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Review #1, by Yasmin93 In A Minute There Is Time...

10th February 2018:
Wowzers. I felt so many different emotions in this chapter it's unreal. Everything Yves was feeling I was right along side her.

Fabian, Fabian, Fabian. I can't believe he told her he loved her! I wasn't expecting that. But Yves so needed to know.

And my poor dear Sirius. I love how he was refusing to let that be the end of their relationship. He's definitely willing to fight for her and it swells my heart.

All in all, amazing chapter.once again. I haven't been this hooked on a story for a long time


Author's Response: This one was a particularly difficult one to write. There were so many voices and perspective to incorporate but I think it worked. I couldn't just let all of this be one sided.
Both Sirius and Fabian broke my heart here. I feel so desperately sorry for them, they're both willing to fight but whether or not it matters is a different story entirely.

You are literally zooming through this :D It makes me so darn happy! I am so glad you're hooked! There is so much more to come!


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Review #2, by Yasmin93 A Decision Made

10th February 2018:
What a chapter to start my day to!! Just wow. I really wasn't expecting that, but I'm so happy it did happen.

Fabian really has grown on me and I really look forward to seeing where it all goes from here.

Although, my heart is still set on Sirius I'm afraid. I really am dreading him finding out about This, if he does. Poor Sirius.

You're writing was brilliant, as always :)


Author's Response: Hahaha- Oh my gosh, and what a chapter it was! I really was hoping to convert you to team Fabian although we all do have such soft spots for our dear Sirius.

And thank you so much!

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Review #3, by Yasmin93 Head vs Heart

9th February 2018:
I really disliked Fabian until this chapter. But now I am so torn. I want to dislike him purely because I'm rooting for Sirius(obviously), and I don't want him to get in the way.

Now I don't even know what I want. I kinda want him to be happy too. Look at him being all cute and protective. How could you not want him to get what he wants too?? What have you done?!?!? :p

I really love how well you manage to get across each person's different personalities in your writing from other people's view points.

Really good chapter, once again. Moving onto the next one now :D xxx

Author's Response: I know what you mean, I am still a bit torn between Fabian and Sirius. It's so difficult. I love Fabian in the way he just exists- without too much angst. He's confident and knows what he wants. It is one of those awful triangles where you don't really know what you want. Yves is a bit spoilt ;) I don't even know what I've done either :D

I am so glad you can hear their individual voices come through. They're so clear in my head, I tried really hard to make the writing that clear too.

I really so thrilled that you are still reading. And SO QUICKLY! I love it!

And thank you for reviewing! Really! It means so much!


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Review #4, by Yasmin93 Revelations

8th February 2018:
Just a quick review because this chapter gave me such good feels!!!

Oh my!! This story is so good so far!! And they've finally admitted their feelings to one another.

I'm loving how caring Sirius has been since Yves has been back. It's like he's a completely different person than be was in the first book.

Looking forward to reading the rest of this and seeing how Yves and Sirius relationship pans out. All I want is then to be happy together!! It probably won't be long before you hear from me again. Haha xx

Author's Response: Oh gosh! This was a goodie! Sirius can be caring, and I think deep down he really is and there is so much growth on his part, not as much as Yves but there definitely is :P
As for how it pans out... you will find out soon *blishes* it is so hard not to give anything away! I am dying to hear what you think of the rest :D


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Review #5, by EmmyBacon Of The Earth

30th January 2018:


Talk about drama and cliff tastic!
I LOVED the fact Voldi popped up! HE had to be there are the end, it only seemed right!

And I can't believe Fabian believed her! Is that what a girl gets for protecting a pig headed man!

Argh I genuinely can't believe that is the end of books 2. I'm in shock!

Thank you so much for an amazing 2nd book. Yves has grown so much as a characters in this book and we have learnt so much about her resilience and her strength!

Looking forward to more

Forever you friend and reader (/fangirl haha) galore

Emmy Bacon!

Author's Response: Hi Emmy!

Cliff tastic :D

I had to pop our old friend/fiend into the story again at some point.

Fabian's an ass. I'm actually upset with him for believing her. He really should know better but I think it was fitting also since he put himself in such a vulnerable position with Yves, behaved uncharacteristically on their date so he didn't have enough of solid footing with their relationship see what was going on.

I am so happy that you enjoyed it. To be honest, sometimes I think the only thing that was keeping me going was the feedback. Yves has grown, in the third book we'll see exactly in which direction that was.

I like to think we're old friends already (and I'm also your fangirl so we have that too ;)

Until next time (which will be soon I promise)

All my love- A (aka Jess)

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Review #6, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Of The Earth

30th January 2018:
You call it a cliffhanger, I call it reader torture!
You wrapped it up beautifully while giving me so many more questions to obsess over. I have no idea how you do it!
The way Yves and her growing powers build up thought the story was just enough that as we got to the end the last blast was the perfect way to finish things and completely inevitable.
As for Fabian and Sirius... I'll miss Fabian when he goes! I have grown to love him thought these last few chapters.
I can't wait to see how you reintroduce Sirius in the next one. Maybe some time will be good for him. Who knows?
As always, I adored it!
Happy writing. I'll be waiting!
S xxx

Author's Response: Reader torture of the worst kind (I'm so sorry- it's a small death but I promise, the next one will be up soon and it'll all be worth it.)

