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Review #1, by Violet Potter 434 V. Dominique

22nd February 2018:
ugh I want to know what happens!
louis still isn't here either!
I need them to arrive
i need to know!
please update soon

this chapter was great!loved Dom's perspective and am looking froward to Lucy's

carla seems okay
did they really break up just cause they lost the romance i can't tell if there's a hidden mystery

i guess you need to update so i can find out!

love from me xxx

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Review #2, by HarryGinnyLove88 V. Dominique

22nd February 2018:
Lovely..i love Wotters they are all funny family :)

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Review #3, by victoria_anne II. Vic

19th February 2018:
Well, I didn't have to wonder long about how this mysterious man fit into the story. So here we have Liz's best friend!

And likes Albus! Oh, my gosh, that entire scene was sooo funny! I really like Vic, I can totally relate to him on the tidiness thing (and the liking Albus Potter thing, too, I guess) and I just cracked up when Liz barged in on them. Just his tiny mannerisms paint such a clear picture in my mind, like him becoming anxious when Liz didn't replace the cup on the saucer. I love it.

I'm definitely looking forward to more of Vic in later chapters, and how he'll play out with both Albus and Elizabeth. He's so sure of himself and I really like reading it. So, yes, fantastic chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Liz has no sense of situations, honestly, thank god Vic is cool and collected as a cucumber! I'm so glad, Vic feels much more like an OC then Liz does to me - Idk, maybe I pictured her so much she almost feels canon in my head, but Vic fills the role of new character just as nicely as she does, or so I hope!
Can't wait for you to read the rest, and thank you again!!! xxx many hufflehugss

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Review #4, by victoria_anne I. James

19th February 2018:

There's so many things I like about this chapter and all I've done is look at the chapter image, so I think we're doing pretty well so far.

The story starts off so incredible, mostly because it feels so natural. I love being plonked into the middle of something the characters are going through, and you've set up for so much conflict to come already.

I have so much sympathy for Liz. The fact that she's already met the family, just while dating a different member, must be so awkward. At least the break-up wasn't her fault, by the sounds of things.

You are totally right - James is a cinnamon roll and I will protect that angel with my life. He's so sweet! I loooved the moment when he knew he loved her! It was so cute how it hit him like that and he knew there was no question!

I'm excited to see how you handle the POV of each character, so I'll have to read on! :D

Author's Response: Yasss hello!!!
I'm so glad you liked the beginning! I worried that maybe jumping straight into the plot wouldn't work, but if you like it it's all good :)) poor Liz has a bit of a conundrum and she's torturing herself with the thought, something James doesn't seem to fully understand. but! he does try his best, the poor cinnamon roll!
Thank you so so much for dropping by and I hope you enjoy the rest too xxx

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Review #5, by Ravenclawcandy IV. Harry

17th February 2018:
Gah! What is happening at this lunch??? I like this chappy cause we see papa harry hee hee. But seriously I need to know~ great chappy!!

Author's Response: S H I T is going down! ahaha thank you so much for the review, hope you'll enjoy the rest!

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Review #6, by Violet Potter 434 IV. Harry

17th February 2018:
what happens that means james goes up to the twins bedroom?

I need to know!

btw I love dthe last chapter from Albus' point of view

I loved this one too, but the Albus point of view has to be one of my favs

this chapter was amazing and o I need an update soon so I can read more

love from me xxx

Author's Response: HA! We'll have to wait and see!!
I'm so happy you liked it! I actually had more fun writing Albus too, Harry was more of a needed transition!
love to you!!xxx

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Review #7, by May III. Albus

3rd February 2018:
Another amazing chapter really enjoying your story

Author's Response: Thank you so so much!!! I'm really glad :)

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Review #8, by May II. Vic

2nd February 2018:
Another wonderful chapter brill story looking forward to the next chapter

Author's Response: Arggg thank you so so much again! next chapter's up for validation xxx

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Review #9, by May I. James

2nd February 2018:
Just know Iím going to love this story just like the last one with them on the phone

Author's Response: wow the amount of love is amazing!! I certainly do hope so!

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Review #10, by Violet Potter 434 II. Vic

28th January 2018:

I need a Vic
he's like the perfect best-friend


lurved the chapter and his POV

she had better go to lunch

update soonish

love from me xx

Author's Response: He LOOKS like the best of friends, that's for sure, but even he has flaws ;) I'm so so happy you liked! New chapter's up for validation!!!

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Review #11, by HarryGinnyLove88 II. Vic

26th January 2018:
Oh i definitely enjoyed this :)

Author's Response: Thank you so so much!!

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Review #12, by HarryGinnyLove88 I. James

19th January 2018:
Oooh finally vant wait to read..
Do you know how many chapeters are coming??

Author's Response: Hello! So right now I have about nine chapters written, I'm still planning how many - but I think about twenty? ish?
I've had a few hectic days with uni but I'll post soon, I swear!
Thank you so much

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Review #13, by coolgf I. James

18th January 2018:
Its a cute story. I like the girl character, she was bit saucy

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Yes Elizabeth is a bit saucy - and messy, scatterbrained and a bit of a walking disaster, but we like her nonetheless - I'm so happy you enjoyed :)

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Review #14, by P I. James

15th January 2018:
Canít wait for more, Loving it: )

Author's Response: Waaa, thank you so much!!!

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Review #15, by Scose I. James

15th January 2018:
Well now you left us hanging. What is she getting from her apartment? Will she go to dinner? If so, how will the family react? Ah Im looking forward to reading this story. Loving it :)

Author's Response: Yes I wrote 13k words as kind of a stream of consciousness and I realised later that the first chapter would be the worst cliffhanger.
But! It's coming soon, i swear!
The lunch is definitely gonna be awkward - if she chooses to go.
Hang in there and thank you so so so much for taking the time to show me love

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