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Review #1, by Alexel Writes The Loch.

22nd February 2018:
What a lovely and throughly mischievous day! I love the boys. And the fight scene- hell yeah! Go Cassie! Eddie is such a jealous creep! Things are really starting to hot up now, the tension palpable. I canít wait to see how it develops. Iím actually just so excited by your story, itís amazing and youíre an amazing writer and Iím gushing now so Iím going to stop :P


Author's Response: Ahaha I love it so much! You are so good for my confidence and awful for my writing ego!
Things are definitely heating up but there's still a little time for a prank or two. The boys are wee devilish-angels.
I love your thoughts on these chapters. I can't wait to hear what you think of the next one!
All my love
S (aka Deni)

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Review #2, by Alexel Writes  Dark Reminders.

22nd February 2018:
What a chapter. I havenít had a chance to read in so long and it was great to get back into the story.
I totally love/hate Sirius. I donít actually even know what to do with these feelings :P
Your description is absolutely fantastic. I find myself almost there with them (I mean, of course I want to be there but for a moment or two, I really am)
As always, keep up the excellent work and I hope youíre well!
All my love!

Author's Response: Ahhh this is incredible! Thank you so much!
Sirius is totally one way then the other. I've definitely got a soft spot for him but at the same time damn he can be annoying!
All my love!
S xxx

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Review #3, by Yasmin93 No True Gryffindor.

22nd February 2018:
Wow. Poor Cassie!! Must be hard to deal with!! But loved the scene with Sirius and how understanding he was. Was nice to see him taking care of her!!

And I love the little references to when they were growing up together. Shows their friendship/relationship in more depth.

Looking forward to what's to come!! Keep up your hard work :)


Author's Response: Tell me about it! I'm feeling sorry for her even as I'm writing more misery into her life.
It's a different side to Sirius that we're seeing. The side that Cassie knows from all the wee memories.
Once again, thank you so much for the review. I'd best get started on the next chapter!
S xxx

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Review #4, by EmmyBacon Eighteen.

20th February 2018:
Congratulations on the Featured story! Very much deserved! So bravo! Trusted Author too! I can't say I'm surprised as this story is just brilliant!

Two pronged chapter here! I loved Pyra's introduction to the girls. It's great to see the Slytherin and the girls mix and show it's not all animosity between the groups.

Again, girls being girls. A good bottle of fire whiskey and Lily being a bit of a rebel. I love the idea Lily having a bit of a dark side.

But in contrast, the underlying dread that Cassie doesn't have much time before she'll be forced to choose, and that she'll have to grab every opportunity to enjoy herself before this time comes. And then the knowledge of Mary, everything that she knew, now coming out in the open and Sophie's reaction.

It's a very complex chapter and I love how you weave it all together! Brilliant stuff.

:D xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Gosh, I don't know where to start here.
The girls were always going to meet Pyra. She's too nice and they just always would have gotten on.
I know that Lily's always shown to be sensible but at the end of the day... She married James Potter. There must have been a bit of a dark side there!
Cassie is certainly aware that shes running out of time. Everything will catch up to her eventually... and that's all I can say about that at the moment! ;)
Emmy, your reviews are always so encouraging!
I hope you enjoy the next chapter.

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Review #5, by Yasmin93 Eighteen.

19th February 2018:
Love the birthday card!! Haha. And loving that you're building the relationship with the girls.

Look forward to more Sirius and Cass scenes. Can't wait to see what happens with them.

Good chapter, once again. Look forward to the next one. Keep up the great work


Author's Response: I couldn't help myself with the birthday card!
The next chapter should be up soonish and this time I do promise more Cassie ans Sirius scenes.
Thank you so much for reviewing. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!
S xx

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Review #6, by EmmyBacon The Loch.

15th February 2018:
I adore this chapter because it's them being kids again. Enjoying life! Getting into fights, causing mischief, giggling and gossip. After everything that's going off.. life still goes on and you show this brilliantly without losingany of those underlying feelings or emotions!

Great stuff!

Em xx

Author's Response: YES!!!
I'm so glad you liked it! This exactly what I was going for. A lighter (somewhat plot advancing...) chapter with teenagers being teenagers.
Fancying a boy, gossiping and arguing don't just stop dead.
As always, thank you for reviewing!
S xx

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Review #7, by Yasmin93 Dark Reminders.

14th February 2018:
Great chapter!!

I don't think any good is going to come from Cassie's friendship with Eddie. Especially if they both seem to be on slightly different pages. Look forward to seeing where it goes nonetheless.

Liked the small amount of Sirius in this chapter, and can't wait to see more scenes between him and Cassie. I really can't wait to see how you develop their relationship.