Thank you so much. You are so damn kind (I blushed furiously reading this) To be honest, I don't know how I do it either. I am so glad to hear that you feel the pieces fit, I was worried I took Yves too far but now I'm so happy with her direction.

Ah Fabian and Sirius... gosh- I don't even know how it's going to go down but I think we can be certain that it'll be drama filled and hella fiery!

I won't keep you waiting too long! I promise! :D

All my love- A

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Review #7, by BBHP Of The Earth

30th January 2018:
Holy freaking $#!%

I am speechless. I cannot string sentences together. Just. What.

I mean, of course it was AMAZING and everything that it needed to be and more, but WOW. Totally unexpected. I realize things were wrapping up a bit, but I still have so many questions! And poor Fabian! Like, he should have known Yves well enough to know she was bluffing about that but still. So heartbroken for him. And how everything fell into place with Yves's power was so incredibly cool.

I truly cannot wait for the sequel. I'll try to be patient, but GAH! So excited.

Author's Response: Hahahaha! *blushes* it was a bit of a hanger wasn't it?

I am so glad you liked the way it ended. Obviously there will be more. I am hard at work already.
I'm really happy that it was unexpected. I've been holding onto that gem for a while now so if it's rendering you speechless then I'm totally happy!

Poor Fabian... I actually want to roll my eyes at him, he's causing his own heartbreak here. Silly man.

I'll make haste so you don't have to be too patient for too long.

All my love- A

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Review #8, by Allison Of The Earth

30th January 2018:

So I literally read both of your stories in a week, you've created a very interesting plot, this second book had me on my toes becuase I didn't know where it was going to go! I really enjoyed reading your stories and I'm excited for the next book!

With that said I will say that I really don't like Sirius here. He is way too possesive of Yves, borderline abusive. Like in the chapter where Lily and Alice were cleaning her up and he just storms in because he can't be away, like I get it, he just found out the girl he loves was actually alive but he could of at least let them clean her up. It seems like he pressures her into things that she doesn't want to do, like staying in the same room, and like he just seems emotionally abusive to her with how hot and cold he is and how he just blows up at her when he doesnt get his way. He is a child and Yves is a woman and they are on two seperate pages, he needs to mature a lot before he deserves to be with her. I really don't have any sympathy for him because he's so mean to her.

BUT Fabian on the other hand, oh my god!!! Okay he is the man that Yves needs to be with becuase he is patient, kind, passionate, and lets Yves make her own decisions. He lets her out of his sight and doesnt blow up at everyone because Yves decided to do something that he didnt want her to do (Looking at you Sirus). I absolutly fell in love with Fabian and I really hope they can end up together because he's the one she deserves. Although the way they got together was not my favorite, it's realy life, and real life isnt always pretty and I appreciate that.

But like I said, I'm very excited to see where this story is going to go! You are an amazing story teller and I really enjoyed reading! I hope you get the next book out soon! I'm already feeling the withdrawls of not being able to read your story!

Author's Response: Hi Allison!

It's great to meet you! And you've totally made my entire week. Thank you so much for all the excellent feedback. I am excited for the next book too! I'm working on a banner already and I'm well into the first chapter so you wont have to wait too long.

I see what you're saying about Sirius. I never thought of it the way you are but, perhaps in retrospect it is a little abusive and certainly destructive. He is a boy still to Yves woman and that's part of the problem.

I am so in love with Fabian it's actually embarassing. He is the complete antithesis to Sirius, a perfect foil. There's something about that confidence within himself, and the confidence that he has in Yves, that's so sexy. I'm not a fan of the way they came together either but like you said, sometimes life is messy and for Yves that's especially true.

I promise I wont keep you waiting too long (I have to keep those withdrawls at bay) ;)
And thank you so much for your kindness and for taking the time to let me know what you think. I really appreciate it.

All my love- A

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Review #9, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  In A Minute There Is Time...

23rd January 2018:
So I thought I'd do some light reading before I fall asleep for the night. I WAS SO WRONG.
I think my brain is about to go into overdrive. Sirius, Fabian, Sirius, Fabian and now I'm completely back to Sirius. (As if I ever really left.)
I could feel everything she was going though from the guilt over Sirius to the uncomfortable hurt and all the amazing squirming feelings for Fabian. They both break my heart.
Gideon is exactly the brother everyone needs. The sort to tell you when your running away with your feelings and be there to protect you. Even when you don't think you need it.
Then there's Sasha. You just have to love characters with the worst timing ever.
You wrote this beautifully.
I liked the shared perspectives, it kept me on my toes while I was reading. Especially for this chapter.
I hope everything is alright outside the world of Potter!
S xxx

Author's Response: Hahaha- No, definately not light reading!
It's a little bit gut/heart/brain wrenching with Yves being all over the place and having them all so conscious in the scene. It's emotional overdrive!
I still can't decide who I love more- Our Sirius or Our Fabian. I don't think I can choose and I actually pity that Yves has to. Such a predicament!

