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Review #1, by DougA Chapter 4: First steps

19th January 2018:
Be happy to. Site won't let me tell you how to contact me.

Author's Response: My email is Noah.shariat at

Can’t se the proper at sign so just make sure to change that back.

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Review #2, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 4: First steps

17th January 2018:
Well done chapter! But watch the grammer! Would've
loved to have been a fly on the wall watching Ron deal with a muggle airport! Glad Harry and Ginny weren't too overwhelmed by the manor! I forsee alot of quidditch at Potter Manor! Keep this coming please! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I hope to have the next one up within a week xx

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Review #3, by DougA Chapter 4: First steps

17th January 2018:
Okay, having now read the chapter a couple of times, I'm ready to let you know what I think. Of Course, I think it is great.

Scene 1 The Airport - I love Ron's fear of flying, and that Hermione is both annoyed by it, yet grateful for the distraction. Ron's quick thinking at the counter was nice, and I'm sure he would have gotten over his fear of flying if they had only told him that there would be FOOD. So now poor Hermione is let to stew about what is to come all by herself. I like the stare down between Harry and Hermione, and Ginny's eventual intervention to "save" her boyfriend. I mean, he's faced down the Dark Lord and won. Hermione can't be worse, can she ? CAN SHE ?!? Harry and Ginny's moment was nice, and poor Percy just can't seem to help being stuffy.

Scene 2 Gringotts - I like Ginny trying to get in with the key, then finding out that she is allowed in anyway. Harry has a nice way of ending her arguments about it. The letters were nice, and I assume that we will get to "read" the others in time. Picking the necklace for Ginny was also nice.

Scene 3 The Tour - The description of the Potter Mansion is really well done. I felt like I was there. I do wonder about the age of house elves, since Kreacher is "old", and these two are young, but old enough to have taken care of Harry. Have to ask Hermione when she gets back from Australia. She is the elf expert, after all.

Scene 4 Dinner - Just a very nice, comfortable scene. Obviously, I expected Ginny to become the God-Mother, but it was nicely played.

All in all, another wonderful chapter. You do have a few proofreading errors, but nothing that distracts from the story. I never could proofread my own writing, either, as I'm sure some of these reviews have shown. Really well done. I await the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you once again for your amazing review. I'm sorry about the proofreading errors but I've always struggled with that and English isn't my mother tongue. I had an idea though that might help. I was wondering if you were interested in becoming my beta. You'd get earlier access to my chapters and I'd have somebody to help check my work. let me know if you're interested.

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Review #4, by May Chapter 3: Funerals

25th December 2017:
Another great chapter I love reading stories of Harry just after the war

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by May Chapter 2: Confrontations

25th December 2017:
I am enjoying your story I loved it when Harry met his godson

Author's Response: Thank you very much xx

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Review #6, by DougA Chapter 3: Funerals

21st December 2017:
This is just really well done.

Scene 1 Family Reactions - Beautifully done. I especially liked George and Angelina getting together, Ginny's general happiness and her internal pout, and the whole interplay between Harry and Fleur.

Scene 2 - Fred's Funeral. George's part, and the interplay between Harry, Hermione, Ron and GINNY is fantastic. I would not want to be on Ginny's bad side. You'ld think Ron would know better by now.

Scene 3 - Remus and Tonks Funerals. I thought the interaction between Harry and the Malfoys was well done, and lays the foundation for future plot points. Harry and Ginny at the Potters' grave was fantastic.

Scene 4 - Funerals and Hogwarts. It is nice that you have Ginny with Harry at all the funerals. Snape's plaque is well done, as is Ginny's touch to it. I also like Ginny's "Happy Girl" dance, and Snape's thank you to Harry. But is that Delores on the wall with Dumbledore and Snape ? She is the only one I can think of that might be on the Headmaster/mistress wall, female, and with a high laugh. I like the point that Harry is primarily coming back to school for Ginny. But if that is Delores, I can't believe that Harry, Ginny, and Hermione didn't comment on it, and that her attitude seems to have improved. I'm amazed that Minerva would let he4r be so honored. You must let us know who this is for sure, and if it is Delores, what happened to her ?

See you after next chapter. I continue to be very well impressed.

Author's Response: Thank you again for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter once again. As to if that is Delores or not, it wasn't intended to be but i guess you won't find out until the next meeting in the Headmasters office. ;)

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Review #7, by DougA Chapter 2: Confrontations

19th December 2017:
I forgot to mention in Chapter that I liked Ginny's change of Patronus and Harry saving Ron from Ginny's wrath.