Author's Response: That friendship is a difficult one. It might have started off well but they've grown up to be very different. We'll see!
Thank you do much for reviewing again! They are really the best inspiration when writing.
The next chapter will be up shortly and there will be LOTS of Cassie and Sirius.
S Xxx

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Review #8, by EmmyBacon Dark Reminders.

13th February 2018:
Bludgering hell. What a chapter to dissect.

Cassie really has her hands physically and emotionally full!

What impact will there be of her denying Eddie's advances so defiantly?!

A true Gryffindor that Cass! Little connections, however weak/feeble with Sirius too.

Brill foreshadow of Remua too!

Awesome stuff!

Author's Response: Tell me about it! Writing became a game of "Is that TOO mean?"
She's definitely carrying all of the burden herself, maybe that will change quite soon... We'll see!
Cassie's really the definition of a Gryffindor. Even if she doesn't shout about it. No arguing with the hat on that one.
As always, thank you so much!

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Review #9, by Alexel Writes  A Bloody Line.

12th February 2018:
Oh my word! There is so much going on here. Things are really beginning to heat up! Great fight scene and a little bit of mysterious history! Your writing really is so juicy and multifaceted. On top of it, your characterisation really carries the story.
Of course you know, but it's nice to hear it again! I love it! I may just have to reread everything tonight ;)


Author's Response: Gaaahh! Thank you so much. You are right, it's always nice to hear it again.
(I've started dancing around my kitchen when I read it)
Fight scenes give me the fear to write so I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's hope for the next one...
You're reviews are always a highlight.
I hope you enjoy the reread and there is a strong possibility that I just finished submiting the next chapter to the queue... ;)

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Review #10, by Gemma A Bloody Line.

12th February 2018:
I just stumbled on this and am in love! Cassie seems like a great character, from her friendships in both Gryffindor and Slytherin to the pieces of backstory you've weaved in so far. I'm hooked! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: She's definitely not the most straightforward of characters, I'm glad you like her so far!
Thank you so much for the review. It means a lot to get all the feedback!
The next chapter won't be long, I hope you enjoy it.
S x

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Review #11, by Yasmin93 A Bloody Line.

11th February 2018:
Just found this little gem and loving it already.

Really liking Cassie as a character and how you've developed her so far and am really looking forward to what's going to happen next :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I'm so glad you've enjoyed it so far and thank you for the review. They really keep me going.
The next chapter won't be long now, I'm just editing wee bits.
S xxx

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Review #12, by EmmyBacon A Bloody Line.

7th February 2018:

I don't know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't that! I'm about to head back to the start to re-read it all together. It's just getting far to climatic not to start from the beginning.

Brilliant pace and dynamic to the chapter. great job!

Keep up your amazing work ;)

EmmyBacon xx

Author's Response: OH MY HIPPOGRIFF!
Emme I don't know what I was expecting you to say but it certainly wasn't that!
I was certainly a change up. And who knows what effects we'll see in the next chapters... (Well me but I've not written them down yet!)
Thank you so so much!
Happy reading and I'll see you in the next one!
S Xxx

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Review #13, by Alexel Writes  Silvery Wings.

5th February 2018:
Exciting! You have created such a great dynamic here- such excellent characterization, a little bit of drama and suspense, a little bit of cloudy history! Yay! I loved it! I canít wait to see how things develop. Also- I am quite curious about your very lovely Lupin. And thestrals... I have to know more!


Author's Response: Thank you, thank you!
That means so much. I've been trying to build up Cassie's world before we get into any major drama. I'm glad you like it!
Lupin holds a special place in my heart. There's much more to come from him!
I'm still writing the next one but I swear it wont be long!
S xxx

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Review #14, by EmmyBacon Silvery Wings.

3rd February 2018:
Ahh what a great chapter!

I love how defiantly strong Cassie is! She's keeping her head held high and that's not easy when you feel as down trodden as she does. I loved her death eater line!

And the Thestral as her patronus. Yes! It just had to be! And now the secret is out!

Great job!
Emmy xx

Author's Response: Hey Emmy!
It had to be! The more I thought about it the more it just fit.
She's definitely strong. After six years of being doubted you would need a lot of strength.
And the secret will definitely have some interesting effects.
Thank you so much! Your reviews are such a highlight!
S xxx

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Review #15, by Alexel Writes A White Flag from the Green.

1st February 2018:
I like how you concentrate on different characters all the time, it really creates an excellent dynamic and a holistic experience.
As always, I am like dying for more (but take your time- no pressure, ok, maybe a little) :P

All my love- A

Author's Response: You are a darling!
I always think it's really important to build up a picture from the start. But all will become apparent eventually.
Hahaha- A little bit of pressure I can deal with.It won't be long.
Lots of love
S xx

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Review #16, by EmmyBacon A White Flag from the Green.