Sasha's timing is completely rubbish/fortuitous depending on what Yves would have said.

I am so glad the technique worked. It's absolutely not something I would carry on because getting all the different voices clear in my head was quite challenging but I am so happy you liked it.

And everything is 100% now- everything is back on track and now I can update update update!

Thank you so much for the review and for reaching out! I'm so happy to hear from you again!

All my love!



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Review #10, by EmmyBacon In A Minute There Is Time...

23rd January 2018:
There are not enough letters to repeat in an obnoxious way to describe my thoughts right now!

Yaas Sirius, taking his claim back!
Yaas James, sticking up for his boi!
Yaas Gidster!!! Looking after his brother!
Yaas Fabian, taking a stand for himself!
Yaas Yves in her little black dress!
Yaas Sasha for the rude by Necessary interruption!

I do believe I may have said 'Yaas' far too many times.

I like the change with different perspectives here. Maybe not all the time but it really helped get all three perspectives around the same time period and allowed up to get all the juicy emotions. I think it worked.

I'm so proud of Yves for finally giving out more information.They were her friends (still are by all accounts) and they need to know. Like Sirius thinks, they could all help!

Sasha! He sure does know how to ruin a perfectly lovely, cringey moment. Great introduction of him. Just when you think that side of the drama will quieten down... BAM

WELL BAM what a smashing Chappie!

On another note, I hope everything is okay, sounds drama based yourself, so sending lots of positive vibes and happy thoughts your way and if you need any more stupid reviews (that it, my reviews usually end up ridiculous (like this one really), not that reviews in general are stupid) then you know who to call! ...Ghost Busters... I'll stop now...

Author's Response: Can you ever say Yaas to many times? In this case, I don't think so. :P

Thank you, I was a little bit worried about the time layering with the switching of perspectives but if you say it worked, then that's more than enough for me. But no, not all the time. It's exhausting :)

I'm proud of Yves too for finally connecting with people but then at the same time she's distancing herself again. It really is a push and pull with her.

And never- the drama will never die ;D Sasha is such a creep, but he did interrupt the most cringy situation so for that I'm thankful. Then again, he's insane so who knows what will happen next (actually I do because I'm writing it but whatever- word vomit word vomit word vomit)

And thank you, there was so much drama in my own life but it's all back to normal now so from here on out we can get back on track. But thank you so much.

And please, your reviews always make me laugh so much, and I love that they're so long. Also- if we're calling for more of your reviews- GHOST BUSTERS! GHOST BUSTERS! GHOST BUSTERS!

I hope you're well love. As always, thank you so much. (and, if I may, noce chatting with you)

All my love!

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Review #11, by BBHP In A Minute There Is Time...

23rd January 2018:
So much heartbreak! So much emotion!

I have such conflicting thoughts about everything it's making my head spin.

First of all, I loved seeing a bit more of Gideon in this chapter. For some reason I just really love him. And it's so fitting that Yves calls Fabian "home".

And my mind is reeling over the Sirius/Yves/Fabian triangle. I knew Fabian loved Yves -- that much was plain to see -- but I didn't expect him to come right out and say it like Gideon told him to. I totally expected him to be careful and take his time like he seems to usually do. But I suppose he felt not only confident and excited, but maybe some desperation knowing that Yves was still torn.

And Sirius. Poor Sirius. Okay, maybe I'm back to team Sirius. He's going to need to hear what Yves has done with Fabian, though, and it's going to turn his stomach and hurt him so badly. But I don't think he knows Yves "better" than Fabian. I think they both know her differently. Yves still has a sort of wall up around each of them, but it's different with them both. But my heart breaks for Sirius. He's had to endure Yves being with someone else, then dying, then being with someone else again. Not that Yves owes him anything, she's not obligated to repay him for his loyal heart, but it just makes me cry for Sirius haha.

I really liked how Fabian wanted to take Yves on a date. It was totally uncharacteristic of him I think, thinking of himself for once instead of what Yves needed (like she needed her leg rehealed and a good long nap), but once again, the confidence and excitement and tinge of desperation overcame Fabian's usual nature. His confession that he loves her broke my heart too, because I don't think Yves would have been able to say it back. I don't even know that she'd be able to explain WHY, so it's almost fortuitous that Sasha showed up when he did. haha! I'm very curious to find out what happens next.

Lastly, I hope life has calmed down for you a bit! Although truffle making doesn't sound too bad.

Author's Response: Hi!

Oh my word, I know. It was so difficult to write this chapter, I was so emotionally drained. I'm so invested in all of them, I don't want any of them to be in pain.

I LOVE GIDEON! He is so full of life!

