new thing* Well, true.

I really didn't expect them to try that anyway, but I guess it's hardly surprising in one sense, given the prospect of Azkaban. And yeah, whatever chance they MIGHT have of claiming Voldemort and the Death Eaters forced them to enlist or of getting a lighter sentence, given that they were only involved for a few months, firing a killing curse at an Auror and HARRY POTTER at that, pretty much guarantees them a long sentence.

I LOVE the detail about baby books not recommending side-along apparition until the child is at least five. It makes sense. And it reminds me of something I have planned. And of course Harry would know, having kids of that age himself, whereas the other Aurors, being younger and probably not having had kids yet, would be less likely to.

Oh poor Harry. It makes sense that he would feel guilty about depriving a child of its parents when he was deprived of his. But it is NOT the same thing. For one thing, David's aunt and uncle are unlikely to be like the Dursleys. He's bound to feel the similarities though and I really like that you draw attention to his guilt. I hadn't really thought about how he must have felt, knowing that whatever David's parents had done, there was no evidence they were not good parents.

I really like Ginny's reaction. David's parents may have been kind to him - there isn't really enough information to say - but being raised by pureblood supremacists who used the Killing Curse so easily would be bound to have negative effects. Hmm, it's interesting to wonder how different David might be had he been raised by his parents. Maybe he would have been raised to hate Harry and his family. Or maybe he would have turned out much the same anyway, because parents aren't the only influence on a child and he could have done a Sirius on it. Or maybe he would have been very wary of the wizarding world, having been raised in the Muggle world. Maybe his parents would have fled England to try and avoid him being invited to Hogwarts in case it drew attention to them.

I LOVE Harry's comments about Sirius and how judging somebody by their parents would be a betrayal of Sirius. That's beautiful.

Author's Response: All wizards are distantly related, somehow, so he's definitely related to Horace in some way. However, Slughorn is part of the Sacred 28, so there's probably a decent number of wizards named Slughorn.

Yeah, when in doubt, never shoot a killing curse at Harry Potter. *laughs* It'll end badly for you.

I kind of wonder what David would have been like if he was raised by his parents. He would have been very loved, but not endlessly spoiled like Malfoy, I think, and I think he would have been a little prejudiced (but not to the extent Malfoy was). Ultimately, I think David would have turned out pretty similar but maybe have been in Slytherin.

I see a lot of similarities between David and Sirius. Both raised by families in Slytherin, both turned out to be Gryffindors. Both get through their troubles by laughing and making jokes. I'm not surprised that Harry noticed the connections too.

Thank you for reviewing!

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