OK, then on to scene 1. I liked Harry's increase in power. I always thought that he would probably be THE most powerful wizard once he got to stop splitting his attention between life and Voldemort in his head. I liked Ginny watching, with what I think would be amazement.

Scene 2 with the brothers. It's a good thing that Harry is a nice guy, or Ginny would be an only child. I=m surprised that she didn't bat bogey a few brothers on her own, and that they had the nerve to do this without warning Ginny. I've always got the impression that they were all scared of her temper. I like Molly's bet, but think Harry should have let Ron stew. Good thing he likes Hermione.

Scene 3 - Going home. Ah, shouldn't the highly qualified curse breaker and Defense against the Dark Arts Professor be leading the way ? I like Kreacher having repaired the Burrow, and just the whole interaction with him and the Weasleys. I see Harry gets knocked on it again. The clock hands were a nice touch.

Scene 4 - just being at home. I like the Mistress Ginny, and the family reaction. I'm surprised that Hagrid didn't want to keep the dragon. Harry's ready to pass out again. However did he face Tom Riddle. The choice of the 3 guests to go to Gringott's was well played.

Scene 5 - Gringott's. The gift to the Ministry was nice, as was the owl. Wonder if Ginny is ready to go shopping ? At least for Harry, to get him out of his Dudley leftovers. It's not mentioned in canon that anyone has ever taken him shopping for clothes. Or to have his eyes checked for that matter. I will say that that was a long time to hold his breath.

Scene 6 -The Ministry. Gee, I wonder if Kingsley can figure out where the money came from. I know Harry trusts Kingsley, and all that, but this isn't exactly subtle.

Scene 7 - Teddy. Nicely done, although I would have thought he would have taken Ginny with him. We know that Tonks liked Ginny, and Remus had to have seen a lot of Lily in Ginny, so I would expect her to be the godmother.

Very well done. I am enjoying it a lot. On to Chapter 3. Give me a chance to read it 2 0r 3 times, and I'll be back.

Author's Response: Thank you for your input once again. Some of the things you say I already have plans for in later chapters so hopefully when they come they don't disappoint.

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Review #8, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 2: Confrontations

13th December 2017:
You are doing a splendid job so far and I hope you stay with it! Have enjoyed it so far! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Trying my best to get as many out whilst I'm still on holiday and uni is on a break.

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Review #9, by DougA Chapter 1: The Day After

8th December 2017:
Ok, I've read the chapter two or three times to take it all in, and because I enjoyed it.

Scene 1 at the bedside - I liked that Ginny was the one waiting for Harry, and that he tried to keep her asleep while he cleaned up. The fact that she was almost instantly awake plays in with canon references to her being like a cat. I like the fact that she makes it clear that she is hurt and wants an explanation, but is not really mad, and is not going anywhere. I like that Ron and Hermione are nowhere to be found, but would have liked some explanation as to how Ginny got rid of them, especially Ron. Overall, the reconciliation is very well done.

Scene 2 is the Weasleys. Everyone's reaction is very well played. Molly's interaction with Harry is great, as is her throwing our couple for a loop. Harry's talk with George is brilliant, as is George's reaction. Excellently done.

Scene 3 is our couple's talk. Overall, I thought you did well. Again, no Ron or Hermione is good, but unexpected. I am also surprised that Molly allowed them out of her sight, at least with out6 first insisting that obvious injuries be healed. I know Harry tried to protect Ginny by breaking up with her, but it always seemed to me that everyone at the school knew they were dating, but that only they, Ron, Hermione, and maybe Neville
and Luna knew they had broken up. Doesn't seem like a good plan to protect her with all the DeathEaters' kids going back to school.

Scene 4 was Harry's group talk. It was well done, although I thought a few more DA members would have been included; Dean Sheamus, Cho, the Patil twins, Lavender (if she survived in your world, Ernie McMillan, Hannah, and several others.

Scene 5 is the talk with Kingsley and McGonagall. Again, I thought it played well, with the promotions, Harry wanting a quiet year (with Ginny), and those returning to school. *I can imagine Hermione's heart breaking over Ron's decision, but it made sense and played well.

Scene 6 is the feast. I like the new professors, and Harry's speech. I do think Harry should do some guest lecturing in Defense against the Dark Arts, as he seemed to do so well with the DA. As I recall, Lupin told Harry how remarkable it was that he could produce a patronus charm, because of how advanced the magic was. Harry then turns around and teaches DA members all how to do it.

I like Harry and Ginny fics. Yours is both well done and presents ideas that I've not seen before. Very well done.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your input. Chapter 2 is on the way and has taken into account of some of what you said. I hope you continue to like my writing as i continue to post xx

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