Fabian really took a chance here, doing something for himself, taking charge. But, as always, nothing goes exactly to plan. And the vulnerability of him is so heartbreaking- gawd! I'm dying. And the date! So awkward and so cute and uncharacteristic and and and... ;) And yes, Sasha does have oddly perfect timing... for a complete psycho.

And Sirius, he's always been there, he always will. But that's heartbreaking too. I think you're right, they both know a different Yves, she's vulnerable and stong in different ways with them. And you're right, Yves doesn't really owe anyone anything. She needs to Girl Boss herself a little. I love that: 'not obligated to repay him for his loyal heart.' You need to write a story with that as a premise- I'll read the crap out of that!

And thank you, life has calmed down tremendously- what a week. But the truffles- yaaas! So delicious, I wish I could share!

Hope you're well darling!

All my love!

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Review #12, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Obsidian

22nd January 2018:
Damn, I caught up quickly!
You've made the perfect balance between supposedly composed Fabian and then the tantrum throwing, over emotional Sirius and I love it.
If anyone deserves a dose of Yves-black-eyed-power-craziness then it's definitely Marlene.
Congratulations on Trusted Author!!
I can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Hi S!

Oh my word! That was so fast! And I haven't posted in the past week either, I will have to step up my game. I promise I'll update again soon, I was having some teething issues with this past chapter but it'll be up soon.

Thank you so much for reading and reaching out! It means so much!


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Review #13, by EmmyBacon Obsidian

16th January 2018:
Oo baby!
First of all.yaaas Marlene getting what she deserves! Thank you jeysuus! That little so n so! (I do sympathise for her but really her actions ask for it).

Secondly, I'm loving this I terms control from Yves all of a sudden, fight for who she cares for is more important than that power. Her coldness is becoming so much more in her! Although this while 'use it and die' thing I'm not a fan of, we all know Yves is going to use it to save the world and pop her clogs and I for one am not prepared for that!

Fabian response. He is not happy. I think a part if him assumed that once he had her it's be okay regardless. Or he could handle the situation with Sirius, but I really think he's going to struggle.

Giirl! Trusted author! Much deserved! Congratulations and do your thing!

Much love xx

Author's Response: Yes! Marlene! Uh! I don't share your remarkable empathy, I would have slapped that girl long ago! (I kid, I kid, I don't actually go around slapping people) ;) But I am glad she got what she deserves.

I love that Yves has gained some control too. "pop her clogs" hahahaha- great euphemism.
The coldness is growing and, like you said, if she doesn't gain some control, it will overcome her.

Fabian is 100% not happy! Even though he doesn't want Yves to know it. He can't be all even tempered and perfect all the time, we don't need a robot, we need his emotion. So let's hope he gives us to it. (I'm really still unsure about where this is all going hence the hoping ;) As for Sirius, we know he isn't and he's going to show it. I like their antithesis.

And thank you so much. It really means the world to me. And thanks for getting so excited! I love your sass :P

As always, all my love and keep well!


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Review #14, by BBHP Obsidian

16th January 2018:
Finally, Dumbledore speaks. And yet itís really only anything Yves already suspected herself. Typical Dumbledore. Haha.

I feel like now that we know sort of whatís happening to Yves my full focus is on whatís happening between her and Fabian and Sirius.

And Marlene is definitely everything Yves said she is and I. Love. It.

Also, congratulations on making trusted author!! You totally deserve it!

Author's Response: Finally! But it's sort of noncommittal which is so frustrating! But yes, it is totally typical Dumbledore.

Yeah, Yves, Sirius and Fabian at some point need to come to a head and it's going to happen soon (even I don't know exactly when that will be, it is in the plan.)

I had to get some justice for Yves somewhere in here, even if it's just with Marlene.

And thank you! I really appreciate it! :P

Thank you for the review! As always, all my love and keep well!


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Review #15, by BBHP Operation Cattermole

14th January 2018:
The tension of the inevitable conversation between Sirius and Yves is just killing me. And I honestly don't know which way it'll go! I'm just dying over it.

And the consequences of the small battle have me so on edge. I feel like the Order sort of underestimates Yves, and how much Voldemort wants her. It makes me so anxious, knowing (speculating, really) what could happen to her and what could happen in the future for her.

And, once again, Fabian is just so perfect and wonderful and sweet and just...perfect. He really is exactly what Yves needs, but I know as well as anyone that sometimes we need and want different things, and often make the wrong choice. But would Sirius be the wrong choice? I don't even know. I'm just dying.

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm itching to see which way it goes with Yves and Sirius too ;)

I think you're right, they do sort of underestimate her. I didn't actually consider that but rereading, I think you're right.
And Voldemort does still want her but at this point she's far too much of a loose cannon for his particular brand of control (not that he knows that)

And our dear Fabian, he's too good for this world, or any world actually. But then Sirius, oh dear. It's a terrible conundrum at the moment.

I thought I'd let you know (because I share all my good news with you) that I've been awarded Trusted Author status so now we don't have to wait for vaildation! *Shrieks in a decidedly un-whoo girl kind of way*

As always, thank you for the review. You make my heart happy. Keep well!