1st February 2018:
Nice interaction with the Slytherin tribe here! Shows they really care about her!

And I love the fact she's starting to see hope in the future... however short lived that may be... she needed that!

Thank you so much for a cheeky update. Looking forward to the next one 😊😊😊😊

Author's Response: Hi Emmy!
Well, I had to give her one moment of hope didn't I! I'm not a complete monster...
Some time with the people she grew up with seemed like the right way to go.
Thank you so much for the wee review!
I hope you like the next one!

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Review #17, by Alexel Writes  Black and Yaxley.

30th January 2018:
Oh my goodness! There are so many things going on! I cannot wait to see what happened to Mary. And Sirius is so horrible, I actually want to punch him myself. I really enjoyed the flow of your writing in this chapter, it was so brisk, had such a good tempo and balance between dialogue, description and story.
This really is one of my favorite stories!


Author's Response: Ahhh! It was a fast chapter to write.
One thing lead to another and before I knew it spells were flying!
It may be one side to Sirius but it's the one that Cassie sees... For now...
Thank you so much! I can only return the compliment. I have been loving your story.
Thank you for reviewing again. They mean a lot.
S xxx

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Review #18, by EmmyBacon Black and Yaxley.

26th January 2018:
Love it!
More please!

Author's Response: You are a gem.
It shouldn't be long, already editing.
My pile of pre-written chapters is fast dissolving!
S xxx

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Review #19, by Alexel Writes  The Thestrals.

24th January 2018:
Cassie can see the Thestrals? I cannot wait to find out why!
Black is such a dick- I love it. I also love your Remus, he is so very kind.
Cassie is so relatable, I think everyone feels the way she does towards the end of their schooling career, like there are bigger things to worry about now. But for her that is especially true.
I am so eager for more!


Author's Response: She can indeed!
He totally is! I keep having to remind myself that I'm writing as Cassie and we DO NOT LIKE SIRIUS!
Remus is an absolute darling. I was trying very hard to do him justice.
She definitely has more on her mind than school and we'll shall see how that turns out.
Thank you again! You are such a gem!
S xxx

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Review #20, by Alexel Writes  Faded Yellow.

24th January 2018:
Oooo! All the layers and angles! I am so interested to see how hectic it gets with all those wannabe Death Eaters running around Hogwarts. I sort of already dislike Eddie weirdly, even though he hasn't really done anything yet. Yaxley is a great main character- she's got some fire which I love. I can't wait to see how she develops.

Also- Yaaas for Sirius! Reading the next chapter immediately! Or maybe when the boss isn't looking ;)


Author's Response: Hogwarts is definitely turning into a mishmash of wannabes for both sides.
Eddie's one to watch. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of him as we go!
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Ah Sirius... Well all I can say is the next few chapters are a whole lot more Sirius.
Thank you for the review! It means a lot from a writer like you.
S xxx

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Review #21, by EmmyBacon The Thestrals.

22nd January 2018:
More little hints, more tension.
I'm loving the little (however platonic) relationship with Remus and her self control with Sirius.

The Thestrals (or should i say her seeing them) gets me asking much more questions!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it!
Your reviews are fast becoming a highlight of posting chapters.
I think Remus is the ray is sunshine she needs, however platonic.
Thank you!!
S xx

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Review #22, by Amanda Faded Yellow.

19th January 2018:
I just wanted to say: I wasnt too sure about this story because I felt the first chapter was rather stilted. I decided to give it another chance bc sometimes it takes a while to get into your stride. I am SO GLAD that I gave it another chance! This chapter was wonderfully written amd descriptive. I really enjoyed it! Write more soon and best wishes! A.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, for the second chance and the review!
First chapters I always find are the most difficult to write. You're still getting to know your character as you're writing.
The next update shouldn't be too long, I hope you like it.

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Review #23, by EmmyBacon Faded Yellow.

19th January 2018:
So we're 2 chapters in and I am already becoming a little obsessed. You have so many layers and different subplots floating around here but you seem to be juggling them seamlessly! Great job!
Keep up the great work
Em xx

Author's Response: We're still getting started. Plenty more to add in!
The reviews are so encouraging, thank you!
S xx

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Review #24, by iDontRemember Emeralds and Antique Furs.

18th January 2018:
I just love the way you write.So please update

Author's Response: Thank you!
The next chapter has been submitted so it wont be too long to wait.
I hope you enjoy it

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Review #25, by Alexel Writes  Emeralds and Antique Furs.

17th January 2018:

I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed this very much. You have a wonderfully descriptive way of writing that really appeals to me. I am interested to see what happens when Cassie goes back to school!
I can't wait to read the next one!


Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much, that's incredibly encouraging.
We'll see what happens next! I hope you enjoy it

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