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Review #16, by EmmyBacon Operation Cattermole

14th January 2018:
Holy cow balls!
That was incredible!
You're reading the pace of the story so tactfully. Romance, drama, action, story... the pace is constantly moving and it's keeping the reader on their toes.

Fabian was exquisite in this chapter. I almost feel like he's too understanding, too good for anyone! That connection with Sirius though 'no one smells like Sirius Black'. That raw passion is still there despite the upset and drama. The beating it till it's dead quote, I bet it certainly feels like that for Yves, it's certainly be cleaner for her...but maybe not right.

Good old Voldy is back in the action. His shock to Yves knowledge about Sasha is ace, but he's still craving her power, regardless of what he say!

Awesome Chappie

Author's Response: *blushes furiously*
Thank you! I'm really trying to keep the story going in as many aspects as I can, so to hear that it's working really means so much. And that's exactly what I'm going for, keeping you guys on your toes (and to be honest, to keep me on my toes too) :)

I think Fabian is really holding back because he's scared that he'll chase Yves away but by being completely gregarious and accomodating all the time, he threatens to lose her just as easily because Sirius has his fire going for him and their initial connection which hasn't died.
I thought the beat it dead thing is probably the most apt for the way they both feel, like trying to trudge through quicksand.

And I couldn't help myself, we needed to hear from the quintessential bad guy some time... And yes, he's still in pursuit of her.

There is still so much that needs to be resolved so we have a long path ahead of us. I've been awarded Trusted Author status so now we don't have to wait for validation. So as quickly as I write them, I'll upload.

Thank you for the review! As always, you motivate me so much. Keep well!


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Review #17, by EmmyBacon A Decision Made

8th January 2018:

First off!
Holy Muffins and sun down, congratulations on your engagement! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy it, enjoy it all, the time together, the planning, the romance! This is such happy, delightful news! (Am I hearing Harry Potter themed wedding?! haha)

Secondly.SMUT! YES!!! We all know what got you in the mood for that chapter! (Sorry, I don't mean to be crude, sometimes I just can't help myself...rein it in Bacon!)

I LAVED it! Just what an engaged and smitten you, and us teased readers needed! Perfecting timing really, the wait, built the tension... oh yes it did!

Her and Fabian and so right at the moment, I'm so pleased she chose him to be her first. You do tend to imagine Yves so much more experienced than she is, but when really has she had time for rumpy pumpy when she's been fighting giants and whatnot!

The style of writing was delicious too, not only was it adequately scandalous, it also showed both of their softer sides, those little voices meaning a lot from a pair like that.

Ace update, well worth waiting for!

Congratulations to you and your lovely fiance again! Keep us updated on the wedding planning (since married, I can only get joy from watching other people's planning from afar (tiny violin needed)).

All love and joy and happiness and jazz
Here's to a December featured 2017 and an awesome future 2018! Happy New Year!

Author's Response: Hahahaha- 'Holy Muffins and sun down'- I died!
And thank you so much. Perhaps not a Harry Potter themed wedding but we will most certainly make our own magic ;) And I will totally keep you updated. We're planning an engagement party for Feb so it's uber exciting at the moment.

And you're spot on- I must say the smut was totally insipred by my... uh... current situation (waaahahahaha) Don't ever reign it in. You made me laugh so hard! It might have gotten a bit graphic and I was dreading the response because I would normally never write something like this but then I was like- whatever, let's make it a little salacious.

I wasn't sure whether to make it Yves's first time or not- like you said, I also see her as quite experienced but the thought won out in the end purely because of the way Fabian developed as a character. He's exactly the right fit and I needed the poor girl to have something pure and beautiful in the shit storm she's perpetually finding herself in.

And thank you so much about the style of writing comment- I needed us to hear from both of them as much as possible because it could have been a very isolating piece of writing if Fabian had been as quiet as he sometimes is. I wanted him to be full bodied and active- not just a glorious slab of man.

Thank you so much for taking the time as always to write such a fabulous, motivating review. Sometimes I feel like this story isn't mine- rather that we all share it because the comments and responses inform so much on where the story goes and how I write. So... in light of that, here's to OUR feature! :)

And Happy New Year to you and your family! Wishing you all the best for 2018!

All my love!



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Review #18, by BBHP A Decision Made

8th January 2018:
Firstly, and definitely most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS! I've just been so excited for you and your own Sirius/Fabian. Like I keep wanting to tell people about it, "My friend got engaged over Christmas!" but I realize uh wait we don't actually know each other hahaha. But congratulations, Siriusly.

And wow, that WAS intense. Being the type of person who covers her eyes during love scenes in movies, I admit I had to skim a little haha (I'm lame) but I definitely got the general idea. And WOW. I think it's so fitting that Yves chose Fabian. Like she said, she trusts him implicitly, and for a girl that's so important. And Fabian treats her SO WELL. He's so in tune with her and knows exactly what to do and say. I've said before, Sirius is too rash, doesn't think enough before acting. Had Yves told Sirius what she told Fabian about Sasha, it would have been a completely different situation.

My heart just melted when I read Fabian's reactions to Yves. After she casually said that she would like to kiss him, "fumbling uncharacteristically", and I just -- AH! Swoon! And when he realized it was Yves's "first time" and almost didn't go through with it because he cared about her and respected her and everything. He's so sweet. He's the balance Yves needs, the calm to her storm. Sirius and Yves match each other's passion and fire too much. But Fabian knows her. He knows just what to do and say, without games. I feel like Sirius is always playing games, though I doubt he means to. But Yves needs someone more grown-up than that, more mature, especially after her experiences when everyone thought she was dead. She had to grow up too quickly, and Sirius can't catch up.

And then a part of me is just so completely heartbroken for Sirius. Of course he still loves her after what he saw at the cave. He always will. I'm dreading when Yves goes back to Headquarters to talk to Sirius.

Sigh. Sorry for another long review. I'm just dying. I am so anxious for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's so funny, I also feel like you're my friend even though I don't know you but I suppose in a very peculiar way we kind of do and that's good enough for me ;)

It was so super intense. Normally I wouldn't ever write anything like that but for some reason it just felt like the right way to go. It's all about Yves development anyway so we're literally touching on every aspect of her life. Perhaps a bit graphically I will admit. I did cringe the whole way through writing it so don't worry- you're not alone. After posting it, I woke up in the morning and was like "what the hell have I done." Then I had a good giggle at your review and decided to leave it as it was.

Fabian is actually a little bit inhuman at this point with his patience and his intuition when it comes to Yves. I think they are connected on such a visceral level, this was the inevitable step for them to take.

My heart is completely broken for Sirius- he's my first love. It isn't over for the two of them either so we just have to wait and see how this ridiculous triangle unfolds.

And please don't ever worry about the length of your reviews, it literally makes my entire existence better. So thank you for holding out as long as you have and thank you for writing back.

As always- all my love! And happy new year to you and yours!


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Review #19, by BBHP S

19th December 2017:
Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW. GAH! My thoughts are all over the place right now so forgive me for being so scattered.

I KNEW it would be one of Yves's siblings. I knew it!! It's so creepy and perfect! And Fabian. Oh Fabian. *swoons* Could he get any better! Like I've said before, he grounds Yves in a way no one else can. Even Sirius. But poor Sirius. Having to have his worst fears confirmed (I think my heart broke at this part "and Sirius, with both his hands stuck in his hair, his posture of one completely dejected"). But Fabian was able to bring Yves back, and not because HE wanted her to come back, but because SHE did. She fought down the pain and the power because she cares, not because he was making her. Which, again, I feel like Sirius would have had the opposite reaction. He probably wouldn't have even let Yves go over there in the first place. I just cannot wait to read what else you have in store for them. Like I'm going to be patient and not check back here every day to see if you've updated, but I'm going to be dying in the meantime. I'm definitely hoping you're going to include that intense scene between Yves and Fabian in the future chapters...Can't help but be totally team-Fabian (haters gonna hate, apparently).

Sirius is written so perfectly, too. So much like I expected him to be from the books. I feel like you understand how they were all supposed to be and you've done an excellent job of portraying every character.

The otherness of Sasha is so creepy. Like how deep in the Dark Arts has he immersed himself, how messed up is he now? I feel like he's above insane. I'm so anxious to find out the purpose of it all, what's the reasoning behind it.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! And, again, can't tell you how much I'm loving this story.

Author's Response: Hahahaha! Thank you, thank you!
Yeah- it is a bit creepy but I had to- there is so much content there to explore with Yves and her family history. Now I can take it on a little more fully than in the previous story, make it darker and richer.
Ah our Fabian... I do love him tremendously. When I started writing him, I thought he'd feature for a chapter or two but then I just loved him too much and loved Yves around him, he matches her growth.
I do feel so sorry for Sirius but he needs to grow too, he's a child compared to Fabian but he will get his chance... Also- I love how you actually quote the lines you love!
Yves is also doing some growing though, even with all she's been through she's still she needs oppertunities to become a person and get away from this robotic oddness.
As for the intense scene ;) I need to get it perfect first, it needs a lot of work but when it's done I will work it in definately!
As for Sasha- what a creep! I LOVES IT!

And thank you, I'm writing while I'm here and I have internet which is great so I will probably upload the moment I can.

Enjoy your festive season too dear! Thank you so much for all your encouragement and kindness, I never actually thought strangers could be so generous with themselves, until this site. Really, you have actually changed my life.

PS- This is now a featured story on the HHFF homepage! *SO EXCITED*

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Review #20, by EmmyBacon S

19th December 2017:
*does a little bum wiggle around the lounge*
All your clever little hints and tricks in your writing. It was perfect!
I really liked the raw, unabashed emotion here, in every character. Even Dumbledore and Moody's reactions.
And for the first time Sirius is seeing a side to Yves that he can't explain away, a side that he has to emotionally deal with.
Will this be a decider for Yves?
Fabian is still that solid foundation, over everything. Don't kill him off just yet, we like him, let him stay a little longer 😊

I'm very intrigued by Sasha's presence here. It's solid but almost other worldly, I wonder if that has anything yo do with 'the power'.

Awesomeness for an awe inspiring awesome person!

Emmy xxx

Author's Response: Emmy!

You knew! Hahahaha! That's brilliant! I knew you had it!
And thank you! I really am trying so hard to stay true to the characters we love so much.
Sirius is seeing here what Dumbledore warned him about, whether he can deal or not we will find out soon. But if he doesn't Fabian will pick up where he leaves off.
Fabian isn't going anywhere! He's my heart!

Sasha- we will find out more about him quite soon I think. He's quite interesting to write also so I'd like to give him a bigger part.

You're such a sweetheart! Thank you! You're massively awesome too! Really, you make my heart so happy, I can't even tell you how much!

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Review #21, by lola johnson Disengage

15th December 2017:
Ok so I really loved this story until these past two chapters. I really liked Yves until this chapter too.

The way you had portrayed her I just can't see her with Fabian or being remotely comfortable with being vulnerable with anyone other than Sirius. I truly loved the Sexual tension between them!

Also, I really hate this cliffhanger because I want Yves to be with Sirius; it would be incredibly cruel to end that storyline for both of them!

I also love how you write but I don't want to keep reading if Sirius and Yves arent together :(


Author's Response: Hi Lola. Its nice to meet you! :D

I am so sorry the story has been disappointing in the last two chapters, I hear what you are saying, I love Sirius too, I mean, hes Sirius and basically the hottest most mischievous bugger around. Also- the sexual tension between is insane, and such a driving force.
I love Fabian too though, I think hes incredible.
I can see Yves with both of them which I suppose is troubling.
My apologies for the cliffhanger, I know it is absolute rubbish to end that way but I will update again soon.
I would be very sad to lose you as a reader but we will see where the story takes us.

Thank you so much for reaching out- I love getting feedback, so thank you for that. And thank you for reading, and for being so invested in the story.

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Review #22, by EmmyBacon Disengage

14th December 2017:
I'll try not to leave an embarrassingly long review this time around...

I can slowly see all the threads of this story weaving together. It's very satisfying! Bravo!

Yves thought of Fabian and Sirius. Her worry but deeper feelings!

Her connection to the power and illness. All creating a fantastic web.


If I don't have chance to wish you before you head away, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your trip!


Author's Response: I absolutely love the long reviews but this one is perfect too!
I am so glad it is coming together well :D I am so interested to see if where we are going is where you expected it to.

Thank you so much for your wishes. And to you too- I hope its great and that you are super spoilt, safe and eat way too much (because that is what the festive season is all about!)
And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

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Review #23, by BBHP Disengage

14th December 2017:
To be honest I read this chapter like...4 times. In a row. Because I loved it. I loved how Fabian's first movement was trying to protect Yves. I loved how Yves "wanted to move away from him but at the same time..." I swooned. She KNOWS there's something there. I loved how silly Fabian must have looked in his jammie pants, but how Yves was still admiring his body. Love it.

I'm sure Sirius is going to have a huge fit over the fact that Yves "slept" with Fabian (and I'm sure Fabian didn't miss Yves's phrasing it like that - it's almost like he had to take a moment to not grin like an idiot just there). Like I feel bad for Sirius that he has to be jealous and insecure of what's happening between Yves and Fabian, but at the same time it's such perfect romantic drama.

The fact that IT, the infection, the killer, is IN Yves is just too creepy. In her mind, in her thoughts, in her actions. Pulling her away from her emotions and her humanity. I'm so anxious to find out what's actually happening to her. I've been studying your first story, trying to find any mention of "darling" or anything, but I'm sure I'm going to be shocked when we finally find out who's behind everything.

I feel like Fabian feels like home to Yves. At least that's the vibe I got through this chapter. He grounds her and gets her in a way Sirius can't. Sirius is too worried about losing Yves, about being jealous, about other things. He doesn't even know everything that Yves has been going through over the last few years, but Yves is telling Fabian. That connects them, I think, in a way Sirius can't. That's why Yves was fine when Fabian took her "home", but to his home. And later when they were drinking she said they were home and once again Fabian had to restrain himself from squealing like a little girl. Yet Fabian knows he has to be careful with how he shows his emotions because it would push Yves away. But at the same time Yves NEEDS to see what he's feeling because it could change everything for her.

So excited to read Sirius's reaction and to read more. Seriously, I want to shout this story from the rooftops. "THERE'S THIS FANTASTIC STORY ONLINE LIKE HAVE YOU READ IT IT'S SO GOOD I'M DYING WHY ARE MORE PEOPLE NOT READING THIS!" Which is totally embarrassing but whatever.

Author's Response: Hahahaha! You are hysterical ;)
I have actually written this intense love scene between our Fabian and Yves but I am a little unsure about whether to use it or not. I mean, Fabian is like a god actually but like you said, I also feel really bad for Sirius. I think I am as conflicted as Yves at the moment. But yes, the drama is delicious!
As for the infection, that will all be explained in more detail soon. But yeah- it is TOTALLY creepy!

I think the more time they spend together, the more Yves and Fabian will meld together. It isa little fateful in the opposite way her relationship with Sirius is. I do think she needs a wake up call- and I am about to give it to her ;)

Lastly- dont you be embarrassed! You are literally the nicest, best most gushy human ever. I love it and its√ā¬ô different and completely unique.

Also- thank you. I am thrilled you are genuinely enjoying the story as much as you are! It makes my heart so damn happy.

PS- I legit read your reviews to everyone one who will listen because I love you that much. (Embarrassing story/urge returned) :D

All my love!

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Review #24, by EmmyBacon Head vs Heart

13th December 2017:
I ADORED this chapter!

It was so insightful and extroidinary to get into the head of Fabian. I have a feeling not many people get to see this side of him.
The fact he's already let Yves see the inside of his home shows he is slowly opening up to her but after this we see so much more going on behind his piercing eyes.
He's drinking her in in every way. Yves has taken a hold on his life, unassuminnly and now he's caught there.

He's almost the anti Sirius in his behaviour. Not caring about his own thought, feelings or emotions but simply hers, what is best for her? what is going to keep her safe? What is going to keep her alive?

Im not saying I've given up on Sirius, just that right now Fabian is everything.

It was just poetic to see his raw emotions in force, the panic and worry that never breaks through the facade he puts around himself every day. I loved it, I love him and I love you!


Author's Response: Hahahaha! I am so glad you liked it.

If I must admit, I'm crushing hard on Fabian at the moment. It was a difficult chapter to write because I wanted him to be so much more than he appeared and certainly less of the arrogant prick he sometimes comes across as.

I think you're right, now that he's let Yves in, even though he didn't mean to, it just sort of happened, he isn't going to let her go without a fight. He has so much more to offer Yves at this point than Sirius does, much more of what she needs, more of what is best for her. But he needs to open up more also- Yves doesn't have the emotional energy to draw him out.

And yes, he is absolutely everything ;)

Also- I loved your review, love him too and love you especially.


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Review #25, by EmmyBacon Something Found

13th December 2017:
I feel like I have some explaining to do... and a big apology...here we go.
I read the chapter while away in London for the weekend (beauty and the beast at the royal Albert hall...was...wow..but enough about that!) And wanted to save the review to give it enough justice!

So Sunday evening I wrote your review out but on my phone and technology has never liked me and poof review disappeared and I didn't have the emotional capability to write it all out again.

I have actually read the next chapter (you organised little egg you!) And came back to re-read this and I'm glad I did, it gave me extra insight.

I didn't like Sirius in this chapter. Not to say I don't love him but i certainly didnt like him. I sometimes think in the midst of war we forget that these are fresh out of school, trying to learn who they are in an adult world and sometimes these immature moments provail. You can clearly see he has so much love for Yves but it's almost too selfish and he's going to drive her away. I could beat him over the head with a copy of the daily prophet!

I keep seeing the parallel link between the beauty and uniqueness and powerfullness of the places the bodies and kept and the discretion of Yves. The killer is leaving them here because Yves herself is drawn to these places because they are like her.but maybe also because they remind her to detach from others. and I have a feeling that is really something we don't want to happen.

We don't want Yves turning into the anti of herself. She's far too important.

Fabian! I love him. Rugged and handsome and gruff and aloof (I'm heavy on the dramatic and's today I'll rein it in!)
I think Yves needed to go to him, he's the only one who could of managed her in such a way. No judgement, just care and determination. Right now, he's the ting to her yang and I think Sirius will need to be careful because she needs this balance that Fabian is giving.

Yves after all has been through so much...shes defiantly not wet behind the ears, she a woman; strong and independent and thusly should be treated like so...even when in a vulnerable state.

Superb piece of writing.
Thank you


Author's Response: Emmy!

There is absolutely no reason to apologise! A weekend in London, Beauty and the Beast- you're so spoilt I'm actually jealous!
As for tech hating you- I can't tell you how many times that's happened on my phone too and then I literally want to give up on life!
To be honest, I didn't like Sirius here either. You're right, they are still excited kids straight out of school but he needs to grow up and grow up quickly if he wants to keep Yves. I'm actually glad you read the next chapter and reread this one, I wrote them side by side so to have them read like that is wonderful.

Once again you're Sherlocking and doing a bloody good job of it. You'll find out so soon just how right you are.

As for Fabian, I'm actually in love with him too. He's all those delicious things, rolled up tightly into one rough, concealed package. And Yves more like Fabian, you're right, she's absolutely not wet behind the ears, not any more.

Thank you for taking the time to write this entire thing out again for me. And for your dedication and kindness. And I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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